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    Born in '63, I came into this world with a Dad who seemed to know his cars. Standing up next to him in the front seat, he would point out the makes and models. Back then, I loved the '60 Buick coming and going and I wanted one - and about 37 years later, I got it. It was the first of many Buicks for me, each one a bit needy but having its own story and undoubtedly starting its life as one of the most beautiful cars built.

    This Buick fever followed years of education in Chemical Engineering. Even earlier, I wanted this education to help me get away from the blood, sweat, and the other stuff that came from working with cattle and doing construction work. I've since grown to really appreciate those years, not just for the work ethic, but for the daily lessons that taxed both my mind and my hands.

    In Oklahoma, an engineer has to work to keep from getting into the oil business. It was the thing to do and so I did it. In the last 26 years, oil has been up and down many times but it has never missed a paycheck. It has sent me many places but none yet rival the place I call home, here in Oklahoma. Most importantly, this industry and my commitment to it has allowed me to support a family and support things that I like to do when I'm not working.

    That brings me back around to Buicks and my woodshop. I've got several Buicks that really need a wood worker and I love doing this kind of work. I'm looking forward to retirement, hopefully very soon, and having the time and resources to continue the work to get these beauties back on the road.

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  1. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Last week I took a break from painting and I poured the concrete walls and floor of the drain box in my paint booth. It took 7 sacks of 80 lbs Quickcrete. Not my finest work; it takes very little concrete work for me to know I don’t want to do a lot of it.
  2. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    The two rooms upstairs are different shades of blue. Again, very nice to have this done.
  3. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    The living area is a light sage green color. I’m ok with it - it’s done.
  4. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I primed and I painted and about the best I can say at this point is that I’m glad it’s over. With the walls painted, I can finally get those four Fujitsu wall units mounted and get the AC cranked up. There always seems to be an order to things, especially when it involves AC. So let’s go ahead and get the mechanics room out of the way. The color is a light peach but it’s more like pale cantaloupe or dreamsicle. Dad describes it as a certain shade of pink that is inappropriate to say here. Would like a mulligan on this but I think it will look good with cherrywood trim.
  5. JoelsBuicks

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Randy you do very nice work and you have a good eye for what is pleasing to the eye. You live in a picturesque place and I’ve seen some mouth watering trees that would look good on my sawmill 😉. Will you you be able to score a blackberry cobbler or two? If so, that clearing will be well worth it. Here in Oklahoma the early blackberries, called dewberries have already ripened. It hit 97 here today and that pretty much shuts me down.
  6. Wow, I didn’t realize that it had been that long. Mine started with site clearing in March 2016.
  7. Auburn that’s an intriguing question you ask. My opinion is that in an ideal world we would build them together quicker because we would be committed to each other, not to mention the several jobs that almost require two people to be reasonably done at all. But our world is not ideal. Life offers to us so many distractions to the extent that rare would be the time we would all be working together for any length of predictable time. I will say this though, when you and a talented friend are able to gang up on a project, it can be a very enjoyable time and it leaves you wishing for more of those moments. It may seem odd, but knowing I have friends here watching my project, inspires me to think creatively and hold the course.
  8. There’s good and bad days for doing insulation; a bad day if you have to do it yourself and a good day if someone else does it! Seriously though, it wasn’t the hat bad last time I did it. Mr. Earl I suppose you have all the wiring, etc. installed up there because it looks like you’re about to close it up. This is where I go crazy thinking about all the crap I might someday want to run up there. I’d probably be installing a 2” pvc conduit or two - just in case. This kind of work provides a lot of noticeable progress quickly. Do I recall that you were putting in ceiling fans? Be safe up there! We don’t heal like we used to.
  9. JoelsBuicks

    Non Buick, air compressor question

    Inexpensive fix and you’re back in business!
  10. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Drywallers came and went. Led by a man that turned 70 on Wednesday, they hung the rock, in two days, taped and mudded in one day and for a half day on Friday they finished mudding and then textured. The texture is called orange peel, not something I would normally appreciate in the car hobby. No sanding! But when they were finished it looked like it was. I watched as they worked the joints and nails and troweled out the mud into finely feathered edges. They were craftsmen and I appreciated their work. Onward to paint.
  11. It’s nice to see you back in the BS&S. I see that the top of your wall is higher than the bottom of the truss chord. You must be planning a drop ceiling forward of that point. Also, you must be planning something interesting for covering that wall on the side with the vaulted ceiling, as the wall isn’t flush with that side of the truss. So it’s likely repurposed siding wood up to the truss and tin above that point? Will there be an intercepting wall at the point of that double stud? If not, what’s that for? Seems I recall you were going to have some storage up there or am I getting this mixed up. Love those random white petunias. It all looks great.
  12. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Certainly 2x would be the material of choice for the cleats. In fact, I began that part of this project gathering 2x scraps that I thought would work. Almost immediately I noticed most of those scraps had splits and I knew they’d never survive a nail gun and using screws never entered my mind. I looked at what plywood scraps I had and used them. I nailed them with 2-1/2” nails in a nail gun. I think those nails must be coated with something that acts like glue as they are very difficult to pull. One other thing, while I never want to build something unsafe, I’m tiring of this project and badly wanting to get back to my Buicks. It seems that everything I touch takes twice as long as it should. So, I’m becoming more interested in the easy way. I’m hoping that getting that drywall in will help with motivation. There’s so much more to get done.
  13. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Posting #227 on this thread pretty much shows the area to be drywalled. I estimate that it will take only 62 sheets with 40% of them 12 ft long. The sheetrocker starts on Tuesday morning and will likely finish on Thursday, leaving me with textured walls and a bit of ceiling. I have insulated all of the walls that are part of the climate controlled internal rooms. I’m looking forward to seeing another big change and the many more things I’ll have to do.
  14. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I finished the stairs today. They have a 7.5” rise and a tread run width of 10.2”. This is about as steep that is allowed by some codes. The picture distorts this in my opinion. The wood treads were 2x6s that were flattened, planed, edged, and undercut on the leading edge. I placed these on 3/4” plywood cleats that were nailed and glued to the stringers. Treads were toenailed and glued. I’m stuck on including glue for things like this. Before I forget, that stringer is a 3” x 9” laminated beam that was used on a two-pole power line to span across the poles and hold two power cables. I decided to leave it’s own patina.
  15. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Regarding cutting those windows in half I can offer some very useful advice: Do not cut them in half diagonally! Now a rough carpenter might suggest you saw them half in two and break the rest over your knee but I dont think you need a rough carpenter. Actually, there’s some tricks out there you should not discount. First, a table extension behind your table saw can save a disaster. Next, you can attach a temporary scab across and over a cut line to keep things intact through the cut. Then after the cut, just remove the scab. One last suggestion is to go buy a good blade with at least 24 carbide teeth. I’m talking about one that will cost aroun $30. Also, I’ve made some pretty nice cuts with a good aggressive blade on a jig saw. Attach a straight edge to guide the saw.