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  1. DShip

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Well, the '91 Reatta is officially in storage as of 10/6/18 and won't come out until 4/1/19. Was only able to clock 845 miles this season...never got the chance to drive outside of MA this year.
  2. I've had the ROA website http://www.rivowners.org/ in "my favorites" for years and continue to have no problems.
  3. DShip


    Glad to hear you're ok. Since my house is very near the ocean, I have a sump pump in my cellar to handle the very high water table...especially in the Spring. I had a whole-house Generac generator installed many years ago which runs on propane. Never have to worry about power outages....best investment I ever made.
  4. DShip


    Has anyone heard from Marck Barker re: Florence? I sent him a "are you OK" email a few days ago and have yet to hear from him.
  5. DShip

    Headlight jiggle

    Innovative and eazzy-pezzy fix...thanks, Ronnie.
  6. That's nice looking river pebble and level to boot. But, you need to slow down...you're making the rest of us retirees look like dead-end slouches!
  7. DShip

    Did you know?

    This forum is my "go to" place, also. I'm not a "Facebook" participant and don't ever expect to be. Ronnie, I see no rant on your part, just "pretty factual" as Dave L says and "spot on" as Kevin D says. Keep up the good work as our moderator.
  8. Totally agree...congratulations, Mike! Hope to see your Riv at the 2019 ROA, Gettysburg.
  9. Just to be clear...There are two separate processes that you will need to perform: 1. Hotel reservations are booked by you via either the hotel's web site online or by calling the hotel directly. 2. A 2019 ROA Meet Registration Form is prepared by you and submitted to the ROA office.
  10. DShip

    Tonneau Cover

    Ditto for me, also....great bunch of very helpful folks.
  11. Attended local cruise-in with my '91 Reatta in Halifax, MA Friday, 8/10/18. A rose among two thorns.
  12. DShip

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Attended local cruise-in with my '91 Reatta in Halifax, MA Friday, 8/10/18. A rose among two thorns.
  13. I'm well. My "OUCH" is the result of first-hand experiences with the MA State and especially the DMV!