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  1. Is THIS PACKARD ???

    Not Packard.
  2. 1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    Where has this car been over the years? There was one in Wayne, Pa. back in the 1980's.
  3. A brass car - this Pierce Arrow?

    The Florida Region HCCA includes cars through 1926 and I know that they would welcome you and your cars - especially that gorgeous Pierce! The region runs several tours a year and just had one in Sarasota.
  4. 1933 Packard Provenance?

    Suggest that you contact the Packard roster keeper for 1933 Packards regarding provenance on your very sharp Victoria. Cars of that caliber are well known by Packard experts.
  5. You might try asking the AACA library to look through pertinent issues of the MoTor magazine. Certainly the 1930 show was covered but there may not be the information you want.
  6. Scranton-Area Question

    You may find it interesting to go up the Giants Despair hill climb course in Wilkes-Barre. It is one of the oldest hill climbs and is still being run annually. The local historical society used to have fascinating material about the early events. Perhaps some members of the Northeastern Pennsylvania AACA Region can assist you concerning this historic hill climb.
  7. For Sale Austin Healey Gold Plated $550,000

    According to the write-up the car is described as one of the "post war" Austin-Healeys. Wonder which war was being referenced.
  8. Walt, there were five award winning Packards in 1982. If you identify which owner had yours I can track down the meet where the award was won.
  9. How many are still around today?!

    Always enjoy seeing that video. I could not go that year since I was at Fort Dix for 6 months active duty training. The 1905 Packard seen at 7:23 being driven by second owner Hyde Ballard was frequently one that I took to Hershey. The car has been restored and is in Prospect, CT.
  10. It appears as though this Is the 1929 Packard 626 belonging to Ralph Marano listed in class 19A as having won a 3rd Junior.
  11. It looks as though your 1991 roster is for the HCCA.
  12. HPOF Question - Pickup Truck

    I am not familiar with HPOF standards so please advise accordingly. I still have the original battery, floor mats, and many other parts for my 1962 car that I bought new and has under 34,000 miles on it. I also purchased many NOS parts when the car was fairly new and I realized that I would be keeping it. For example, should I drive the car on to the field and then switch parts to have the inoperable originals such as such as battery, hoses, etc.installed ? What about documented NOS parts with original dealer tags?
  13. Progress on my 1953 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

    Looks great! Your car is what many of us diehards think of as a real Plus 4 Morgan with the flat radiator.
  14. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    Let's just be thankful that this hoarder didn't collect cars that were more desirable and rare. Some of you may recall the hoarder in Cheyney, Pa. who had a 645 Packard topless phaeton he used to haul chickens around in after removing the rear seat or the Locomobile with the Victoria top that was abandoned after it needed attention and could no longer make it to Hershey. The most incredible was the early 30's Dietrich bodied Packard roadster sitting in the barnyard where it served as a home for many generations of chickens. There were other cars such as the remains of an L-Head Mercer raceabout plus others that I don't remember. He was a very pleasant man well known to Philadelphia area antique car people but I don't know of a single vehicle or the remains thereof that left his farm while he was alive.
  15. Creating a clean title in Virginia or Florida

    Silly question, but how do you know that the car is part of the estate if there is no title to show that the brother actually owned the car? It doesn't appear that there is any official documentation to show any owners. Good luck!