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Found 1,487 results

  1. I'm looking for a "CLEAN", UNMOLESTED, UNDAMAGED, NO RUST 1965 THRU 1969 CORVAIR MONZA COUPE. Prefer an original owner OR an owner who has a valid paper trail, with documented receipts. A TURN KEY CAR, NO PROJECTS. 110 H.P. IS FINE, 140 H.P IS OK, BUT NO TURBOS. Must be Powerglide. Must have a clean title, in the current owners name. Contact me with pics, mileage and asking price. Email Thanks, Bob
  2. I'm looking for the correct trunk opener control for my 1965 Riviera. The picture shows what the part looks like. Thanks for your help.
  3. I am on the search 67 skylark air cleaner. If I am not able to find a complete one I could still use a base.
  4. I am looking at any part for a 1931 Commander clutch (Bearings, plate, springs, ...) Thanks a lot
  5. I plan to remove and clean a '39 Century oil pan and it is recommended to get a later model oil pump because of more capacity. Seems like a good idea. But I have checked the usual places such as Bob's, Classic and eBay so where does one find such an oil pump? Thanks, Gary
  6. Hi looking for ( see picture) the timing clamp assembly that fits on the bottom of my Delco Remy distributor. # Model 639Y Serial # 30480. It is where the choke cable hooks up to, Would like to purchase one or parts. Thank you Peter
  7. Hi I'm looking for a chrome ring on the grille of a 53 Pontiac that goes around the chief emblem. Doesn't need to be nice my car has lots of northern MN "patina".
  8. Does anyone know any suppliers for new exhaust manifolds for a 1975 Chevy C65 medium duty truck with a 427 engine. Might be the same parts for a 366 but not sure. They might be the same as the passenger car but I think the med and HD trucks had different heads. Looking for both left and right manifolds.Thanks Jim
  9. Used is fine, but I need a complete kit. Thanks! 847-997-9944
  10. looking for 1954 olds 98 sedan front door panels, the upholstery shop misplaced and lost our's, thanks for any leads.
  11. looking for 1954 olds 98 sedan front door panels, our's were misplaced and lost at a upholstery shop. thank you for any leads.
  12. Wanted 1950 Chevrolet styleline driverside sunvisor mount bracket or whole unit, 218-832-3537
  13. Some of you have contacted me before about the parts I have for sale, here: Here is a link to the pictures: I still have a lot of these parts remaining. I have sold, generator, starter, trans, and wheels. Other than that I have everything else pictured. I would like to let them go ASAP. I am at this time still NOT selling any parts for the interior, gauges, steering etc. Brake parts on this car are brand new! At the same time I am trying to collect a couple parts that I need to put this thing back together. I am not restoring this car but need a right front door upper hinge and drivers door glass. At this time this is all I am looking for but willing to trade parts I do not need for these. Thanks for looking Jason 510-423-3848
  14. I have a 1958 Buick Carter 2 barrel carb that while running well right now, want to have a rebuild kit to back me up as I start driving her again after many years of being off the road. The problem is the last guy that did the rebuild, left the aluminium ID tag off and looking up parts suppliers, there seems to be about 6-7 different models of 2 barrels. 1- How critical is a kit to a rebuild if what I would need to do is just take it apart, clean out the passages and replace all the gaskets? 2- Is there any way to ID specifically what I have now as to the exact model if a specific kit is required? Obviously I'm not a mechanic but willing to take my time and do this myself should it be necessary. (plus it is good to have a kit for backup to lessen down time) Thanks for any and all help. Doug
  15. Just putting this out there in its own thread. In case anyone isn't aware, I'm keen to add a 1965 Gran Sport to the garage if anyone knows of a rusty free genuine vehicle for sale. Preferably a member's car.
  16. Hi All, I am in search of one original 1954 Skylark (model 100) spinner and insert. I would like an original, not repop. If it comes with a box, I know that's the holy grail. I grew up going from show to show and meet to meet with my family and others and it holds special memories for me. Every fall my parents would pull me out of school for two days to head to Lancaster, PA for the Carlisle show - five families in two cars - two 53s, two 54s and a van. The dads would take turns staying up at night to keep an eye on the cars. When I got married I wanted to use my dad's Skylark as my ride, but he was worried about having it out unattended in a parking lot. Plus he didn't want anyone else driving it. Wound up it was a smart decision - it poured that day and I remember stuffing tissues in the seams of the roof to stop the rain from coming in when I was a kid. I would just like one original spinner and insert to keep on my desk. I found a set on Ebay the other day and they appeared to be original (right colors, the "Skylark" was in the right position as compared to the color, etc.), but it ended before I received an answer to confirm they were in fact originals. Too bad, they were at a decent price ($100 for the pair). If anyone has one they are willing to part with or has a lead on one, I would very much appreciate it. Please PM me. I am located in Rockaway, NJ. I have no idea what they would cost - haven't priced parts in a looooong time, so I don't want to insult anyone and list a price range here. Thanks, Andrea
  17. I need a 1939 Century 4door sedan running board molding, only one, any side. Anyone have one? Thanks
  18. Help, I am in need of a water pump for a CM6. Mine has been welded in the past and is broken again. thanks
  19. After having searched for several months for 'The right car for Peking to Paris 2019 rally' (topic on General Discussion), we have found our baby! A 1933 Dodge 6 convertible. Why this car? Mopar was the right choice we decided after all information we received on this forum. Thanks to all enthousiast for the tips and leads! Bernard and I have enjoyed the pimped W200 Dodge Pick-Up we both had 25 years ago. Since than Dodge remained in our heart. Open prewar car with the looks we wanted High ground clearance 4 leafspring suspension Reliable, bigger 231 flathead 6 'torque' engine Succesfully participated the Peking to Paris 2007 Etc My first questions, others will probably follow. What is the exact type and model name of this car? (E.g. there is roadster, convertible and drophead coupe?) Where can I found a left front fender with wheel well? The 3 speed gearbox in not in good shape. Which original, later model gearbox we easily can bolt to our engine? Where to find? Who can repair the fuelgauge in our instrument panel? Where can we find the 'modern material' parts to overhaul our engine? To optimalise its performance to the max without touching its legendary reliability. Who can help us with information and parts to prepare the front and rear axle for the tough circumstance in the mongolian desert, etc..? (car my not change look!) Thanks in advance for all help! Kind regards, Patrick Motorist Mechanic
  20. Hello, I am in search of a 1974 2-door cutlass (Supreme,Salon, S, etc.) in the Missouri area, (around St. Louis would be awesome). If anyone has any leads or a car yourself, please let me know ASAP by email or private message. thanks for any help!
  21. Hi I'm after the small curved spear that sits just above the splashguard on the rear fenders of a 1947 Buick 2 door super, the only piece I'm missing??
  22. Need a set of chrome road wheels, factory correct, for 1965 Riviera. Your help will be appreciated! David Baker 636-575-9554
  23. Looking for a nice front splash apron for a 29 Chevrolet car. Mine is beat beyond repair. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  24. I am looking to purchase a regulator for a front power window for my car. This regulator can come from a 54 thru 56 Buick Century or Special, 2 door or convertible. It also can come from a 54 thru 56 Oldsmobile series 88 or 98, 2 door or convertible. I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  25. Hello. I have a bent steel wheel (the basic wheel onto which a hubcap is mounted, NOT a chrome wheel) on my 1965 Riviera and need to know the number codes to look for when purchasing a replacement. If you have a good wheel please contact David Baker #14360, 636-575-9554 I AM ALSO LOOKING OR A FULL SET OF CHROME ROAD WHEELS FOR A 1965 RIVIERA, CODE 802. Thanks.