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  1. Marty Roth

    Surprise award

    Congratulations Ben ! Your Repair/Reconstruction/Technical Writing Award is well deserved - I really enjoyed reading through it.
  2. Marty Roth

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    David, Having the pleasure of knowing you for nearly 40 years through life's ups and downs, shared several wonderful family moments, shared several cars and several true friends, I can only add that I'm delighted to note that we (Dale and I) respect you and the way you conduct yourself. Most folks here will never know your truly unselfish ways and the path you've traveled, nor need they know. Maybe we'll have a brief chance to visit Thursday on our way to Gettysburg - but with or without cheesecake, we always look forward visits with you and your family.
  3. Pictures added- I could bring these to the Reliability Tour at Geneva, NY in August, or bring them to Hershey in October
  4. Hi Dave, I responded to your PM- I can be very flexible for someone who needs these- Tried to phone you earlier, but the number I have is not working. Please call me at the number I sent you in the PM
  5. G'day Ivan, These 36x5 are not "Clincher - Beaded Edge". They are a Straight-Edge with an inside diameter of 26 inches. As I recall, a Clincher has a rolled outer edge to "catch" under a lip on the rim or lock ring - is that correct? Having had similar delays, I shaved my beard. Now we tour every chance we get. Leaving New orleans Wednesday to judge the AACA Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Meet, and then heading to west of Toronto, Ontario for the Region's "London-to-Brighton" tour which travels from Alliston to Kincardine on the shore of Lake Huron for the following week. Then In August we drive the AACA Reliability Tour in New York's Finger Lakes Region, Based in Geneva, NY at the northern tip of Seneca Lake with our 1915 Hudson SIX-40. Founders Tour in October and Sentimental Tour in November, and we're recently back from judging the Grand national in Greensburg, PA with a VMCCA week-long tour in the Cape Cod ara and a visit to the Larz Andersen Museum in Boston (drove from 4,000 miles round-trip from New Orleans in our 1954 Cadillac convertible). Best of luck with the Napier.
  6. Marty Roth

    AACA Eastern Divisional Tour

    Thanks for all your work on the tour. As much as we wanted to be there, we know it was a great success, and regret having to miss out. We look forward to your next one, maybe a National tour?
  7. I have a set of five (5) 36 x 5 TIRES & TUBES- BRASS STEM - AS NEW - BLACKWALL - ANYONE INTERESTED? I bought these tires and tubes thinking I would upgrade from the standard size for my Hudson. They still have the mold marks They are two sizes larger than standard, but am not going to use them, and will probably go with 35 x 4-1/2 if I can find a new set Four of the tires have about five or ten miles on them, and the spare has not touched the pavement. If were to buy these new from Universal, you would spend $2,255 PLUS SHIPPING AND TAX. I will be much more reasonable as a result of my error. Please PM or email me with any interest. I can bring them to the AACA Reliability Tour at Geneva, NY in August, or to Hershey in October. I will add photos as soon as possible. Universal Tires 36x5 Universal Ribbed Blackwall Tire More Views Description 36x5 Universal Ribbed Blackwall Tire Our straight ribbed style tires have been known for their smooth quiet ride and positive steering characteristics. Original design from 1909 through the teens. Micro-siped. Details/Options SKU U83258 Construction Tube Type 6 Ply Nylon Load Capacity 1800 @ 75 psi Overall Diameter 37.75" Tread Width 4.25" Notes: $392.00 Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal Continue ShoppingUpdate Shopping Cart 36x5 Universal Ribbed Blackwall Tire $392.00 $1,960.00 36x4, 36x4 1/2, 37x5 Bias Tube Brass Stem was added to your shopping cart! Remove Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal Continue ShoppingUpdate Shopping Cart 36x5 Universal Ribbed Blackwall Tire $392.00 $1,960.00 36x4, 36x4 1/2, 37x5 Bias Tube Brass Stem $59.00 $295.00 Grand Total $2,255.00 Subtotal $2,255.00 View my cart 10 Products $2,255.00
  8. Marty Roth

    trailer weight question

    Thanks Joe, But as of now, and unless something changes before Wednesday, we will just drive the Corvette, leaving Gettysburg after judging - stay over somewhere near Niagara. Gail said that some are coming with early cars, and others likely with 70s and 80s - and everything in between, so the 'Vette is acceptable. We will plan to trailer either the '15 Hudson or the '30 Packard for next year's AACA Vintage Tour. I'll check to see if Steve will be available.
  9. Marty Roth

    2002 United trailer

    Nice - Unfortunately I can't use a Gooseneck- but great for someone...
  10. Marty Roth

    trailer weight question

    Joe, Are we leaving the trailers in Alliston, or taking them ahead of time to Kincardine?
  11. Marty Roth

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    Jeff will certainly be missed. His experience, support, and yes, even the dry comments, are a part of his legacy. His experience in the judging arena, as well as his business acumen - including his starting I-Van are a part of what makes this hobby strong.
  12. Marty Roth

    The Wide Variety of Buick Dashboard Designs

    Our (former) 1914 B-37 Touring, now with a friend in Texas- Note the oil sight glass and the instrument light
  13. Marty Roth

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Dave, I had exactly the same experience back in 1967-1968. My neighbor Willem in an apartment in Colonia, NJ was trained in Germany as a VW mechanic, but when he came to the states , he became a Porsche "wizzard". He and a British car guy opened a repair shop in Long Island City (a section of Queens - NYC) just across the 59th St Bridge from Manhattan. I was working in the Time & Life Building at 50th & Ave of the Americas. He would commute back and forth from Colonia to his NYC shop in his customers' Porsches, and he'd drop me on his way. One customer had torn up the transmission in a 1963-1964 911-S by speed-shifting through the gears and somehow (unintentionally) trying to go directly into reverse. Willie rebuilt it and since it was early October we drove it to Watkins Glen to see the US Gran Prix. At that time it was about a 575-600 mile round trip, and I don't recall being below 100 mph much of the time except through towns. I wondered if his clients knew how he drove their cars, - or maybe they were thrilled to hear of the capabilities? When I asked him about his clients, he said he thought that they had more more money and higher self-opinion than love for the car, and he was there to let them continue. "I Fix - They Break - I Fix Again".
  14. Marty Roth

    1973 Buick Centurion Convertible *SOLD*

    Matt and Melanie are a Class Act- Meet them in person when you have the opportunity - I did !