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  1. Well pilgrim, it's good to have ya back in the saddle agin.
  2. Lurking in the shadow.
  3. I never open this without getting a smile.
  4. The show in Loveland, Colorado will be June 17, 2017 with an even better show. Please plan to once again attend. Dan 1957 76C Berthoud Buick Bugle Newsletter May 2017.pdf
  5. You think that's bad? How about a '59 Airport Limo.?
  6. I have to agree with you guys. Red sweep spear, black wheels & pretty lady.
  7. Certainly not Slick Willie who prefers VW Vanagons.
  8. For obvious reasons. '57 - 76c '57 - 56r
  9. It does indeed seem to be a model 68. The CHiP model did not have a horn ring. This would have to be an even rarer Factory ordered unit for a civilian.
  10. While trying to be funny... How about that is a Flipperstriker, not to be confused with Whippersnapper. Even though being available only in Trumpistan, one the operatives in this forum would note it is made from unobtainium. Thus, it would be cost prohibitive. Dan
  11. Found them on ebay. Dan
  12. This is for 57buickjim...& anyone else who "likes".
  13. Hey! 60FlatTop, What is the story behind the burger joint? Denny's maybe? Dan
  14. Tongue in cheek....
  15. I really like those old farm auctions. Half of my 'stuff' has old farm auction origin. - Dan