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    Born in '63, I came into this world with a Dad who seemed to know his cars. Standing up next to him in the front seat, he would point out the makes and models. Back then, I loved the '60 Buick coming and going and I wanted one - and about 37 years later, I got it. It was the first of many Buicks for me, each one a bit needy but having its own story and undoubtedly starting its life as one of the most beautiful cars built.

    This Buick fever followed years of education in Chemical Engineering. Even earlier, I wanted this education to help me get away from the blood, sweat, and the other stuff that came from working with cattle and doing construction work. I've since grown to really appreciate those years, not just for the work ethic, but for the daily lessons that taxed both my mind and my hands.

    In Oklahoma, an engineer has to work to keep from getting into the oil business. It was the thing to do and so I did it. In the last 26 years, oil has been up and down many times but it has never missed a paycheck. It has sent me many places but none yet rival the place I call home, here in Oklahoma. Most importantly, this industry and my commitment to it has allowed me to support a family and support things that I like to do when I'm not working.

    That brings me back around to Buicks and my woodshop. I've got several Buicks that really need a wood worker and I love doing this kind of work. I'm looking forward to retirement, hopefully very soon, and having the time and resources to continue the work to get these beauties back on the road.

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  1. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Almost finished with the bathroom vanity - awaiting arrival of a pair of concealed hinges for the door, followed by the top and sink. Drawer fronts are walnut and frame is birch. The rest is scrap plywood and some old drawer boxes removed from my parents kitchen several years ago. My mechanics room is ready for tools and benches now that the floor has been coated and waxed. I really like the very hard coating as it is almost indestructible -called Clear Gaurd and I can get you more info if desired. The wax will make it even easier to sweep but no doubt dangerous when wet with oil or water. My 60 Electra has developed a knock and will likely be the first Buick to visit the mechanics room. More about that knock later.
  2. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Randy, I’ve been grateful for the times when I was able to get a crew of people to help with the larger tasks. Each time I tried to “economize” the project by making sure I was as prepared as possible by having supplies ready and knowing what I wanted. It was always uplifting to see so much progress in a short time. I’m now working on my bathroom vanity. There’s nothing standard about what I need, so I’m building it from scratch - and scraps. The ‘74 is feeling at home around the shop. It’s a smooth ride.
  3. JoelsBuicks

    Chavis garage

    KC that does look smooth and I’ll bet you’re happy to leave the dust in the dust. Recently I bought cheap primer for my ceiling and then followed it with a substantially more costly ceiling white. This stuff was pink when wet and then dried bright white. The reason for this color change paint was to ensure coverage in one coat. For me, it worked out well. Great work and keep the posts coming.
  4. JoelsBuicks

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    Thanks so much for that information; it’s far more than I had to go on. Joel
  5. JoelsBuicks

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    May be hijacking this thread but a couple years back In my search for tie rod ends ES15 R&L for my 31 Buick Sr60, I had a good conversation with an elderly gentleman who told me that some catalogs gave further information such as thread size and pitch, taper and cup size and that information would allow one to scavenge good parts and rebuild your old tie rod carcass. I never did find replacements but coincidentally, see one on eBay today.
  6. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    The carpet tiles went in fairly quickly after spreading the pressure sensitive adhesive and allowing it to dry to a tacky stage. Then, the baseboard went in and it gave the room a near finished look. I still have lighting to acquire and install and electrical box covers to install. That toilet isn’t bolted down but will soon be if I can remember to buy concrete screws for the closet flange next time I’m at Lowes!
  7. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I tied up some loose ends on my paint booth. For the air/dust seals for the large entry door I used these seal boards that are normally used for garage doors. Also, I added hardware to the inside to hold the doors together and to pin them to the concrete and the upper jamb.
  8. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    In retirement, cash flow is no problem, it’s the direction. I watch for bargains and do most of the work myself. I’m more concerned about my physical ability to do a good day’s work and then do it all over again the next day. Then, there’s the mental part where you put things here and there and immediately forget where you laid it. Or, you go to Lowe’s and get about half of what you needed. It’s seems to me that progress is at a snail’s pace. Check out this pic, it’s a caulked saw line in my concrete. It took several days to clean out and caulk these cracks. I had just over 600 feet to do! It should have been done just after they were sawn but at that time, it seemed I had more important things to do.
  9. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I hung three of these old galvanized lights and fitted them with warm LED flood lights. One for my reading chair, one for my work desk, and one that will hang over a corner of a bed. That’s it for now, looking forward to the end of these hot summer days.
  10. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    The best day of laying tile is always the last day. I’ve been working on my shower and bathroom floor. It’s all done and grouted and now I need to build a vanity. I don’t do these things very quickly. The bending, crouching, and hands and knees really takes a toll on me. Just glad it’s done.
  11. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    It’s all about the base! I installed brown vinyl base in my mechanics room. It was easier than I thought it would be and that’s probably due to a nifty glue spreader that fits on the end of a caulk gun. The room needed that dark base.
  12. JoelsBuicks

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I need to get caught up on the progress. First is the two rooms upstairs. They are now carpeted and trimmed out. One room will be a theater and the other a rec room - for my 12 year old boy. I’m on the prowl for a used home theater system, a 7ft pool table and a popcorn machine. Oh, and some nice lights.
  13. JoelsBuicks

    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    Torpedo, I have used the inserts for this very application on a ‘36 Buick. It was new wood. They work very well if the wood is good. I hope you have the T handle made to insert them as it is needed for good alignment. Also, make sure you drill the hole large enough as these inserts can’t enlarge a hole.
  14. JoelsBuicks

    65 Special Convertible For Sale in OK - not mine

    Thank you Loren for not allowing me to perpetuate incorrect information. I’ll see if I can make the right edits. Im sure others appreciate it too! Joel
  15. Not mine but Please see Loren’s note below as this car is not quite presented correctly. Thanks again Loren!