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  1. The UK, and other countries, to ban ICE engines.

    I think values of classic/collector cars will be impacted based on the reason a person collects them. If a person has a large collection that is displayed, and not driven. The values will not change much. If a person buys a classic/collector car for the purpose of putting it into service. Then the value will change. Who would buy a car that you could not drive. People will always buy/collect anything that has interest/value. To the plus side, maybe some great American classics will be shipped back here.
  2. Desperately need help with this part..Chevy Truck

    It looks like the whole thing would be very easy to fabricate.
  3. A great opportunity or a seller looking for some suckers?

    The Kinks, was the one that got me. All of them were recorded before I was born. Most are still played on the radio.
  4. strange situation

    Are you 100% sure that they are the owners of the car?
  5. Educated Guess as to Year - Make - Model ?

    Not bad, I agree with Auburnseeker on the top irons. Could be brought up to custom speed with a few little changes. The headlight stands do give the appearance that they have fallen over.
  6. Member with Bad Reputation

    Now you have 6, 61-63
  7. How old was your car when you bought it?

    The four that I have now. 1947 Hudson truck, 1947 Hudson convertible, 1949 Cadillac convertible, 1954 Jaguar XK120 Roadster. All about 55-60ish years old when bought. Oldest car I have owned, a 1928 Hudson Super 6 Coupe.
  8. Member with Bad Reputation

  9. Have you seen one?

  10. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    I have not been to SEMA, so I might be saying what is all ready done. But getting some of the big full senior classics in front of the young custom builders will get more of the younger people to see the other side of the car world. Plus it will show case the skill and talent on the restoration side. You would also see styling Q's from the classics move over to the custom scene. All of the top custom cars right now seem to be a throw back to early styling. I wonder why? You also have to start (slowly if it has to be) talking about some of the problems that do go on in this hobby/industry/trade. Who wants to start a business and get hammered just because you are trying to earn a living in the car world. Lots of good around here would come from the custom/classic car scene cleaning it's self up a bit. Crazy what goes on, it does more harm in the side effects than it could ever help drive a industry forward. There is a reason that cars are painted different colors.
  11. Saw this poor 1964 Dodge Dart convertible today....

    When looking at the damage on the back of the car. It does not look like it was loaded up with body filler. Looks to be a nice solid convertible, it can be fixed.
  12. Photobucket

    Not sure if it is that way on youtube? Anything in your phone is most likely not yours anymore. I recall the good old days when you where just told not to remove the mattress tag under penalty of law.
  13. Photobucket

    May sound strange, in some cases you might not own the rights to your pictures anymore.
  14. Needed

    Hudson was the same from 51-53. Just different parking lights
  15. I'd buy it, but it's too far away......

    Not getting off topic, the story in the ACD newsletter says that a unrestored Duesenberg in fair condition would cost $50,000, and restored it jumps up to $250,000. I am guessing that this is a misprint.