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  1. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    Your GVWR of your tow vehicle should appear on the driver door & on your vehicle registration. If you are going to or from anywhere where you could buy or sell - you could be construed as commercial even if your trailer is empty. There is a fine line between investigative detention & unlawful detention, Evidence can be planted to justify a stop and subsequent seizure of property. Jim
  2. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    You can have a trailer built with triple 7K axles - have the manufacturer give it a GVWR of less than 16K. You can tow a trailer with a GVWR of more than 16K with an RV and probably be ok - but if you are stopped you will be ticketed. Example - your triple axle 7K trailer weighs 7K empty - you load it with 8K - it is rated at less 15K - you get a ticket. If stopped - never say you are going to a swap meet or judged event or car show. If stopped - never open up your trailer - tell them your insurance will not cover injury to non-family individuals. If stopped - be courteous & cooperative but do not consent to a search. If you are pulled over driving out of state - chances are it will be for no points violation(s) that are intended to generate revenue. Jim
  3. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    A manufacturered trailer can only have one VIN tag issued - it is usually placed on the lower front driver side of an enclosed trailer - it can also be located on the tongue - it is on special adhesive paper that has “ Void “ imprinted on it if you attempt to remove the tag. The maximum trailer GVWR as indicated on the manufacturer VIN tag is 16K for non-commercial use. Anything over that puts you in a commercial class. The GVWR determines the class - not your use. The maximum GVWR of a tow vehicle is 10K. Anything over 10K on a vehicle registration - driver door GVWR tag qualifies you as commercial. Pull a 1000 pound trailer with a 10,001 or heavier pound truck - you are commercial. Pull a 16, 001 or heavier trailer with a 6000 pound truck - you are commercial. It is either/or - combined can not exceed 26K. Tell an officer you are going to a judged event - that can also get you a ticket - if you transport for any type of compensation ( awards can be interpreted as compensation ) - you can be fined. Vehcles registered as “ recreational vehicles “ on their registration are exempt thanks to decades of heavy lobby efforts. Jim
  4. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    Triple 7K axles give you a 21K GVWR on your trailer. When Vehicle Enforcement pulls you over - better have a CDL - log book - DOT number on your tow vehicle. The limit is 16K on your trailer and 10K on your tow vehicle for a private individual for GVWR. Exceed either - you are required to enter the scales - it doesn’t matter what your actual weight is. Good Luck Jim
  5. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    I use commercial aluminum ramps made in the USA made by Discount Ramps in Wisconsin. They are rated at 5000 pounds per axle. They have flat plate ends - they are designed to lay flat & not slip. It costs me about $1800 more to have cargo doors & ramps instead of a ramp door - it is more labor intensive to set up & break down - but I load and unload on uneven surfaces - a ramp door would last less than a year. Aluminum ramps also give me more flexibility in cargo management. Jim
  6. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    The other advantage is shorter interior wheel well boxes - but you have to spec that the boxes be cut to fit - otherwise they will use standard tall ones. Another consideration is frame construction - all of my custom enclosed car haulers have an 8 inch steel full perimeter frame - no outriggers - the sidewalls sit on the perimeter frame. i also spec the ceiling - sidewall - floor framing members on 12” centers. This provides maximum structural integrity - it also gives great snow load rating ( which is critical in some areas ). I eliminate roof vents & install side vents - this takes care of roof leaks. Jim
  7. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    You can design a trailer with torsion axles that approximate a straight axle. The main benefit - you will have more ground clearance which is critical at the back of the trailer. Manufacturers build drop axle models as a standard to facilitate low angle rear trailer ramp door approach - in the real world you drag the rear end of the trailer when you enter & exit low driveways and roadways - usually you catch one corner. This results in one corner being lifted - that leads to cracked welds - which leads to racking of the trailer sidewalls & roof - that causes the roof to tear and leak. I spec torsion axle angle to approximate a near straight axle. I recently pulled into a station to fuel that had a steep dip in the pump approach - when I was done fueling I carefully backed out ..... Jim
  8. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    The OP was looking for advice in selecting a tall enclosed trailer suitable for hauling “ most brass cars “ ...... Most brass cars do not weigh 6000 pounds - they are relatively lightweight but can be tall if they are a touring car transported with the top up. I haul everything - literally ..... I custom build my enclosed car haulers to meet client demand. My current trailer has an 8K cargo capacity. My previous two trailers were triple axle. I will NEVER tow a triple axle trailer again. A 7K torsion axle in a tandem axle configuration is the ideal set up for a bumper pull trailer. A gooseneck or fifth wheel enclosed trailer is suitable for a third axle. Class 5 receiver hitches are rated at 10K - they are not suitable to handle the weight of a triple axle trailer unless it has 3.5K axles. I tow with a one ton dually - I had a custom Class 6 receiver hitch built that attaches to the side of my Ford truck frame - it is rated at 17K. Jim
  9. Trulyvintage

    Why? Why?

    The ebay seller has been on ebay since 2003 and has 100% positive feedback. Just because you don't like the listing - that is no reason to go create a thread on a public forum stating it should be " illegal ". Jim
  10. Trulyvintage

    Trailer height and wind?

    All a V nose does is take away from interior space - it is a gimmick that only serves to appeal to trailer customers that don't know better. A coffin front trailer with a Nosecone on it offers the most interior room and will save at least one mpg when towing. Earlier this year I started offering free enclosed car hauler design service in cooperation with the dealer I have used for several years. A spread triple axle design is a very long turn radius - it creates a great deal of stress on the axles. I opted for a tandem 7000 pound torsion axle design with (14) ply G rated tires. My custom built 30 foot enclosed car hauler has an eight foot rear door clearance. Jim
  11. This doesn't happen very often with any vehicle ..... I dropped off this numbers matching ( frame & engine ) 1910 Sears Motorized Buggy in Burnet, Texas a few days ago ..... I had hauled it earlier this year from St. Louis, Missouri to Virginia for the new owner who sold it again in August Jim
  12. Trulyvintage

    No response at towing forum, can someone assist ?

    If would make the drive - yes. Always better to put your money in your car rather than in someone else’s pocket. That is not just a 500 mile trip - someone has to drive to the pickup location and from the drop off location which can add up to a round trip in total miles driven. Jim
  13. 1956 Packard Patrician - beautiful running car - original owner was a Packard Agency Dealer Side by side in the National Packard Museum Jim
  14. I recently was asked to transport two Packards to The National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio. Both were from one owner families that had bought their cars new. The transports were both done less than a week apart. I ended up becoming a member - you should too. Grandson of original owner - rare 1942 Packard Clipper Sedan Straight 8 Jim
  15. Trulyvintage

    CCCA Eastern Grand Classic 9/8/18 HELP!!!!

    If the weather is favorable - hire a rollback tow truck. i just delivered (2) Packards with one one week to The National Packard Museum In Ohio - both were from different families - both were one family owned. I was just in the Springfield, Massachusetts area last weekend picking up a Classic Mercedes but I am on my way now to Charleston, South Carolina to drop off another Classic Mercedes. 1922 Packard Clipper 1956 Packard Patrician Side By Side The 1956 Packard Patrician was a delivery of just under 100 miles but required several hundred additional unloaded miles to facilitate transport. Jim