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    Native of New Bern for 55 years. Been in love with old cars all my life.

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  1. I guess we all forgot the cash for clunkers. I was visiting a salvage yard, two to 3 times a week, back then and it made me sick. I think scrap prices were high and people cleaned out the woods. The scrap yard would NOT sell anything once it came in the gate. I begged the people for a 1 1/2 ton Chevy farm truck in mint condition. Bill H
  2. Bill Harmatuk

    Found Exploring.

    It's amazing what you find exploring. It does have a license plate on it. I'll be back to door knock. Bill H
  3. Bill Harmatuk

    Wanted: Cloth Covered Wire, Los Angeles region

    You won't be disappointed with Rhode Island Wiring. A work of art. Your car deserves it. Then you have eliminated a BUNCH of head aches. Labeled and color coded. Exact duplicate of original also. Bill H
  4. Bill Harmatuk

    1932 Plymouth 3 window coupe and parts

    ALWAYS ON THE OTHER COAST. I'd buy that. Bill H
  5. Bill Harmatuk

    What is your favorite Buick between '48 and '57?

    1958. 1959. Bill H
  6. Bill Harmatuk

    Identify car from picture

    Has anyone noticed the serrated edges of the body where top was.? Also notice the area with the |__|--|__|--|__|--|__. Looks like the picture and not the metal was cut. Flattened tail pipe.? Scratches on top of the left rear tail fin.? Tires do not match front to back. It was not new. Was a driven vehicle. I think the right front of the car was torn off by the looks of the left front damage. My 2 cents. Bill H
  7. Bill Harmatuk

    E. Ann Klein-Fisher / 4.5L Blower Bentley

    I have an aquaintance that is in a nursing home that once had a friend in Massacheusets that terrorized the town with a Bentley Bentley. It was basically a 2 seater racer with open pipes. A great Big HUGE car. Fast and loud.!! Wish I could get the story on here. Crazy stuff they used to do. The owners parents had lots of money and he was a spoiled brat that always got in trouble and bailed out by his parents. Maybe I'll go interview him. Google Bentley Bentley. Bill H
  8. Bill Harmatuk

    Steven Kings Christine

    WHAT exactly is the Plymouth convertible in the picture.?? Always loved those Plymouths.
  9. Bill Harmatuk

    426 Hemi Barn Find Car

    My friend and I used to sit on the corner passing time, when we were kids and watch the Cudas and Challengers and Plum Crazy Chargers with 440 6 packs, Super Bees with that sweet, factory, dual exhaust, pull up in front of the WELFARE DISTRIBUTION CENTER to get free food..... And slobber at the cars. Things ain't changed much. Or Has it.?? Bill H
  10. Bill Harmatuk

    426 Hemi Barn Find Car

    I would buy it in a heart beat, if I had anywhere near the funds. (Or wanted a divorce) Makes me think of the 1966 Dodge Coronet 500, in the woods, I was given. Had the truck hooked to it, with a trailer waiting. The owners Son stopped me and threatened me. The car was baby blue with white interior. Had a 413 with the vacume operated air grabber hood scoop. Gorgeous, perfect car sitting in the woods full of toys and bags of clothes. Haunts me. As far as I know it is still there. But possibly flooded with salt water. Bill H
  11. Bill Harmatuk

    What to use to clean this?

    5 gallon bucket with a good 3 second splash of bleach and a good squirt of Dawn. Fill half full....With water. Soft, scub brush and watch it disappear. Just did a boat that was almost black in some places. Put on some old clothes. Shorts, Tee Shirt, Crocks on your feet. For the tough spots. There is some stuff in a spray bottle called Joe Max that is BAD. Rubber gloves needed, BAD. Lowes sells it in NC. Spray on. Stains and mildew disappear. Wash off. Thats what I do. Bill H
  12. Bill Harmatuk

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    I bought the biggest 120 volt air compressor from Harbor Freight, for a rented storage building. Same compressor as Sear but 150.00 less and not painted red. I also own a very nice floor jack and large jack stands from Harbor Freight. Read the reviews. I treat a jacked up vehicle like a loaded gun. It will hurt you. Or worse. Bill H
  13. Bill Harmatuk

    Guess I should have done the rod bearing sooner

    So sorry. I feel your pain. Crying is good for the soul, sometimes. Glad you're safe. "Half way up the hill", ain't good, for a catastrophic failure. Bill H
  14. Bill Harmatuk

    1938 ford pickup

    Haven't heard anybody mention the rotor. Check for continuity. Check that the little contact on top of the rotor is connecting with the distributer cap contact inside the cap. Hold a sparkplug wire connector in your hand and turn the motor over. Just kidding. Bill H
  15. Bill Harmatuk

    Uber Tempe Crash Timeline??

    Computers can't fix stupid. How many times have you seen people walk out in front of a 3500 lb vehicle saying, "they won't hit me." The lady with the bike screwed up.... in my opinion. She was pushing the bike across the street in front of a computer. Sorry it happened. My 2 cents. Bill H