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    About 5 years ago I answered a hemming ad about a 28 Pontiac grill shell. He had no email so I sent $5 for Polaroid pictures. Sure enough, I got the pictures, and bought the grill shell (and was happy to get it)
  2. Can some one post a picture of their grill support rods installed on a 1928 pontiac (rods that go between the cowel and the grill shell )? I'm mocking up the body on my car to see what fits, and what parts are missing, and I don't have this particular part. thanks in advance Bruce
  3. - drivers front fender - great shape - I only am selling it since I found a NOS one - $150 - dash board - great shape $125 - Since I was going to modify it anyway, I found one that wasn't in as good a shape so I am selling the original - some of the metal/wood floor board parts - Instruments for parts - $30 What do I need ? - Passenger fender in great shape. - small square part of the passenger rear fender if you are interested, I'll post pictures
  4. Great Shape ! No shipping. Located at 19475
  5. I'm missing this one completely... thanks
  6. Bruce_C

    1928 Pontiac chassis, parts, etc. available

    Tracy, I sent you a PM, I also would be interested in the dash. thanks Bruce
  7. Bruce_C

    66 Toronado: Engine gutless

    By the way, here is a great book on rebuilding Qjets - How to Rebuild and Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors by Cliff Ruggles He also rebuilds them, but the wait time is very long (10 months ?) Bruce
  8. Left Front 1928 pontiac fender, very good condition. Trade for Right Front 1928 Pontiac fender in very good condition. Outright sale for $150. Not interested in shipping because of size. Located in Spring City, PA thanks Bruce
  9. Bruce_C

    31 Buick ?

    Can you post some pictures ? - Bruce
  10. Bruce_C

    New Raffle Car..PayPal now Available!

    Sorry, I tried to read carefully - Where is the link so I could purchase a ticket by PayPal ? thanks Bruce
  11. It works great, I can use it for looking for parts, but as others have said it would be useful to search for cars by year and make only (like 1928 Pontiac) Bruce
  12. Bruce_C

    35 Ford Pickup hood

    John, Do you know what it looks like ? I have this hood to sell, and I don't know what it is. I know its not a 1928 pontiac... (which is what I have). Here is a picture Bruce
  13. Bruce_C

    Book on Repairing Wood ?

    Thanks very much everone for the answers ! Bruce
  14. Bruce_C

    Book on Repairing Wood ?

    I have a 1928 pontiac, and the wood is in mostly good condition, but some needs repair/replacement and the body needs to be shimmed correctly. (I think it needs to be shimmed so the doors close correctly) Does anyone know of a book that discusses the correct procedures ? thanks Bruce
  15. Can anyone recommend a good book on how to repair wood in cars. I have a 1928 pontiac, and the wood is mostly good, but some repairs are needed around the back window, and I need to understand how to shim the body so the doors close correctly. thanks Bruce