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    I have been working on old cars since I was 14 which is a long time ago. I prefer cars pre 1930.

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  1. jan arnett (2)

    Steering wheel wood repair and refinish process

    nice job
  2. jan arnett (2)

    1929 Peerless 6-61 Contenital 11E motor waterpump wanted

    Do you have pictures. Durant used cont. engines and the water pump interchange with my Moon.
  3. jan arnett (2)

    Now this would be fun.

  4. jan arnett (2)

    Ford Kerosene Lamps

    Short story. When I turned 16 I already owned a model T when I went to take my drivers test in my fathers station wagon. I failed because I bumped the curb parking. When I went to retake the test I drove the Model T. The examiner freaked out when he asked me to check the brake light and turn signals. I got out and lite the side lights and tail light. He said that wasn't covered in the test, walked away and passed me.
  5. jan arnett (2)

    Bullet Proof Window Repair

    I like Gary solution. I would then put the removed window on display so people can see how the window was made. I think people would be very interested in how they made bullet proof glass.
  6. You are correct there are no kits for the Moon.
  7. jan arnett (2)

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    Dave I hope your head still fits in your hat after some well deserved praise. Is there a resource book that is available before I start on my 1923 Moon interior that I should read. Unless you have that mobile upholstery shop ready.
  8. Want to do my 23 Moon. Fantastic job.
  9. jan arnett (2)

    Installing Door Hinges in wood frame car

    Get some Kwik Poly and tooth picks.
  10. jan arnett (2)

    Position of spark control

    I like a dial indicator
  11. jan arnett (2)

    This 1912 Stoddard Dayton Saybrook chassis

    Someone else wanted a Stoddard frame.
  12. jan arnett (2)

    1931 Door Top Rail Repair

    Thanks Mark
  13. jan arnett (2)

    Cleaning Parts

    EPA is only worried if you dump it or have an air permit. They still sell diesel fuel but I would not mix with gasoline. I like ATF fluid mixed with diesel fuel. If you want a water based cleaner go to the dollar store and buy their cleaner. It works and is cheap.
  14. jan arnett (2)

    1929 Buick battery

    Take the leads loose and tell us how big they are. A six volt battery needs larger leads like 0 welding cable. Wire brush or grind the contact location on the frame. Unless the cable ends are molded onto the cable remove them and clean them. Then clean the contacts on the starter switch. I will bet if the contacts are clean it will start