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    I have been working on old cars since I was 14 which is a long time ago. I prefer cars pre 1930.
  1. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    nice car
  2. Early (teens?) Dodge distributor need info

    It is a Distributor (not mag) with a coil attached. The coil is missing parts. It was used I believe until 1924.
  3. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    I had a 34 Dodge sedan with dual side mounts. I bought wheel cyc from my local NAPA store as they were used for many years and on trucks. You need to buy a zoot suit and Tommy gun as everyone associates them with gangster cars.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Repair-Manual-1926-1925-1924-1923-1922-1921-1920-1919-1918-1917-1916-1915/362052317642?hash=item544bfff1ca:g:pEAAAOxyPLpRdc7A&vxp=mtr Romar should also have this manual. If you get an owners manual 1919 to 1924 they should be about the same with information. I will scan you a schematic. What area of the country are you inJ Jan
  5. Try this facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/DodgeBrothersMotorCars/
  6. I just tested my 23 Moon circuit with a coil from tractor supply. The original coil tested ok on an OHM meter but still wouldn't fire. One minute job determined that the coil was at fault. Now I am gutting the original coil housing to install the new coil and keeping it looking original.
  7. Snubber catalogue ?

    I have to rebuild the ones on my Moon. Thanks
  8. The first item I would test is to see if you have current from the switch to the coil. You can check that with a simple 12 volt test light. Make sure the prior owner did not put a fuse in the circuit. As was mentioned earlier if you have power to the coil you need to determine if one the points are bad (if the gap is correct you should be ok), coil good (it can be tested, but it is easier to temp. replace it), condensor (temporarly replace). A modern 12 volt coil can be temporary substituted. Follow Hartley direction on opening the points to see if you get a spark. One last thing is to make sure the wire from the coil is good and both ends are tight and clean.
  9. As Mike says the line is designed to provide vacuum to a vacuum tank. The vacuum tank is an early fuel pump. It used a vacuum to pull fuel from the gas tank. As he said it sounds like someone installed an electric fuel pump. It is a modification that some people make which I do not like as the original vacuum works fine if you understand how they work. What concerns me about your car is if they removed the vacuum tank and just disconnected the vacuum line and left it unplugged at the manifold creating a vacuum leak. I would removed the line at the manifold and put on a cap or put a vacuum tank in.
  10. One lever is for spark advance or retard the other is for gas. They are both used during start up and later during driving.
  11. Those are not for releasing compression but for priming the engine when cold. The Dodge has an up draft carb which is hard to start when cold. You open the priming cups on top the engine and pour a little gas. You then close them and all cycs. are primed with gas. They are quite common on updraft engines of that era.
  12. Was the original an oil bath?
  13. hupmobile

    Did you go to the Hupp section as there are several listed for sale. I don't know what you mean "driver quality".
  14. What size fan belt 1923 Moon

    Thanks for everyones help. Buds comment caused me to check with my Dodge parts supplier and sure enough they list a 40 inch belt for 27 dodge. I may have to open up some of the mount holes because of the 1/4 inch but that is do able. I really appreciate everyones help. http://www.myersearlydodge.com/cooling.php Jan
  15. Wanted Durant Motometer

    There is also a Durant section on this forum.