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  1. It does indeed seem to be a model 68. The CHiP model did not have a horn ring. This would have to be an even rarer Factory ordered unit for a civilian.
  2. While trying to be funny... How about that is a Flipperstriker, not to be confused with Whippersnapper. Even though being available only in Trumpistan, one the operatives in this forum would note it is made from unobtainium. Thus, it would be cost prohibitive. Dan
  3. Found them on ebay. Dan
  4. This is for 57buickjim...& anyone else who "likes".
  5. Hey! 60FlatTop, What is the story behind the burger joint? Denny's maybe? Dan
  6. Tongue in cheek....
  7. I really like those old farm auctions. Half of my 'stuff' has old farm auction origin. - Dan
  8. Those Vogue "Octavo" wheels on the 90s Buick sedan are probably worth more than the Car. It might even be a 'Gold Option' car. Vogue Tyre reply to my inquiry... The Octavo wheel was made between 1995 and 2000. The Vogue Goldstripe tire was made in the nineties, all the way through 2006. We recommend searching Buick forums for other owners as we do not keep record of any ownership of tires or wheels. Thank you for your interest in Vogue products. Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. 1-800-323-1466
  9. You are doing a very nice job. Your post on the fender well cover that may present a problem, attached is a photo of how we handled this problem.
  10. I don't know for certain, but on the '57 there is a major adjustment involving the brake shoe anchor pin. This aligns the arc centers of the shoes to the drum center. This must be done whenever any extensive break disassembly has occurred. The procedure is explained in the service manual. I wonder if the '55 is the same or similar?
  11. Took a mulligan Mr. Earl. Another 70 degree day in Colorado, top down, lunch at A & W.
  12. A photo op of a neighborhood feed store near Golden, Colorado
  13. A good friend, now deceased, brought his new 220HP, '57 210 two door HT, 3 on the tree, to the Oroville raceway in the summer of 1957 and was placed in the "A Stock" class. There was a rather non-descript Rambler Rebel entered in the class. Guess what? The Rambler took first place. I don't remember the clocks. The Chevy took first at the Dixon raceway later in the same class. Dan, Class of '57
  14. When you did the compression test, what did the spark plugs look like? They often offer clues. If no clues there, lift the rocker cover, with no plugs in either side, turn the engine over and determine if the valves are opening and closing. Note that the smallest of opening in the valve/seat will complete kill the cylinder. If everything is working well, then it could fairly be assumed that at least a valve stem in each cylinder is slightly bent or carboned to the point of the valve failing to close fully. After that, with a bore scope rented from your local Napa store, look into each cylinder with the piston near the top for damage. Look for cylinder wall damage. If none of the above give you the answer, you probably have lucked out on the mechanical end. Then if nothing is determined, the right cylinder head must be removed for at least a valve job and inspection of the head gasket.
  15. Try again! I had the same problem, Sent an email to Mr. Earl, then two hours later everything worked. Caballero2