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  1. George Smolinski

    1935 Auburn Victoria Coupe Not mine. Maybe someone here wants it. 1935 Auburn 653/654 Victoria 2 door. Bought from second owner who had the car stored for over 50 years. The body has no rust and is very solid. The brakes have been gone through and the engine runs very good. Have drove the car around the neighborhood on a gas can. Original tank has not been cleaned. Dash has been restored, turn signals have been added. Car is still 6 volt system with a 2 speed rearend. Has the original split front seats, the rear seat is missing. Has a new windshield installed. Does not have the other windows but these are flat and can be cut no problem. Has a clean up to date title plus a copy of the previous 1964 title. Bumpers are missing in pics but does have them and has the rear spare with cover. I'm listing this for a friend so please call or text show contact info ask for Paul. Please leave message and he will call you back. No scammers or any help selling needed. This is a very rare car and he has much more then the asking price invested. The last picture is of a different car with a asking price that is double, I believe it would be hard to find a car this good for the money. Next to the last picture is what this car looked like before primer. Thank you for reading my ad. (270) 210-6207 Paul
  2. George Smolinski

    1934 Packard Eight 1101 Coupe Not mine, maybe someone here needs this. I have a 1934 Packard Eight 1101 Coupe for sale. This Eleventh Series Packard is partway through the restoration. This is a well cared for car with only 14000 original miles and considered a full classic by the AACA. This is a rare model with no sidemounts and a rear mounted spare. This combination gives the car free flowing lines without the side mounts breaking up the picture. There is no rust pitting on the chassis and the body sheetmetal is in very good condition. All the wood in the car is intact and solid, no need to replace any of it. The 319ci inline 8 engine, transmission, 136.25" wheelbase chassis and rear differential have all been completely rebuilt/restored. There has also been some chroming of misc parts done. The fenders, running boards and doors all need some work yet. The doors have a very small amount of rust to be repaired and the wood is perfect. The running boards need work as they are rusty and the fenders have the usual dings and a small amount of rust. The car was originally Bruce Blue Pearlite, Packard called this their "semi-luminous color" The interior is a Standard Laidlaw Broadcloth, it is a bluish gray. The rumble seat still has the original dark blue paint on it. This Packard does run and drive and tires have virtually no miles on them. A very advanced car of its day with adjustable ride control, self oiling chassis and power brakes. This car is complete except for a few small items which can be gotten from any model of 1934 Packard. If you know your Packards then you are aware that most believe 1934 is the height of styling for this marque and these 1934 "project" Packards in good condition rarely come up for sale. Don't miss out on this opportunity, these coupes are selling for well over $100K restored and this one is over halfway there! Asking $55K (815) 252-7247
  3. George Smolinski

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    They get that idea from A_s Monkey Garage.
  4. George Smolinski

    1937 La Salle Coupe - $20000

    Not Mine. Anyone here into LaSalle's? 1937 La Salle coupe, 49565 original miles, car runs, flathead V8 3 speed, clean title, good solid car, text or email for more info. (612) 210-8488 Mark
  5. George Smolinski

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Matt, It isn't just car dealers that go through what you describe. As a non-dealer seller, I've experienced similar events & on the flip side as a buyer, I've had a lot of double talk thrown at me from non-dealers & dealers when I was interested in a certain car. I've seen cars for sale on the web that were beautiful, but questionable for one reason or another as to what they really were (say, an Impala SS instead of a plain Impala ). That car shows up on another site with the owner/seller asking verification questions as to whether it's a true SS. Even after getting the information verifying it's only an Impala, the seller's ad doesn't change. He/she just ignores the info because it's not what they wanted to hear & continues to sell the car as originally described. If a buyer has good knowledge of the particular car they are looking at, they can walk away, but pity the clueless buyer. A PT Barnum quote comes to mind here. As a seller, I've made a deal with down payment only to have the buyer ask about other issues with the car after making the down payment. One thing I'm grateful for is never having to cancel a deal done long distance & hope I never have to. Every seller probably experiences what you did in varying degrees. You just get more of it because you are selling far more cars than most people. Finally, I'm sure all the hype the a_ _ hats on BJ & other VC auction shows don't help the whole old car buying & selling scene either. From watching some of them until I can't take their babble anymore, they are mostly fountains of misinformation. That can't help the clueless buyer. I'm fortunate enough to be on this site, so when I find something of interest I can ask here if I don't know a lot about the car I'm looking at. Thank you to all that give good advice on this site.
  6. George Smolinski

    1970 Chevy Monte Carlo Convertible did GM build one?

    No, according to "The Standard Catalog of American Cars 1946 - 1975". The Chevelle convertible top is a perfect fit for the Monte & there have been conversions done, but not factory or dealer conversions.
  7. George Smolinski

    1938 Packard

    If there are any Packard fans here, someone on FB is selling 1938 Packard parts. I believe he has more than what he has listed, may have a whole car. Look in Marketplace on Minneapolis FB & you should find it.
  8. George Smolinski

    Two Gentlemen's car/pickups For Sale

    It looks like it's from a Chevy 327/350 horsepower. The L79 option in 1966-67.
  9. George Smolinski

    Two Gentlemen's car/pickups For Sale

    The Ranchero seems very reasonably priced. If the aircleaner is real, it's worth a few bucks. Chevy L79.
  10. George Smolinski

    1936 CORD 810 SEDAN

    Not mine. Custom Beverly 4 door V-8 Lycoming as Original Pre select 4 speed trans as Original Certified Cord by the ACD club Rich Maroon in color Tan leather interior Very nice chrome trim etc. All glass nice 4 new Coker wide whitewall radial tires, correct size Runs and drives as it should. Asking $68000.00 or Trade for interesting vintage autos. I just noticed the cert sheet says fiberglass front fenders, they are steel original Cord fenders. I dont need help selling please dont solicit me. Im not in a hurry, dont need to sell, would rather trade than cash out. Please contact Steve with any questions 24eightfour628846
  11. George Smolinski

    1926 Auburn Brougham Sedan

    Not mine. Thought someone here may be interested. Original full correct classic 1926 Auburn Brougham. Lycoming straight eight runs (but needs bearings). Original leather upholstery, original patina. Rebuilt generator, starter, distributor, NOS radiator core. Many rare accessories (Monarch driving lights to match headlights, dogbone cap with Auburn Boyce Senior Motometer. New roof, new running boards w/correct trim, dual rear spares. Call for questions: 260-388-2011. $18,500.00
  12. George Smolinski

    This has happened before..

  13. George Smolinski

    This has happened before..

    In Minnesota the frame stamp is the legal VIN for a vehicle. So buying a car that has been "rebodied" or with a VIN tag not original to the body/car could get you in a legal jam. Regarding the GT40's, how could either of the cars Matt mentions be legitimate? Sounds like the plastic 34 Fords titled as such. Further, if both cars are considered legitimate, then haven't the numbers of GT40's increased from the original numbers produced, & if so, then theoretically, an owner could take his or her car, use some parts from it for 1 car & the rest for the second, & now he owns 2 of them. I don't dispute what Matt is saying, just think both cars in the example are bogus. If I was in the market for a GT40, I would RUN, not walk away from both of them.
  14. George Smolinski

    A different type of armored car.

    I like the optional windshield accessory.
  15. George Smolinski

    FS: 1963 Split Window Corvette

    According to my books, 3788421 is the casting number for a bell housing, not the transmission.