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  1. JD in KC

    New Olds Curved Dash Book

    Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer will both open the document once downloaded.
  2. JD in KC

    What Oil and What Coolant?

    I use Shell Rotella 15-40 in my straight-eight Packards. No oil-related problems experienced.
  3. JD in KC

    Steven Kings Christine

    1958. They used several cars. The fully restored version sold at Barrett-Jackson for $198,000.00 in 2015.
  4. JD in KC

    '48 Packard value

    It's not you. 120" the OP's car, 127" the two I posted, and 141" 7 passenger.
  5. JD in KC

    '48 Packard value

    I think that 12K for a Packard 22nd series Deluxe Eight is high. The Packard bathtubs are not the most popular Packard models out there. Of course there are those who do really appreciate them (ask the man who owns 2 ). The 288 straight eight is pretty much a bullet-proof easy to work on engine. The only oiling problems I'm aware of were with the new for '55 V8's.
  6. JD in KC


    Based on this photo, I think Packard also used type D. Photo credit: PackardInfo.com
  7. JD in KC

    Define replica

    Beyond the absurd 'replica' status... how on earth can they even associate the Packard name to that thing? There isn't one single styling (I use the term loosely) cue on it that even vaguely resembles a Packard of any year. Even the hood ornament is an after market bird most commonly seen on Peterbilt trucks.
  8. JD in KC

    Artillery wheels

    Not Packard ... no alignment pin holes.
  9. JD in KC

    6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

    Took me awhile, but I believe that it's Beep! reversed ... as in reversed polarity.
  10. JD in KC

    '37 Data Tag Info?

    Slotted screws were used from 1939-1950 for sure. I'm not positive about 1937. The font used for the model/serial is correct for a factory stamping.
  11. JD in KC


    I usually start out with the hood open since not many people are familiar with a 356ci flathead straight eight. It does gather a lot of comments. The side-opening hood is a novelty to most. Unfortunately with the hood open, the very over-the-top Cormorant hood ornament isn't displayed in all its ostentatious glory. I swear it's the most photographed item at the local car shows. I will always close the hood if someone asks me to for the sake of taking pictures. After a couple of hours, I close the hood simply because the cars look their bulbous best with it down. I don't do the judging thing.
  12. JD in KC

    Anyone seen this exhaust deflector

    Packard was offering these exhaust extensions in their 1939, 46, 48, 50 accessory brochures but they were plain Jane logo-less.
  13. "...I can't find them listed as a factory accessory here on line. ..." They were a factory accessory. Accessory brochure available for download at PackardInfo.com. You might try Kanter Bros., Max Merritt, and/or put a want ad in the Parts Wanted/For Sale section of PackardInfo.com. PS. The roof antenna is difficult to find. You might try Tucson Packard to see if they have one (if they do have one, be sitting down for the price quote).
  14. JD in KC

    Packard - Can an old dog learn new tricks?

    '48 skirts are very different.