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  1. New owner of a 1958 Citroen 2CV Van

    When I didn't have a "CRANK HANDLE", I used a 14mm socket (worn-out) and a short 3/8" ratchet and short extension. It usually took only a quarter- to half-turn to get the Flat Twin 425cc started. Ours was a 1964 Belgian version which had a Double-ended Coil firing both cylinders at the same time - Simplicity personified ! We did have an electric windshield wiper motor, rather than the speedometer-driven version. One important thing would be to replace the rubber grommet which holds up the lower portion of the driver & passenger windows - otherwise the first bump you hit, you'll have the glass smash your elbow resting on the sill.
  2. Nos 1947 Cadillac vacuum antenna

    I sent you a message
  3. How Chance and Circumstance Changed The South: November 5-9, 2018, the 10th Sentimental Tour, with a focus on the Antebellum South, featuring Natchez and Vicksburg, Mississippi. For vehicles 1928 through 1958. Natchez, Vicksburg, Vidalia, The Natchez Trace, Native American Sites, Settler and Explorer Sites, Battlefields, MORE! For details, Contact Tour Chairman Charlie Froehlich at (601) 749-9935 Early Handout.pdf
  4. Radiator flush on my 1923 Buick

    Thanks Tinindian and Ben, I may have time to get the '37 out next week and will check various locations with the lazer pyro gun for comparison. That being said, I would still appreciate any thoughts per flushing with Sal Soda, Sodium Carbonate (not Bi-Carb), or with straight Distilled White Vinegar, all of which helped on the '15 Hudson. Of course on that car we had removed the freeze plugs and dug out lots of rust. If I simply use any and all of the above flushes, would any of them harm the seal on my water pump or other parts of the cooling system?
  5. Radiator flush on my 1923 Buick

    My '37 Roadmaster will run hot if caught in slow traffic, or when just idling. I believe that crud has packed up toward the rearmost cylinders during the car's earlier life. Will flushing with Sal Soda, Sodium Carbonate (not Bi-Carb), or with straight Distilled White Vinegar harm the seal on my water pump?
  6. Aux Electric Fuel Pump

    Curti, would you use the 2.5 to 4.5 , or the 5 to 8 psi if you were bypassing the mechanical fuel pump, say on a 320ci engine?
  7. What did Gatsby drive?

    Trying to make an impression - but not necessarily with the finesse needed? Maybe he should have had one of these?:
  8. Years ago my wife's red '66 Dodge Dart GT convertible was "T-Boned" by a 30-something dingbat bimbo who ran a stop sign with her brand new full-sized Buick. Irresponsibility isn't limited to age groups.

    Hi Bob, We are back home for the next week or so before heading out again - this time to the AACA Vintage Tour. Sure, by all means, PM or email me any time.
  10. ATC Open Trailer - Who Has One?

    I don't have one, but was thinking about finding one to replace my very heavy built all steel tilt-bed open pit style open trailer. Am also considering an additional enclosed trailer. Are you having problems with that model? I have heard some thoughts as to breaking welds.
  11. I must be a car magnet....

    Bill, click on you prior post, then go to the bottom and click on "edit", make your correction, and then go to the lower right and click on "save"
  12. Aux Electric Fuel Pump

    If you go to , you'll find a couple of 6-Volt Airtex products: E8011 runs at 5 - 8 psi E8902 runs 2.5 to 4.5 psi Both of the above units are supposed to be capable of 30 GPH - gallons per hour, and are reasonably priced. I also carry a spare pump and a spare filter. An electric fuel pump acts best as a "Pusher", not as a "Puller". As such, it should be mounted as low, and as close to the fuel tank as reasonable, preferably on the rear portion of the vehicle's frame. Be sure to install a filter between the tank and the pump. It is a good idea to use an in-line 6-Volt relay, as well as running the power through an Oil Pressure Switch so that the power feed will be disengaged in the event of a serious wreck, not pumping fuel into a potential fire situation. Many hobbyists ignore these considerations. AACA allows supplemental electric fuel pumps on pre-WWII vehicles without point deduction, assuming they appear to be installed in a professional manner. I have an electric fuel pump on each of my cars except for the 1915 Hudson which is gravity-fed. This is a way to prime the fuel system if a car has been laid-up for some time to minimize the time to "grind" the starter, but is a good way to push the fuel when vapor lock seems more prevalent, especially with today's fuels. I generally run the pump, cut it off, and then start the car. Later, if vapor lock acts up, I switch the pump on for a short time to clear the line and then shut it off.

    Congratulations - hope you and your wife have lots of enjoyment with this gem
  14. 1940 LaSalle Convertible Coupe on Bring-A-Trailer

    When I first saw the LaSalle early this morning on Bring-A-Trailer (they send me an email every day), I was impressed with the apparent quality of the car - and David is right about the interior. I believe that they were leather originally, as were most quality open GM cars of the era. If I didn't already have my 1941 Cadillac cabriolet, and could live with the color (not my favorite as I prefer something more like what Buick called Sequoiah Cream), I might even have been tempted to bid. This site also seems to have a significant number of Citroen aficionados - myself included - and I know that my wife would welcome a D-Series Chapron convertible but they seem priced into unobtanium. These days I'd have to give up some special stuff to afford to buy back the SM 5-speed, the 2-CV, or the DS-21 Stationwagon I swapped to David so many years ago
  15. Daily Video Vlog from the Nationals

    Looking forward to your daily videos - thank you.