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  1. eBay Refund

    In the casting UR2 is embrossed.
  2. eBay Refund

    USPS with insurance this was my cost. 09/13/2017 414597143 PM 9405803699300504036680 Y Account Charged $29.55
  3. eBay Refund

    That is exactly what I did. So Far no Response from ebay.
  4. eBay Refund

    That is the first thing I did, no response from the seller or eBay. Finally I emailed the seller directly.
  5. Local artist in Michigan

    Wow ! that is very nice !!
  6. eBay Refund

    This is the carb. I have no problem with the condition if it was the correct carb, however ' Never used' is a bit misleading. All I want is the shipping cost.
  7. eBay Refund

    This post has absolutely NOTHING to do with the original post.
  8. Cars & Parts now seperate in buy & sell

    All of the parts for sale were not split out. I have a parts for sale Item that is still in the cars for sale.
  9. eBay Refund

    I feel that if the seller misrepresented the carb, he should pay the shipping both ways. Why should you pay for his mistake? because in the end- everyone has a different opinion of everything. things rarely go smooth when there is a complaint. Curti, if you didnt accept the check, you would recve a refund through ebay and yes, you would have recd one of the shipping charges. you didnt follow protocol unfortunately. I had no choice. He said he couldn't figure out how to do a PayPal refund so he sent me a personal check. No, I have not cashed it.
  10. eBay Refund

    The carburetor was advertised as a Stromberg fitting 1931 Auburn 898A In the description it says "never used " In reality it is a Studebaker or Chrysler carb. and very used. NOT Auburn.
  11. eBay Refund

    Contact Ebay and follow their suggestions, you didn't do that in the beginning. Yes, I did.
  12. eBay Refund

    I bought a carburetor that was not as described. I sent the item back to him . He said that refunding the money thru PayPal was too confusing so he sent me a personal check for the amount of the item only , no shipping I figured the fair way is, I pay one way he pays the other. The cost of shipping is $20 one way.
  13. 1948 Dodge brakes

    These people are professionals and will be able to help you. You should have the shoes arched to the drums. They will supply the correct parts and they will work the first time. Tell Rob Curt told you to call. Brake & Equip Whse (Rob) 455 Harrison St NE, Mpls MN 55413-2408 (612) 378-3141 #2=shop
  14. Foot Warmer NOS

    Any body have cold feet?
  15. Making Plastic knobs

    We do a lot of casting of 34-36 Auburn parts. We have a high quality unit that is designed for evacuating air conditioning systems. Empirical evidence has proven that air pressure reduces pin holes better than a vacuum. +1 for the smooth on products.