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Jeff Yeagle

Photos from Wavecrest 2012

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still trying to get my photos uploaded.. (before I started deleting the shots that were "overexposed") I'd counted about 2000...

we arrived late Friday.. and were greeted by this beautiful MERCURY!


I really liked this 37 ford and it inspired me to keep working on my 36 wagon


a nice row of 41- 48' wagons at the show.


a Great pontiac


and a sportsman.. something I've wanted to see up close for some time.


Sunday morning the host club runs a "tour" which heads north from Encinitas toward Camp Pendelton.. as visitors with no ride, we were given instructions to show up at the kickoff location at 830.. needless to say.. we were there early.. My friend jay and I were able to hitch a ride in this Town and Country. 228144_438364846215224_1573316818_n.jpg

The owner drove it like it was stolen..and having never ridden in a fluid drive dodge I was fascinated with the transmissions mechanics (or lack their of?)


I checked out this 1939 ford at the show and really liked it alot.. on the cruise Sunday morning I decided that i like it even more.


another neat mopar.


something about seeing these cars driven felt so right.. this chevy had perfect wood


and finally.. another mopar!

my friend ken extracted one of these from northeastern pa a number of years ago.. I've been giving him grief that he needs to get started on its restoration.. maybe this will inspire him.. _MG_2410-vi.jpg



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Jeff, thanks for sharing your shots. I will post some of my coverage from wavecrest 2012 also

Ken aka Boones

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Much like Jeff I will post some of my better shots from my weekend in Encinitas..

Here is a link to all my wavcrest woodie pictures

Wavecrest 2012 album | Boones |, photo and video sharing made easy.

This was my first time to wavecrest in over 15 yrs (temporarily living on the east coast made it tough to attend) but since moving back I have attended a few woodie events in California. Since I currently have a 48 Dodge B1 woodie project (looking for a 49 chevrolet woodie) i was really interesting in seeing similar models to gain some inspiration and ideas.

this was one of my favorites


My wifes favorite. very impressive


what i came to see. Dodge truck series woodies





it is overwhelming to see so many woodies at one time. Those in California just do not know how lucky they have it.











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jeff, you need to adjust the properties of your Fotki side to reduce the number of pages. right now you are 2 rows and 20 columns. how about doing a 10 by 10 or ? hard to look at the way it is now

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It's kind of overwhelming, seeing so much glorious wood all on one beach. Must get to Wavecrest some year. Thanks for sharing.

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