1957-65 Imperial Limousines by Ghia for Chrysler

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Sorry for the late response as I do not receive notifications from this site and saw your post only by chance as I rarely visit it. Thank you for the heads-up about the CAPTCHA on my site but I just gave it a test and it seems to working so it must have been a temporary issue that has passed.

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I just discovered your forum.  I am the owner of the Bob Hope 1965 Chrysler Imperial Ghia limo.  It is a frame-off, resto-mod performed by Chip Foose of Foose design and Gaffoglia Family Metalcrafters, both of Huntington Beach, CA.  The car was purchased by my father in 1967 from the Pasadena Chrysler dealer.  In 2005 the frame off restore was started using a new Chrysler 300C SRT8 donor car for the drive train, suspension, wiring harness and electronics.  The body is 100% original and all parts used are Chrysler,  either from the '65 Ghia or from the donor car.  The interior was a custom design by Foose.  The attached photos are from the Concourse D'Elegance in Michigan.






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I had a 1964 Ghia-Imperial from the early ‘70 until about 15 years ago and it was a real head-turner wherever it went.  Not the landau model as yours and unrestored but still looked good. Yours is gorgeous but the wheel covers from a later model don’t suit it particularly well. Is there a story behind them?  Also interesting is the lack of LeBaron name plates that mine had on the front fenders and right side of the trunk lid.


If it’s not already there, please be sure to add it to the Ghia-Imperial roster on my Packard / IMPERIAL page and if it is there, please send a private message to me with any updates.

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