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  1. Curti

    Studs Bolts and Nuts suppliers

    New head bolts have been reproduced for Auburns they are hi-hex GR8 . Black oxide is original and correct, but some people prefer cadmium. If it is internal to the engine, use as much modern material as possible.
  2. Curti

    1952 chevy pickup hood

    How different is a 52 hood from any 47-53 ?
  3. Curti

    Studs Bolts and Nuts suppliers

    The 31-36 Auburns used the high hex bolts , the nuts were the same as modern, except in some particular applications, where the wrench size would have been one size up. This was true with larger sized bolts and nuts, 3/8 and up.
  4. Curti

    1941 Buick gauge/instrument panel

    French Lake AP 3531 County Road 3 NW, Annandale, MN 320-286-2560
  5. Curti

    Studs Bolts and Nuts suppliers

    In addition to the modern markings on the heads modern bolts They are low hex. Compare a modern bolt to an original and it is very noticeable. I buy Hi-hex grade 9 bolts from Fastenal. Remove the coating with acid, then remove the marking on the head. Maybe your original bolts have no marking on the head. I parkerize the bolts to match the original finish.
  6. Curti

    Pierce Arrow Lamps

    There is a Parts For Sale section below. The ad will not roll off the first page quite so soon.
  7. Curti

    Trying to find what it is worth

    Clearly, pix3 is the same trailer but not the same car.
  8. With the bullet proof slant six and a torsion bar suspension, the Valiant, is in my opinion a clear winner.
  9. Curti

    Help With 20's Chrysler

    Does the serial number indicate it was a tudor coach or the lack of folding top hardware at the back of the body ?
  10. Curti

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I recall a number of years ago this car and the Gable car then owned by Al Fererrara were together at the ACD museum . Al was there to answer questions for anyone that asked. Hey A.J. it needs whitewalls, It would harmonize well with the two-tone grey. I think it will brake 20 large.
  11. Curti

    Is this horn from a antique car?

    I would think Motorcycle.
  12. Not many folks frequent these pages. This topic will get a lot more action if posted in General Discussion.
  13. There is a 'What is it ' sub-forum below. I suggest you post this there. It will stay on page 1 a lot longer.
  14. Curti

    63 buick riviera for sale $10,000.00 OBO

    Brandon, you would do well to post some pictures of your Riv and the location.
  15. Curti

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    James, I think it would be a good idea if you would start a separate thread in this section. That way each persons questions can be addressed separately.