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  1. Back in the 80's and early 90's I had a Chevrolet parts business known as Curt's pre-war-Chevy. The only things I saved when I sold the business were the mascots. The 34 is a pretty common ornament, you'll find a half dozen walking the rows at Hershey. The hard to find ones are the 27 Spirit of St Louis, the 37 production, that some Chevy vendors don' t know exists, and a 42 accessory boat. I believe your ornament will also fit Pontiac and other GM cars of that era.
  2. I think he mis-typed . $15 is more like it.
  3. I feel like I just fell off the turnip truck, but what is a CHP ??
  4. Well, not always. I recently purchased a 32 Auburn from the original family with every receipt from new. Including the original bill of sale, loan documentation, oil changes etc. I purchased this car from the little girl sitting on her mothers knee. Leone is now 84.
  5. That is not a Chevrolet radiator cap of any year. There is a book that shows it as a 34 but it is not. The correct 34 cap is the one in the center. There is a 33 and a 35 on ether side. GM group 1.265 part number 600201 sold new $3.75. The production cap was sans eagle. What you have is an aftermarket cap.
  6. Are there any receipts? Does it run strong and sound good?
  7. Good for you Wendy, you are my kind of gal. That Buick will be fun for many years to come.
  8. I don't recognize the cranks above. Where did all the cranks & handles & jacks & lug wrenches and tools go. Yes we all see them at Hershey but have no idea what we are looking at except for all the Ford script tools. and the occasional Nash. The VCCA guys have pretty well documented the Velchek tools for the 30's Chevys. Karl K. is probably the most knowledgeable guy on the planet when it comes to this stuff. There is a guy that has an original 810- 812 jack but I don't know who he is. I suspect it may well be the same as Auburn.
  9. There is a crank hole cover for a 31 Pontiac for sale just below.
  10. You would do well to post this in the: What is it sub-forum below.
  11. It never started there.
  12. I reported it .
  13. Well said Viv , I agree with you on all points !! The heart top and bowl on six cylinder open car and coupe wiper motors are black the heart cover is chrome. None were brown. 8 cylinder's were chrome. They came from Trico that way.
  14. I have successfully extracted many ( somewhere between 15 & 20) factory installed brass coolant distribution tubes from 31-36 Auburn 6 and 8 over the past 20 or so years. There is a lot of crud that builds up around the tube in the block. High pressure air or better yet a pressure washer will work to remove it. The science is true, but with the modern additives, I wouldn't worry about having it stuck in 100 years from now. If ever............. This is the tool I made
  15. And THAT car was a barn find of the highest order.