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  1. Xander Wildeisen

    Vintage V8

    You might be able to save that vacuum plug on the intake manifold.
  2. Xander Wildeisen

    Vintage V8

    Right behind that water cross over, is a flat spot on the block, just in front of the valley pan/cover. It should have a stamping on it, with a engine number.
  3. Xander Wildeisen

    In honor of Father’s Day

    Here is a picture of me and my dad, from about 10 years ago. (had black/white film in the camera) I just got back from a road trip. Went to KS to pick up my 49 Cad. And was in the middle of vacuuming out half eaten acorns. Something was living in the car, and loved to pack in acorns, and eat just half, maybe the other half was being saved for the Y2K Apocalypse.
  4. Xander Wildeisen

    Saw this following me around today

    Are you close to Jacksonville? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1957-Ford-Fairlane/232800457873?hash=item3633fd1491:g:DOIAAOSwlgNbHGo2&vxp=mtr
  5. Xander Wildeisen

    Saw this following me around today

    VL2 might not have had a chance to tell you, but she wanted the car to be brought out here. Where I can exercise the car for her. Her new work load is keeping her very busy. It is the best thing to do for the car.
  6. Xander Wildeisen

    Auburn and Lycoming engines

  7. Xander Wildeisen

    1930 Hupmobile

  8. Xander Wildeisen

    She calls GM ~ 😂

  9. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    You can all do me a big favor, and contact your local NBC,ABC and CBS stations, and ask them to tell the story about what happened in Star Idaho. Also, is there a Wayne Cadman on this forum?
  10. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Or young car builders/restorers who struggle with a business, and older customers use the car product as a way to string along a business. In order to drive the business into the ground, or force the business owner into shady stuff.
  11. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    If the authorities out here would look into what you are talking about Bernie, they would be the ones getting the hooks in the real problems with this hobby/industry/trade.
  12. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    My comment was posted to throw humor at the fact that people trying to buy/sell cars are hit with crap like that all the time. The video I posted was to throw some humor into the back and forth that was getting a little testy between people trying to explain different opinions coming from different views/angles. If you post a wanted ad, or list a car for sale. A person will get hit with a lot of bogus crap, so not knowing the level of the OP's knowledge of buying/selling cars. All of these comments/posts by people do help, when you look at things from different angles. The combined posts/knowledge of people on this forum do a great job in explaining different things about a subject, or a question a person might have. You just have to be able to step back and think about what people are saying with their comments. I think the OP has gotten an incredible amount of different thoughts and opinions on his original question, you want conflicting opinions, it makes you think. I do not think a person would get very far on this forum/club trying to rip off, or take advantage of old car folks. It would get called out pretty fast.
  13. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    This one is on craigslist in the Portland OR area. I have had my eye on it for awhile. Great cars, beautiful styling, good one to compare to the ebay listing you have posted. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/d/1941-buick-super-coupe/6555700682.html
  14. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Your car is worth $6,000-$8,000. I am in the market for a car like this, and I will pay you $12,000. I just need to send you $50,000 in a bank check, and then you send me back the change. It has to be done this way, because I am the King of a different country. And I am looking to move all of my money to your country of USA. Please let me know if this interests you. But you need to act fast.
  15. Xander Wildeisen

    Pre war cars insane prices