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  1. I just dropped off these two vehicles for AACA Members that both came from Ocala, Florida .... A 1966 Morris Minor Traveler delivered to Marshal, Virginia A 1941 Chrysler New Yorker delivered to Jefferson, Maryland Jim
  2. So sorry to hear this ... My condolences to the family & friends of the driver. Jim
  3. John, i could not not find your address so I dropped your car off on a rural road this afternoon. These people seemed nice enough .... Jim
  4. I viewed this car in person on Thursday. This is not " a solid older restoration ". Has anyone else who has replied on this thread seen this car in person ? I disagree with the description of the car. Someone did a cheap paint job over a badly rusted car. There are serious issues with the driver door ( note there is no full driver side image ). I did not start this thread but having viewed the car two days ago ... I am not going to withhold my thoughts on what is a major restoration candidate for a prospective new owner ( in my opinion ). If you are seriously interested in possibly owning this car - view it in person first or hire someone qualified who is not affiliated with the estate to give you an objective evaluation of the actual condition .... Jim
  5. Thank You ! Did the 5 digit FEDCO system interchange with any Stutz records that might still be available ? This Stutz appears to be a 1929 Roadster base model with a rear bumper - not front fender - continental kit. Jim
  6. Since you posted here .... I saw this car in person with Steve yesterday. There is significant rust on every body panel that is bubbling thru the paint. This car needs to be completely stripped down to see what rust repair is required before being completely re-painted. This is a major restoration candate .... Jim
  7. You trip involves more mileage than the distance from the pick up location to the drop off location. You have a " turnaround trip " - that means you need to hire a service near the pick up or drop off location to go both ways. Your best bet is to hire a rollback to do the haul - there should be a towing service with one near the pick up or frop off location. Jim
  8. OK ... I believe the M8-24 identifies as a 1929 Stutz Roadster ... Anyone know what the next 5 digits mean from Stutz records ? Other than those numbers being a federal vin regigistration ? Jim
  9. Please help decipher this tag: Thanks ! Jim
  10. I am hauling a 1941 Chrysler NY from Ocala, FL to Jefferson, MD in about a week - I might have room for a second car .... Jim
  11. Indeed .... The 1917 Milburn Light Electric had the driver positioned at the left rear seat to operate the tiller controls. The pedals were in front - under fold down seats for two passengers .... Just imagine (4) ladies of the day - maybe with hats - driving around ..... Jim
  12. Greg, Generally it is not cost effective to transport a vehicle from Coast to Coast by direct enclosed transport. Ironically - on my trailer now is a rare complete 1965 GT Dart project roller loaded with parts along with a spare hood & fenders and a 1915 Model T Touring - both were picked up in California and are headed to Mississippi and Florida. No major carrier I know of will transport a dis-assembled vehicle as you describe. I would buy closer to home if I were you. Jim
  13. A later manufacturer to enter the market was Milburn ... They were a coach body builder who built electric car bodies for other manufacturers - then entered the market relatively late. A few weeks ago I transported this 1917 Milburn Light Electric Car from a private collector in Ocala, FL up to Richmond, IN .... Jim
  14. Hauled a 1913 Reo & a 1914 Reo from Richard Mann's place in Rose Hill, Kansas in time for the 2017 Bakersfield Swap Meet last week ... Had a great time - met some old friends there and saw a couple new faces too .... Jim
  15. Scott, It would help if you posted the city - state - zip code you are leaving from to go to the event .... Jim