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  1. Ronnie...great detail work. Very impressive.
  2. John...you always have good camera shots! You missed your calling...
  3. I would agree. The 79-85 emblem had a different base. The 86-93 not only had a different base, but the horizontal spears did not protrude outside of the oval.
  4. DShip

    Taillight Refinishing

    Dave, Thank you for this info. I too applied the modules to an extra harness I had while on my work bench. I hooked it into my '91 Reatta taillight and it wouldn't work. I didn't realize the harness was from an 88/89. I will now check my inventory for a 90/91 harness. Many thanks!
  5. If you ever plan on having your Rivi judged at a BCA 400-point-judged meet, then your oil filter should be of an AC Delco brand (along with your battery, air filter, etc., etc.).
  6. Got sick at the end of last year's ROA meet and just before the BCA meet, so I had to cancel BCA attendance at last minute. Denver is a little far to drive for me from MA at my age (69)...same situation with next year's in OKC. I will definitely drive/attend the 2020 meet in Ohio with the Reatta...want to get it 400 point judged.
  7. Went into the igloo this morning just to look at my Reatta. Local to me cruise-ins start next week (1st week of May), so I'll be sharing driving time between Reatta/Riviera. Predicted temps in eastern MA all of next week are to be in the upper 70's/low 80's...yahoo!!
  8. DShip

    Hemmings online article on future collectable cars

    I agree. A raised hood just disrupts the design flow of the Reatta. If I have to keep the hood raised at car shows, I usually only put it up about half way so that most adults are able to see the "R" emblem. At cruise-ins, I usually place my Reatta's Monroney Sticker in the windshield to show just how expensive the Reatta was when new. That usually draws conversations. Reattas' were the most expensive Buick during their era...Rivieras' took their place after production ended. PS: 86-93 Rivieras' are just down right ugly with their hoods up!
  9. When I had mine replaced on my '92 Riviera (same setup as our Reatta's) back in 2014, the bill came to just over $600 parts & labor. The price included two "extra effort/difficult to remove" mount bolts that snapped.
  10. DShip

    Diagnostic Code E024

    I've also never experienced this. Hopefully someone will chime in to help, Ronnie.
  11. DShip

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    I was one of the judges for the Driven Class at South Bend. It is a fact that a fence was erected after the venue was contracted for and just before the start of BCA National Meet.
  12. DShip

    Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    I think #9 looks like Freddy Mercury of the band Queen
  13. DShip

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    Jack...PM sent.
  14. Took the '91 out of storage to get its annual MA state inspection sticker/oil change Friday. It's gone back into storage for now since we're expecting temps back into the 30's with sleet/rain for Sunday/Monday. Patriot's Day marathon runners will be in the rain all day Monday with an expected 2" of rain throughout the day.