Post some pics of your Rivieras!!!!!!!!!!

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bepnewt    10

Gave her her first bath since she made it to Oklahoma.

The white doesn't look so bad when it isn't shifted towards gray from the grime it picked up in transport.



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JZRIV    555

Heres a different twist. This was a parts car I pulled out of the hollers deep in West Virginia. Check it out after I washed it with a Brillo pad. Kinda sad to wash off all the cool green lichen though. Imagine my surprise when the old 425 fired up after 10 minutes of tinkering. This thing was rusted so bad but it was loaded to the max with options.




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Rob J    11

Here's my 65 GS I found in NC this past December and a 65 regular Riv parts car. The first pics are where they had sat for years in NC, and then here they are when I first got them home.






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