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    Native of New Bern for 55 years. Been in love with old cars all my life.

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  1. Bill Harmatuk

    1929 Pierce Arrow Sedan - Original - Unrestored

    Lord have mercy. Bill H
  2. Bill Harmatuk

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    Was wasting time one day waiting on my wife to go out to eat. I loged on to E-Pay and typed 1930 Chrysler. Instead of starting with page 1, I scrolled to page 20 something. BAM.! ! My spedo is frozen. Pot metal swelling. My coil is all to pieces. Etc, Etc. I made an offer. No bids with 2 days left. The next morning I hit BUY NOW. Plug and play. Complete panel for a 1930 Chrysler CJ-6.
  3. Bill Harmatuk

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    How about a mint, Holly 3 barrel carburetor sitting on top of the metal dumpster at the recycle convienance center. I kept it as a wall hanger for a few years and sold it for 250.00. With the crazy prices of MOPAR muscle cars its probably worth 3 times that. 3 barrel Holleys are hemi and 427 Chevrolet specific. Bill H
  4. Bill Harmatuk

    1929 / 30 fender bolts

    Well... I guess they did things different for the 30 CJ. Although the pictures are correct for 29, 30, 31. But... look what I found, marked / tagged and bagged, (front fender bolts). 5/16 threads X 3/4 long,....11/16 head, carriage bolt. With a hex nut. The square fits in a slot in the fender. I guess during assembly the carriage bolt did away with the screw driver. It saved or eliminated a task. Nice. Thanks, John.
  5. Bill Harmatuk

    1929 / 30 fender bolts

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.!!! Thats what I thought they were. Thats it. Just could not get a clear definite picture. You ARE the Man, John.!!! Will I go to jail if I use stainless steel.?? Now I have to dig around and find the originals and the square nuts. They were bagged and tagged 30 years ago. Thanks again. Bill Harmatuk
  6. Bill Harmatuk

    1929 / 30 fender bolts

    Would someone please take a picture of the bolts that attach the front fenders to the frame, in the area of the hood latches, on a 1930 Chrysler. Mine is a 30 CJ-6. I can tell from pictures on the net that they are slotted machine screws smaller than 1/4 in., but I need to know about the washer. Flat or finish washer. There are 8 bolts, 4 on each side. Just need a picture of the correct or factory bolts. Thanks Bill Harmatuk
  7. I bet he would love for me to click on that e-mail address. If it quacks like a duck........
  8. Location.?? Bill H New Bern, NC
  9. Bill Harmatuk

    Lost my gas cap

    I got lucky and found a nice chrome gas cap on a card, with the plastic turning yellow, at the local NAPA store. Fits my 30 Chrysler perfect. Think it was for a tractor. Good luck. Sounds like something that I would do. Bill H
  10. I guess we all forgot the cash for clunkers. I was visiting a salvage yard, two to 3 times a week, back then and it made me sick. I think scrap prices were high and people cleaned out the woods. The scrap yard would NOT sell anything once it came in the gate. I begged the people for a 1 1/2 ton Chevy farm truck in mint condition. Bill H
  11. Bill Harmatuk

    Found Exploring.

    It's amazing what you find exploring. It does have a license plate on it. I'll be back to door knock. Bill H
  12. Bill Harmatuk

    Wanted: Cloth Covered Wire, Los Angeles region

    You won't be disappointed with Rhode Island Wiring. A work of art. Your car deserves it. Then you have eliminated a BUNCH of head aches. Labeled and color coded. Exact duplicate of original also. Bill H
  13. Bill Harmatuk

    1932 Plymouth 3 window coupe and parts

    ALWAYS ON THE OTHER COAST. I'd buy that. Bill H
  14. Bill Harmatuk

    What is your favorite Buick between '48 and '57?

    1958. 1959. Bill H
  15. Bill Harmatuk

    Identify car from picture

    Has anyone noticed the serrated edges of the body where top was.? Also notice the area with the |__|--|__|--|__|--|__. Looks like the picture and not the metal was cut. Flattened tail pipe.? Scratches on top of the left rear tail fin.? Tires do not match front to back. It was not new. Was a driven vehicle. I think the right front of the car was torn off by the looks of the left front damage. My 2 cents. Bill H