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Construction of a Continental Mark II model, scale 1:12

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Thanks to all who tried to find the error. As just two persons really found it, I will not redo the parts.

Now, the explanation: if you look at the points and lions (or whatever animal), there are 3 in the bottom and only 2 in the upper field. From design, the fields have the same dimensions but I did an error when I fabricated the part: due to the angle from the trunk lid, the horizontal bar from the emblem is not symmetrical for optical reasons. It could be that the edge from the horizontal bar is not in the middle of the emblem, but a tad lower. At the model, the "square" with the decal is also a tad too low compared to the circle, aggravating the situation.

Finally, the decal itself was not done correctly: the space occupied from the cross was neglected. I gave the OK for the decals when I was in vacation and I missed that point too. To be honest, I'm not sure to have catch this error if the proof would have been checked at home.


I hope that my explanation can be understood...Foreign language is sometimes difficult...

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No one is going to "spot" the error with the trunk emblem.  Even a Ford employee of the day would miss that due to the fact that the whole car - - - er- - - model  has so much detail.  You would have to be the designer on the original Continental to catch that mistake.  It is such a small error in the whole scope of this fine model.  Do not loose any sleep over it as it will go unnoticed to the admiring eye.




P.S.  I have the generator and the starter on my bench overhauling them.  after cleaning them up, I  am replacing the bushing in the front and the ball bearing in the rear of the generator shaft.  I have chucked the armature in my lathe and turned down the commutator and am replacing the brushes.  That will make the generator new again.  Plus paint.  Now on to the starter. Same procedure.  Those are much easier than the tasks that you have at hand.  Pictures are to come in the near future.   

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To complete the discussion about the trunk emblem, I put it upside down! The animals are walking at the ceiling...But, like Randy wrote, nobody will notice, that major flaw will be "washed" with the other details from the model. At least, there is no major error at the emblem in the horn ring center. Due to the size, I'm putting 2 pictures, one with and the other without the flash.

979 Horn ring.JPG

980 Horn ring.JPG

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