1929 Chevrolet International - 4 Door Sedan Project

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ok, so looks like the strips are in excellent condition, i straightened them up and cleaned them up a little bit. they fit nicely on the Radiator Splash Apron. 


I was thinking of a way to make me some clips/ hardware for mounting. 


This is what I came up with... Let me know what you think


Started off with a Standard #10 Washer, it actually fits really nice in the spaces where the t-bolts slid in. and you can slide them around freely in the track. my concern was not really enough surface area to HOLD them down when tightened. so i ordered a bag of #10 Fender Washers.

#10 Fender Washer 3/4" OD


Measured the width of the Track.Took my File and Flattened two sides of the Washer. Tweaked it to fit freely with some play for chrome plating thickness.
  #10 Fender Washer Flat Edges


Took My Countersink and drilled the washer to fit a #10 Slotted Flat Head Screw Flush with the top surface.
  #10 FEnder w/ Flat Sides
  #10-32 Slotted Flat Head Screw
  #10 Flat Head Screw in Countersunk Washer
Yeah it does NOT look like it sits flat due to the angle, but it does :)


These fit really Nice in the Track and I can slip them in the groove, and slide them into place. made a few to test and they work Great. Had a issue with the screw spinning freely when trying to tighten them up, so think i will have my friend tack the flat head screw to the washer. Then i can grind it down so it fits.


Think this will work fine for my application and hold the strips tightly in place.

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Was off on Tuesday so picked up my hardware i ordered to install the Exhaust system on my 1929.

Started installation of the hangers & Brackets hoping to make it easier to install and secure.

  Tail Pipe bracket & Support Installed
  Another Head on Shot
  Muffler Support
shadows make it look like there is a red tint, most likely from the flash...

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Those are Harbor Freight Furniture Dollys got em on sale, 8 of em actually. 4 hang on the wall in the back if i need them for anything else.

then i cut plywood to fit in one way then another piece across the top. all screwed together nicely, any screws that went thru were cut off and ground below surface. then bought Harbor Freight Jack Stands again on sale and 4 of em. centered them up on the dollys, then marked and drilled for u bolts to hold em down and in place. they work great, really cheap, and the car does NOT just roll around, it takes some force to move it. figure around 2500-3000 pounds on them. distributed evenly.  but gives me just enough ground clearance i can roll under do some work and have no issues. I originally used industrial zip ties to hold them in place.  


yes i can roll it sideways and spin it if i wanted. takes effort and muscle, not a really easy task. my floor is NOT smooth it is rough concrete. takes a bit of effort to redirect the wheels ;)


Pictures from the Original Build

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