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  1. Greg, modern valve springs will have much higher pressures than the old springs. My opinion is this is because of the much higher rpm's. The valve springs in Brian's engine are 48 - 52 pounds in the compressed length. A small block Chevrolet will be close to twice that figure. There is a lot that goes into the engineering for engine valve springs. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  2. Janousek, that 'Old Timer Chevy Guy' was none other than the World Famous Pinky Randall. He told me that in Flint back in 2008 at the GM 100th Anniversary Parade. He came down and looked at our '22 Buick and uttered those words to myself and Barbara and just laughed. When he got ready to walk back to their Chevrolet he stopped and quite seriously told the both of us that we had a very nice Buick there. Coming from him that was like God coming down and blessing the car. We will never forget that conversation with him. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  3. Tom, there is a sliding reduction gear between the starter/generator armature and the teeth on the flywheel. This is absolutely just a guess, but, have you checked to make sure that this sliding gear is not hanging up due to a severe lack of lubrication? I would check that out and make sure the gear is operating as it should. In cases like this it is better to have a little extra grease on things than a lack thereof. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  4. John and Brian, what you are looking at through the 'bird hole' on the valve stem is LubriPlate White assembly grease. I really smeared the valve stems good before I put every thing together. When I fire this engine up the first time after the rebuild someone in our neighborhood is gonna call the fire department. That's OK, I want everything protected on that initial start-up. Hope that answers your question. Terry Wiegand Way Out in Doo Dah
  5. John, my rebuilt cages are not quite what Mr. Marr had in mind back in 1915. I drilled a .070" diameter hole on a 45 degree angle every 90 degrees in the guide area and machined a brass cup to press over the top of the guide inside the valve spring to effectively create an oil cup to lubricate the valve stem. Barbara found a small square of felt material at Hobby Lobby for me. I cut that into about 3/8" wide strips and laid that inside the brass cup to act as my oil wick. Keep in mind that what I did here is not factory kosher, but, it is my car, and I can improve it in areas that will help make it more mechanical dependable. I got a mean looking hypodermic syringe used to vaccinate cattle and horses from our veterinarian and when this is filled with Marvel Mystery Oil I can then inject it into the brass cups through the springs and no muss no fuss and we're ready to rock and roll down the Buick highway. Is the Kid From Kansas cool or what! Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  6. I am going to go ahead and post these photos before I call it a night. The photo of the 12 assembled cages are for my 1916 D-45. Notice that the intake and exhaust cages are of the same diameter. That changed for 1918 when the intake was increased in diameter. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  7. Brian, good to visit with you a while ago. I see something in your photos here that really concerns me. You say that the 'original' or NOS valves are to the left of the new ones in the photos. In my humble opinion I believe that what you have is NORS (New Old Replacement Stock). The reason I am saying that is because those valves are two-piece units. Buick NEVER used a two-piece valve in their engines. When I rebuilt the cages for my '16 I used that Dura-Bar extruded ductile material for the guides and I am using stainless one-piece valves along with the new springs. I am not trying to rain on your parade here - I am just saying that for me, those old two-piece valves scare the daylights out of me. I will post some photos of my cages on here tomorrow and then you can see what I am talking about. And, by the way, I rebuilt the whole valve train for the Experimental V-12 that Paul Marr has. I runs beautifully. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  8. I'm goin' with Bernie on this one. Things ain't addin' up right and the smell is clear out here in Doo Dah. Terry Wiegand Way Out in Doo Dah
  9. They really haven't changed all that much over the years. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  10. Jim, I am glad that you did not take offense at my questioning your cotter key point. Sometimes it can be hard to convey thoughts on the written page. I look at this story that Gary is telling with excellent photo documentation as a learning experience for anyone who has this era of Buicks. Don has a great point also - when they were putting these cars together on the assembly line there just wasn't all the time in the world to do everything up precisely like the modern day restorer will do things. My thinking is the cotter key was inserted in the easiest manner and if one leg got bent around - that worked and we were on to the next task at that assembly station. Gary, you are doing a fantastic job with this Buick and I love your photo documentation. You are spending a considerable amount of time just taking photos and in the end this will work to your advantage. You can always go back and refer to the photos if a question should arise in the future. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  11. This comment is for ILIKECARS53 - please elaborate on just how you know that cotter keys were not factory installed? Seriously, installing cotter keys is pretty elementary - just how could an individual screw that up? And the comments on here about how 'clean' this fellow is. Really, guys? Not everybody is a slob in their shop. My Dad restored John Deere 2-Cylinder Tractors for over 50 years and his shop looked like a hospital operating room. When I was growing up my job was to wash all of the tools in Stanisol (cleaner) and have everything laid out on the bench for the next operation. I have all of his tools now and they still look brand new. This fellow is the consummate perfectionist and it shows in his work and the way that he is doing the work. Looking at the background in his photos I would put money on the fact that his home inside and outside would be what you would find in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. I am extremely impressed with the way that he is going about what he is doing with this car. It will be an award winner when he is finished with it - and justly so. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas aka Doo Dah
  12. Sold both of them at the Chickasha swap meet. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  13. I have for sale these two radiator emblems that are for the middle teens to early twenties Buicks. As the photos show they have the threaded posts to hold them to the radiator shell. The rectangle measures 1.810" x 2.310" on both of them. They are in really nice condition and could be used as is or restored to perfection. These big emblems are really hard to find and especially in as nice of condition as these two are. Asking $50.00 each plus the shipping. Can bring them to Chickasha. Terry Wiegand terrywiegand@prodigy.net South Hutchinson, Kansas
  14. I think Pete got better photos than I did, but, I gotta post the photo that I took with him in it. Everyone is going to ask how the switch from Thursday/Friday to Friday/Saturday went. I will be the first to admit that there were empty spaces in both of the buildings and the ongoing construction at the Grady County Fairgrounds property had parking somewhat messed up (that will all be cleared up next year and parking will be no problem) The fact that the Horseless Carriage Club had their annual convention in Oklahoma City this week brought a lot of those folks to Chickasha. The folks that I talked to were really pretty happy about the dates being moved. I honestly believe that there were more people here this year than the last two years. This is still the biggest swap meet in the middle of the country and there are always going to be ups and downs with it. It is a great way to stay in touch with friends from all over the country. I even got to visit with Ben Bruce. He put about 100 miles on his '50 Buick coming up to the meet. All of us 'old' Buick enthusiasts had a great time getting caught up with each other. Terry Wiegand
  15. And the very same things can be said about a club's publication. Take the Buick Bugle as a perfect example - we have two of the best in the old automobiles hobby putting the Bugle together each and every month. Pete Phillips and Cindy Livingston each do a world class job with the Bugle. All of you folks out there who are BCA members already know this, but, it never hurts to tell them that from time to time. In this case I did just that. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way Buick Club of America Board of Directors Member
  16. Say Ben, where is your friend Dale over in Indy hanging out these days? We haven't heard anything out of him in a long while. See ya Friday in Chickasha? Reckon Lamar knows anything about him? Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  17. Mark, I was thinking the same thing. There is a 1916 D-44 out in California that has the same spare tire door on the back end of the body. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  18. HPOF means exactly that - Historical Preservation Original Features. If you do not have the parts on the car that it left the factory with, then you do not qualify for this award. End of discussion. What you have is a late model used car. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas aka Doo Dah
  19. This looks like something that is 'after-market' to me. I would say Pontiac, but, the shape of the Chief's head is not consistent with what Pontiac would have produced. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  20. It is not for a Buick. Buick used a JACOX steering gear assembly. Jackson - Church - Wilcox was cast into the housing with raised lettering. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  21. Benjamin, thanks for the explanation. However, I don't think that ever went away beneath my avatar. Maybe it did and I just didn't notice it. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  22. Bob, you sure did a nice job with the starter. Love the result. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  23. Ben, what in the world are you talking about? Remember, we live out in Doo Dah when life is slower and news travels even slower yet. Terry Wiegand Way Out in Doo Dah
  24. Friday is the day that you want to be there. You had better plan on spending the whole day because there will be that much to see. Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America
  25. Hey Brian, Barbara wants to know if you are bringing that big 'Guard Dog' of yours? Terry Wiegand Doo Dah America