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  1. Dave Henderson


  2. Dave Henderson

    Vintage Automobile Reamer Sizes

    The Model A spindle bolt reamer is .814
  3. Dave Henderson

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    While traveling to an ACD Club reunion with Herb Newport in the '70's he told me that he designed J214, the Wolfington Royale, and wasn't proud of it. He said he just had to comply with the client's wishes. This was subsequently noted in Fred Roe's book.
  4. Dave Henderson

    Open driveshaft transmission

    If the "half of an open driveshaft" means a part of a two-piece driveshaft rather than one that has been cut off, then it could be from a '37-'38 Oldsmobile.
  5. Dave Henderson

    quarter glass no draft window scoop

    Yes you nailed it, it's an aftermarket air deflector. They are pictured in an early '60's Warshawsky & Co. catalog, priced 17 cents, 37 cents and 69 cents. My camera isn't cooperating at the moment.
  6. Dave Henderson

    Are the hobby members getting that old?

    Then there's the one about the two grave diggers watching some old guy being buried in his Duesenberg. As the mighty car is lowered into the huge grave one of them turns to the other and says "man, that's really livin'"
  7. The car in the background of the second picture is a '35 Ford.
  8. This novelty treatment has been done to a variety of cars including Model A fords and even a Chrysler Airflow. I remember seeing the Chrysler at a dealership while ascending Afton Mountain on Rt. 250 somewhere between Charlottesville and Waynesboro Va. in the '50's.
  9. Dave Henderson

    Supercharged Cord

    Regarding engine swaps, it's usually sedans that get cherry-picked for their supercharged engines, which end up in open Cords. I'm betting the subject Cord is legit and has had the sc engine from the start. The data plate would tell the story. The ACD Club certification program wasn't in effect when this Cord was laid up. It would have to be taken to an ACD meet to go through certification. Cord sedans are undervalued, and in my opinion should not be because of their highly acclaimed design and features that were way ahead of the pack. Why? Not as sporty as the Cabriolet or Phaeton, and perhaps stigmatized by the "4-door curse". As time goes by this may change.
  10. Dave Henderson

    Supercharged Cord

    If you want a nice spercharged Cord sedan buy one already restored. Last year a friend bought a fully restored one , (yes, supercharged), on ebay for this money, and drove it hundreds of miles to his home. As solid and straight as the subject car appears to be consider this; Cord parts aren't cheap, nor are supercharger and transmission overhauls, English broadcloth interiors, and even good Cord wheels. At 65K starting out, you'll have a multiple of what you could sell it for in it after restoration. But if your pleasure is derived from doing the actual restoration yourself then go for it. This one has more potential than the average unrestored Cord.
  11. Thanks David. Interesting. Don't know how I missed the PDQ product, I was around in the day. I always relate Ovaltine to Little Orphan Annie, remember the 15 minute afternoon kids radio show and the Secret Decoder Badge? Guess I'm showing my age....
  12. Does anyone know what this jar lid came on? Appears to be one of a series.
  13. Dave Henderson

    Rebuilding 1951 Dodge

    Before removing the pistons ream the ridge at the top, but be careful to not cut into the piston travel area. Reaming needs to be done any way, and makes removal easier. If not done, new unworn rings could strike the ridge and damage the pistons.
  14. Dave Henderson

    excuse my dust 1951 movie

    Some trivia....The "Allstate" was another Sears "auto buggy", based on the Henry J.
  15. Dave Henderson

    A strange 39 Chevy

    Perhaps a vain attempt to cash in on the popularity of the '40 Ford's deluxe grille