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  1. dallas2

    1940 Pontiac parts

    Hi, Would you have a pair of hood springs? If so would they fit a 41? Thanks
  2. dallas2

    Help Identifying Tool

    You guys are awesome. Now what is the vintage?
  3. dallas2

    Help Identifying Tool

    I found this in a friends toolbox. Neither of us know what it is or its purpose. It has an air gauge in the handle and what looks like a hubcap removal hook on the other end, but just guessing. Does anyone know or anyone ever seen this tool? Any help identifying it and use would be appreciated. Stamped on the handle ----B.L.T. Industries ---- Thanks
  4. Hi, Has anyone replaced the 1978 Cadillac seville rear disc brake caliper with e brake, with a caliper without e-brake(front style)? If so what make , model and year was used. I need to replace both rear calipers and do not need e-brake. Thanks
  5. dallas2

    41 Pontiac coupe brake pedal linkage

    Car has been modified with 4 wheel disc brakes and used the stock pedal to activate the hydroboost and master cylinder. I want to change the existing arrangement and design to improve brake operation.
  6. dallas2

    41 Pontiac coupe brake pedal linkage

    Now I need a used brake pedal to modify. Anyone have a used one 1941-? Thanks
  7. dallas2

    41 Pontiac coupe brake pedal linkage

    Allen, Thanks it is exactly what I needed.
  8. Hi, I'm in need of some detailed photos showing the brake pedal arm and linkage . Please show arm and linkage to the master cylinder. Thanks
  9. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    I sent you a PM
  10. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    The items are original as far as I know. Both are fold open to large page. See photos
  11. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    It has model illustrations and some specifications. If interested make an offer. Thanks
  12. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

  13. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    Willing to separate--let me know. Thanks
  14. dallas2

    1946-48 Cars

    Sent you a PM
  15. I realize this is an old post but are rocker panels still available? Thanks