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  1. Car Museums in Tacoma: Which is Better?

    Bill, What a great narrative from someone who knew Harold. He was - still is - one of a kind. Mike told me the Tucker was acquired after Harold’s death - he always wanted one for his collection but considered the price too extravagant during his lifetime. Just one of thousands of examples of a simple man of simple means who apparently never lost sight of the value of a dollar. I wish I could have met him. Jim
  2. Out from long team storage

    Don, Good for you ! Glad someone stepped up to save this car. Jim
  3. 1966 Corvair Convertible Modified with a V-8 Northstar 32 OHV engine Also ... 1963 Corvair Rampside 95 Van Modified with a turbocharged direct injected dual carbuerator set up Dropped bth off last week in Minden, NV Jim
  4. Car Museums in Tacoma: Which is Better?

    I love Harold’s Suburban tow vehicle & his open home made trailer with the garage door ! His touch is everywhere you look. It is very much a living museum .... Jim
  5. Car Museums in Tacoma: Which is Better?

    The Lemay Collection at Marymount. I visited there at the invitation of a volunteer a few weeks ago - Mike met me in a Model T - drove me around the property- - then gave me a guided tour. He would visit there once a year as a kid on the day it was opened to the public. Now he is a volunteer - one of many who continue Harold’s passion for automobiles. Only (3) paid staff - the rest are volunteers. I am on the road just about every day - I have visited every of the lower 48 states. There is nothing like it ...... Jim
  6. Picking Up Women Using My Desoto

    Chris, I always enjoy your videos .... Sorry Buddy but it ain't the car that's not gettin' the Babes .... Jim
  7. Haulage available...Seattle, Reno, Los Angeles and return

    Steve is trustworthy ... Jim
  8. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    You are the Seller. You already made the Sale to an Overseas Buyer - your choice. It is up to you to decide the method of payment before you put your items up for sale & sell them. If you are not mis-reprsenting what you are selling - you have nothing to worry about. Jim
  9. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    I guess I don't see the issue here ..... Are you misrepresenting condition ? If you want a " sure thing " then sell your wares locally for cash ..... Jim
  10. Home Made Trailer

    Some folks will spend a foolish dollar to save a thrifty nickel. A boat trailer is not a car trailer = for obvious reasons. Jim
  11. Goodyear is making trailer tires in America

    Goodyear used to make a private brand of bias trailer tires exclusively for Uhaul to use on trailers. They were branded for Uhaul use only on the sidewall. They were load range F or G equivalent. Goodyear & Uhaul parted ways - Uhaul was selling trailer tires on ebay from it's regional warehouse - I know because I was contemplating buying some from them many years ago - so it is not suprising that Uhaul is badmouthing Goodyear. I have had these tires on now for about 1000 miles - no issues. I don't pay attention much to Gossip ..... Jimk
  12. Mike, i would suggest you you take a look at your shackle straps when your trailer is sitting empty & level as I outlined above. Many trailers come new from the factory not set up correctly. Jim
  13. I purchased my parts at Redneck Trailer Supply but you can get the best deal at e-trailer - just call & make sure the part(s) are in before you place & pay for an order .... For a tandem axle 3000 to 6000 pound axle trailer: Equalizer kit @ ed=npn&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2JeimefK1QIVkFp-Ch0ndAGTEAQYASABEgKF8PD_BwE Suspension upgrade kit @ Jim
  14. This is what happens when your shackle straps are oriented in a near vertical position .... This shackle strap is just about to break from being hammered .... The constant hammering up & down causes the shackle bolts to oval out the softer surrounding metal - that leads to suspension component failure ....
  15. Almost identical to my old shackle strap orientation ....