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  1. 1920s-30s Outside Horn... Need ID

  2. 1920s-30s Outside Horn... Need ID

    It's an "E. A. Micro Horn". Presumably by E. A. Labs. It came in 5 1/4" diameter @ $1.49 and 6 1/2" diameter @ $2.45 in the 1932 Pep Boys catalog. To be mounted on the front of the car. I'll get a picture out 0of the ad in the morning.
  3. 46 Merc Woodie Bumperettes

    Yes, Van Aucken. I stand corrected.. Not the type accessory too many would be interested in.
  4. 46 Merc Woodie Bumperettes

    I'm thinking these are aftermarket, likely Van Norman bumperettes from the '40's. More often seen on Mopars
  5. WW2 Gas Ration Window ID

    They are available on ebay, and If using the gas ration sticker it would be appropriate to also display the WWII mandatory vehicle tax stamp with the liberty bell on it, placed behind the rear view mirror. They can be bought inexpensively on ebay too.
  6. Different type of radiator cap

    Patent number 1789990 was issued to Stant. Evrseal is a product line made by them. Stant appears on the lower edge of the box that is not visible or is missing.

    It can be done on the cheap by using corn starch.
  8. Grandchildren Robbie and Caroline, both grownups now.
  9. "You know you've been playing with old cars a long time when"..... you still have the car you bought as a kid in 1951.
  10. What is the car in the carport at the rear of the yard?

    maybe a '53 Dodge
  11. 1930s trumpet horns... need ID

    I believe it is a slightly later version of the horn by E A Labs pictured in a 1932 Pep Boys catalog.
  12. 1930s?

    There was also a rare production 2 door '34 Plymouth with an integrated trunk, I've only ever seen one. Murray body comes to mind, but the recollection is fuzzy. It was likely offered to compete with an also rare '34 Chevy configured the same way.
  13. Old car found on property, what is it? (33 Dodge perhaps?)

    Looks like you may have nailed it Spinney, a dash picture could verify it. Could also be a '34 or a '35 Standard, or maybe a Pontiac or Olds of the same era.
  14. Mystery sedan and roadster.

    The sedan looks like a '29 Studebaker Dictator.
  15. interesting tow vehicle

    Those conversions from large old sedans often had a wide thick wood plank replacing the front bumper, which was used to push start stalled cars. I recall one (sadly) that was made from a '32 Packard 900 coupe roadster.