George Albright

WNTD: 1903-05 Orient Buckboard car,parts,engines. Leads?

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I am trying to help a friend build a 1903-05 Orient Buckboard,with its 4 HP Orient aircooled engine. He is open to a complete restored or original car,and just about any part for it also needed,including engines. The 1903-05 models have the engine mounted side to side and they drive a large gear on the rear axle assembly. In 1906-08 they turned the motor north to south and the motor spun a friction drive trans. We do NOT want to buy a friction drive model complete car,but many running gear body,etc. parts are the same for all years 1903-08. Leads appreciated! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 email

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