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  1. P-A Barn Find

    If someone chooses to post a for sale on a website filled with experts they should be prepared to get candid responses. Perhaps he should put it on Bring a Trailer and find out what it's really like to get critical comments.
  2. 1953 mercedes original prices

    Perhaps the early 300SL's were different but having driven a 1962 300SL many miles over a number of years I strongly feel it is without a doubt one of the finest handling and performing sports car ever. It is almost inconceivable to think that anyone who has driven both cars can believe that a 190SL can compare favorably in any aspect to a 300SL, unless price is the only criteria.
  3. BRASS Lamp reference

    Terry, have you checked the three major club magazine indices for articles on lamps? There is a good chance that this subject was covered in an article written 50 plus years ago when brass era cars were so prevalent.
  4. 1953 mercedes original prices

    West, you are absolutely correct about the 190SL. Back around 1960 a friend and I drove a TR3 from Pennsylvania to Pensacola Florida and returned accompanied by my aunt in her 190SL. The two of them always fought over who would drive the TR since it was a lot more fun and ran circles around the 190SL. As a result, I was left driving the 190SL thousands of miles best described as a very comfortable but low performance poor handling car that couldn't get out of its own way. Any moderate hill meant down shifting to third. Yes, the engine was an OHC four the same displacement as the TR but the car probably weighed 50% more than the TR. I agree that the six figures prices are certainly not based on anyone ever having fun driving them. Sorry if 'Ive offended 190SL lovers but my comments are based on actual experience.
  5. Years back situations like this were avoided by the owner simply placing a "Do Not Judge" sign on the car.
  6. 1973 Triumph stag vin decoder

    Try the Triumph Experience web site. You have what the Brits called a commission number.
  7. A true steam roller. I still incorrectly see a modern version and automatically think of it as a steam roller which is a clue as to my advancing age.
  8. How have you handled this situation ?

    Believe this topic has been discussed extensively; however, for that amount many people these days bring the cash. Other than than that strongly suggest that the car not be released until good funds are in your bank account, either by wire transfer or sufficient time has elapsed to ensure that ANY type of paper document/paper has cleared and cannot be refused by buyer's bank. You will most likely get additional responses and suggestions.
  9. Selling titles

    I love the claim about "reciprocity". Try explaining that to some clerk who doesn't even know the difference between a title number and a VIN.
  10. The Hupmobile page shown goes back to 1926. Does it go back that far for other models as well? If so, it is obviously a lot more useful than just 1936.
  11. Selling titles

    I forgot that one common reason people avoid title changes is for tax reasons. I understand that this is why there are a number of antiques with Montana plates.
  12. Selling titles

    In the event that you or your heirs ever sells one of the cars to an out of state buyer it will in most instances be necessary to have a title in the name of the owner/seller. Why would you NOT want to have a valid title in your name now? This situation in common in NH where titles on older cars are not required but can be obtained by applying for one through the DMV. I know of specific cases where an antique car sale was held up due to no NH title.
  13. Sunbeam Tiger

    Perhaps the Rootes website www.rootes1.com would be helpful. There is a pretty comprehensive section on identifying a Tiger from an Alpine.
  14. 1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    Missing title not a problem in Vermont but could be trouble elsewhere - haven't we been down this road before? Would be helpful if the seller took a course in the Harwood school for selling and presenting antique cars.
  15. 1911 Indy 500

    Fascinating movie showing what it was like in the early days of racing. There supposedly is a similar movie of one of the Fairmount Park road races in Philadelohia about the same era but I have never been able to find it.