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  1. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    I sent you a PM
  2. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    The items are original as far as I know. Both are fold open to large page. See photos
  3. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    It has model illustrations and some specifications. If interested make an offer. Thanks
  4. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

  5. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    Willing to separate--let me know. Thanks
  6. dallas2

    1946-48 Cars

    Sent you a PM
  7. I realize this is an old post but are rocker panels still available? Thanks
  8. dallas2

    Chevrolet literature

    Lot of original Chevrolet literature 8 items-----$120 shipped or best offer will separate. See photo. Thanks
  9. dallas2

    Corvette Literature

    Lot of 5 items-----$50.00 shipped or best offer See photo. Thanks
  10. dallas2

    Pontiac Literature

    Selling as a lot--7 original Pontiac sales items.. $187.00 shipped. see photo. Offers also entertained. Thanks
  11. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    Continental Red Seal operators manual has been sold. All Pontiac items gone. Make offer on remaining!!!! Thanks
  12. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    Sent you a PM with photos
  13. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    Factory photos and brochures---1940
  14. dallas2

    Vintage Literature

    I do have some Packard literature for sale. What are you looking for?
  15. dallas2

    Chrysler, Plymouth, DeSoto Dodge Ads

    Saved ---still available --give me offer Thanks