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  1. Xander Wildeisen

    How not to ship vintage car literature

    Wait till you see your fender lights. Just kidding.
  2. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Is that how the steering wheels got on the other side on some cars?
  3. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I am guessing that custom body was 100% done? Wood/metal/paint/windshield frames/chrome/interior/wiring/glass/weather stripping/gauges. All for that 8-10 number
  4. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    $10,000 for a custom body, and all the workers/suppliers/factory all made money/earned a living. And you can drop $10,000 now at the chrome shop for your 1948 Windsor
  5. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    So what would have this car have sold for brand new in 1937? If it was for sale in 1948 for $2,200, What is the % of drop in value? Just wondering if cars today are dropping at the same % rate?
  6. Xander Wildeisen

    1932 Coupe

  7. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Who made this body? Stunning car.
  8. Xander Wildeisen

    40 Plymouth sedan delivery street rod

    On the Hudson's you have to use Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Monty Carlo or Chevrolet El Camino. To get the right track width. 1979-1987 I think are the years if I remember correct?
  9. We have a lot of smoke out here, plus it was 110 degrees yesterday. I saw about five old cars today driving around. Muscle cars, to British cars. I know that there were some car shows going on around town. I would need a dash cam to compete with Keiser31 and VL2.
  10. Xander Wildeisen

    Just drill a hole and mount

  11. Xander Wildeisen

    Dad and some of his cars

    I knew there was a reason I liked him.
  12. Xander Wildeisen

    Dad and some of his cars

    this looks like a 1949 Hudson, based on trim and door handles.
  13. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    My search of the couch cushions has not raised enough funds for me to bid. I keep going back and looking, like going to the fridge every hour, thinking that some new tasty food had appeared, that was not there last time. It is hot out here right now, and I have to pull weeds and mow the grass, that's my duesy.
  14. Xander Wildeisen

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I have never had an old guy tap on a car. I have had one say "it's about time you know what is going on" I had another person say " it will be interesting to see what you do" And another one said "you just keep going don't you" and another one said "nobody wants to see you go through this". Some not so old guys said " if you want to build cars for our kids, then things can happen" I had a retired police officer stand in my shop and say " their going to make a star out of you, you just need to find an angle" That was a strange thing to say at the time. One would think that a person would receive recognition for what they did, and uncovered. My guess is, it was said so a person would go off and think up some dumb a*s idea as to why you should be special. Side track a person, so others can take credit for what was done. I heard a law suit might becoming, I would think when people go on a fact finding mission, to find answers to what happened. Some interesting things might start to surface. I had a retired elected sheriff tell me I should call the FBI and the ACLU for my own safety. The ACLU in Idaho is a P.O. Box. That one made me laugh, there is no calling the ACLU in Idaho. Maybe enough time will go by, where statute of limitations will pass, and an honest story will be told. That seems to be the reason some people get away with crap. They get saved from what should happen to them, because of who they are. Well if there is no penalty hanging over their head, maybe the truth can come out. No pizza eating to this story Bernie, but there are some greasy fingers. Speaking of fingers, maybe we can have a conservation about pointing fingers. Looks like a nice day to go for a drive in the Hudson.
  15. Xander Wildeisen

    1954 chrysler armrest removal

    Pull up the material from the center pull/cup. Two mounting screws should be in there.