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  1. I know that, my wife still needs some convincing.
  2. For various reasons both mechanical and personal my '47 has not been on the road in well over five years. Though I didn't get to take her on the road today (a trip to the DMV will be required first) I did get to hear the sound of a V-12 running for the first time in a long time. If all goes well my Lincoln and I will be on the road and cruising to he Fabulous Fords Forever show (they set aside a corner for mercs and Lincolns) next month. Needless to say, today was a good day. Q
  3. I'd need to convert to 12 volt to do that I suspect. Or do you think I could run a 2500lb electric fuel pump on a 6->12 step up?
  4. This got me excited, only piece of glass I'm missing on my '47 lincoln is the brake light glass. Any chance of these being reproduced?
  5. Lovely car, but the wife would kill me.
  6. Funnily enough, I was just thinking this past weekend that once I have everything together and running I need to start collecting "spare" parts to ensure no extended downtime the next time I have an issue. (So far the mental list has radiator cap, coils, condensers...)
  7. Cap arrived today and it fit like the proverbial glass-slipper. Thanks all for your assistance. Q
  8. Ouch, that's a bit of depreciation over those 9 years.
  9. I went ahead and grabbed that other cap on ebay, it at least matched the part number I had in my notes. (If it doesn't fit, at least I'll have the beginnings of an interesting collection.)
  10. Here are some photos of the filler neck with tape measure, I also have pictures of the R-9 cap that currently fits loosely on my radiator, and a photo of the R-9 beside the previous ebay purchase that looks like it's requires a much larger opening. Thanks, R Q
  11. Getting my '47 Lincoln ready to hit the road and one of the items on my to-do list was to replace the radiator cap as the 1980's stant cap seemed ill fitting. I found a N.O.S. cap on fleabay and it is entirely too large/doesn't fit. Now I'm not putting it past an e-bay seller to have something mis-listed, but I also can't eliminate the possibility that my radiator has been replaced in the last '70 years. So if someone might be able to share a photos of their cap an filler neck (with a ruler/tape measure) it would be very much appreciated. If I can confirm my radiator is correct I'll go ahead and order from a more reputable source, otherwise I'll start banging my head against the workbench.
  12. Thanks for the advise. My experiences so far with the Lincoln is that a specialist has been required for anything I've needed done (so far coils, distributor, water pumps) so the idea of just taking it down to my local starter shop never occurred to me although it now seems obvious in retrospect. q
  13. Well my 1947 Lincoln has been parked for a period of time due to various reasons beyond my control. Anyhow, I've being getting her ready to hit the road again, and was going through a long checklist I'd written out for myself. I was nearing the bottom of the list (clean the contacts to the starter) when I managed to snap the terminal post off of the starter. So I now need the starter repaired/rebuilt/or replaced. I'm gauging what my options are -- does anyone know a Los Angeles area shop that can facilitate a rebuild? I also find myself wondering if the starter is unique to the Lincoln V-12 or is the Flathead V-8 starter interchangeable? Other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. q
  14. In Jake's absence I sent my distributor to Jim Linder at Bubba's speed shop. http://www.bubbasignition.com/ He's not fast but did a great job. I previously had skip do my coils and can also recommend his work.
  15. I heard H&H flatheads purchased most of Ken Austin's intake castings, I wouldn't doubt that they could point you in the right direction for some heads.