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  1. Dave Henderson

    Hershey 2018

    For a while It looked like I wouldn't be able to come, but circumstances changed and I'm back on track, so the mud is still coming! Dave CE76
  2. Dave Henderson

    Need help identifying this car

    Looks kinda like a Chevrolet ca. 1915
  3. Dave Henderson

    Ford V8 sedan 1946

    600 16 is the standard tire size. Using 650 16 would cause the speedometer to be off.
  4. Dave Henderson

    Car ID

    Bob, page 288. Don, Again from Miller Dynasty, the car turned out to be a disappointment to Chancellor. Vibrations, noisy gears, quirky handling, and loss of a wheel because the knockoff hubs had been installed backward all contributed to his selling it after about a year. Bad luck followed the car around, a bus sideswiped a protruding front hub, an inept grease monkey confused the spark advance with the throttle and ran off leaving the engine revving at full throttle destroying it. Subsequently it was replaced with a flat head Ford engine, and later the cycle front fenders were re styled. After passing through a succession of owners it was said that the final owner, "whoever he was, finally did in the precious speedster." Here it's shown with the somewhat "Cordish" front fenders, and the top bumper bar turned over, making it parallel with the lower one..
  5. Dave Henderson

    Backing up an in-tank fuel pump with an in-line one

    Anyone have any more thoughts about this?
  6. Dave Henderson

    Car ID

    Bob, perhaps this is the car you refer to; The Miller front drive V8 roadster that was commissioned by Phillip Chancellor, who had asked him to build "the finest and fastest sports car yet" in 1928. Miller's work on the chassis was taken over by Leo Goosen and C. W. Van Ranst of L29 Cord fame, and coachbuilder J. Gerald Kirchhoff is credited with having done the body. Features of it do resemble the movie car, even the radiator shell seems to slope. All as per The Miller Dynasty by the late Mark L. Dees.
  7. Dave Henderson

    Car ID

    The sloping radiator shell is quite advanced for 1932. I believe it may be a Daimler special..
  8. Dave Henderson

    Hershey 2018

    Sorry Woodie, I don't have the tank. My Model A items are predominately shiny stuff and tools.
  9. Dave Henderson

    Mystery Radiator 1915-1920 Vintage

    1915 Buick maybe.
  10. Dave Henderson

    Hershey 2018

    Terry, I don't know what year the mud is from.. I remember that I scraped it off from the underside of my '64 Comet Caliente which I haven't used for my Hershey hauler for some years. Look me up at CE76, I'll put aside a chunk of the real stuff for you from my "mud reserve". The picture is from 2002.
  11. Dave Henderson

    Hershey 2018

    Me, since '64, makes it my 54th, and I promise to bring the authentic vintage Hershey mud display! I'll bring along a few Cord, Jag XK 120 and Model A parts plus tools, and whatever else the cat can help me drag out. Dave
  12. Dave Henderson


    Before going this route, check with your DMV to see if they have a procedure to obtain a title for an "abandoned vehicle". (Hint hint, wink wink....) In Virginia it isn't too complicated, and the cost to apply was $25 the last time I looked.
  13. Dave Henderson

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    Possibly Nash 6 of the '35 -'41 range. if so it would be Autolite IGE1003L and there would be other tractor, truck, marine and industrial applications too.
  14. Dave Henderson

    Backing up an in-tank fuel pump with an in-line one

    Thanks Joe. The Buick had 55,000 on it when bought, so likely the pump hadn't been replaced. I've put another 55K miles on it for a total of 110k and I've never replaced it either. Egad, they go out at 80,00 mi? I'm thinkin' I've been lucky, especially since a seemingly majority of the electrical stuff on the car has fizzled, some twice! ...
  15. My old Hershey hauler is a '93 Buick LeSabre Limited. Ugleee, but reliable and with good road manners.. At its age (and mine too..) I have become leery about the fuel pump in the tank, although it continues to perform well. It's just that if it failed on a trip it would be a big deal with delays to replace it, not to mention having to unload the trunk, packed with lots of stuff. (it never seems to all go back in once you've taken it out....) So, I'm thinking about installing an in-line pump somewhere in front of but near the tank for back-up. Will doing so require doing anything about the in-tank pump?