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  1. 1934 to 36 ? chevrolet Hood ornament

    It's ok with me.. I've just hear other's saying various years...
  2. 1934 to 36 ? chevrolet Hood ornament

    Ok chevy guy's, what year is it for sure?
  3. 1934 Gazelle Chevrolet hood ornament

    1934 Chevrolet Hood ornament. Driver quality not show quality. Nothing broken or cracked . $135.00 call 618-889-6855 Southern IL.
  4. I'm not for sure of the year but I think it is a 1933 Chevrolet hood ornament. Cast number on underside T23702.. No brakes , good for driver but not quality show. $135 ... 618-889-6855 southern Illinois
  5. This is a drum style headlight with a very good lens. This came from an old car friend of mine which had a 1917 Hudson Touring. Price $80. 618-889-6855
  6. Brake Lever for horseless carriage?

    I was told that it also could be for a truck type vehicle of the 1900 era.
  7. I have a what looks like a brake lever for a horseless carriage. I have had it for many years from a warehouse I bought out of car parts in Maine in 1974. This lever is metal with a wooden grab handle. Measures 38" length. Knurled nuts in middle and end. Would anyone have an idea what vehicle this would be off of..? If interested make offer
  8. Sold 1936 NEW REBUILT Brake SHoes

  9. SOLD 1936 NOS Cam gear & Display case.

  10. 1936 Century rear shocks REBUILT

  11. 1936 Century/RM nos Timing Chain

  12. 1936 new parts package deal