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  1. I just watched Bullitt last night again Then I ran across this .... @ stang-bullitt/1022006001/ @ ullitt-mustang Jim
  2. Trailer Rim PSI Ratings

    Your rims are fine Jim
  3. Any experience with Plain Ol' Trailers?

    Anyone else here bumper pull an enclosed car hauler trailer just about every day ? Year round in every state ? I do - here is what I have learned thru experience: Money is not necessarily a reflection of quality - actual construction features are .... Most low quality enclosed car hauler trailers DO NOT have a full perimeter steel frame - they have (2) frame rails set in from the edge and use " outriggers " to connect to the outside wall - these trailers break apart causing the roof to tear from twisting - I bought one of these trailers from " Freedom Trailers " as my first trailer & it lasted less than a year .... A full perimeter steel tube frame is a mandatory starting point with solid welds - it makes for a heavier frame less likely to flex & break. 8 inch steel tubing that is 3/16" nominal thick is the best perimeter frame design provided it has solid welds. Trailers are built on an assembly line utilizing production methods adopted to save the manufacturer time & money. Specifying construction features will increase production time & result in more expense - be prepared to pay more for a better built trailer. A unitized frame where the floor - sidewalls - roof bows are in alignment is the strongest design if full welds are used, if this is not possible have at least (2) structural supports that " wrap " the components together installed at the front & rear. Run a third center steel tube frame member from the tongue to the first axle. Make sure you have a " one piece roof " with no screws installed thru the top frame under it down into the trailer. Most low quality trailers have .024 inch thick exterior aluminum walls - these ripple & flex - .030 thick walls are the minimum you should spec. Most low quality trailers use screws drilled into the top roof bows from above to hold the roof trim panels inside the trailers in place, these back out & tear the roof material over time. If you have a strong frame - the other details are personal choices that vary from user to user. Jim
  4. Gas in a 6.3 litre diesel

    From a practical standpoint - you can’t reverse any damage that has been done. Many years ago I was driving on the I-80 turnpike & stopped at a BP station to fuel at one of the turnpike rest areas - I wasn’t paying attention & topped off one of my F350 7.3 IDI Dually fuel tanks with unleaded from a green handled pump. Immediately I had problems & realized what I had done - lucky there was no permanent damage. 60 miles is a different story ....... Jim

    Good news for those looking for an American made trailer tire .... Starting earlier this year Goodyear introduced an American Made ST Trailer Tire.@ I buy my at Discount Tire/America's Tire Store because they offer free replacement certificates that are not based on pro-rated tire tread I have been running them all year long on my triple axle 34 foot enclosed car hauler trailerJim
  6. Recent delivery to the MTFCA Museum in Richmond, Indiana
  7. NOT a BrokerCustomer Feedback Click Here Available Transport Today Click Here Direct Enclosed Auto Transport In The Lower 48 States Year round subject to weather & road conditions Winch on & off - no driving your car No transfer or storage AACA - HCCA - MTFCA - MTFCI Member Call Jim at (260) 804-6695
  8. Tow Vehicle-GMC 2500HD

    You start at the beginning. What is the loaded weight of the trailer you are pulling ? That is determined by the curb weight of the vehicle combined with the curb weight of the empty trailer you put it in. The sum of the two is your load. Your load determines your tow vehicle selection. Jim
  9. No Longer Available

    December 1st I just replaced the alternator today I also replaced the serpentine belt - belt tensioner - idler pullies Jim
  10. No Longer Available

    No Longer Available One family owned before me Arizona Truck - Arizona Title Located in Northeast Phoenix 250K original miles Centurion Conversion Factory window sticker & owners manuals 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel E4OD transmission 4:10 year end Factory tow & camper package I just did an oil and filter change - dropped the rear differential cover and changed the gear oil - dropped the pan on the tranny & changed the filter - then completely power flushed the tranny. No blow by out of the oil filler cap - no major oil leaks Full power windows - door locks Non smoker vehicle - clean interior in good shape These first generation power stroke diesels are hard to come by -,usually they are pretty beat up. Asking $9800 .... Not interested in any trades Call Jim @ 260-804-6695 Thanks !
  11. Deckover Trailer Ideas?

    I tow an enclosed trailer every day. Trailer manufacturers build what they can get the public to buy that is easy for them to put through an assembly line. Straight axles on the trailer raise the height roughly 4 inches over a standard 4 inch drop axle - if you just substitute this you can reduce the height of the wheel well inside the enclosed trailer by the same amount. The addition of the 4 inch angle iron will leave you with a flush floor and no fender wells. Trailer manufacturers do not want to do this because it changes the assembly line procedure so you will meet resistance. As I mentioned before, you have a higher deck which means a sharper angle for loading. But you also have more ground clearance & less chance of bottoming out on the back of the trailer. To each his own .... Jim
  12. I have a VIN - # 2962668 Titled as a 1936 Plymouth 1/2 ton pick up truck I have had no luck deciphering the VIN ... I really like the Betty Boop Horn Button .... This appears to be customized in the 1940's or 1950's ..... It appears to be a convertible ... Year - Make - Model of the original vehicle ? Jim
  13. Deckover Trailer Ideas?

    Straight axles instead of drop axles on your enclosed trailer mounted on 4 inch channel below the trailer frame will leave you with no fender wells. Your trailer will sit higher - better ground clearance. Higher deck means sharper angle - Race Ramps can take care of that. Jim
  14. Corvair Greenbier

    Here is a sweet pair ..... The Model 95 Rampside is turbocharged direct fuel injected. I have a standing offer to buy it if he ever wants to sell it - the only vehicle I ever hauled that I offered to buy .... Jim
  15. Just dropped off this AACA Award Winning 1921 Model T Huckster Wagon to the MTFCA Museum in Richmond, Indiana last Friday .:.. Jim
  16. Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    Please help decipher this tag: Thanks ! Jim
  17. Duesenberg Concept

    Bad Dreams Don’t Necessite Bad Car Builds Sometimes a nightmare should be left in the imaginary world Jim
  18. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    The car is SOLD. If folks who had issues with the Franklin and did not to buy it because they did not like the car or did not have the money to buy it - they should refrain from letting their fingers do the talking on the forum unless they have actually seen the Franklin in person during the time it was for sale. I saw the car in person - I transported it - I have also hauled a lot of other classic cars over the years - it was a nice car. End Of Story. Jim
  19. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    I transported this 1930 Franklin. I met the dealer - we talked about cars - he seems like a good guy. The Franklin is a solid car and came with extras to boot. Jim
  20. Transporting non running car

    Thanks Guys ... Monday & Tuesday were kinda exciting .... I always try to check the weather ahead down the road. I was traveling I-77 south from Ohio where I dropped a 1925 Fordor off Sunday to Bruce in Stone Creek, OH traveling thru light rain. Things did not look good for Hickory, North Carolina .... So I got off the road early on Monday well north of the area. About 6:00 pm on Monday the building I was to deliver this 1930 Franklin to was hit - the roof was partially tore off but the cars inside (including a Marmon undergoing restoration) were not damaged. The alternative location I dropped off to yesterday - about (7) miles away - had downed power lines and uprooted trees less than a mile way. Jim
  21. You Tube videos here 1949 Willys Overland Jeepster Videos Here 1949 Willys Overland Jeepster 64,151 original documented miles on California title Running & Driving Original top & frame Passenger & Driver door trim panels replaced Original interior and bench seat Factory radio removed but included (needs rebuild) Runs & Drives If you are looking for a rust free - bondo free - original Jeepster ..... Located in Flagstaff, AZ $16,000 firm - no trades - no discounts Jim
  22. Car Museums in Tacoma: Which is Better?

    Bill, What a great narrative from someone who knew Harold. He was - still is - one of a kind. Mike told me the Tucker was acquired after Harold’s death - he always wanted one for his collection but considered the price too extravagant during his lifetime. Just one of thousands of examples of a simple man of simple means who apparently never lost sight of the value of a dollar. I wish I could have met him. Jim
  23. Out from long team storage

    Don, Good for you ! Glad someone stepped up to save this car. Jim
  24. 1966 Corvair Convertible Modified with a V-8 Northstar 32 OHV engine Also ... 1963 Corvair Rampside 95 Van Modified with a turbocharged direct injected dual carbuerator set up Dropped bth off last week in Minden, NV Jim