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  1. Lycoming Engine

    Not my ad, When I am looking at craigs list and find something interesting, or something that I think someone might be looking for, I post a link. You need to contact the seller in the ad.
  2. I have some left over items from My Dads 1937 Terraplane, He has asked me to list them for him. New set of running board mats, Radiator support rods, inner fender panel and a few tail light housings with bezels. Please give him a call if you are interested in any of the parts. Richard 1-208-870-7169
  3. Lycoming Engine

  4. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    He should just call for an environmental impact study, on how the cars have affected the local squirrels. That will ensure that the cars will not be moved for the rest of his life, while everyone waits for the results.
  5. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    Their dime is really his dime, and the neighbors that caused all of this.
  6. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    That would grind government to a stop.
  7. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Easy to push them around as well.
  8. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    The Auburn sedan was not a fresh car. I think it sold for 72K-74K. It was an older restoration. I think someone repainted the fenders black before the auction. Solid car, needed to be repainted. Yes I did get the boattail body from Samson. He had it on ebay a few times. He was listing it for sale from some guy named Frank if I remember. Had to have a state inspector come out and put a state ID tag on it for a title. So it was titled as a 31 Auburn reproduction. I bought it because we had the 31 Auburn Cab that needed to be restored. It was a finished value decision. A boattail, even if a repro steel body. Has a higher finished value over a Cab. Then sold off what was left over and the V-12 engines that I had. To a guy who had Auburns that he was restoring. I would have sold out of the Auburn cab, if I had won the convertible sedan. Same thing on the 35 Auburn for sale now on the forum. I always have to sell a car or two if something cool comes along. I am sure we all do the same thing. Fix one up a little, drive it awhile, hope that you do not lose money. And buy a new one that keeps your car fix going. I should have gotten into fly fishing instead.
  9. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    I see all sides on this, and everyone is right in their opinions. I have a real rub with cities who use laws and codes to force people to do things. I had a shop at my house in the county. You would never know what I did there, no cars out. That area was going to be annexed into the city. I got on the committee and exposed fraud big time in the State. And I have been hammered for it. And now people are covering it up. This story out here will be told. NBC,ABC,CBS and the states largest news paper have a lot of info on all of this. I also love hearing about safety, safety, safety. DEQ did not mind messing with the well report, to dump a water system on people. Sometimes codes are needed, sometimes they are used to force people to do things, for the benefit of others. At this point with the crap I have seen out here with abuse of power, I say his land, his cars.
  10. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Your post made me laugh I got bid jumped on this Auburn in Hershey. It seems we have the same taste in classic cars. 31-33 Auburn convertible sedans are one of the best looking open sedans ever made.
  11. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    36-37 Cords are stunning cars. I do like the looks of them with the pipes. When you look at the custom/street rod side of the world, trends are to clean up the car and smooth out odd shapes and body lines. Some of the Duesenbergs and Cords came that way from the factory. From a custom stand point you would not change a thing on the 36-37 Cords. Work of art from the beginning. Still on my wish list.
  12. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Did not know that, I am with auburnseeker. It look better with out anything there.
  13. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    He might have been there first. And then neighbors move in, and can not stand what is next door to the house that they just bought. People like this get hammered when other people want their property.
  14. Packard

    I have been lucky to own a few Packards. I have built and owned a lot of street rods and customs. My heart is on the customs side when it comes to building cars. But I do love the original cars from the late 20's-30's. Packards are one of the best. A big senior Packard has a presence just sitting there. I do think one of the things that hurt Packard, was not turning loose of the styling of the basic grill shape. I think it boxed them in a corner in the design of front ends, in the 40's-50's.