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  1. Trulyvintage

    Recommendation for transport

    Well .... That makes sense .... I get several calls week for folks wanting a car hauled out of Florida. I am leaving Carpenteria, California tomorrow morning after I drop off & heading back to Florida empty .... That is a shame but I don’t have time to wait around for a load out .... Jim
  2. Trulyvintage

    Recommendation for transport

    Hi Kevin, Thank you for trusting me with your Mustang. It was nice of you to post this on the forum. Jim
  3. Trulyvintage

    Towing from Philadelphia to St. Louis needed

    Sid, Give me a call. Jim 260-804-6695
  4. Trulyvintage

    1990 Reatta in Kingman, AZ GREAT BUY!!!!!!!!!

    I will be in Kingman on Sunday or Monday. I am interested in this, Give me a call at 260-804-6695
  5. Trulyvintage

    trailer weight question

    A longer tongue: Reduces the chance of the trailer hitting the tow vehicle on tight turns Can provide space for storage box A weight distribution style hitch should always be used to equalize & distribute the load Jim
  6. Trulyvintage

    New Classic Buick Owner

    There are a LOT of nice cars scattered across Oregon .... That is Beautiful ! Jim
  7. Suddenly there is a demand to haul in & out of Florida .... I never know what to expect anymore .... Jim
  8. Trulyvintage

    Motorized Trailer Dolly

    Put a receiver hitch on the front of your vehicle so it extends out far enough to manuever. That should do the trick. Jim
  9. Trulyvintage

    Want to buy car hauler

    Glad I could help out. Jim
  10. Trulyvintage

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    Barney, LeMay Collections At Marymount: # Jim
  11. Trulyvintage

    Want to buy car hauler

    I just placed an order for my fourth custom enclosed car hauler trailer from a Georgia based dealer. I just helped two other car owners design their custom enclosed car hauler trailers which they bought from the same dealer. My car hauler trailer has an 8 foot rear door. It also has an 8 inch tube steel full perimeter frame - no outriggers - the side walls rest on the frame. Call me if you want advice. Jim 260-804-6695
  12. Trulyvintage

    Haul needed gooseneck.

    That is cost prohibitive to transport on a flatbed trailer. It looks home made - anyone connecting to it and towing it is rolling the dice. Jim
  13. It has been a Tall Order Lately ..... 1906 Ford Model K 1915 Stanley Steam 12 Passenger Mountain Wagon - Winner Best In Class At Debut 2018 Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance 1925 Ford Model TT Vegetable & Fruit Truck transported to the MTFCA Museum in Richmond, Indiana The tallest vehicle I have hauled to date - over 8 feet - we had to remove the demountable wheels to fit it in the trailer Jim
  14. Thanks ... That haul got me into Tom Rasmussen's shop - Odyssey Restorations - what a humble guy Tom is .... Jim
  15. No offense, 1.7 million for a relatively remote Missouri property is a asking a lot out of a car collector Jim