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  1. If a person has the money to play with. 53 Skylarks are a safe place to park your money if bought right.
  2. I will not debate the condition of the car, you have seen it, I have not. But it is a 53 Skylark, and I stand by my statement, if bought right. A person would be able to get their money back. Bad paint or not, that is driving in style. Hard to say that you are having a bad day, if behind the wheel of that car.
  3. Growing up in Idaho, I have seen my share of cars/trucks pieced together. A lot of sedans around here were cut in half, to make a flat bed out of them for hauling hay bails in the fields. I know a few well to do people around here, that have a junker that takes the abuse.
  4. A 53 Skylark is one of the best looking cars built in the 50's. A person would not be hanging their head in shame driving that one around just the way it is. If in a persons price range, what a great car to drive and enjoy for a few years. If bought right, you could get your money back.
  5. When looking at the two top pictures, I noticed that the street sign in the bottom picture has not been blacked out. And now that I know where that picture was taken, I am going to go to that intersection.
  6. I love Belgium beer.
  7. It does, I was surprised when looking it over close. The front step on the bed fit the curve of the cab, and lined up with the body line, on the lower portion of the door. But again, tough look to pull off with an older cab.
  8. I just did some work on this truck. It has a newer bed on it. I think this bed flows pretty good with the older cab. Some of the blending of old and new, can look good. It does get harder when the truck cab is from the 30's-50's
  9. If the factory would of had the product, they would of put it in, and bragged about the "comfort quite sound control" that they invented. Would you build seats like they used to, knowing that mice will make nests out of them in the future?
  10. How about just buying a NOS one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1939-1940-CHEVROLET-PONTIAC-OLDS-BUICK-NOS-TRUNK-LID-SUPPORT-SEDAN-MODELS-/252852532297?hash=item3adf2f7449:g:Ef0AAOSwdGFYwWwK&vxp=mtr
  11. Can you keep the pieces you have , drill and tap the center of the shoulder bolt. Use a fine thread screw with a washer on the other side.
  12. Shots of a 1959 Chevrolet Truck that had the same treatment. A must do on any build/restoration.
  13. Now that made me laugh. To,too two funny.
  14. Where I live you do not have to worry about moisture getting trapped behind/under anything, we are a high desert here. And if installed correct, do not think in would matter anywhere. You do want to measure/cut and test fit the piece before pealing off the backing paper. Once placed down, it really sticks. I install it on every surface inside, that has an exterior surface on the other side. You can really tell the difference on a car with a product like rattle trap/Dynamat. A must do in the build process, IMO.
  15. http://www.fatmat.com/shop/rattletrap-6563