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  1. Well your results varied from mine on my past optima, and though I was familiar with the second battery in parallel trick I only have one six volt vehicle in the stable so that is a sub-optimal solution in my particular case. So my LC stays on the battery tender between uses.
  2. I'm also an optima fan, just keep it on a trickle charger if you're not going to use it for awhile. Optima's don't like to charge if they are allowed to get low.
  3. Well, as the saying goes: "If all else fails, read the instructions." Glad you got things working.
  4. I've been thinking about this a bit, mostly trying to think of a solution that can quickly be removed when I reach my destination/car show. What I'm currently leaning towards is a combination of a small gopro camera and an old cell phone. Plenty of auto mounting options for each, and the bluetooth protocol should should be slightly less susceptible to the RF interference from the engine compartment. But there are a few more issues with my car I need to address before I spend money on extra's so the go pro will need to wait for me.
  5. Yes, mine was shipped to J.B. Coffey that appears to have been a Dealership in Lowell MA that has long since folded (I can't find any reference to it after 1948.) It would nice to have a bit of genealogy on this car too -- mostly I'd like to speak to whoever owned it between what I believe was a 1990's restoration and when it ended up in the Volo Auto Museum's collection to get an idea of how many miles are on this engine.
  6. I've had my Lincoln for close to 8 years and for almost the entire time I've been meaning to contact the Henry Ford museum to get the original build card/info. A few weeks ago I finally filled out the paperwork, wrote the check and sent it off to Michigan. Today I received a photocopy of the build card. My '47 Continental Cabrio is currently black with tan top, and red interior. It seems my car left the factory steel grey, with a black top, and blue leather interior. Ahh well a few more large to-do's added to my long term to-do list. (Not that I don't like the current color scheme, but silver with blue leather just sounds darn sporty.)
  7. Congrats! Looks nice.
  8. I had only owned my '47 Continental a short period of time before I parked it for an extended period. I'm getting ready to make up for lost time and while under the car this past weekend I saw that the wires to the overdrive solenoid are not currently connected. The previous owner had the car re-wired shortly before he passed and it is possible that this was just an oversight, but just in case it wasn't, is there anything I should be on the lookout for before I reconnect things? Q
  9. I know that, my wife still needs some convincing.
  10. For various reasons both mechanical and personal my '47 has not been on the road in well over five years. Though I didn't get to take her on the road today (a trip to the DMV will be required first) I did get to hear the sound of a V-12 running for the first time in a long time. If all goes well my Lincoln and I will be on the road and cruising to he Fabulous Fords Forever show (they set aside a corner for mercs and Lincolns) next month. Needless to say, today was a good day. Q
  11. I'd need to convert to 12 volt to do that I suspect. Or do you think I could run a 2500lb electric fuel pump on a 6->12 step up?
  12. This got me excited, only piece of glass I'm missing on my '47 lincoln is the brake light glass. Any chance of these being reproduced?
  13. Lovely car, but the wife would kill me.
  14. Funnily enough, I was just thinking this past weekend that once I have everything together and running I need to start collecting "spare" parts to ensure no extended downtime the next time I have an issue. (So far the mental list has radiator cap, coils, condensers...)
  15. Cap arrived today and it fit like the proverbial glass-slipper. Thanks all for your assistance. Q