PreWar Mercedes Benz

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On 1/18/2017 at 1:29 PM, West Peterson said:

Are there any current photos of what this car looks like today?

1929 SS.jpg

I'm still seeking information on this car. Once owned by Joe Bortz. SSK? What did it look like new? What does it look like now. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Is this the same car?


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The 170 V Cab A I restored over 20 years ago is up for sale at RM Amelia Island. I haven't seen it since I sold it in 2006. It's being sold no reserve, price range $ 130-160 which I think is a little low, but I am biased of course. I do know that to restore it now, the cost would be multiples of that price. I heard that Jamie Wyeth wasn't using it much so he decided to sell it. He owns two other cars I restored, a 1952 170 Sb Sedan and a 1950 170 S Cab B. Personally I would have kept the 170V and sold one of these.


I'm not going to Amelia this year, might have gone to see the car sold off, but I didn't know it was being auctioned until the other day. If anyone is going I'd be interested in hearing how it is looking these days.

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