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Found 1,422 results

  1. Wanted 1931 Plymouth PA Deluxe cowl light/lights. 4 door sedan rear fenders.
  2. Where can I buy drip rails for a 1928 4 door Dodge Brothers ? The current ones has a few dozen 1 and a half inch headless nails and with a lip of the rail bent over the nails head. I tried prying up the lip portion covering the nail heads but was impossible to keep it without distorting. Thank you and have a nice day. Harry.
  3. Has any one got any details on this guy Peter Pietz ( email address I need any details you have on this guy address? Location? Phone number? If you have had any dealings with this guy before or if you know some one who has Thanks Barry
  4. I'm looking for the front shocks and brackets. I'm also looking for the accelerator assembly. Any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know where to buy a clutch disc for it as well?
  5. Would like to find and purchase a copy of Seventy Years of Buick.
  6. My friend Ernie Long needs a good 16 inch 4 bolt wheel for his 1941 studebaker Champion. If you have one or know of one for sale please call him at 814 942 7908. Thanks for any help.
  7. I have a survivor car in need of a fender. She was used and a bit abused in her younger years. The previous, 2nd owner, tried body work with a hand held grinder. Someone tried a patch job and sort of failed. If you have a straight fender on the back 40 somewhere, she could use it. Thank you in advance. Please send or post picts if you can help.
  8. I have a survivor car in need of a fender. She was used and a bit abused in her younger years. The previous, 2nd owner, tried body work with a hand held grinder. Someone tried a patch job and sort of failed. If you have a straight fender on the back 40 somewhere, she could use it. Thank you in advance. Please send or post picts if you can help.
  9. Looking for a wood wheel hub for the rear of a 1929 Chevrolet. Please see picture included for dimensions. This would probably be found on a wheel that takes a split rim with 20" tire. The felloe would probably measure about 19" without the rim attached. Thanks all.
  10. Hi Guys This is a photo of the car that Peter Pietz is scamming me for money selling as a parts car California licence plate number 6GWD163
  11. Looking for a pair of very good front inner fenders off of a 1953 Buick Super 50 Series or Roadmaster 70 Series. The Special 40 Series are different. Know of anyone parting a Buick out? Leads appreciated. Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  12. Wanted to BUY Hubcap for '63-'65 Buick. (Hollander 1001) See photo attached. Please contact Ray 609-202-3906
  13. Wanted to BUY Hubcap for '63-'65 Buick. (Hollander 1001) See photo attached. Please contact Ray 609-202-3906
  14. Just bought wagon and need info on any suppliers< Need center hub caps, drivers door panel and shop manual. Thanks Bob 208 861 0845
  15. Does any one have a picture of what flap brackets looked like on a 31 AA or a set to sell?
  16. Looking for inside door handles for my '29 Dictator Coupe.
  17. Hi to all, after having posted a search on the General Discussion Forum I learned a lot about American prewar cars, and I ended up with the conclusion I has to be a Chrysler product. Can somebody help me to find a 1928 or 1929 Chrysler 72 or 75 roadster? This is finally our most prefered choice, because it is also eligible for Mille Miglia and Le Mans Classic here in Europe. Alternatively, next week I'm going to see a 1933 Dodge 6 convertible, which succesfully participated already in the Peking to Paris. Can somebody tells me where I can find more specifications about this car? Weight, engine power, endurance and speed performence, etc compared to the Chrysler 72 or 75. I only know and there is not much on it. Thanks in advance, regards.
  18. Hi, Looking for a transmission cover for my 1935 Ford Roadster. Regards len
  19. My Dad is redoing his 1939 GMC pickup, and is looking for parts, which are hard to come by. He has both headlight assemblies, but we cannot find the lens. Does anyone have any direction? Thank you!
  20. Looking to buy a complete set of scoop assemblies for my 55 Century. Please keep in mind that they must come off of a Special or Century. Here's a picture of what the assembly looks like.Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  21. Need a good passenger side manual vent window regulator for a 1964 Buick Wildcat. This is the part that the handle attaches to and contains a spiral worm gear. Thanks, Earl B.
  22. Hi everyone, I am a new member and I thought I would share pictures of the "1950 Pontiac Silver streak" I have just bought home, one family owner since new. (its my third Pontiac) I have all the original paper work from the dealer including the receipts and hand book workshop book, so happy to get this car..., I am looking for a company that sells decals , I need the decals for the engine bay for a start, the air cleaner sign is a tad faded, I live in country Victoria in Australia, hope someone can help find what I am looking for, I have just fitted the wheel trims and the whitewalls, waiting on custom made venetian for the rear window... that will do it fro now, a visor and spats for the the rear wheels would be good too Cheers Russ
  23. Who can help me please with a good carburetor for my just bought 1937 Plymouth P4? A carb repairset (C6F5 - from Bernbaum) did not help and they can not help me with another one. Here in Europe nobody can help me also. Thanks in advance, Patrick
  24. Have the opportunity to pick up a 75 Fury based Roadrunner very reasonably. While it is not a high dollar collectible it is unique for sure. It runs and drives but the car needs sheet metal. It has enough to consider picking it up but needs better quarters possibly doors. It would not be worth the labor hours to have the quarters pieced together and I don't think the end result would be very good if I went that route. Floors are good and the frame is solid trunk floor needs a couple of patches. The car is a 360 auto on the floor with a nice black interior but parts are an issue. I found one locally but the car was rusted to heck and useless other than minor stuff. Anybody have anything or know of one? Mike
  25. I'm looking for a roller for my wildcat. I believe it fits lesaber and electra 225 but I'm sure it fits many cars. if I have to buy the whole regulator I can but I cant seem to find anything on this. Any Ideas anyone can give me on buying these?