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  1. 1931-1933 Auburn Parts

    Found the door handle spacer. Still looking for the Auburn script and the rear tire mount.
  2. Rear Body mount

    How in the world did you figure that out John with such a cryptic post ???
  3. WANTED - 1936 Pontiac Wheels 16"

    Try: French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560 Used Auto Parts
  4. What is it

    I would suggest posting this 'What is it' in the 'What is it' sub-forum just below. It will stay on page 1 alot longer.
  5. Starter

    When you have all the correct size cables and you think all of the connections are whistle clean there is one more. The grounding brushes in the starter. have built up corrosion.
  6. I am not much for street rods & customs, but that first car is done very well. Looks to have started out life as a 40's Buick??
  7. 1934 Brewster Town Car

    I appreciate your post. I had "ignored" Saddle-rider since his remarks early on and therefore was not able to see any more regarding his posts. However, he has been banned. I have wondered why that hasn't happened sooner.
  8. For Sale Austin Healey Gold Plated $550,000

    Gold plating isn't much more expensive than Chrome plating. Butt Ugly !
  9. What happened to Verdone's Casting?

    I have a one week turnaround on most all plating. I wouldn't put any of those castings on my or a customer car.
  10. Does a license plate count as a part

    Put a watch on eBay for Georgia license plate 26. I watch Minnesota and Wisconsin and all years pop up sooner or later. I'll bet you will have the plate in a couple of weeks.
  11. 1936 Desoto Airstream

    I would place this ad in the parts wanted section below.
  12. What happened to Verdone's Casting?

    I was never impressed with the quality of Verdone's castings. Possibly it has improved with the new owner.
  13. Just bought a Volt!

    Thanks Terry ! If, say the batteries have a 5-10 % charge , would an overnight 220 V bring it up to full charge? Does a 'charging cord come with the car from new ?
  14. Just bought a Volt!

    Is there any special charging equipment that comes with the car ? Or is it merely plugged in like an old tank heater.
  15. Just bought a Volt!

    What is the longevity of the batteries in a modern electric car. It would be cool if we stuck to the OP's original post.