1913 36 model 17 in the UK

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Evenin everybody,


The cold is with us !  I have been out a few times on the Chalmers this last couple of week's but not very far, I have been over to the Crewe railway heritage centre,


I was able to get very close to the 1938 Crewe built Duchess of Sutherland,






also on the museum site I found my mate Ray's double decker bus,




I got another great shot of the old Joules brewery building next to the canal in Stone,




these beautiful almshouses in Nantwich,




while I was looking for more Chalmers information on the web I found these photo's of one of my trip's out, they were taken locally while I was calling in for fuel,






you never know if you are being followed !


with 3250 miles so far this year I don't think there will be many more to add unless we have a heatwave !




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Evenin everybody,


Sorry for the lack of updates,   the winter has arrived,   I think the chances of getting out on the Chalmers are slim,


I am doing some work on a 1967 Silver Shadow that my Grandfather had in 1969, I have stored it for over 20 years and we are starting a restoration, I am doing a few things before it goes away for bodywork,




It started without to much trouble but the carbs needed cleaning up which took a bit of time but was worth it.


The exhaust will be next to receive some attention, always the worst job.





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Afternoon everybody,


I have been working on the shadow's brake's which are not only the most complicated braking system I have ever seen but is also the most seized up braking system I have ever seen, I started with the reservoir that was full of brake fluid jelly ,




I will have to strip all the various brake valve's, there is about 10 of them !


The weather has been exceptionally cold for us this year,




we walked down to the field and checked on the donkey's,




Have a great Christmas, keep the workshop's warm and busy.




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Evenin everybody and a Happy New Year,


Christmas really did arrive here this year,    a spare 1913 Chalmers engine and gearbox arrived last week,




I have started to take it apart and I am very happy with it, it has not run for over 60 years,




it is come apart really well, the carb is in great condition and will be tested on the car this spring,




it looks very clean inside,




number 4 cylinder has had some water in it, I am soaking it in diesel while adding some load, it has moved a little already,




It is a great feeling knowing I have some good spares and hopefully a running engine.


Definitely a happy New Year.










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