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  1. 1912 Mitchell Model 5-6 Touring Convertible!

    Wow, Andrew, this is probably one of the most lovely cars I've seen you offer. ... wish I had an extra pile of cash just lying around, and the garage space for the Mitchell.
  2. 2009 Suburban 2500 advice

    I agree with the need for a Suburban with the DuraMax Diesel and the Allison Tranny, but recently became aware that GM no longer produces a 2500 Series Suburban/Yukon-XL ! Can the 1500 Suburban support what we need with a 12,000 payload trailer?
  3. Looking For Help Cheering Up Grandparents

    I emailed a lady whose father had a car identical to mine. They have sold it to a gentleman who maintained it for them, and she will contact him to see if he is available. I will PM you
  4. Looking For Help Cheering Up Grandparents

    I sent a note to a former FORUM member with a black 1937 Buick convertible sedan in Maryland. Hopefully you may get a response. Sorry I'm so far away, or I'd be there with my car
  5. Part time collection help, Southern Florida.

    If not for ongoing family and club responsibilities .... sorry, Ed

    Thanks John, but unfortunately our camera malfunctioned and lost almost all of the photos. We have just a few cell phone pics along the way, but really loved driving the PCH as well as the Columbia River Gorge. yOU CAN SEE mUSCLE bEACH AND THE sANTA mONICA pIER IN THE BACKGROUND (Oops - sorry for the Caps lock) in the Numbered pics. The photo in the mountains was en route during the AACA Region-sponsored Sonora/Yosemite week-long tour
  7. Hudson museum auction

    David, Your comments are "Right On The Money" ! What a shame...
  8. Hudson museum auction

    I have the sister car to Eldon's 1915 Hudson SIX-40, purchased some time after he showed me the picture of his.
  9. Not one, but two events Saturday for Fiorello's 1937 Roadmaster 80C Phaeton. The New Orleans All-Club Picnic had great folks, great food, and of course our cars, including Gene Lee's immaculate 1949 Special Torpedo and our 80C. Later Saturday night the Buick and I had the honor of transporting Katie Guillory and Davis Van Meter, an HCCA/CCCA Bride and Groom and absolutely delightful couple, through the French Quarter from their reception at Pat O's on the River (across from Jackson Square), taking them to their hotel. I've learned that Davis is a 3rd generation Antique Car Guy, and that, from her first old car tour, Katie is a Tour enthusiast, as well.
  10. Jay Leno Ticket up to $14,000

    Yes, My wife and I were invited to visit a couple of years ago. We drove out from Louisiana in our red '88 Corvette, spent a week on a VMCCA Western National Tour in Show-Low, Arizona, and continued to Burbank. We were able to spend a full day enjoying Mr Leno's hospitality, his collection, and the amazing quantity and quality of it all. Jay Leno is a very welcoming and gracious person - a true "Car-Guy", with the ability to make you feel comfortable. Our shared interest in Citroen is something I'll continue to appreciate. The immensity of his collection, while notable, is supplemented by his personal generousity - a time we will long-remember. ... and he is an AACA Member ! Thank you, Jay !

    We drove by there last May after visiting with Mark Shaw and Joe Block. It was a total trip of 10,000 miles in 3 months , but not in our Buick - we drove our '54 Cadillac convertible. Multnomah Falls is an amazing thing to see! TEN THOUSAND MILES IN THE 1954 CADILLAC.doc
  12. Retired #oldcarprincess

    Congratulations on your appointment, and best of success in the career. Safe travels, but come back and join us as time permits.
  13. what is year, make, model?

    '39 Pontiac Eight? The grill appears more Pontiac than Buick to me Here is a photo of a '39 Pontiac Eight:
  14. Lloyd Young Estate Auction of Cars

    I knew both Lloyd and Shirley well, had visited several times, and enjoyed touring with them. Shirley was probably more the force in accumulating the collections. Her collection of taillights is amazing - especially when the darkened barn's end rafter lights up in so many varied red shapes. Her collection of tire pumps is beyond description, and even more so is the collection of Spare Tire Locks. Of course Lloyd's mechanical expertise was a blessing to the hobby, and his dedication to restoring and installing Overdrive units has saved thousands of "REVS" for our vintage engines over the years. I always enjoyed lunch with Lloyd at the little bar a few blocks from their home. Hopefully I'll be able to attend the auction, even 'tho I am out of garage space.

    Isn't that from the Movie "MILDRED PIERCE" ?