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  1. Manifold to muffler( not manifold/muffler). Single exhaust system.
  2. Wanted a carb for 1957 Studebaker V8. Or recomendation as to what works best.
  3. Torque specs crank?

  4. Torque specs crank?

    What are the torque specs for the crank nuts?
  5. Is the 1924 tranny and 1926 tranny same?
  6. Does anyone know where I can find one?
  7. . Will a Fast Four bearing fit in my 26DB?
  8. Do you have a picture? I will have to get it out of the tranny to take a look and size it. Thanks, Fred
  9. My new 27 DB Coupe!

    Yes I would like to see how you installed the oil filter also. Awesome project. Same engine as mine.
  10. Need a clutch throw-out bearing to fit a 26 DB. I assume earlier would fit?..
  11. Do you have a direct email or phone number for Gunman?
  12. Yes he is. I have purchased a number of parts from him in the past' Thanks for the reminder.
  13. Wanted a good restorable 26/26 Model T Engine block. Need it shipped to Sumas WA 98295. fsnooks@gmail.com
  14. Wanted a good Throw Out Bearing for early 1926. Earlier years may fit.