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  1. I do have to laugh at some of this, we all know it takes skill to do this work as a business or a hobby. And the cost involved can add up fast. But you have no idea who is behind that post and pictures. As far as me building the upper end stuff, I sit here and laugh. On other posts I have stated that people tried to collapse my business. Not a joke. A big play to push a business into the tank. If a person did not catch the play by others to lock me up through terms and conditions, and pulling all the work from me, it was done to get me to bite. Two worlds crashed together at the same time. Stood up and caught this city pulling a fast one, stuck a fork in shady stuff, only to find out that people set up my business in a very large scam. And I still sit here and wonder how long people can continue to turn a blind eye to/too/two the whole thing. Turning out cars faster than any other shop, it rocks the price fixed boat around here. If your business is in the county and you are going to be annexed in the city. People will come after you, try to make you think you are part of something. Crush you, or own you. Then off into the wait arms of a city. This State got caught, and not much interest in looking into it. This is a great trade/hobby, around here it is locked down and controlled. Maybe SEMA or a group like that might talk about some of this behind the scenes stuff, and make it a better car scene for the youth. Picking winners and losers based on who is owned, does not drive a industry. I have seen a few of the pictures you have posted FJ, you do good work. I think a lot of people on this site do good work. But all of this talk about getting people involved in the hobby/trade/industry is just talk, if you are not wanting to have an honest conversation about what goes on. Small businesses around here are sacked. Be careful with just the word of mouth for your work flow. It can be a way people pin you down and string along a business, so you can not climb a ladder. Just enough work to keep you busy. There is a national news story sitting here in this little city, on many levels.
  2. Ouch, harsh words for the new guy. I guess I will just bounce back over to the topic "how to get more young people involved" That car can be saved with very little work. Even if a person does not have a lot of skill. It looks to be solid enough that it could be put on the road. Great car for a custom build. The Hudson truck that I just finished was pulled from a Hog farm in Harper KS. It was not as nice as the coupe pictured above. A person should always look at what something could be, it is the only way we hold on to hope for this country.
  3. Cool project, a clean slate to do what ever you want. I would put the value at $5,500. When looking at the pictures it is clear it was not stripped to bare metal before primer. the fixes that are needed will be easy to do, you just need to blast it down to bare metal first to see the extent of the rust. Parts are out there, that would be a nice mild engine for a stock steering/braking system. To move forward with body work/paint would be a mistake, when you can tell someone sprayed right over a rusted body. Body/panels need to be stripped and cleaned.
  4. Running boards and a hood can all be found. 37 Hudsons/terraplanes are a great looking car. Comments about the Jet motor are true. It is not a valuable project, if complete you would be in the range of 4,500-7,500 dollars. That is for a complete project, not hacked up. Price would have a lot to do with where in the country you are selling it. Solid cars in rusty States are gold. Way to many factors to put a price on it, with out seeing pictures. But they make good looking customs/street rods.
  5. I think another big problem that a young person is faced with, is finding a person/shop that does not take them for a financial ride. When their car is sitting parked in the shop.
  6. You can not go wrong with an old truck/pickup. Can be bought in all price ranges.
  7. Just have to make it cool, you do not want to be the typewriter, or the record.
  8. The pictures showing the PA bus I took when I was there looking at a 37 Terraplane Coupe body. I think that Coupe body made its way into MT. If stories grow over time, why would a person think that a bus from Yellowstone would have any great value? Why not say it was used in Hollywood or something. I do think his story was true, he said it was the only one, I see no reason for him to lie. Does anyone have a picture of a PA bus like the one pictured above?
  9. I do not agree with the line saying "rather than a statement of who you are" The custom scene with the youth on newer cars is very large. You just have to make owning/driving an old car cool.
  10. I did not read the links above, but IMO some of these shops are allowed to stay in business. I hope a conversation about things like this can take place around here. A lot of talented guys/shops have been destroyed by what is allowed to go on behind the scenes. A system of hitting shops with problems to bog them down, and to start charging the customer for problems that they should not have to pay for. Sends a shop down a road over time. It is not "free will" it is a form of entrapment. And it is crushing a trade/industry, this place needs to cut loose of it's old school out look of. you are going to fall in line and be owned, or you are going out.
  11. I still think the AACA would do it's self a big favor to advertise the swap meet in the custom/street rod/hot rod world. Do your vendors care if the rusty fender goes on a restored car or a custom? Or do they care about parts being used to get a car on the road. Getting more people to the swap meet, will increase interest in your club and what you stand for. The show field is a site to see. Even if you are into customs/street rods, seeing all of those restored cars in one place is an amazing site. And would pull in some people to the restored side. It might also get people thinking about bringing their parts to the meet to sell as well. I always try to sell original parts from the cars that get modified. You might be surprised what parts some of these custom/street rod guys/gals have laying around.
  12. If some of you have 2-3-4-5 cars. And if you were to go out of town. Would you ask a friend or a neighbor to watch your house and check on things while you are gone? If so , you are trusting that person with all of your stuff. So if you have a local car show, and you decide to drive your 1934 ______. Why would you not ask one of your neighbors/friends to drive your other car/cars. I do understand the insurance end of covered drivers. I will pick up cars from a customer to work on in my enclosed trailer. When the work is done, I ask a neighbor if they would like to drive it back to the customers house. I follow in the return car. Will this neighbor ever buy an old car? No, but they can talk about driving a 1950 Oldsmobile, 1951 Hudson, 1937 Buick.
  13. Here is an old Yellowstone tour bus. This is from my pictures going back to 1995. Maybe someone knows what happened to this? It was in Spokane WA. The guy restored/made bike badges. Did great work, still have pictures of the tags he made. He said this was the only bus made like this, and it was for tours in Yellowstone.
  14. In some cases, listed values, are different from market values. Old Car Price Guide seems to be way off on some of their numbers. I have not bought one for a few years, maybe they have gotten better.
  15. Please do not take my post wrong, not slamming the seller. Just thought it was sad to see one of the great Chrysler 300's rot.