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1931 Chrysler CM6 Roadster Convertible

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<HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->Looks and drives great. $33,000.00 Ph. Can be contacted via email at Looking for Auburn Cabriolet or Phaeton

<HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND>66429d1286548816t-1931-chrysler-cm6-roadster-convertible-1931-chrysler004.jpg 66430d1286548816t-1931-chrysler-cm6-roadster-convertible-1931-chrysler001.jpg 66431d1286548816t-1931-chrysler-cm6-roadster-convertible-1931-chrysler002.jpg 66432d1286548816t-1931-chrysler-cm6-roadster-convertible-1931-chrysler003.jpg</FIELDSET>

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