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  1. What size belt are correct for 63 Riv with ac??
  2. Ok thanks will do!! Also is there a good front end alignment shop in the Houston area ?? THX!!!!
  3. The dynaflow trans in my 63 riviera is making a god awful sound, it's like a rattling are somethings loose in it I have had the transmission rebuilt and of course it still leaks is anyone else having this problem when I'm driving I can hear it and when I shift it into neutral it stops but,it returns
  4. What's the correct ac duct size for a 63 riviera
  5. Is Anybody selling a 63 Riv hood emblem? I need one!!
  6. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I will say a prayer!!!!!!!
  8. going down and bringing her up1!!
  9. just dropped the riv off at the paint and body shop, took it as for as I could!! pray for me!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  10. Steve i'm thinking about getting this unit, did you remove your tank to make it fit?
  11. mine came from a corvette and it has the stoplight switch built in not sure of the year think 70's got it off ebay some time back.
  12. I have the diskbrake setup on my 63 they work fine,I also installed a duel master !