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  1. A. Ballard 35R

    1934 Packard Custom Hunting Car - Restoration

    Looks as though this unique car ended up at the right home.
  2. A. Ballard 35R

    1929 Stutz for sale

    Does the Tommy gun come with it?
  3. A. Ballard 35R

    Gerat Chadwick Six

    Len Zengel drove one of two Chadwicks entered in the October 1910 Fairmount Park race and was the winner. The second car crashed due to the overzealous driver and Mr. Chadwick was furious. I have a photocopy of a letter written to Bill Pollack by Len Zengel detailing the entire race and how he did not run at push the car due to Mr. Chadwick's strict instructions. The Chadwick's well publizized use of a supercharger was said to have originated at the 1908 Giants Despair Hill Climb when Willie Haupt supposedly told Chadwick to put on a supercharger or the Model K Stanley Semi-Racers driven by Harper and Marriot would beat them. An interesting story but I think Chadwick used a supercharger prior to this event. The Pollack cars mentioned above made their debut at the AACA Spring Meet at Marshall's Yorklyn, Delaware Gun Club probably in the early 1950's. My AA magazines are not at my finger tips right now so I can't pinpoint the exact year. I disdinctly remember watching the cars come up the hill and taking some very shaky 8MM movies..
  4. Nice car, Tom. Reminds me of my '66 GT350 which I wish I still had. Great option combination and you can't beat the ragtops.
  5. A. Ballard 35R

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Think I have some of the knurled nuts you are referring to but it may take me awhile to dig them out. Not sure if I have a dozen.
  6. A. Ballard 35R

    1920s 1930s Cadillac upholstery buttons???

    Wow - what a leading comment !! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. A. Ballard 35R

    1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    Mike, sorry of your not wanting a Packard of any description even though you claim to appreciate their quality and style. That seems like a contradiction, what makes you not want one in spite of appreciating their quality and style? If you have never owned a Packard perhaps you should "Ask the man who owns one". Have you ever driven a Model N, Model 30, Twin Six, Super Eight, Speedster, or Twelve? They are all very different but great cars to drive and represent significant periods of quality cars.
  8. A. Ballard 35R

    Custom bodied Packards

    Great observation, West. I completely missed the jump seat behind the driver. Your Cloverleaf Touring designation makes as much sense as anything else.
  9. A. Ballard 35R

    Custom bodied Packards

    Having been raised in a Packard family, a phaeton is a five passenger whereas a touring is a seven passenger. As West knows, the beautiful 734 Speedster Phaeton pictured on another thread is of particular interest to me. There is an exception to the Packard body designations in the early years. The Model N, for example, is called a touring but is only a five passenger car. I am confused as to how to count the number of windows to tell the difference between a touring and a phaeton without pulling out the side curtains.
  10. A. Ballard 35R

    Custom bodied Packards

    Why is it called a touring when there are no jump seats?
  11. A. Ballard 35R

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Do you know that a contract exists? Perhaps there was an informal arrangement made years ago based on common interests existing then and the "understanding" that there would be a merger in the future. I have tried to follow this involved subject but obviously don't know the complete details.
  12. A. Ballard 35R

    1031 Exchange

    John Draneas, tax attorney in Portland, Oregon, specializes in antique/Classic car tax matters and is recognized as being an expert.
  13. A. Ballard 35R

    Brass-Era Car Leather Fan Belt Question

    Be careful if you use metal clips of some sort that they don't gouge or damage a pulley. I had a problem of this nature and went back to an old sewn flat belt that didn't damage the fan pulley.
  14. A. Ballard 35R

    Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    Very wise to run, not walk, away from these people and their show. Sure seems as though they need you more than you need them.
  15. A. Ballard 35R

    P-A Barn Find

    If someone chooses to post a for sale on a website filled with experts they should be prepared to get candid responses. Perhaps he should put it on Bring a Trailer and find out what it's really like to get critical comments.