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  1. Wanted older restoration of a good original car. Prefer running car or close to it. In the states please. Please send details and photos if possible to email address below. Thanks Charley charleykulchar@gmail.com
  2. just me

    WTB 1931 Chevy Rear Fenders

    Looking for a nice original pair of 1931 Chevy sedan rear fenders. Can pick up at Hershey. Please send pm with contact information, price, and photos. Please in the states only. Thanks Charley
  3. Who would you like to acknowledge that provided exceptional service but by being a procrastinator you didn't? Last year Bill Squires hauled a pickup truck load of parts from California. On his way to Ohio he also picked up a 1913 Cadillac that was 80% disassembled. Had to load it enclosed mostly by himself. Second time I conducted business with him hauling an automobile. Extremely pleased with the service he provided. Bill Squires Bills Auto Works 419-929-8084 Shop 216-832-8697 Cell No texts please. Thanks Charley
  4. just me

    So whom would you sell it to?

    Fortunately I knew both were gentlemen. Sent an email to both asking them to settle the dispute and advise. They agreed the first one who requested the photos would buy the item. He agreed to sell the item to the other fellow if said individual needed it first at the cost he paid. Gentlemen can disagree and still be friends. Ben Franklin Stay tuned until next week on Whom should you sell it to?
  5. just me

    So whom would you sell it to?

    First guy asking for photos but not committing emailed me. Second guy replied at site. Like I am doing to you. He wrote I'll take it.
  6. You decide to list an item for sale. It's on a site similar like the AACA forum where responses can be posted below the ad. You also provide your email address in the ad. So you list the item in the morning. Someone responds a short time later requesting photos via email. Normally you post photos but more difficult on that site. You reply will send photos after lunch. The email states the potential buyer is very interested in the item. Looking at the site a short while later someone else posts. They will take the item. Do you hold the item until you send promised photos or consider the item sold to the person that committed? What do you do? Thanks in advance
  7. just me

    Source for chrome wood screws

    How about stainless? Charley
  8. Would anyone have the old Eaton replacement part number for intake and exhaust valves for a 1913-14 Cadillac? Any sources for nos old valves? Thanks in advance. Charley
  9. just me

    Wanted 1914 Cadillac distributor

    Peter No, not yet. Do you have one? Thanks Charley
  10. just me

    Antique speedometer cable ID needed

    Forgot to mention. The speedometer cable was driven by the left front spindle on a 1914 Cadillac. Charley
  11. just me

    Antique speedometer cable ID needed

    Sent the photos to a friend that has a number of 1915 and up Cadillac V8s. His reply: "I checked it against my reference books and my cars. It isn't Cadillac. I am not sure which car it might be for. You already know how the 1913 Cadillac speedometer and cable look and are set up. The 1915 through 1919 Cadillacs have a speedometer cable that was driven by the right front wheel spindle. The spindle is special in that there is a gear shaft that goes through the spindle and then meshes with a gear on the end of the speedometer cable itself. The outer housing screws into a threaded hole in the kingpin housing. Cadillac switched to driving the speedometer from the end of the transmission in 1920. The whole set-up is a much shorter cable and housing than before. The speedometer cable and housing pictured is for a car that does drive the cable and speedometer from the end of the transmission. It isn't early Cadillac, but hopefully, someone will be able to identify it. I am certain that someone does need it." Regards, Charley
  12. just me

    Weston-Mott front axle

    Believed to be Weston-Mott. Any ideas as to the application? Outer ends of spindles have female threads. Thanks in advance. Charley
  13. just me

    "SOLD" 1916 Willys-Knight Tourng Car $10k

    Price change to $10,000.00