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Classic car logos from my old ads???

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Good morning,

I have a lot of old logos from advertisements that I have and I'm in the process of cleaning them up.

Abbott-Detroit - Apperson - Atlas - Auburn - Buick - Cadillac - Cartercar - Chalmers - Chandlerv -Chrysler - Cole - Columbia - DeSoto - Elmore - Empire - Essex - Ford - Franklin - Garford - Graham Paige - Haynes Jackson - KisselKar - Lexington - Lincoln - Locomobile - Marquette - Matheson - Maxwell - Mercury - Moon -Nash - National - Oakland - Oldsmobile - Pierce Arrow - Plymouth - Pontiac - Pope-Toledo - Waverly - Rauch Lang - REO - Speedwell - Standard Steel - Star - Stearns - Stevens Duryea - Velie - Whippet - Whippet Overland - Willys Knight - Woods Electric.

My goal is to clean up the logos and have them available for stickers, coffee mugs, t's, thermometers, etc...same as my Service Signs.

Would there be an interest in seeing these logos posted?


Melbourne FL

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i have a large collection of hubcaps and badges in our bar. It would be interesting to see the logos as some may help identify ones that I have not found online. There is a lack of classic car logos online.


South Africa

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