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  1. These pictures are from a 1930 46S Buick. Hopefully they will help. On the 2nd picture, it looks like it's attached with a screw or rivet.
  2. This is not mine and I don't know if they are what you are looking for. However just in case:
  3. This is on my 1930 Buick
  4. Thanks Paul. The rear window removal molding, the top portion from inside the car, remove black metal trim. And behind the headliner on each corner, about 4 to 6", remove nuts and washers (one on each side). Then carefully disengage (slide) outside rear end of molding (do not pry it out - you might damage the reveal of molding or break the metal joint plate). The one that gave me trouble was the front molding above the windshield. 3 or 4 screws on top were rusted. I had to cover the windshield and cut a slot for a straight screwdriver bit and with the help of a wrench, slowly took them out. Hopefully this will help you. George Next time I'll try not to include random pictures of my dog!
  5. Hi Paul. I have made some mistakes and here they are: The inner/upper door tops should be dover white because when the doors are closed, from a distance it looks okay, but when you get close you can see a shade of red - red line. And on the middle (the removable piece) above the stainless, should be dover white. I am adding some pictures. Hopefully I explained it okay and that this will help. George
  6. Hi Fred - I sent you an email. Thanks George
  7. htt Has anyone tried this product? STEERING WHEEL REPAIR KIT-POR-15 Inc.
  8. 1929 1930 1931 1932 Buick Grill, Shell, Honeycomb Radiator and Thermostat Motor | eBay
  9. Thanks Willie. I think I'll go with the red. George
  10. Thank you Willie for replying. I meant for the trim that goes around the head liner material, and the little gray triangular shape on the metal. Should that part be red or black? or should I leave it gray. I just want to thank you because your "Buick Restorer" articles have helped me to rebuild my rear shocks. Thanks, George
  11. This is the original sun visor, the trim and the middle part is gray. Should I change that to match the interior of the car? Thanks, George
  12. Trunk Lid Light Wiring Diagrams.
  13. No - it's the guide for the trunk lid. The bulb is exactly where the wire is showing. The bracket for the socket is bent in such a way that the bulb is flush with the ribs of the trunk lid. One of the pictures - the socket and the bulb where the bright light is coming out in the rectangular shape - that's where the socket and the bulb is. Hopefully this helps. George
  14. light switch