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  1. ReChrome Advise Needed

    If building a car that does not have a good/high finished value. A person can save a lot of money by looking into powder coating the parts. There are some really nice powder coating finishes that would look very nice on a finished car. You can do it yourself, and use the oven in your house. Parts will look good, and the wife/girlfriend will be pissed!! NO nookie for you!!
  2. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    First video says 48 cars. Next video shows the cars. $4,000,000 divided by 48 = $83,333 I think it will be tough to get that number out of a lot of those Hudson's.
  3. Retired #oldcarprincess

    What! You are breaking up/leaving us. And doing it in an email, I thought we had something special. Glad to hear about the new job. You can never have a bad day at work if you are able to see that Skyliner sitting in the parking lot waiting for you to jump in and go for a drive. And what a conversation piece. I am happy that things are going in your direction.
  4. Lottery winnings

    I guess all that talk about saving the Hudson Museum made for a good conservation.
  5. Uber Tempe Crash Timeline??

    I will be the one driving my old cars.
  6. I.D. help needed. Convertible top header.

    It is the same as the one on my 49 Cad and a 50 Olds 98 that I had. Both of them did not have the round spot on the front edge. That might be for an antenna?
  7. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    Everyone wants three window coupes, A vintage pickup is a three window coupe. With a large open trunk. Classic trucks/pickups are one of the best buy ins for young people. The truck can be put into service during the week, and taken out for a beer on the weekend. Everyone loves old pickups, and they are not judged by people if they have a few dents. That shows that they went to work.
  8. supercharged Cord

    I have seen a supercharged Cord in the thrush brown, I liked it. Thought it gave the car a cool look. They are just good looking cars in any color.
  9. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    One thing that has really changed over the years is interest in classic/collector cars around the world. This has driven up prices and a lot of cars have been shipped around the world. I look at online sites every day, and there are good buys on cars everywhere. Vintage trucks are all over the place out here, and are some of the best buys, to jump into the classic car/truck scene. Classic/collector cars are not going anywhere, especially on the custom side. As long as there are individual forms of transportation, you will have people who will want to personalize/customize those forms of transportation. That can even be done with restorations when it comes to wheels/tires, paint colors and interiors. The biggest thing a person can do to cut down the cost, is to learn how to do the work yourself. You can really do a lot of things with just basic tools. I bet if a thread was started that focused on a price range, say $8000-12,000 dollars. And people just posted links to cars/trucks for sale in that price range, you would see that there are some good buys out there, and a lot to chose from. A price range of 18,000-25,000 dollars, a person can step into just about every brand of car. It all comes down to a choice, if you are driving a 2011 whatever? that cost you 18-25k to buy. You made a choice to buy that. You can drive an old car every day, they were driven every day when they were new. It is a choice/lifestyle. I doubt you could find someone out here more devoted to classic cars, and trying to point out the problems with in the hobby/industry/trade then me. I have devoted most of my life to the cars, and in a strange way, I have paid a very large price for that. I will always have a vintage car of some kind, driving down the road is just better when you are behind the wheel of a vintage/classic/collector car.
  10. Reflections at 30: The Future of the Car Hobby

    We all know that there are going to be old cars in the future.
  11. 1931 Buick Country Club Coupe

    I thought you were my back up on operation 31 Buick. Echo, Charlie auburnseeker
  12. 1931 Buick Country Club Coupe

    Love the Green Zone look around the car. I think I will bring my tactical gear when I go and look at the car.
  13. Boy, do I want this....

    I am looking for a unique solid ride with a mahagoney body. https://danville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1930-model-ford-woody-rat-rod/6531164964.html