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  1. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    That one would be very top heavy. Owner might have been looking for some thing to strap down the hay with. Good use for a tri-5
  2. https://klamath.craigslist.org/cto/d/55-chevy-bel-air/6458814362.html
  3. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    I bought the last cordless flashlight.
  4. What are some of the stupid things you've seen drivers do?

    The new marijuana laws should cut down on some of what you guys are talking about. I guess a person could still get distracted reaching for their 44oz cotton mouth killer, or their bag of chips.
  5. Carb Kit

    Looking for a Carb Kit for a 1956 Chrysler New Yorker 354 Hemi. Does anyone on here sell them?
  6. Bugatti-ish?

    I did reread it. How did you know that? Maybe just talking to the rat rodders has allowed some of their mind reading abilities to cross over to you. This is getting very strange. I hope my Hudson convertible is not a rat rod. I do not want to know what some of the people around here are thinking.
  7. What are some of the stupid things you've seen drivers do?

    What cracks me up about that youtube clip, is what song people are listening to in the car. Makes you wonder if they are rocking out and not paying attention.
  8. Do good pictures help a sale?

  9. Bugatti-ish?

    That is pretty wild Bernie, I never gave much thought to rat rodders slowly putting down the rest of the car scene with their builds. And at the same time all engaging in a mind control operation. Who are these rat rodders? What do they really want? Are we all in danger? Crazy, so much to deal with every day. And now this!
  10. Bugatti-ish?

    Some may think I am crazy, you can see some classic styling in the car. I think the custom car world always leans in the direction of the classic era. Lots of high end customs pull in styling Q's from upper end classics. We just need to see if we can get 28 Chrysler to do a test drive.
  11. 1936 Cord

    I could crank out a car pretty quick out of those two cars. Timing is just very bad right now.
  12. 1936 Cord

    then I would not need a Cord. I would all ready have one.
  13. 1936 Cord

    you got the right string, but the wrong yo-yo
  14. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    To,too,two funny.