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  1. We hope to have a link soon which will provide photos of the vehicles displayed at the AACA Western Spring Meet - Palm Springs, California. The display is being assembled by Paul Wenzel, brother of Meet Chair Frank Wenzel.
  2. AB-Buff, We are in California now for the AACA Western Spring Meet hosted by the Palm Springs Region - and they are doing a great job. We drove 1900 miles from New Orleans in our 1954 Cadillac convertible, and will show it in Driver Participation Class (DPC). The same car will be driven from here to Tuolumne (Sonora) for the Western Division Tour. Our return trip route and timing depends on my therapy for the torn rotator cuff. If we have time, we'll cruise the Caddy up through Portland and Seattle to Vancouver Island, drive the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and head to the AACA Meets in Auburn, Indiana and Huntington, West Virginia - and then we will already be near Gettysburg for the AACA Founders Tour. Driving is where it's at !
  3. I agree with Tinindian - Having driven extensively with our (former) 1912 Oakland and 1914 Buick B-37, you don't gradually slip a cone clutch. Get it to where it starts to engage and let it out all the way with out serious acceleration for the moment, then accelerate as it becomes fully engaged. It won't take too long for you to become comfortable with the procedure, and then it will become second nature. You may not really need the Neatsfoot Oil, but in any case don't overdo it
  4. Thanks Trim, we enjoyed the company as well - sorry you were a few days too early, but now they are giving tours, and also rides on the newly restored PT305 - THREE V-12 PACKARD ENGINES - that boat will really "git-er-done" The AACA Meet here in Palm Springs looks to have several very important cars among the 120 or so registered: 1913 Stephens-Duryea 1903 Tomas Model 18 1921 Duesenberg Dual Cowl Phaeton 1930 Auburn 8-125 Conv Sedan 1942 Harley-Davidson 42WL 1942 Harley-Davidson 42WLA 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840A 1953 Nash-Healey
  5. We arrived Tuesday evening - DROVE the 1954 Cadillac convertible from New Orleans with excellent weather all the way. The Palm Springs Region - AACA - has planned a great Western Meet, and Saturday's weather should be perfect: Thursday - Meet & Greet and Garage Tour of a Private Collection, and the Palm Springs Village Fest along Palm Canyon Drive Friday - Palm Springs Air Museum Tour - 745 N. Gene Autry Trail, and then Open House at the VanWenzel Collection - a MUST SEE !! Saturday - Judges Breakfast - Manhattan in the Desert Restaurant - 2665 E. Palm canyon Western Spring Meet - Sunrise park - Sunrise way & Ramon Road Social Hour & Awards Banquet - Saguaro Hotel - 1800 E. Palm Canyon
  6. In addition to the map in the link Matt provided, here is a list of Regions and Chapters by U.S. State, Canada, Central America, and a list of our Non-Geographical Regions.
  7. I read, and then re-read Tom Cox's article a few hours later. It is very insightful, and a strong reminder that we are the hobby, and that we are responsible for the future of our hobby - for the continuation, growth, and success - or the lack of same. Was it the Pogo comic strip which commented "We have met the Enemy, and they are US"? In striving to be inclusive, we will gain not only numbers, but more importantly we will gain insight and an appreciation for alternate points of view. Our '88 BMW 528e may not be all that collectible yet, but eventually our ''94 and '95 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and '95 Mercury Grand Marquis may become "Tour-Drivers", or even HPOF/DPC examples with a personal history.
  8. Still in need of an excellent 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood FRONT BUMPER and Cornering Lights
  9. I'll take it, Sent you a PM
  10. OK - but still need to know the exact size lugnut the wrench fits - thanks
  11. We mailed in our application today, and made the host facility reservation at the Casino - Reasonable rates !! Expecting to drive our '54 Cadillac convertible (not trailered)
  12. Applications were mailed out - but cannot be returned prior to an April 1, 2017 Postmark. We are going to Gettysburg! I haven't missed a Founders tour yet, and this one should be outstanding.
  13. I remember seeing that car in B. B. Crump's collection in Baton Rouge. - Very impressive - If I recall, it was an engine driving a generator powering an electric motor?
  14. Sorry, but that was what I meant.. our 1930 Packard has an unusual sized chrome lugnut - wondering what very specific size lugnut(s) your lug wrench fits Possible in 16ths or even 32nds of an inch? Thank you for your followup - I am Interested
  15. Aw shucks fellers, you'll make us blush. Seriously, we DO enjoy meeting FORUM FOLK, both those who visit New Orleans, as well as when we travel - and we will be doing a lot of driving. This year we expect to drive to every AACA Meet and Tour. Philly and Ocala were excellent. Next on the list we will drive to Palm Springs, CA, and a month later will tour Sonoma. The AACA calendar will be our primary guide, only interrupted by doctor visits as we age faster than our cars. Looking forward to meeting more of you "On the Road" Marty & Dale