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  1. I go north a lot to Santa Maria . Love to have coffee.
  2. Go out this weekend and drive that TC like you just stolen it from someone in East LA...... You will know if you fixed it correctly. Have fun and enjoy, glad to see you are up and running.
  3. Maybe we should get a group of T/C members together and pay this guy a visit?
  4. Try using a small hand held hair dried on high heat. I would think it would warm it up enough to pry it off. Only a suggestion.
  5. The picture does not come through. I tried two different computers.
  6. My mistake, 1955 Plymouth Streamliner Turbine. On sale at the Barrett Jackson auction last week. It did not meet reserve. I will try to attach picture, if no pic. go on line and check it out. go to Barrett Jackson .com
  7. Chrysler did have a 1955 Ghia Stair liner? I saw one sold at the Scottsdale Barrett Jackson auction January 21, 2017. It was one of the future cars silver and a reddish orange turbine engine.
  8. No problem here, I have been a member for over 20 plus years.
  9. You can get the lens protectors from the T/C America Newsletter . They sell them in there. Join the club and get all the News.
  10. Have no Idea, but they had no problems and sure made a difference after 20 years of sand etc hitting the original one.
  11. I had a new one installed by Safelite AutoGlass. Three years ago cost: $291.34
  12. After May 5th coming back from Mexico, I'll be in no condition to drive that far. I have to be sober for Mothers Day. Have a safe drive.
  13. I think these may help. The distance between the two bars are on the seam by the rear speakers. Hope this helps.
  14. No because the screen sits on he front of the rear cover. You are not near the light. No wear at all, I leave it on most of the year. I was looking for another picture from 2004 or 2006 that someone made a shield behind the front seats. He bolted a 2x4 into the headrest steel riser, then cut a piece of Plexiglas to the 2x4. Only problem was you could not adjust the passenger seat unless you also moved the drivers seat . It was closer to your head and probably cut down all wind but impractical., It was all one piece.
  15. The info Ghostymosty on Jordons windscreen is correct. I purchased the information years ago , What I got from Jordon was the hangers or brackets only then I got my own Plexiglas because I wanted it in Smoke. It works perfect at any speed. you could light a cigarette at 70mph (if you smoke)I attached a picture so you could see what mine looks like. I put the Maserati emblem in the top center so people knew .......