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  1. Too Much Time On My Hands

    Zap Mobile is a computer company in London. They seem to be doing fine.
  2. Front wheels are on, just started the wiring.
  3. Just a bath might bring back that Packard.
  4. Getting Kids Involved...Show Everyone Your Success Story!

    Great picture. That is the size a person needs to be, to sit in one of those.
  5. I have been doing this long enough to remember when a person would buy a book/magazine to flip to the parts for sale. And then pay a large phone bill trying to track down a tail light bezel that should be about $15-20 dollars. The internet has been the best thing for restorers/builders/hobby. Being able to text a picture of a part for sale has also put a dent in the old saying "yea, it is in good shape", Or better yet "no, it does not have any rust on it". Lots of ways to search for parts, I would think it would be tough to start up something and get a chunk of the market. Not sure what a persons start up costs would be. Watch out for the intellectual rights, if you go down that road.
  6. Garage & Car Barn Thread

  7. Buick ID/vin tag

    It is not my car. Just went to look at the car, owner is thinking about a restoration on the car. He had some questions on cost involved. It looks to be a nice solid car to start with. But when the owner weighs purchase price, plus cost of restoration. A person then is faced with a few choices. The 53 Skylark has a high finished value, but that value is only reached by quality of the finished product. And the only way to get the quality is by putting money in the project. I know what it costs to restore /build a car. But I am guessing that some things cost more just because it is a Skylark. To me, it is a 53 Buick, if all the Skylark stuff is there. I do not think the owner would mind me putting up pictures of the car, I will email him a link to this post, so he can see the info on the body number plate, and any helpful comments/information/help, people can give him if he decides to move forward with the project. What other tags/numbers, would be on the car to make sure it is a complete real deal car. (numbers matching) a person would want to know before making the choice to move forward with the project? I have sent the owner a text, asking if he minds me posting pictures of his car.
  8. Buick ID/vin tag

    Thank you for the reply/information on the BODY BY FISHER NUMBER PLATE. I sent you a PM on the car.
  9. Buick ID/vin tag

    Can someone decode this Vin tag, and let me know what it has to say. And was this tag held on with two screws from the factory?
  10. Show me your Foliage!

    Going through some pictures and found some more fall shots of a car you guys/gals will like.
  11. Show me your Foliage!

    No, it was sold in late 2009, can not remember the sale date. I have a lot of pictures of all the cars that I have owned. Most of the pictures have the dates on them. So that is how I know when I bought/sold them. I have always liked 55 Desotos, a person can find good buys on 55-56 Desotos. Great entry car for a person wanting to get into old cars for not a lot of money. Very over looked IMO.
  12. Show me your Foliage!

    That is taxing the brain. That car was bought off of ebay in the spring/summer of 2009. The owner lived in a manufactured home/housing neighborhood. The car sat under a car port. He had owned the car for a long time, had work done on it, and never got it back on the road. Seats needed to be redone, and some of the trim was not on the car. Bought it in non running condition. Might be able to go through me ebay feedback, and get you an ebay name, if that helps? A lot has gone on out here since the purchase of the Desoto.
  13. For Sale Austin Healey Gold Plated $550,000

    That car is like wet paint, TACKY.
  14. Visionary?

    OUCH! ragtop4two, the though of ever building a rat rod has left my head, if that is what will happen.
  15. Duesenberg Concept

    Here is your chance for a Stutz. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1980-Other-Makes-1980-Stutz-IV-Porte-4DR/172956291893?hash=item2844ff9335:g:-JAAAOSwHNxZ94UP&vxp=mtr