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  1. 1955 Packard trunk lid handle (used). Condition I would call driver quality. All mounting studs are good. $50 call 618-889-6855 or message me.. Located in Southern Illinois.
  2. Sad to be in this condition but very usable for a speedster. It was an impressive car in it's day.. Hope someone works with this.
  3. No offense here.. I just like having fun with old cars and any comment.. This material on the seats was to my understanding was an optional material.. I've seen it on one other Buick.. I took the front seat to an old established upholster to stitch up one seam getting a little loose.. He assured me that the material was original. (oh, there is no foam under the material). They had been in the business since the 1940's.. My dad and I have played with these old car's since the 1950's and Buick's have been our most common car's we have played with.. This Buick impressed me of it's total originality and the history behind it.. I've had a person in Denmark trying hard to buy it. I've sold two cars in the past to people in Denmark. A 1931 Cadillac V12 and a 1903 Northern runabout. I"m not a big time collector but have had opportunities in the past to enjoy some nice cars and then let them go...
  4. Well, Your Wrong. Guarantee they are original. I'll bet with anyone if they would put up a $500 bet and let an expert upholstery guy decide. I've already been there..
  5. This Buick was never sold by the original Dealership of Council Bluffs, IA. until the death of the owner. Then it went to another dealership (dodge) in Griswold IA. owner / collector.. There it stayed until his death. Went to his daughter which her & her husband. She then sold it to a collector / Car Dealership. From there it went to the Branson Auction. Robert Pass of Pass Port Transport bought it and sold it immediately to a private individual which I purchased it from.. Original 37,000 and all original upholstery & interior , paint, bright work is all original.. Engine was professionally rebuilt by previous owner among other mechanical items improved on.
  6. Height 13" x length at base is 53 1/2" x depth is 22"
  7. Nice Imperial. I've had 3 1954 Imperial's in the past. Same 331 engine and full automatic. Good road drivers. I'm driving my 55 packard patrician now for the last 3 years which I just put it up for sale this Spring.
  8. may try that if I don't sell in a month. I thought that someone passing through this area might pick it up for someone.
  9. Good info. Still for sale. I'm selling for a friend of mine. I think $45 is a cheap price. Still good Rat Rod material as is..
  10. I'm right here ! Goreville, IL. / Southern , IL. Has a wood bottom which is weak and dry rot.
  11. I'm right here ! Goreville, IL. / Southern , IL.
  12. Vintage car trunk. Solid top & sides. Bottom is weak wood. Needs reinforced to line up with latch. Good for a rat rod. Hinges up freely & locks in.. Size appx 40"x17" x height max 20" . No locks. Price is $45.. call 618-889-6855 or message me. Will not ship.
  13. Do you have any other pictures of this car? My dad had a model 25 when I was a kid. We drove it a lot. Ours was blue body & black fenders. It was a very easy start with just a quarter of a turn. I got it out later in my life when it had been sitting for about 10 years in a garage and got it started again. In the picture is my son. He is now 50 years old. I sold this car for my dad to a man in South Bend area. About 5 years after the sale I tried to locate the car and found it. He still owned it but he wouldn't let me see it at that time. He told me to come back another time and he would show it to me. He was a little upset about it. He told me he stored it away ,and pointed to the barn. He said someone had broken in and stole some items off of it.. Anyway I never went back.
  14. Sold,
  15. It's a very tricky slide of hand with the camera angle. (When better cars are made Buick will make them)..