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  1. A. Ballard 35R


    Ed, I assume that you are using 32/50 CP bulbs which are pretty decent and what was in my 645 Packard DC that I used for everyday transportation in high school in the mid 1950's. They do a great job if the reflectors are not tarnished.
  2. A. Ballard 35R


    You have a nice tour planned and hopefully the remnants of Florence will stay to the South.
  3. A. Ballard 35R

    Model 20: Successful Tour

    Excellent description of how to double clutch when down shifting. Simply a case of getting two spinning objects to engage at approximately the same RPM's. Learned to drive on cars with straight cut gears and this practice was the norm. Interesting in that in all these years this is the first time I've ever heard the term "declutching" used.
  4. A. Ballard 35R

    1932 Auburn

    That is a White engine and a White generator and I can not tell how much of the original cowl has been changed. It appears that in spite of dozens of letters to and from the Patent Office there was never a patent issued. The basis for the patent is confusing at best but apparently involves the circulation of fuel and water to the generator burner. Perhaps it ran under steam power but very doubtful if it was very successful.
  5. A. Ballard 35R

    1932 Auburn

    Wonder what exactly is the steam conversion and what does the patent cover? Is there perhaps a Doble engine hiding in it and what is the boiler/burner design? Did it ever run after steam conversion? Also, I couldn't find the asking price. Since steam conversions were generally unsuccessful the question is how much of the original Auburn was modified. How much work would there be to take this great car back to the original.
  6. Eisenglass was standard for curtains and did well but got discolored and brittle with age.
  7. A. Ballard 35R

    1949 Jeepster VIN Numbers

    Owned several 1950's and only know of the single VIN plate under dash. There used to WO and Jeepster clubs but not sure if they are still active.
  8. A. Ballard 35R

    Testing Early Brakes

    One of the methods I have used is to jack the rear up and adjust brakes so they are as engaged as possible and still be able to turn the wheel without any rubbing on the shoes.
  9. A. Ballard 35R

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    i was given the name of the new owner this morning and he is someone known to many of us, particularly those interested in brass cars.
  10. A. Ballard 35R

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Looks great - almost as though you drove it in there !
  11. A. Ballard 35R

    CCCA Eastern Grand Classic 9/8/18 HELP!!!!

    Have you tried Joe Freeman or David Greenlees? Assume your problem is due to your friends/contacts taking their own cars to the event. i do have several other possibilities but will have to check on trailer capacity and date. In the meantime - keep praying!!
  12. A. Ballard 35R

    Simplex automobile registry

    Bill Bell's great registry does exist and was turned over to a new roster keeper whose name I don't recall. John Mozart may know who has it know or one of the well known Long Island Simplex owners can help.
  13. A. Ballard 35R


    Having participated in tours, AACA meets, and several concours events, my favorite would be tours since they are the closest to using a car as it was originally intended. I totally agree with Jeff that AACA awards would be much more meaningful if the standards were tightened. It makes me wince to see an HPOF award given to a totally made up car and a nickel era car with accessories changed to brass plus a poor conversion to a speedster get a First. Concours events seem to have overly political aspects but it is nice to see outstanding cars, especially CCCA Classics that are not often seen at other events. Guess it is simply a case of take your pick and enjoy all of them.
  14. A. Ballard 35R

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Well done - great purchase. Looks like a car you can get back on the road without too much trouble and get many miles of pleasure. My aunt had a '49 which I drove a lot as a teenager and I always thought they were one of the best post war Cadillacs. Although I'm sure that the seller is entirely above board, I would suggest that you get it to your garage ASAP. There is a well known collector on Long Island who will tell you about how he lost a T-Head Mercer raceabout that he had a deposit on.
  15. A. Ballard 35R

    Cadillac Museum, Gilmore, need interior picture

    David, not sure if it would work for you but there is a very nice picture of David Gray's 1905 Model N Packard on www.packardsonline. This car has been in the museum for some time and the picture is very good. The Packard roster keeper, Tim Martin, could probably help since he should have the original picture.