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  1. Caballero2

    Yet another '57 wheel color question

    Attached is the 1957 New York Auto Show with the '57 Buick line. Check the whitewalls in the photo. You decide.
  2. Caballero2

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    At the time the steering column was torn down, we suspected the ignition switch to be the culprit. It was not. That search was the result of the Riviera dying in the middle of the road on I-25. We let it cool and it started and we drove it home. The problem that time was a thermostat that was always open and not allowing the cooling fan to kick on. After that service the cruise control began giving problems. The outside air does seem to affect the setting of the cruise. We have a cool day today so I plan to test it. Will let you know.
  3. Caballero2

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    The module in the steering column that was replaced was cbe47.
  4. Caballero2

    1995 Riv Cruise Control Problem

    I have an intermittent problem with cruise control on my '95 Riv. It will set when the engine compartment is cold and will not set when it heats up. The servo has been replaced twice, to no avail. Adjustments have been made to the cable and electrical connection has been checked from the ignition to the computer and to the servo. They are both good. Has anyone else had this problem as the mechanic doesn't know where to go next. The steering column was disassembled once when a module failed that controlled the thermostat, causing the thermostat to remain open causing the cooling fan never to kick on. The cruise control problem began after this failure and the steering column was reassembled. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  5. Caballero2

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Ah you guys are a lot of fun. I must have gone to high-school with every one of you. During those years I was allowed only envy of those who drove almost anything of 1957. While in the service, in 1963, my first '57 was a Belair Convertible. which I drove until I was assigned to Goose Bay. After discharge, a member of my dad's church made a '57 Rambler available while I attended college. (not a Rebel) It seemed that all my high-school friends were driving '56 , '57 or '58 models of various makes. Among them a '56 Plymouth Fury, a couple of '57 Chevrolets, a '57 Ford, and a '58 Plymouth. My third '57 was a Ford Thunderbird (Red on Red on Red). Next was a '57 Buick Caballero Estate wagon, restored by me, my wife and a number of professionals. Last but not least is a 1957 Buick Roadmaster Convertible, probably one of the most beautiful automobiles of the 1950's. Oh, do not overlook Mr. Barry Wolk's Lincoln Continental Convertible. Watch him on these forums.
  6. Caballero2

    Meet photos from Denver

    Better photo than mine. Thanks, 38Buick 80C
  7. Caballero2

    Meet photos from Denver

    Am I the only one to photograph this beautiful '54 Roadmaster Convertible?
  8. Caballero2


    John Lee Hooker (August 22, 1912 or 1917 – June 21, 2001) was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. The son of a sharecropper, he rose to prominence performing an electric guitar-style adaptation of Delta blues. (No relation of mine) Had he seen the Buicks in the thread 'I just don't like the picture of this Buick' , he would have certainly sang the blues.
  9. Caballero2

    1957 Seat Belts

    Pretty nice seating for a DC-3, don't you think?
  10. Caballero2

    1957 Seat Belts

    I have not located my originals at this time. I do remember that the webbing for the original was almost twice as thick as the modern and with a course weave. Also, the end that threaded through the buckle had a thin stainless steel cap crimped over the end cut. I transferred those to the belts in the Caballero. (Which had the thin webbing but a good color) Dan
  11. Caballero2

    1957 Seat Belts

    I have one somewhere in my stuff. I will look for it. But, when we restored the '57 Caballero, I found the factory installed option in a salvage yard. The Buckle was exactly the same as those used by the airlines of the time in DC-3s. It was the old slip through type that appears very similar to the one below. I found a full set in an aircraft parts and salvage operation near Denver. The BCA judges have never questioned them.
  12. Am I in the right thread with this?
  13. Caballero2


  14. The water pump pulley is a 2 groove (your 2 groove is correct) plus a single groove made for the A/C jobs only. The crankshaft pulley is much the same. Dan
  15. The attached photos are of a correct and original A/C engine, 1957 Super. The P/N for the fan clutch is 129654. Dan