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  1. Terry Wiegand

    Rust removers: Acetone vs. WD 40 rust release vs. vinegar

    Grimy, Where would a person get 10% Vinegar? Terry Wiegand
  2. Terry Wiegand

    Rust removers: Acetone vs. WD 40 rust release vs. vinegar

    What was that old saying from years ago - Better Living Through Chemistry😁 Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas - Out Doo Dah Way
  3. Terry Wiegand


    30Dodge, All of us on here appreciate what you are doing to find out what is going on. As I have stated on here, it will be a shame if the shop is closed up. These folks did fantastic work for many years. I also know that the big concern is the getting back of the units that were sent to them for restoration. All that can be done right now is to be patient and see how things work out. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas Land Line Phone - (620) 665-7672
  4. Terry Wiegand

    1916 Buick touring visalia CA craigslist

    Mark and Pete, Mark, you are right, there is/was no heat riser for this carburetor. What you guys are seeing is a 'heat muff' that was held to the exhaust pipe by a single J bolt. The muff had a flexible conduit that connected to the carburetor intake. This was factory equipment on the early production cars that used the old style intake manifold. There was a Hot Air Coupling that connected the flexible conduit to the intake manifold. This set-up is indicative of the early production units, however, this car has the crowned fenders and the combination switch in the dash uses a tumbler lock instead of the barrel key. These were features that came along later in the production year. Who knows! Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas aka Doo Dah
  5. Terry Wiegand

    1913 Buick Model 25 oil site glass needed

    Glenn, You might consider looking for a 'drip oiler' like what was used on a lot of the early stationary engines. I have seen a lot of those that used a glass cup similar to what you are showing in the photo. I am thinking that you might have to cannibalize several pieces to put together something like you want. Just my thoughts here. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas - a very HOT Doo Dah these days
  6. Terry Wiegand


    A quick update on the original posting. I got a call from a BCA member who has a Marvel carburetor with Classic Carburetors. He was wanting to know if I knew any more about the situation at this point. I am sorry to say that I do not. I have a call into 30Dodge to see what he can tell me. I have not heard back from him as yet. At this time I am just not sure what is the best way to go. As soon as I hear anything I will post it on here. This is a sad situation on several fronts. These guys were absolutely fabulous with working on these old Marvel units. They understood them and when they were finished with them they were totally functional works of art. I simply do not know of anybody out there who can do what they did. It will really be sad to see the business cease operation if that is indeed what happens. The photo is of the carburetor for my 1916 D-45. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  7. Terry Wiegand


    All, This is not a case of a business operating in an underhanded or crooked manner. I, personally, have done a lot of business with these folks over the years, as has Jon. Mark and Mary Buber along with Larry Young are/were some of the nicest folks to do business with that a person would ever run into. I think that everyone here will agree that an untimely death will really throw a kink in things. It will take a little time to get things sorted out and I am sure that no one will lose anything that has been sent to them. I will second everything that Jon has said. I got to know these folks over the years and I sent a lot of business their way. I am positive that things will work out in the end. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  8. Terry Wiegand


    30Dodge, Classic Carburetors has been in the Phoenix area for at least 25+ years. They have been on Shea Boulevard since I have known about them. It has been quite a few years ago that I believe they moved across the street or something to that effect. The address of 3217 East Shea Boulevard #440 Is a good location. I have sent packages via UPS and USPS to them there. Will be sending you a PM for Mark Buber's address. Thank you for the reply. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  9. The Pre-War Buick folks on here have heard me speak many times about Classic Carburetors in Phoenix, Arizona. These guys are the absolute best at restoring the brass-bodied Marvel Carburetors. I received an email earlier today asking if I knew what was going on with the business. The fellow said that he had heard that there was a death in the business. I had spoken with one of the guys at Classic earlier this Spring about doing some more work for me. I asked how Mark was doing and he told me then that he had a serious health issue, so, news of a death was not a total surprise to me. I am going to ask for some help from one or more of you guys out there. IF there are any of you out there who happen to be close to the Phoenix area, could you please check out the business and let us know what might be going on at this time. Classic Carburetors is located at 3217 East Shea Boulevard #440, Phoenix, Arizona. Their phone is (602) 971-3300. Mark Buber is/was the owner along with his wife Mary. I sure hope that they do not close the business. They are extremely nice people to deal with and do excellent work. I will thank you for checking things out if it is at all possible. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas aka Doo Dah
  10. Guys, I do not know what happened with the boss and the reservation. All that I can say is that she had the July 2018 Bugle with the registration form in front of her and tried to make our reservation for June of 2019. Don't know what happened, but, I suspect there was a mix-up on the other end. She got it straightened out this morning and everything is good. My other half is very good about these things and thorough too. Terry Wiegand Out in Hot Doo Dah
  11. Something that I do not understand here and I sure hope that someone will step up and explain just what is going on. I tried to make our reservations at the host hotel for the national meet next year and I was told that reservations could not be made more than 365 days in advance. Please advise as to just what is going on here. I am reading about folks who say that they already have their rooms booked. Tell me just how they did that? Barbara S. Wiegand
  12. Terry Wiegand

    25 Buick tune up

    Don, If you are running your car on a 26 year old tune-up, I think it would be safe to say that you got your money's worth out of the tune-up parts.😊. If it were me, I'd check the gap on the plugs, check the points gap, make sure the plug wires are all in good condition, and check and clean the distributor cap (do not forget to smear the rotor track with petroleum jelly (that's Vaseline to us ordinary folk) and call the ignition side good if all is as it should be. If the engine is running good, it might be best to leave the carburetor alone. You just might be forgetting the single most important element in the scheme of things - YOU ARE DRIVING A BUICK FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!! You surely did not expect any problems with a BUICK did you? Of course not! Drive on and enjoy the ride. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas - out Doo Dah Way
  13. Terry Wiegand

    25 Buick tune up

    1923 was the first year for a single piece, molded distributor cap for Buicks. The threaded post caps for 1922 and back are almost impossible to find. 1923 and up are on evilBay quite often and are in the $70.00 range. I believe that certain models of Chevrolet caps will fit the Buick distributor heads - please do not quote me on that. Someone told me that years ago. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas aka Doo Dah
  14. Terry Wiegand

    starter -generator manual DELCO D-44 -45 - 46- 47-

    Regarding the 1918, 1919, and 1920 Delco Manual - Here is what I am going to do. Because of the heighth and width size of this manual, it cannot be laid flat and get all of the material on both pages. So, that leaves only one alternative - scan one page at a time. I need to get our new printer, copier, scanner, and fax unit set up to do scanning. We need to get our IT guy over to get things going. Bear with me and I'll get this scanned and then I can send it to whomever wants it. This will be a lot quicker and definitely a lot more economical - as in free. I am glad to help anyone who is seeking technical information. Have a great 4th. Terry Wiegand Out Doo Dah Way
  15. Terry Wiegand

    clear coat carburetor or polish

    Ben, I'll do that just for you. Terry Wiegand Mayor of Doo Dah