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  1. Am I in the right thread with this?

  3. The water pump pulley is a 2 groove (your 2 groove is correct) plus a single groove made for the A/C jobs only. The crankshaft pulley is much the same. Dan
  4. The attached photos are of a correct and original A/C engine, 1957 Super. The P/N for the fan clutch is 129654. Dan
  5. I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    With my bad knee, I could deal with this car but with a set of Vogue tires and wheels.

    I thought this might interest some.... in classifieds

    On Main Street; Longmont, CO; Summer 2013
  8. 1957 Buick "ODDBALL" model - or NOT?

    Sorry about the photo. I wish I had one. I liked it because is was an approved accessory, and it was chrome plated. I did not tow with that hitch. It was about .75 inches thick and 2 inches wide with about a 1 inch ball hole. It was mounted with two holes in the cross frame and attached with 1/2 inch grade 8 hex hd cap screws. Now this is my memory of about 25 years ago, so accuracy is not guaranteed. I would say though, that your '54 would more suited to towing than the '57.
  9. 1957 Buick "ODDBALL" model - or NOT?

    Mr. Earl: I was fortunate enough to find a factory trailer hitch for my Caballero. As a point of interest, it was stamped with "1957 Buick". One can barely make it out in the attached photo. I should say that I was not comfortable with the strength of the mounting as described by the factory installation. Also, I wonder if the "oddball" was equipped with a heavy duty radiator. The radiator would be important to a tow vehicle.
  10. I had the same problem with a '63 LeSabre Convertible a few years ago. I eventually had to make a jumper around the circuit board. If you think you had a PIA, you should think about replacing the board.
  11. 57 caballero project

    Beemon: You are correct. Note the padded floor jack under the engine, and a block of wood over the torque ball so the tranny will not tip if removing the engine without the transmission. Dan
  12. 57 caballero project

    Or make one for yourself. It will prove to be good practice. - Dan
  13. Lancemb's 57 Roadmaster Facelift

    Did that 'Senior' come with the new fuel filter mounting? Hope to see you in Denver next year. Dan
  14. 1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

    Now that's how to "let's go places"! Dan
  15. This photo was taken at my grandfather's funeral in 1954. My dad was a salesman for Kaiser dealership. His two brothers, my uncles, were mechanics for a Texas Oldsmobile dealer. I overheard some of the discussion of the merits of both Kaiser and Oldsmobiles of the day. Irony? That car when I aged a few years, received an engine from a '54 Olds. Fit the Hydramatic perfectly. The problem arose when the steering had to be moved to the left about three inches. It did happen anyway. 53 Kaiser.pdf