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  1. I have a Rochester carburetor for my 63 River I live in Houston and was wondering do I need the carburetor choke heater to be connect ,and will it make a big difference in performance or is it just for cold start ups?
  2. What size belt are correct for 63 Riv with ac??
  3. dynaflow trans noise

    Ok thanks will do!! Also is there a good front end alignment shop in the Houston area ?? THX!!!!
  4. The dynaflow trans in my 63 riviera is making a god awful sound, it's like a rattling are somethings loose in it I have had the transmission rebuilt and of course it still leaks is anyone else having this problem when I'm driving I can hear it and when I shift it into neutral it stops but,it returns
  5. What's the correct ac duct size for a 63 riviera
  6. Is Anybody selling a 63 Riv hood emblem? I need one!!
  7. at the body shop

  8. at the body shop

    I will say a prayer!!!!!!!
  9. at the body shop

    going down and bringing her up1!!
  10. just dropped the riv off at the paint and body shop, took it as for as I could!! pray for me!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  11. Steve i'm thinking about getting this unit, did you remove your tank to make it fit?
  12. mine came from a corvette and it has the stoplight switch built in not sure of the year think 70's got it off ebay some time back.
  13. I have the diskbrake setup on my 63 they work fine,I also installed a duel master !