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    I have been working on old cars since I was 14 which is a long time ago. I prefer cars pre 1930.
  1. Spicer U Joint cover

    Need a U Joint cover for my 1923 Moon. There are two different covers on the drive shaft and I need the one in the photo. I don't know if the other end will work.
  2. Teens-20s?? Continental 6V, 7V, 9V,10V Motors

    Bud what was the other forum you mentioned that an early Moon was discussed? Thanks Jan
  3. 1910-1920's Klaxet Horn-Excellent condition

    Chuck what is the length and width. Does it have a mounting bracket? Thanks
  4. Wanted - Modern Truck

    Post in the HCCA section for real early autos & trucks.
  5. 1940 Lasalle woodie restoration pictures

    That is what is known as a project. Fantastic job.
  6. Engine rebuild questions on a 1926 Dodge Brothers 6V

    Paul let me answer a couple of your questions. Since you will be pouring new bearings you can use a crank from another engine. You can also use rods from another engine. I would first try and figure out what caused the old engine to throw a rod. I would magnaflux any part that is going back into the engine. I normally just pull the engine. I would keep the caps in the correct position just so you get in the habit of doing. If you do not bore all four cyc. there is no reason to replace the pistons. Same goes for valves, springs, and guides which may be ok. Just put them in the same location that they came out of. I would change out the rings either way. You may or may not want to pull the came based on the condition of the lifters
  7. Tail lamp wire sheathing

    Look at speedometer cable sheath.
  8. Fender for 1935 Dodge Truck

    You need to put what kind of fender you are looking for and repost in in the Dodge section
  9. Starter Motor: Continuous Running OK?

    Could you install a jack shaft with a gear on the starter end so you could use the bendix?
  10. Rotisserie wanted

    The are easy to work with. I have bought several items from them.
  11. Rotisserie wanted

    Here is one for sale on the auction site everything but the house. https://www.ebth.com/items/8437528-auto-body-rotisserie-cr-3000-unit
  12. Franklin automobile

    I posted it in the Speedster Face Book Group
  13. An antique car for rent

    Narine: Maybe I can help you find your car. I have a friend who is in the business of providing cars for weddings and he has the white car you seek. His business is very reliable and he is a former president of the Durant Club. Although he is located California he may be able to help if not he can probably suggest someone. Since he is in the business he has commercial insurance which eliminates that problem. http://hireoldcars.com/
  14. Hupmobile Rental In Bay Area and Denver

    What year are you looking for and what body style. Restored or unrestored. Is the owner driving it or is it window dressing for scenes?
  15. Check the ground cable from battery to frame to make sure it is a big fat 6 volt cable. Welding cables are great for this. !2 volt cars have smaller cables and he/she may have replaced it. Clean the ground connection REAL good with sand paper and make sure the connection is tight