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  1. Torquing Trailer Lug Nuts

    You can't diagnose a trailer problem on the internet. Find a good trailer repair shop in your area & take it there. Jim
  2. Saw these two projects goin' down the road today

    I find it interesting that dually pick up trucks pretend to be semi tractors. One is not the other. In the real world you cannot safely control that kind of weight using that kind of tow vehicle in an emergency situation and under normal driving conditions - let alone adverse weather and road conditions. It does not matter what brand of pick up truck you drive - a car commercial cannot simulate the real world. Jim

    I transport project cars & parts .... Jim
  4. Need to ship Eng/Trans and misc parts from OH to AZ

    Sure ..... Just get together a combined footprint of the load ( length x width x height ) along with the estimated total weight. Then give me a call ..... Jim 260-804-6695
  5. NOT a BrokerCustomer Feedback Click Here Available Transport Today Click Here Direct Enclosed Auto Transport In The Lower 48 States Year round subject to weather & road conditions Winch on & off - no driving your car No transfer or storage AACA - HCCA - MTFCA - MTFCI Member Call Jim at (260) 804-6695
  6. Jay Leno Ticket up to $14,000

    I had heard that he was no longer extending visits to the general public because his insurance company considered it too high-risk. Jim
  7. Need to ship Eng/Trans and misc parts from OH to AZ

    It is customary that the Seller provide equipment & labor to load up along with providing adequate space for a truck and trailer to be able to load out. Same applies for the Buyer at the drop off location. The only thing I haven’t hauled over the years is the proverbial kitchen sink .... Jim
  8. I was honored to transport this 1903 Franklin 10HP Touring Car from Montpelier, VA to Odyssey Restorations in Spring Park Lake, MN. I dropped it off Friday afternoon ahead of yet another Winter Storm .... Jim
  9. I just dropped off this 1910 Sears Motorized Buggy in Montpelier, Virginia this morning ...... Jim
  10. Boy, do I want this....

    Exactly .... Jim
  11. What a pleasure to visit Classic Cars Restoration in Williamsburg, VA I was honored to transport this 1936 Cord Phaeton 810 Convertible to Jim in Minneapolis, Minnesota Jim
  12. Importing a car?

    Spot On Advice Few automobiles are worth the money & time required to import Unless you are 101% sure of the condition - ownership history - actual cost to import ..... You are are better off to buy stateside Jim
  13. transport

    That is a short regional trip of 400 miles. Most car haulers do not haul a car if it does not drive on & off a trailer - they do not have winches. Most car haulers leaving the Los Angeles area want to go up I-5 to Portland or Seattle or at least to Sacramento - if they take your car they have to find another one to pick up to continue on their way. You are better off to haul that yourself. Otherwise - be prepared to pay mileage both ways for someone to do a “ turnaround trip “. Jim
  14. I just dropped off this 1909 Model 10 Buick in Philadelphia on Friday .... It came from Oklahoma ... Jim
  15. The real bonus for me in traveling the country are the places & people I get to meet along the way ... Sunday I was fortunate to visit Skip Seaton in New Salem, PA at his restoration shop & take some pictures. Skip is a lifetime member of the AACA along with: The MTFCA & MTFCI The Studebaker Driver's Club The Horseless Carriage Club The Nash Car Club of America The Hudson-Essex Terraplane Club The Veteran Motor Car Club of America The Model A Restorer's Club He had (4) Model T cars undergoing restoration when I visited ... Enjoy ! Jim
  16. I had lunch with Skip yesterday in Uniontown, PA at Mark C's Diner. He is helping me research The Crow & Crow-Elkhart Motor Companies in Elkhart, Indiana. These are images of a 1942 Lincoln Zypher Convertible Skip restored. There are 7 believed to exist according to the Lincoln Zypher owners club. Some of the 7 are parts cars. This is the 3rd one to be restored. It took 5 years to complete including 2 years at the trim shop. When it came to Skip it was all apart and incomplete. He over saw Paint and Body work & had all the plating done, He did all stainless repair and polishing - all assembly and adjustments. First showing was at 2017 AACA Fall meet in Hershey PA where it won a 1st Junior award. It was selected for consideration for a National Award at the AACA Annual Meeting in Feb. at Philadelphia, PA. It won the Ford Lincoln Mercury Award. The next showing will be at Gettsyburg, PA in July. Jim
  17. Winching into a trailer the easy way.

    Custom built bumper pull heavy ass 34 foot box - 5 foot extended tongue. Triple 5200 pound straight leaf spring axles - high clearance to not bottom out the rear end when crossing low driveways - that leads to broken welds on the rear end which causes racking & roof tearing. 8 foot rear barn doors - 7.5 foot tall x 6 foot wide curbside barn doors to side load in front of the vehicle - surface mount 50K rated etrac you can roll a car over without winching. I use Mac’s padded axle straps to tie down to the axles and/or frame - usually cross the ratcheting nylon straps to keep the vehicle from shifting - I normally leave the vehicle in neutral - no need to go alongside the vehicle to put it in or out of gear. Jim
  18. Winching into a trailer the easy way.

    I think it is a Packard ..... Jim
  19. Novice winching car with no front spindles

    Load it rear end first - have a forklift or a piece of equipment lift the front end while you pull it on the trailer using the winch - unload in the same manner. Jim
  20. This was an interesting recent haul that probably ended up to be my most labor intensive & least profitable project car transport. I picked up this 1914 Reo in Oklahoma on a rural property - it only had one wood wheel on the right front - it took two pieces of equipment and time to load. I had a rolling Model A Chassis in front of it - that needed to be dropped off first in Albuquerque - so I had a temporary wheel fashioned for the right front that did not damage the spindle at my expense, Then we rolled the Reo Chassis off the trailer - took off the Model A Chassis - rolled the Reo back on - loaded the Model A Chassis back on - this took a few hours. At the drop off in California - there was a forklift and manpower - in the process of unloading my 3 ton aluminum racing jack was damaged. Jim
  21. Auto Inspection Companies

    It depends on the knowledge and insight of the vehicle inspector. Like every other profession - it varies. If you are selling a car and agree to consider serious prospective Buyers who live a distance away - it is part of the selling process. Jim
  22. Winching into a trailer the easy way.

    I winch all vehicles on & off my enclosed trailer. Because I also transport vehicles from rollback tow trucks - cargo on skids or pallets - I use commercial aluminum ramps. The roadway is not always level & paved - ramp doors can quickly warp and fail. Thru trial & error I settled on a Harbor Freight 12K 12VDC winch & wireless remote control. This winch offers a slow speed combined with the gearing designed to load & unload vehicles - it also has a spring loaded cable tensioner for the drum. Since I use my winch daily - I installed a deep cycle 12VDC battery adjacent to the winch inside the trailer. Charging is done by the 30 amp 12VDC circuit built in to the 7 way plug from my tow vehicle. I transport just about every sort & manner of vehicle - once the vehicle is lined up straight there is no need to guide it on or off the trailer. I load & unload on an upgrade and let gravity do the work. Jim
  23. Enclosed Trailer Paint

    Don't know why you want to paint the walls ? Put rubber stall mats on the floor - you can replace a mat it it gets an oil or gas spill - install groove side up to trap fluids. Jim
  24. Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    Please help decipher this tag: Thanks ! Jim
  25. I Need To Try Here

    Neither did I contact you - I am not soliciting your business. I posted on this thread because I was notified about it. Jim