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  1. kevin1221

    Recommendation for transport

    Hi AACA members I recently needed a car transported from Florida to Nevada. After long waits from two of the big national carriers, and still no confirmed pick up dates, I contacted Truly Vintage on this forum. Due to good luck on scheduling, he was able to pick my car up on Monday and he had it delivered to me on Sunday. Jim was very professional and was easy to contact. We kept in touch along the way. My car arrived in perfect condition. If anyone needs a vehicle transported, I suggest you call Truly Vintage (Jim). His number is 260-804-6695. Jim is an active member on the AACA forum. Again, thanks for your prompt attention to my transportation needs. I’ll definately call you if I need another vehicle transported in the future. It was a pleasure working with you. Kevin
  2. Thanks 28. I’ll also have to try and catch the Huntington Beach event. Kevin
  3. 28 Chrysler Looks like a great time. Where in Las Vegas is this? We just moved to Mesquite. I’d love to check this out some week. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin
  4. Auburnseeker.... I have recently arranged shipping for a vehicle from Tampa Florida to Las Vegas NV. Best price I got from one of the big carriers was 2000.00. Other quotes ranged from 2300.00 - 2600.00. All quotes were for enclosed service. Kevin
  5. kevin1221

    Hauling the 48 Jeepster Home

  6. kevin1221

    which one do you most regret missing?

    I'm sure he is thinking that....what a difference 40 years makes! Kevin
  7. kevin1221

    which one do you most regret missing?

    In 1977 I was in college and was buying and selling cars in addition to working at a Ford dealer. A neighbor had a 1969 Shelby GT350 convertible for sale. He was asking $1100.00 for it. I offered him $800.00 and he said “no”. We both walked away without making any counter offers. What was I thinking? The worst $300.00 I ever saved! Kevin
  8. Thanks for the multiple replies to my question regarding the interior. I do not ever remember seeing this combo. Goes to show that I can learn something new every day. Thanks again. Kevin
  9. Great find Mr. Earl. I love the full sized wagons. We had a variety of Ford and Oldsmobile wagons in the 60s and 70s. A question for the Buick experts....Did this car come equipped with a velour front seat and a vynal rear seat? I don’t remember seeing this set up before. Either way, as said earlier, this will work great for Elvis? Nice acquisition! Kevin
  10. kevin1221

    Specialized transport of your collector....

    I feel that $3.00 per loaded mile is going to be tough to obtain. I just got a quote from a well known national carrier for enclosed transport to ship my car from Florida to Nevada. I was quoted $1.25 per mile. I know it’s not individual transport as you are asking about, but to me, the difference between the two is too big to overcome. Kevin
  11. kevin1221

    Ethanol Free Gas at Convenience Stores...

    “Some” of the Wawas in Tampa and Clearwater Fl carry the ethanol free gas. It appears to be the newer, recently opened stores that carry this gas. Price is about 40 cents per gallon higher than the ethanol gas. Kevin
  12. kevin1221

    Anyone want a bunch of Old Cars Weekly?

    That's a shame, Keiser31. I'm having a similar problem trying to dispose of many years of Mustang Monthly and Mustang Times magazines. I can't find any takers, even for FREE. Kevin
  13. kevin1221

    Strausstown Lions Car Show 2017

    WOW.......what a variety of cars. Looks like a great show. Thanks for posting. Kevin
  14. kevin1221


    We got by with no major damage. Neighborhood has some trees down, but nothing serious. We were very fortunate. Now for clean up, and then back to work tomorrow. Kevin
  15. kevin1221


    The storm has shifted east and is now just east of Lakeland, putting us on the "good" side of the storm. We have a few trees uprooted but no major damage so far. Storm surge will be around 5:00 or 6:00 am. I'll update more in the morning. Kevin