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  1. Flushing Hydraulic System

    Well the system is still free flowing and functioning, lines were replaced during a late 80's/early 90's restoration as best as I can tell and appear to be in very good condition. I'm just trying to work out the best practice for removing the current hydraulic fluid and replacing as I know what's in there has been in place for some-time.
  2. Flushing Hydraulic System

    I probably should have been more specific, this would be for the hydraulic windows/top (brake system I have covered) -- is there a specific procedure to flush this system? To be honest I have yet to see where the ram for the top is located (not that I've looked very hard for it.) That would be the furthest point in the system I would assume.
  3. Can anyone offer some insight on the process of how to flush the hydraulic system on my '47 convertible -- system is still working fine but it's over-due and this isn't something my teacher covered in auto-shop (and the Ford service manual just says I need to do it, but no advice on how.) Thanks, R
  4. Lincoln V12 engine

    I would recommend getting in touch with Merv Adkins, his contact information is on the Lincoln Zephyr Owners Club website under sources. I was at his storage yard a few weeks ago and he had more V-12's than you can shake a stick at.
  5. 1939 Zephyr convertible on eBay

    Lovely car, good luck on selling it.
  6. One of those mysteries in life

    Wow, sorry to hear about this setback, but I'm glad it wasn't worse and that you had the needed spare parts on hand.
  7. A couple easy reassembly Q's (I hope)

    Ahh, thanks for the info I learned something today. I have the wrong horns it seems (I have trumpets, and require seashell as my VIN starts with 7H1724.) Something to add back onto my shopping list.
  8. A couple easy reassembly Q's (I hope)

    Ok, this is what I thought, looks like I have the wrong brackets, I can make it work for now until I can locate a pair of the proper brackets. Thanks for the help.
  9. I just picked up a small box of parts from Merv Adkins of items that were missing on my '47 Lincoln when I got it. I figured once I had the items assembly would become obvious and that was the case on all but two of the items (though perhaps I haven't stared at them long enough.) Item 1: the clock-set cable -- the length of this cable really limits the places where it could go but I'm not seeing an opening that's a good fit (and I've scanned photos of lots of lincoln dashes without spotting this knob) Item 2: The horns -- the photos I've seen of others make it look like they might have mounted where the hood spring/bracket connects with the hood but the brackets on my horn seem to have the holes spaced differently so i'm ruling that out unless told otherwise. The underside of my hood has some sort of spray on texture/insulation that may have filled previous bolt holes (if there were any) so if someone might be able to point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Ryan
  10. My quest for help

    Where about are you located. I know someone but he's in the Los Angeles area. I also know someone in the northern Arizona area (Prescott) who could also be of help.
  11. Best Battery for 41' Continental

    Well your results varied from mine on my past optima, and though I was familiar with the second battery in parallel trick I only have one six volt vehicle in the stable so that is a sub-optimal solution in my particular case. So my LC stays on the battery tender between uses.
  12. Best Battery for 41' Continental

    I'm also an optima fan, just keep it on a trickle charger if you're not going to use it for awhile. Optima's don't like to charge if they are allowed to get low.
  13. Revised top motor information

    Well, as the saying goes: "If all else fails, read the instructions." Glad you got things working.
  14. I've been thinking about this a bit, mostly trying to think of a solution that can quickly be removed when I reach my destination/car show. What I'm currently leaning towards is a combination of a small gopro camera and an old cell phone. Plenty of auto mounting options for each, and the bluetooth protocol should should be slightly less susceptible to the RF interference from the engine compartment. But there are a few more issues with my car I need to address before I spend money on extra's so the go pro will need to wait for me.
  15. Go Figure

    Yes, mine was shipped to J.B. Coffey that appears to have been a Dealership in Lowell MA that has long since folded (I can't find any reference to it after 1948.) It would nice to have a bit of genealogy on this car too -- mostly I'd like to speak to whoever owned it between what I believe was a 1990's restoration and when it ended up in the Volo Auto Museum's collection to get an idea of how many miles are on this engine.