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  1. Maybe that 10K bought piece of mind.
  2. I think cars can be good investments, one of the few investments that a person can put in motion. Very few things can take you to a different place. Classic/collector cars can not only do that, but they can also make a statement about who you are. Always buy/invest in what you like, and buy quality. If you have the ability to do the work yourself, a person can look to project cars running or not. Cost involved in restoration/builds adds up fast. A person must know what they are looking at, and where a cars value will fall in the market place. Time spent working on your classic cars, is much better than time spent watching TV. I will always have classic cars.
  3. This is bumper that I have had for a few years. I do not know what car it belongs to. In the center of the bumper it looks to have the letter H.
  4. https://www.bobdrake.com/Categories3.aspx?Id=38wiperarmsandblades Most of the ford reproduction wiper parts will fit the Hudsons as well.
  5. Jim would have your gas tank. http://www.jimsvintageautomotive.com/ What was done on the front fenders of that Hudson? Looks like someone cut out a square on both of them.
  6. It would be easy to convert that car to a sedan delivery. Cars like that are not scraped, they are turned in to Hot rods/customs/street rods/rat rods. If wanting to build one, buying a donor car that is in nice shape, just needing a re-paint would be the way to go. Gut the interior, do the mods, body work and paint. Then install the interior, that way you avoid the rebuild cost of the car. To start from scratch the restoration costs will ad up fast (as we all know) I would not be afraid to take on a project like that, can not be harder then cutting a Jaguar in four pieces. There are some great 30's sedans that would look good converted in to a truck.
  7. What you end up with, is a reflection of what you started with. If a person wanted to do the project, starting with a good foundation will save you a ton of money.
  8. Rated at 1 goat power.
  9. I bet the sun would just cook you, sitting in a car with tops like that.
  10. Just a good example of the prices one can find on projects in this part of the country.
  11. https://eastoregon.craigslist.org/cto/6040052920.html
  12. Taxes, title and dealer doc fee. Seller passed on the under coating.
  13. At least the WOPR is not in charge anymore.
  14. I remember seeing pictures of early Hudson's with a large trunk lid that would open up to be able to slide a person in. The car would have no back seat, and would be used like an ambulance. I do not think the top picture is messed up. That large trunk is there for a reason.