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Found 1,925 results

  1. Hi guys can any one recommend a good supplier for the correct carburettor kit and choke coil to suit my 1963 Riviera Carter AFB. I tried to deal with Jon the Carby King however he does not want to ship outside USA or Canada. 🤔🤔🤔 Happy to take on suggestions for a reputable supplier who will ship to Australia. 😀😀😀😀😀😀 many thanks Rodney
  2. Touring Model T wanted

    Looking for a tour-proven, pre-'16 T, with a strong engine and good brakes, and a Warford. Kelly Southeast PA
  3. 1917 Studebaker Info

    I was wondering if anyone has pictures of a 1917 Studebaker hand throttle linkage. I have a 4-cylinder but 6-cylinder info would be appreciated too. Also if anyone knows of steering box gears/rebuild parts. Patrick Reeve (315)-663-1569
  4. I noticed a lot of guys on the forum replace their tires , I a m looking for a cheap used set of whitewall tires size 6.50 x 16 , if anyone has an old set lying around that they would like to sell please PM me and let me know Thank you in advance to all who reply
  5. 1949 fuel pump

    Hi I am looking for a fuel pump for 1949 - 320 strength 8 Buick engine,email thank you
  6. Howdy, Working on my "restromod" '64 Riviera and after years of packing around 2000 Eldorado front buckets I've finally declared defeat at bypassing the memory modules and finding replacement semi-custom seat covers for them so they are headed to be the new back seats and 97-99 Acura CL seats are headed for the fronts at some point soon. Now I need to mount these things in the car and I'd like to use the stock style frames with their attachment points as the mechanism. Does anyone have a set of frames from a parts car that they'd be willing to strip down and send me? Just looking for the wire bits with the attachment points. Worst case I'll have to fab some myself but would rather start with a known good set without destroying my good interior which I intend to sell (thread for that to come). Thanks
  7. Hi, looking for a nice driver quality set of lower lamp extensions for 1963 Riviera. These are the diecast chrome and silver ornaments that bolt to the fender and front lower valance. They sit below the bumper bar and finish off the park and turn signal lamps. I also have for sale or swap a set of '65 lower turn signal lamps that won't fit '63. 😔😔😔
  8. Continuing to work on DB and GB truck data. Also needing any commercial car, rail car, buses, exports etc.. please help, and remember, no detail is to small because we never know what the data will reveal. Some of you have already input your truck data over the past 2-4 years and thank you for helping. For those of us that have not, now is the time to help other truck owners understand the data. Needed: 1.) Frame or Serial number from any pre 1933 trucks of any size or model 2.) Wheelbase 3.) Toe plate or Build card data 4.) Engine # Please reply to me by PM or post your info here on this thread. Thank you for ALL help and ALL input Regards, David
  9. Seems like a long shot, but here we go! Looking for a transmission or transmission case for a 1946 Buick Roadmaster 76-S. The few local folk I've talked to so far do not believe what I have is repairable/reusable (pics below). Apparently, I had a gear attempt to drill its way out of the case. All I have now is a collection of damaged transmission pieces and a stationary rig...
  10. Wanted 1936 / 1937 Cord Ash Tray. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  11. 1932 Auburn 12 transmission

    I am looking for a complete 1932 Auburn 12 transmission. If you have one for sale or know of one for sale please let me know.

    Karr rubber in El Segundo closed its doors...and the person that bought machinery ended up with ALOT of left over products... I WILL CHECK WITH HIM TO SEE WHAT EXACTLY HE HAS LEAFT.
  13. Hello everyone, My name is Randall and I am a newbie so I want to say hello and thank you for accepting me into this group. I just picked up a '63 Riviera. I love this car! I am 2nd owner and car has 38,000 original miles. Unfortunately the original owner had put about 3 extra quarts of motor oil in it and it threw a rod. So obviously I am in need of a 445 wildcat nailhead . Will take any of the factory motors for that car as I want to stay as original as possible. If at all possible I would like a used but running motor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time. Randall. Cell: 310-651-0912 email.
  14. I am in need of a right side (passenger fender) and the entire grill assembly for a 1954 Pontiac chieftain! Thanks for all the help!
  15. Hi all, I am new to the Forum. I am seeking to buy my long time love being a 56 Buick. I have been looking for sometime and I recently came across this Site and Forum. I am glad I did noting the abundance of knowledge here. Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to use this post to further my endeavour. I am preferably looking for a 2 door Hardtop which is in good running condition hopefully somewhere in the price range of $10k - $15k. If anyone knows of anything then please let me know. Thanks
  16. I need the Headlight Vacuum Accuator CANNISTER Cans, I believe that the 1968 and the 1969 interchange. Mine are stuck with the headlights in the up (off) position. Please let me know if you have them and the price. Answer on this post, PM message, email, text or call 559 355-3551 Thanks Paul
  17. Wanted a set of top sockets /bows for my 1925-25 Buick Standard touring. Larry DiBarry Chambersburg PA. 717-263-3804
  18. If anyone has a pair of used valve stem covers for sale, like the one in the photo, please send me a private message.
  19. Need 2 front wood spoke wheels, 1 rim with ring, and 12 lug nuts for a current restoration of a 1926 Studebaker big 6. Picture are attached. Thanks. cell 814 571-9790
  20. I am looking for a complete 1932 Auburn 12 transmission. If you have one for sale or know of one for sale please let me know.
  21. I am looking to purchase a regulator for a front power window for my car. This regulator can come from a 54 thru 56 Buick Century or Special, 2 door hardtop or convertible. It also can come from a 54 thru 56 Oldsmobile series 88 or 98, 2 door hardtop or convertible. I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  22. Badly needed water pump and thermostat housing for 52 Special 253. Anyone have one or know someone parting a car?
  23. Cam and gear wanted!!

    Have a customer that needs a cam and oil pump gear drive that the cam drives the oil pump Thanks Dave As I mentioned I own a 1930 Dodge Brothers 1 ton truck with a 1930 Plymouth 4 cylinder engine. The truck model code is U-133 or sometimes U-1-C-133. The VIN is TU50162. The serial number on the engine is D 235152. The engine has a 3 5/8" bore and a 4 1/4" stroke. That adds up to a whopping 21.03 horsepower. We need a cam shaft (Chrysler Motor Parts number 34544) and oil pump drive gear assembly (36081). He has tried most common people that handles parts
  24. Chain drive rear axle

    Looking for a chain drive rear axle. Any information would be appreciated.
  25. As stated in title....a friend is looking for some interior door handles and escutcheons for a 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe. Thanks in advance. John