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  1. What are these ?

    There is a what is it forum.
  2. Another "What am I"

    Yes, yes and yes
  3. Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Look over in technical, there is a thread on this exact subject.
  4. Tail gate wanted 1964 D-100

    Were they really that crude with a chain hanging out there?
  5. Mystery engine - 1920s six

    The sedan appears to have a fake landau iron, that might be a clue?
  6. Chrome wiper motor for?

    GM started using Phillips screws on Chevys in 1937. I think someone had the motor apart and assembled it using Phillips screws. I doubt the company would used a combination.
  7. Water Distribution Tube/Overheating

    Pull the radiator, have it cleaned out professionally. Remove the water pump and check it out, extract the coolant distribution tube and the core plugs as Ply33 suggests. Get a pressure washer and put it in every orifice you can find . You may get away without removing the head. Do not attempt to run the engine sans the distribution tube, it will overheat.
  8. Thoughts on Brake Linings

    The Bendix brakes that come on all 34-36 Auburn 6 & 8 have the shoe pad length the same. There are three adjustments, up / down, for and aft, the star adjuster. There is a little window on the outside of the brake drum that a feeler gauge is inserted to insure the proper clearance all around the 360. Then use the star adjuster. The material is the same on both shoes and all four wheels. They will lock up all four wheels at or near 25 mph. I know this, because of a little girl on a bicycle.
  9. Trunk rack - ideas on application???

    My very first thought is Packard. It is not Auburn of any year. The problem with most trunk racks is, the mounting hardware is missing. That can be a clue.
  10. Cars and Coffee SF Style

    In the last pix, the white car. Is that in the show ?
  11. ReChrome Advise Needed

    Here is a thought: You bead blast the grill. Do as good of a job as you can. Then take it into your plater and have them nickle strip it and copper it. Now you take it home and buff it. When you have all the pits and imperfections out, take it back to the plater and have him do a cyanide copper then a nickle chrome. If you are really diligent you will have a solid weeks work in it and the results will equal to the time and detail you put into it. You can paint it with simulated chrome paint, but it will never look like it did when it rolled off the factory line.
  12. ID these teens roadster doors?

    I suggest posting this in the What is it sub forum below.
  13. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    If anyone reads Skinned Knuckles check out their opinion of Harbor Freight and the quality thereof.
  14. Peerless 8U Engine Torque Specs

    Auburn never supplied a torque spec. the last one was built in 1936. Newbies like to torque the head bolts to 90-100 lbs and they frequently pull up the threads in the low chromium cast iron block.
  15. Delco starter color

    The 1934 - 1936 Auburns used trumpet horns supplied by Delco there were gloss black.