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  1. Got me a ragtop

    I'm in the same boat. My Reatta had a rebuilt tranny when I bought it with about 97K miles on it. I had to have the Riviera's tranny rebuilt at about 159K miles (lost it in eastern CO on my way from MA to an ROA national in 2014). Congratulations...I like the Claret Red color.
  2. 1991 Front Lower Contol Arms

    I believe the whole front suspensions are identical. Rear is a different story.
  3. You should also have a Buick Club of America belt buckle that I handed to both you and Marck at the BCA South Bend National, 2013 (last two I had).
  4. It's actually a license plate. It's a caricature of a Reatta coupe. There's also a serving plate behind the eagle trophy in the first photo. I found them on EvilBay a long time ago.
  5. Groovy...diggin' the clogs!
  6. Buick stuff I've collected over the years. Reatta stuff is mixed in.
  7. Sequential Rear Directionals

    Dave...are the front directionals affected on your '89, like a slower rate of blink, or...?
  8. I believe a number of Reatta owners here have successfully installed sequential rear directionals. Can you tell me who's the preferred vendor, a ball park $$ cost, how easy were they to install, and what is the effect on the front directionals (if any)? I'm interested in having them on my '91....thanks
  9. AND, if you're attending the BCA National, June 19-23, head straight east through CO & KS and attend the ROA National, June 25-28.
  10. Been down that road a few of times with my Makita.
  11. Go for it! Got 5" of the white stuff yesterday so my '91 continues to be covered up in its igloo.
  12. I've used this company with success. http://wheelskins.com/
  13. Before I retired we drove '96 and '97 Riviera's as daily drivers. So, I knew about Reatta's but had never seen one up close. After I retired, I purchased a '92 Riviera to restore and take to car shows/cruise-ins...joined both the BCA and ROA at that time. Wife like it so much I bought another '92 (ruby red) for her to participate with. She soon got bored with driving to car shows/cruise-ins, etc., so I sold her '92. A couple of years later I decided to get into another car resto project and started looking for a Reatta. I wanted a '91 since I liked the 16" wheels, majority of part interchange with my Riviera, and no Teves brakes to deal with! I bought my current '91 Reatta in 2013...joined the RDiv. Again, wife liked it so much I bought another '91 (polo green) for her. Again, she got bored with driving it so I sold it. Don't get me wrong, wife is very supportive of the "car scene" but as a passenger, not a driver. So all be told, I expect to keep both my Riviera and Reatta for quite some time. I have no dislikes with either one. Also, I'm proud that I'm usually the only Buick Riviera and/or Buick Reatta person amongst a sea of iron at the cruise-ins I attend, which is three to four /week during the season.
  14. Should Craigslist ads be deleted?

    I second it...