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Debbie T

Packard Dealer sales aid

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My god father was a Packard Dealer. He gave my father who is a huge antique automobile person many items. My dad is 88 now and I have just found all of this stuff. I have the complete Dealer Packard Master Salesmanship Program 1956 in a large hard case. It has in it the following:

1. Packard Sales Aid Manual (Advertising-Sales Promotion)

2. Dealer's Guide - Packard - Master Salesmanship Program

3. 4 films (Wilding Pricture Productions, Inc) with large records

a. Whattcha Gonna Gimme? (Handling the Appraisal)

b. The Second Chance (Packard Selling Career)

c. The Dragnet (Finding and Managing Prospects)

d. Yours For A Lifetime (Building a Clientele)

4. Projector for the films

5. Packard 1940 Master Serviceman Pin

6. Many pictures from my god fathers dealership of Packards.

All of this is in mint condition. I do not know what any of this is worth or what I am going to do with it. Can anyone give me theirs thoughts on the list above? I thank you so much!

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I would post this on the for sale site. The film strips would be worth more to somebody into Packards, then a filmstip collector. Because they are about selling the cars,not about the cars. Also I would put of a photo of the pin. The only other question is do you want to sell the items as a package or would you sell them piece by piece.

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