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  1. Marty Roth

    Amusing vehicle advertisement

    When you argue with a .......
  2. Marty Roth

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    This is reasonable, but only if the battery is in an accessible location- In many of our older cars the battery is: - beneath the front seat - under a floorboard - buried deep within the engine compartment - mounted in an external box, the cover of which is secured by Straight-Tip-headed bolts So in many cases, having an Good Quality external switch, capable of carrying the electrical load required by the starter, makes sense - especially if the battery terminal is relatively inaccessible, as is the case with so many of our older cars- ... and as Mark Shaw noted, this way the battery is isolated from the rest of the electrical system so that a battery maintainer can be used effectively for long-term storage. Fortunately, in this part of the country we rarely have to store our cars since we drive them all year long, but many of you do store your cars for months at a time.
  3. Marty Roth

    Post # 1929 - Gotta talk about the '29 McLaughlin-Buick

    I missed out on a really nice 29-57 - an exceptionally nice 4-door sedan. A friend passed on and I helped his wife find a new local home for the Buick - but wish I had the extra space - not that i NEEDED it, but it was just such an elegant and lovely big sedan...
  4. Marty Roth

    Question about 1937 McLaughlin-Buick Century

    Pete, The easiest way to check the ratio, considering the torquetube drive, is to pull the sparkplugs, raise one rear wheel, shift the transmission into 3rd gear, mark the lower front pulley or the flywheel, have someone rotate the rear wheel until it makes a complete rotation - (or two rotations - since the other wheel is on the ground, or rotate both rear wheels at the same time only one rotation) Count the number of rotations of the pulley/flywheel That should give you the differential ratio
  5. I expect to drive the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton all next week - Leaving home on Saturday , driving the Buick 165 miles to Natchez, Mississippi to the AACA Sentimental Tour- Then drive the "Two-Hub" tour of Natchez and Vicksburg for the week, before driving back on the following Saturday. (And we're loaning the 1954 and 1941 Cadillac convertibles to out-of-state friends from New York and Pennsylvania to take the same drive) Hope to send some photos afterward,
  6. Marty Roth

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    Yes! All of my collectables have a battery disconnect switch- both for safety and for security. Minimize the chance of fire, and slow down a thief- Some are under the locking hood, others are behind the running board or on the frame where they are not obvious, but readily accessible when you know where to look (or where to reach)
  7. Marty Roth

    Find the Buick

    The 1958 Buick is under the "K" on the sign of the KWIK CHE**** in the upper right of the photo. See any others?
  8. Marty Roth

    Bill Sullivan---passing

    Bill was a dear friend and respected enthusiast, most recently serving as Webmaster and VP-Publications for VMCCA. We frequently travelled together, and Bill thoroughly enjoyed our 1934 Buick, as well as his friendship with our grandson Nathan on several tours. He was a true "Car Guy" and gave much to our hobby. It was during this year's Glidden Tour in Twin Falls, Idaho that we first learned of Bill's illness. He will certainly be missed. May his memory be a blessing. Our sympathies to Nance who will always be welcome on tour with us.
  9. Marty Roth

    1964 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible

    Your comment would, I believe, mislead a prospective buyer, and I hope you did not intentionally plan to do so! The complete repaint of this car would DISQUALIFY it for Historic Preservation (HPOF)- Also, on the Evaluation form, the owner should note that the New Old Stock bumper had been installed - not the original bumper It appears to be a nice car, and should be properly represented
  10. Marty Roth

    1937 Buick hub caps, free for postage, set of 4

    Pete, Are these different from a 1937 Buick Roadmaster hubcap? sorry, but hard to see on my little cellphone-
  11. Marty Roth

    Glidden Tour -- Twin Falls, Idaho

    After the Tow-Vehicle went down near Rawlins, Wyoming, we DROVE the 1941 Cadillac about 500 miles to Twin Falls, another almost 1,000 miles on the tour, and then almost 500 more miles back to retrieve the Excursion Diesel. James is right with regard to the fantastic scenery, and we got to enjoy it "Top-Down" in the yellow '41. Despite all the miles, I would do it all over again!
  12. Marty Roth

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    Dave, consider getting with Doug Seybold for an exchange on your master cylinder. He is one of the best sources for this era Buick, and has helped me with my '37 Roadmaster many times. Doug Seybold, 440-835-1193 or 440-835-1522, 2761 Clark Pkwy., Westlake OH 44145
  13. John - add a quote? just click on the word "quote", and continue to ba informative, funny, pithy, or observatory - but please continue as you have in the past - thanks
  14. Marty Roth

    ID horizontal opposed engine

    At first I thought 1910 Sears opposed air-cooled 2-cylinder, but on closer look I don't think it is close
  15. Marty Roth

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Our (former) 2005 Sebring convertible (since wrecked by a person who crossed the Interstate while texting?), also had the battery in the front left wheel well. You had to remove the tire, remove the splash shield, sit on the ground, and be a contortionist to undo the battery cables - then reverse the process to reinstall. My 1959 Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Veloce had the battery conveniently located in the tunk at the rear of the car - easy access and also helped toward even weight distribution. Last night I tried to find out why only one horn is now working on our 2002 Suburban since the new transmission was installed. I finally found one but could never find the other - maybe it was left out?