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  1. Bob Zetnick

    1924 Dodge VIN location

    Luckily, I still have Texas plates I'll use for a while!
  2. Bob Zetnick

    1924 Dodge VIN location

    Thanks Keith, I'm in Pueblo.
  3. Bob Zetnick

    1924 Dodge VIN location

    Thanks to everyone...I'll try these locations this weekend.
  4. Bob Zetnick

    1924 Dodge VIN location

    I have just moved to Colorado where they require VIN confirmation to get plates...this is a visual confirmation, so a VIN on a title won't work. This is a speedster type of body though listed as a roadster, so it doesn't have doors / jambs for a VIN, there is no plate on the upper right floorboards like my '29 and the engine # doesn't match the VIN on the title. Does anyone know another spot to look for a VIN on a '24 DB? Thanks!
  5. Bob Zetnick

    Replacing throttle control lever

    Dave, Here is something I saved for my DA.....doesn't look exactly the same, but if you take off light switch at bottom of steering column rod and then pull up upper horn button / lever assembly there may be a wire clamp that holds lever in place per this DA diagram. Hope this helps.
  6. Bob Zetnick

    Starting Fast Four restoration.

    I thinK some of your aversion to the disk wheels is that yours aren't striped to break up the "massing" of them...just IMHO
  7. Bob Zetnick

    Victory six distributor cap

    Looks like Myers Early Dodge carries it.
  8. Bob Zetnick

    1929 DA ignition coil

    Thanks! That is what I was told by the firm that rewired my car....also, I get no spark to plugs, so assume that is the problem.
  9. Bob Zetnick

    1929 DA ignition coil

    I have just moved from Fort Worth, TX. to Pueblo, CO and the ignition coil went out just before the move. I have come across this place but haven't dealt w/ them before....any thoughts? I was thinking of just getting a 6v coil and mounting on firewall leaving the other original unit just for looks.....any ideas for that? When I got the car in '71 the coil was mounted on firewall, but don't know if positive ground affects the type I buy. Any suggestions appreciated ! Thanks!
  10. Bob Zetnick

    DA Locking Door Handle

    If I remember right on mine when I used the key the outside door handle would just spin when you turned the handle while locked....when unlocked the handle acts like a lever to open the door. Hope that helps.
  11. Bob Zetnick

    1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

    John, looks great! The Luan plywood is a good idea..... I did the chicken wire, but had to add a padded quilt moving blanket to smooth things out a bit....I think your roof lies flatter.
  12. Bob Zetnick

    One reason the young cannot even think about buying an old car

    No, it was an "or" he used....this is his original quote: "Fool, for that $90,000 Rambler asking price you could get TWO 1932 Fords or one heck of a nice Brass Era car. Bob" (his name is Bob too)...anyway, I do see a lot of neat brass era cars for less than the price of the Rambler.....unless a real rarity, you can get a nice brass era car for under $90,000...and real cheap if it's a Ford T! 
  13. Bob Zetnick

    One reason the young cannot even think about buying an old car

    This looks nice! ...and almost $40,000 cheaper!
  14. Bob Zetnick

    1924 dodge transmission gear oil

    Thanks you all for all the information. I have no problem downshifting....mainly going from 1st to 2nd as it's hard to have a good feel of how far right to push the gearshift...once I'm in 2nd it's easy to go to 3rd as I'm already on that "side"....maybe I need to practice more, but kinda hard to practice in a big city w/ traffic and plenty of stop signs, lights and speed bumps...or maybe that is good practice Anyway, I can shift my '29 easily...maybe it's just the earlier transmission, so thought a heavier gear "oil" might help out. I just worry that "putting up w/ the noise" that I am eventually going to strip the gears....again, maybe more practice needed.
  15. Bob Zetnick

    Finishing wood wheels

    Those wheels are gorgeous! I like the idea of a zoot suit too!...both classy!