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  1. So are you moving ot are you selling this to a prospective Buyer looking for a cost to transport it ? If you are moving - transporting it yourself is the only economical option. Major carriers do not haul " rollers " - they transport cars that drive on and off trailers between transfer points. Most project cars are not worth hauling 3000 miles. Jim
  2. That is a $500 truck on a local craigslist. If you are going to the trouble & expense of putting an ad in Hemmings trying to get $4000 for it .... Drag it out of the brush & get complete images of what you are sellin. Jim
  3. Just transported this Caterham 75V Sports Car from Cheyenne, WY to Gaithersburg, MD .....
  4. You don't need a lawyer for this. If there is a bank lien on the title - the Seller should have no problem authorizing you to contact the bank directly to verify the amount due on the loan. Some banks will allow you to send payment to both parties - i.e. a check made out to the Seller and the Bank that requires both endorsements to cash. Some banks will then agree to recognize you as the Buyer of Record and close out the title and send it directly to you. But that is not physical possession .... Personally - if I was buying a car in another state - I would begin by asking for a copy of the title front & back. Then I would check with the DMV (Department Of Motor Vehicles) to see if the Seller is the owner of record according to them. If the title had a lien - I would check to see who the Lienholder(s) are with the DMV - a car title can have more than one lien. Then I would contact the Lienholder(s) and verify the lien(s) - I would ask their procedure requiring terms of payment and lien release. If everything checked out - I would arrange for direct payment to the Lienholder(s) first - conditional on lien releases provided directly to me as the Buyer - then any residual amount owed to the Seller in cash at pickup. Personally - I would never go thru the aggravation and expense of doing this from another state - it is not worth it. Anyone selling a classic car should have no liens or encumberances on it when they go to sell it out of state. Jim
  5. Scott, That is a short turnaround trip. Your best bet is to go after it yourself with a trailer. If you can't do that - hire someone at the pickup or drop off location. Jim
  6. I met Rob & toured his shop and his personal collection when I dropped off this Chrysler New Yorker last month. I agree ... Jim
  7. " I've already done the 'dance' with U-Haul, and they apparently don't consider the Ford Explorer to be capable of towing anything. " That is because the Ford Explorer is not engineered - designed - suitably equipped to be a tow vehicle for other vehicles. That is what Ford trucks do .... If you need to transport a vehicle from Florida to Ohio - drive it or trailer it. Big difference between flat towing a light car locally & flat towing a heavier vehicle on an interstate where folks are traveling at 80 mph. Jim
  8. You won't find someone dropping off a vehicle in Kalispell, Montana very easily - not much demand to go there to drop off cars ... That is a " turnaround trip " of about 600 miles each way or 1200 miles total. If you can't go get the vehicle yourself - you need to find someone at the pick up or drop off location to drive both ways.. Jim
  9. The reason to take delivery on the US side of the border - to make it a condition of the sale - is that you are assured the car can be imported. The Seller has to arrange transport out of Canada - not you. Otherwise you may end up buying a vehicle that cannot be imported for a variety of reasons - leaving you having to resell it at a loss. Jim
  10. Have the Seller arrange to get it across the border - then have someone transport from there. Jim
  11. I just dropped off these two vehicles for AACA Members that both came from Ocala, Florida .... A 1966 Morris Minor Traveler delivered to Marshal, Virginia A 1941 Chrysler New Yorker delivered to Jefferson, Maryland Jim
  12. So sorry to hear this ... My condolences to the family & friends of the driver. Jim
  13. John, i could not not find your address so I dropped your car off on a rural road this afternoon. These people seemed nice enough .... Jim
  14. I viewed this car in person on Thursday. This is not " a solid older restoration ". Has anyone else who has replied on this thread seen this car in person ? I disagree with the description of the car. Someone did a cheap paint job over a badly rusted car. There are serious issues with the driver door ( note there is no full driver side image ). I did not start this thread but having viewed the car two days ago ... I am not going to withhold my thoughts on what is a major restoration candidate for a prospective new owner ( in my opinion ). If you are seriously interested in possibly owning this car - view it in person first or hire someone qualified who is not affiliated with the estate to give you an objective evaluation of the actual condition .... Jim
  15. Thank You ! Did the 5 digit FEDCO system interchange with any Stutz records that might still be available ? This Stutz appears to be a 1929 Roadster base model with a rear bumper - not front fender - continental kit. Jim