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  1. Curti

    1949 to 1956 cadillac hydra-matic cross member

    French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560
  2. Curti

    46 hudson

    If I was looking for one of those, the first thing I would do is go to the hardware store and get a couple of springs with that wire gauge and diameter. and make a couple.
  3. Curti

    53 buick rear bumper overriders

    try French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560 Used Auto Parts
  4. Curti

    46 hudson

    Please post a pix of the spring.
  5. Curti

    Headlight supports???? HELP!

    Your post will stay on page 1 a lot longer if you move this to the What Is It sub forum below.
  6. I have a similar Phinney Walker rim wind clock in my 31 Auburn. I have a good friend that can make them go tick-tock. If you want his phone number, PM me. Bob Spillers 13727 Greenway Drive Sugar Land, TX 77498 clocks
  7. Curti

    62 Lincoln engine part

    Try French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560
  8. Curti

    Part Interchange

    Contact the Laars corporation. in Minnesota.They are advertisers on this site.
  9. Curti

    Knock-off wheel removal

    Does the 'well known' brass car guy frequent this board ?
  10. Curti

    glass reflectors

    YA, that grabbed my attention too.
  11. Curti

    Wanted: L29 Cord Shift components

    Try Ken Clark in Maine. He is in the ACD roster.
  12. Curti

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    I think 34 Pontiac is a very good guess ! But I don't see why you think it is a bus. Looks to be a sedan to me. I would look at this pix all day long compared to the 70's to 90's car show pix.
  13. Curti

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    I don't see the Vicky, but there are 2 Auburns. The obvious and a 34 sedan by the tree . 2 roadsters in the middle and upper left .
  14. Curti

    1932 Auburn

    This is the black top option with a minimum of padding. The flash and the lighting make a difference. The accent color on the car is a blue green, but it shows up as blue with the LED lighting. Sorry, no chop top for me.
  15. Curti


    I had the opportunity to drive a Tesla. It is really a nice car and whisper quiet. My daily driver is a C6 Vette. I would say that Tesla would give the Vette a run for it's money. I can say I would miss the barking (stock) exhaust noise on hard acceleration runs. What is surprising about the Tesla is when you get off the throttle, It slows down automatically. Personally I hope the Tesla company survives.