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1966 Buick Electra 225 $12,500.

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FOR SALE … 1966 Buick Electra 225. Or as it is usually called, “A Deuce and a Quarter.” This 225 is a Tudor Hardtop. The Electra 225, replaced the top of the line “Road Master” in 1959. I am the second owner of this car. This car has been a real pleasure to own and drive. I read a saying the other day, which read, “These cars do not belong to us….We are just taking care of them for the next person. I’m not blowing smoke when I explain the condition of this car.

First of all, I want the next owner to know exactly what they are buying. No surprises. I will tell you everything I know about this car. What I have replaced in the time I have owned it and what has not been fixed. I hate to sell this car because it is so unique. Unique meaning, you do not find cars like this and in this condition. Honestly, you may come across this kind of car, maaaaybe a couple times in your entire life. That’s the truth! Being un-restored and in this condition, a true find!

I purchased this car from the original owners with 80,000 miles on it and I’ve added 14,000 since then. Of course there is no way to tell it’s not 180,000 miles by looking at the odometer but one look in side or outside of this car and you will realize it is for real. Let me explain. The paint on this car is 44 years old. The vinyl top is 44 years old. The chrome is 44 years old. The interior and carpeting is 44 years old. And it is immaculate both inside and out. At least for a 44 year old car. Get the picture? Maybe not just yet!

Honestly folks, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! How best to describe this car? Original? Maybe that’s the word but don’t confuse the term “original” with “restored to original condition.”This Electra 225 is “ORIGINAL”…. “UN-RESTORED!” it is the original paint, interior, vinyl top, and chrome. It is a “survivor.” The original owner had the car under-coated so when I crawled underneath it to have a look around, I was amazed at its pristine condition. I am telling you folks; I have owned quite a few old cars in the past and have never come across a car in this condition.

A car can be restored many times but they are only “ORIGINAL” once. This car has been garaged kept. It truly drives like a dream. The paint still has a wonderful shine on it but it has a little crackling going on with the paint in a couple of spots. When I first saw this car, I was actually happy to see the crackling because that was when I realized this was still the original paint. So this paint has 94,000 miles on it. It has not been trailered. It has been driven and enjoyed.

The paint has been touched up wherever needed. One nice thing, about a white car, the touch-up paint blends in nicely. I wouldn’t mind getting it painted but then it would not be original anymore and I just can’t let that happen. Not yet. I’ll let the new owner decide that one.

Alright then, enough yapping.

Here is a description of the literature I have on this car:

The original title from the original owner.

The protecto plate with the original owner’s name.

The 1966 Buick chassis service manual.

The 1966 body by Fisher service manual.

The Buick owner’s guide.

The Buick engineer approved accessories for 1966.

The Buick owner protection plan book.

The Buick automatic climate control brochure.

The Delco pleasurizer warranty service certificate.

External vehicle information:

1966 Buick Electra 225. (By the way, the 225 stands for the length of the car in inches.)

It is a two-door hardtop coupe. White with a black vinyl top.

The entire chrome front-end is very nice. The rear bumper is showing a little fading but, “No pitting, what so ever.” The chrome running along the entire length on each side of the car is in spectacular condition.

The rubber trim around the doors/windows will need replacing.

High beam T3 headlights. (I replaced the low beam T3’s with

Halogens but still have the T3’s.) They will come with the sale of this car.

Factory cornering lights.

The original cardboard trunk liner.

Beveled rear window.

Engine compartment information:

Numbers matching Buick Wildcat 465 engine.

425 cubic inch / 7 liter with 94,000 miles. (The 465 on the breather stands for the foot-pounds of torque.

465 foot-pounds of torque.

340 horsepower

This is the last year for the, “Nail Head” engine which was produced for it’s “torque capabilities.”

A 4-barrel Rochester Quadra-jet carburetor. (Just rebuilt) but has a tiny, slight hesitation.

A 3-speed automatic transmission.

Air shocks.

Dual exhaust. Flow Master Mufflers installed 4 years ago. (Sounds great!)

Old style alarm system with round keyhole on front fender. (Works fine.)

Factory automatic trunk lid release inside glove box.

Two nice factory accessories installed are 2 trunk trouble lights. One in the trunk and one under the hood. These are bright lights with a 16’ retractable cord.

Another accessory is a triangular glass bottle mounted in the engine compartment for anti-freeze window-washer, or solvent fluids. There is not a label on the bottle but the bottle cap and writing on the cap are in very nice condition.

Five new tires last year. 1-7/8” white walls.

Five Buick rally wheels with Tri-shield center caps.

four Wheel locks.

The original Harrison factory air conditioning. Stamped with the OK final check stamp from the factory. The air conditioning has not worked since I have had the car but I have never had it checked out either. I enjoy cruising with the windows down and you gotta have the vent windows open….. You just gotta. J

Water pump was replaced around 7 thousand miles ago.

All U-joints including the “Constant Velocity” U-joints were replaced around 5 thousand miles ago along with the seal. (where the drive shaft enters the transmission.)

Battery replaced approx. 2 years ago.

Interior Information:

Remote control side mirror.

Power / tilt steering. By the way, this steering wheel is in fantastic condition. Not one single crack or seperation.

Power brakes. The master cylinder was replaced around 7 thousand miles ago.

Power windows. (work nicely)

The gear selector does not work. ( P R N D 1 2 )

Cruise control. (It worked a couple of times when I first got the car but then quit.)

The dashboard is in fine condition. I also have a dash mat to protect the dashboard.

The original owner installed a Stewart-Warner tach on the steering column and guages just above the tranny/drive shaft hump.

All the black vinyl interior is in fantastic condition except for “ONE SINGLE”…… “YES, JUST ONE” small “L” shaped cut in the back seat, driver’s side, side of the armrest. Less than ½” long.

Heat blows from the Defroster and floorboard. (Very hot heat.) but I cannot get air from the vents in the dash except every now and then. (I have never had it looked at.)

Factory rear window defroster. (works fine.)

Factory headrests.

Original Am/Fm radio. It works fine but I believe the antenna has been disconnected because of the new underdash stereo I had installed in the car.

Factory power antenna. (works great.)

Factory Mohair headliner is in EXCELLENT condition.

Power front bench seat.

Craig 8-track player. (underdash) It will work if you re-install the power source for it but I had the power source removed to install an underdash remote control Sony explode stereo system with 4 – 6X6 Sony explode speakers.

A Jensen lighted subwoofer with 2 – 12” cones and I believe a 380 watt amplifier. To remove the subwoofer, all you need to do is disconnect the speaker wire from the subwoofer and lift the subwoofer from the trunk.

There is also a Sears 4-track player on the driver’s side floorboard underneath the front seat. It turns on but I have no idea if it works. I never tried it and do not own any 4 track tapes.

There was a CB Radio in the car when I bought it but has been removed. Unfortunately, the original owner had a hole drilled in the trunk lid for the CB antenna but the base is still mounted on the trunk lid.

I guess that about covers it. I have plenty of pics if you would like more. Just email me. Thanks for looking.

Jerry 314-644-1521











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I think you would do much better in phoning the seller.

He has only had 2 posts, and his last posting was more than

two years ago, so it's doubtful that he'll check back and see

your inquiry.

Even though the ad may be old, the car may very well

still be available. If a car is priced too highly, patience is good!

Some buyers take a while to come down to reality.

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