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  1. Trulyvintage

    Need advice on buying custom enclosed trailer

    For the OP: The tow capacity for your vehicle is iisted as 8700 to 8900 pounds. But that is not a realistic figure - manufacturers calculate excessive tow capacaties - the real world limit for safe towing is probably 75% of that. That is your starting point. If you go with a realistic tow capacity of 6600 pounds - deduct the heaviest curb weight of the vehicle you plan to haul in the trailer - what remains is the curb weight of the empty trailer you can safely pull behind your current tow vehicle. Jim
  2. Trulyvintage

    How do you deal with an unresponsive seller?

    So - you lie to save a few bucks ? Jim
  3. Trulyvintage

    Need advice on buying custom enclosed trailer

    I haul every day. I have been designing my own custom bumper pull enclosed car hauler trailers ever since I started hauling - I have helped a lot of folks out over the years design their trailers. It is a courtesy I extend - no commission or kickback to me. I recently began offering turnkey custom enclosed car hauler trailer design. Jim
  4. I probably will never see one of these in person again - let alone transport one again .... Recent haul from NATMUS in Auburn, Indiana to Jacksonvulle, Florida .... In very good original unrestored condition ! Runs & drives ..... Jim
  5. Trulyvintage

    How do you deal with an unresponsive seller?

    " This also includes me delivering my car to him some 600 miles away and picking up the car he is selling me and looking after brokerage all at my cost. Once again, I can live with that. " Bad idea ... Once you sell you car - ownership legally transfers when you receive payment. You may not transfer title right away - but you no longer have legal ownership. If something happens to the car while you are transporting it - you have no insurance because you do not own it. Never offer to transport - deliver - arrange for either is you are the Seller. It just leaves you in a position of liability - it obligates you to guarantee the car you no longer own will arrive safely in the condition you represented it to be at the time of sale - that makes you responsible for any damage that you or anyone you hire - does to the car. Jim
  6. Trulyvintage

    NEW Foods at the Fall Meet?

    Penne Pasta with a light cream vodka sauce ..... Jim
  7. Trulyvintage

    Phoenix Az to Napa Ca Needed.

    My comments were directed to the person suggesting that AAA Roadside Assistance be used in lieu of transport services - recommending other AAA members to have their cards ready to move your car down the road is Fraud. Jim
  8. Trulyvintage

    Phoenix Az to Napa Ca Needed.

    AAA is roadside assistance for licensed - insured - registered vehicles that break down on a trip unexpectedly. It is NOT intended to be used for folks who buy a car and are too cheap to either go get it with a trailer or hire someone to do it. What you are advocating is FRAUD. Jim
  9. I was fortunate to meet Lee who owns “ Horseless Carriage Replicas “ in Louisiana when I picked up this nicely done 1905 Reo that took him two years to build .... Jim
  10. Trulyvintage

    Transport Needed - AL to NC - Completed

    For a commercial carrier to haul a runner - it usually has to be currently registered & plated. They drive vehicles 0n and off multi car car carriers - if the brakes fail or if the clutch or tranny slip or it stalls - the resuts can be disasterous .... You are better off to either put the money in the car to make it roadworthy & drive it or go get it yourself with a trailer. Jim
  11. Trulyvintage

    Transport Needed - AL to NC - Completed

    That is not just a 650 mile trip. It is a “ turnaround trip “. You need to hir someone locally to drive both ways. Most guys who haul do not have winches on their trailer - they drive vehicles on & off. Jim
  12. Trulyvintage

    Model T mechanic needed in Central PA

    Brian, Skip is 24K .... Jim
  13. Trulyvintage

    A haunting question

    Yes .... From a few years ago .... The Haunted Model T Snowmobile The Haunted Snowmobile Delivery Jim
  14. Trulyvintage

    Towing Needed Montana to Long Beach

    The fact you are not getting a reply should tell you something. Jim
  15. Trulyvintage

    Model T mechanic needed in Central PA

    Skip would be a choice but as has been posted here - the OP has not followed up. FJ