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  1. What Make?

    Did you take those pictures Jim? And people with 60's & 70's cars think they have a hard time finding parts .
  2. pressure plate

    I suggest you post this in the for sale / wanted section.
  3. I think your post is in the wrong thread.
  4. Ford Model A delivery truck

    Did those 'Sedan Delivery's' have a rear door?
  5. '62 Dodge Dart 440

    Twenty five years ago I did a rotisserie restoration on a 62 Dodge Dart 440. When you own one of these you are like a mom that has a ugly child. You love them no matter what. They are unit body cars be cautious of rust in the superstructure. There are many 62 Plymouth parts that fit . The interior radio speaker grill was hard to find then, I imagine it still is unless they have been reproduced.
  6. Year? Make? Model?

    No problem but once again the subject of DOLLARS was brought up and this is NOT why I dive off in the deep end of the pool on ones that will never return a fraction of the cost. I just like the satisfaction of bringing an "impossible" one back from the grave. This is my only hobby and I probably spend no more than others do on theirs. No travel, no vacations, no parties or gatherings, none of the latest electronics (I still have a flip phone) or any other things "normal" people do or have. It keeps me from vegetating on the couch in front of a TV and gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when finished even though when done I don't care to drive one a single mile. Here is one that came out of a wash gulley in Minnesota and ended up in Dick"s Car Museum in San Marcos Texas. It kept me off my dead butt for two years and is not the worse one the dogs have drug in. Again, I don't care about the value or the popularity,just the challenge. And THIS is exactly why we call it a HOBBY !
  7. 1925 Rear Brake Drums - worn

    There has been a lot of posts on this forum about removing rear hubs. I suggest you search them up.
  8. Wire wheels or not?

    I am with you Terry , black walls and chrome wires, a touch of class !
  9. Yellow metal in 1932 Packard

    Here is a scan of both articles in Skinned Knuckles . The takeaway is Chevron GL1
  10. The '57 Is Finally "Home"

    If you do an eBay search for "oregon 1957 license plate" a few will show up. These plates are not rare, so don't pay high prices.
  11. Wanted trunk latch for 36 Ford

    Found a box full, thanks to all who helped out.
  12. 36 Ford trunk latch

    I found a box of new one's . Thanks to all !
  13. Yellow metal in 1932 Packard

    Yes, that was me. The articles on heavy oil came later and I neglected to scan them in.
  14. Yellow metal in 1932 Packard

    Recently (this year) there were two articles in Skinned Knuckles in reference to this very subject. Chevron was a supplier of gear oil sans sulfur and phosphorous. Does anyone have those articles to scan in to share?
  15. Rear Emergency Brake Cables

    What is the length of the armor covering ???? That measurement will be 21 1/4