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    I have been working on old cars since I was 14 which is a long time ago. I prefer cars pre 1930.

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  1. jan arnett (2)

    Radio Restorations Conversions and Repairs

    I believe this belongs in commercial services.
  2. jan arnett (2)

    Cleaning a fuel tank

    In the future if you need to get the gunk out use a couple cans of drain cleaner.
  3. jan arnett (2)

    Recognize this Autolite part?

    Looks like mine on my Star but I would have to check.
  4. jan arnett (2)

    Buggy parts sears roebuck

    100 miles north of cincinati
  5. jan arnett (2)

    Best Spar Varnish on wood spokes????

    I have used marine spar varnish for 50 years and never had a problem.
  6. jan arnett (2)

    side mount

    Tom try this guy he has a lot of side mount parts. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1931-1932-1933-auburn-side-mount-tire-hold-down/262267390498?hash=item3d105aca22:g:PNoAAOSwqu9U5el8
  7. How did you do the sprocket design
  8. jan arnett (2)

    BUGS how to remove

    I have used carb cleaner on a rag. Don't leave it on the surface long. Works on sap also
  9. jan arnett (2)

    Saw this Chevrolet truck today....

    They do have the best pears ever.
  10. jan arnett (2)

    Saw this Chevrolet truck today....

    high end fruit.
  11. jan arnett (2)

    Old buick motor and transmission?

    looks like a 29 buick. list it in the Buick forum.
  12. This is not mine but might be of interest for someone. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2094430190826697
  13. Very nice pictures and it answered a question I have on the rug on my 23 and that was how to do the edges. You put yours under the side panels and did you also bind the edges.
  14. jan arnett (2)

    29 Dodge Bros truck progress

    nice job