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  1. Bob Zetnick

    29 DA dash pull label source

    Myers has them too
  2. Bob Zetnick

    Mysterious loud squeal

    My '29 DA has a grease cup in engine compartment w/ flex tube to throw-out bearing...I've just never heard a "squeal" from throw-out bearing before.
  3. Bob Zetnick

    28 Standard Six Horn Button Removal

    If it's anything like my '29 DA you have to loosen the Clum light switch at bottom ( or anything else attached to bottom of steering column)...then you can pull rod in steering column up from steering wheel. A split ring holds horn button in place. Again, not sure a Standard Six will be the same.
  4. Bob Zetnick

    '29 DA dash pulls

    Thanks so much! I totally forgot about that post! My old age I guess!!!
  5. I want to be prepared for my first Colorado winter (after living in Texas). I think my cars, except for starting them every so often, will be in the garage for 4 or 5 months this winter. With gas in the tanks I was thinking about using Stabil, but wasn't sure about using it w/ these old engines.
  6. Bob Zetnick

    '29 DA dash pulls

    I put new cables onto the old dash pulls on my '29 DA. I threaded the cable up into the hole at the bottom of the dash pull, up the groove on the opposite side of the pull and installed them. This seemed to be the way the old cables were mounted. The starter pull after a few uses pulled out of the dash and the choke pull is binding. I am going to use a graphite suspended in alcohol as a cable lubricant for the binding issue, but it there another way to attach the pull to the should it be soldered along that groove?...or another method? Again, I just copied what was there. Thanks!
  7. Bob Zetnick

    Flooring pictures please

    Mike, I've had that since the mid-70s...can't remember.
  8. Bob Zetnick

    DA Running board trim

    I got my trim from L&L...I didn't have any of the original stuff, so don't know that a different, flat trim was used on the ends...I just used the same stuff all around like your photos.
  9. Bob Zetnick

    Flooring pictures please

    Hey, 1920s closed cars were supposed to mimic your living room or as an 4-wheeled extension of your home....maybe just not a hotel lobby.....that said, it depends how many guests you cram inside your car!
  10. Bob Zetnick

    Flooring pictures please

    Not that everything needs to be kept original, but the scale of that pattern looks more like a pattern from a 1920s mediterranean style hotel lobby. Here are some photos of original carpet details...a couple from my '29...anyway, just real simple w/ the black edging....I think the front was originally all rubber matting, but I showed the oak boards and just did carpet mats to match the rear....again, I don't mean to thwart any creativity here; just another possible option.
  11. Bob Zetnick

    Flooring pictures please

    That floor looks to be in great shape!...and like you said where are you going to get solid wood in that width?...I'd just clean up, maybe repaint and reuse....I wish my floors had been that nice! The heater looks to be something that conected around the exhaust pipe rather than radiator's hot water for warmth. Probably an accessory, not sure that it came from factory...anyway, exhaust pipes rusted through and carbon monoxide entered car and you can imagine why they went out of style...that said, it's very cool and hard to find!
  12. Bob Zetnick

    Wooden roof rebuild

    Not sure what it costs to ship to OZ, but I got my top material from I'm sure there are other places too....maybe Mac's or Snyder's that supply to Model A restorers.
  13. Bob Zetnick

    Flooring pictures please

    The original floor in my '29 DA 6 was pine boards w/corrugated fasteners connecting them...front rubber mat was gone, but rear carpet still there....boards were in bad shape as roof had leaked, so replaced w/ rift cut oak boards, glued up together.
  14. Bob Zetnick

    1930's floor board exterior wood

    My '29 was different in design and went all the way up firewall, but the padding material looked the same, except covered on the face w/ a black leatherette of sorts. I bought a new pad off of eBay that fit perfectly....the insulation was different, but the black covering looked pretty much the same....anyway, here is an eBay link to a '29 DA, but maybe he or his source can make something up for your '32?|0
  15. Bob Zetnick

    DA Bottom Door Seal

    Here's Manuel's post