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  1. Thanks David, I've bought from him before, and currently have a good one on my car - and likely a complete spare distributor - but I want to carry a ( more moderately priced) spare prior to driving the "progressive " Vintage Tour in July - and would hope someone might be aware of a comparable modern replacement - and for less than $95 plus shipping.
  2. Can anyone tell me what generally and currently available distributor rotor will fit a 1930 Packard 733 (320 ci straight Eight)? Thank You, Marty
  3. Can anyone tell me what generally and currently available distributor rotor will fit a 1930 Packard 733 (320 ci straight Eight)? Thank You, Marty
  5. (Someone told me that the Landau was originally built for Howard Hughes, but I have not seen any documentation, and will look into it - but do not assume anything). I'll have to see what I can dig up. This was a comment made to me by another person at the collection last Saturday, and I should not have included it. I will edit that portion unless and until I can get some good documentation. Thanks for the note.
  6. Another visit to Henry Shane Museum in Metairie, Louisiana - less than one mile from home. In addition to the 1958 Century convertible, Mr. Shane aquired Bob Coker's Buick Landau. We visited on Saturday when the museum was open to the CCCA CARavan which drove their Full Classics from St. Louis, MO to Metairie, LA. After the museum visit, the group enjoyed a buffet at Andrea's Restaurant, and planned to visit the WWII Museum and Mardi Gras World the next day.
  7. Art was a very generous, and truly caring gentleman. Condolences to Arlene and all their family from Dale and me. Just one simple example - Art made signs designating the Judging Classes to be used at AACA National Meets, and offered them freely to any and all Regions/Chapters who hosted an event. We would carry them from one Meet to the next, sharing the way Art intended. Art will certainly be missed.
  8. Check with Doug Seybold in Westlake, Ohio. He can get you the right cylinder,and will rebuild it properly. 440-835-1193
  9. He is faking the reading so Joyce doesn't catch him noticing the passing scenic view?
  10. Agree with Edinmass - but check for tracking on your distributor cap for arcing or crack (inside or out), or try your spare cap before opening the engine. The potential for Cross-Fire may begin there ! Yes, Timing Chains DO jump: 1954 Ford 6-Cylinder 1966 Pontiac (gift from friend in Richmond, VA - chain stretched so much that it "looped" over the upper gear and wore a hole in the front cover/water pump housing, allowing water into the oil. 1969 Tempest with the Pontiac (not Chevy) 350ci engine - chain "Jumped" at 80,xxx miles - Fiber Timing Gear was the cause. Fiber gear was used as far back as the 'teens/'20s as a method of quieting the engine, compared to metal gear
  11. Diane, it would probably be helpful to potential buyers to know your location / the location of the wheels - with regard to determining shipping expense (or possible pick-up). Good luck with your sale - and you may also want to place this ad farther down on the Buick Pre-War FORUM. As a 1937 Buick Roadmaster owner/driver, many of us tend to go there first.
  12. Registered and looking forward to the tour - having driven EVERY previous Founders Tour. Thank you Howard & Chris, and all of your team for hosting this event. We'll be driving the same Caddy we drove to Palm Springs, CA last month, and last week on the AACA Western Divisional Tour in Tuolumne, California - and then to Portland/Vancouver to drive the Columbia River Gorge. Now we are planning our return trip, either via the Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver, BC to London, Ontario via Banff Park, or choose the American Rockies and head cross-country
  13. Right you are, Mark. That base was used as a dance floor, but my favorite partner was probably in the Gift Shop...
  14. Just saw your post - Dan is correct !
  15. We have driven the first 2 days of the tour so far, and the roads are spectacular - as is the hospitality