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  1. Frank Wilkie

    Last time 4 sale 1928 Buick Master Brougham

    Thank you guy's for the nice complements .. I hope a serious Car enthusiast ends up with it that appreciates the history and originality..
  2. Frank Wilkie

    Last time 4 sale 1928 Buick Master Brougham

    Just give me a call Jack.
  3. Putting up for the last time my 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham. History: never sold to the public until 13 years ago.. I have the history on it. Original interior in excellent condition. Original top. Original paint, thin in some areas. The Big Master Six motor was completely professionally rebuilt (at a cost of $5,000) along with every mechanical aspect of the car was either rebuilt , replaced or taken apart and properly maintained. There are other people that are aware of this car. It is big , luxurious and very impressive. Radiator was professionally restored with new V tube honeycomb core by a professional restoration shop at a cost of $1,800.. If you have an interest just call me at 618-889-6855 and or come and see it. Located in Southern Illinois, Goreville.. I have reduced the price to $20,000 .. this cost more than this price.. You can buy other 1928 Buicks cheaper but none can compare to the History , Originality and total mechanical rebuild.
  4. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chrysler 68 Coupe

    My 1926 Chrysler model 58 Coupe is very very solid .. No Rust. Price is $9500. Call me for details 618 889 6855. Located in Southern IL..
  5. Frank Wilkie

    1927 Buick sedan on craigslist for $5500

    I have found in most cases that if only a mail reply is posted it's a scam.. If you reply on any posting with just return mail for any car , ask where can I come to see it and ask for a phone number. More than likely you won't get an answer.
  6. Frank Wilkie

    1931 Ford Victoria coupe

    I Do not Text. Call if your interested or need additional information. 618 889 6855 Located in Southern Illinois My 1931 Ford Vicky is an older amateur restoration. The elderly gentleman rebuilt it to be just a good looking driver. Licensed , titled and insured in my name. Price is $13,500
  7. Frank Wilkie

    1931 Ford Victoria Coupe

    My 1931 Ford Victoria coupe is now for sale. Titled, licensed and insured in my name. Located in Southern IL.. $13,500.. The previous elderly gentleman that owned this car amateur restored it just to have a good looking driver. This is not a show car but is nice and shinny. As you see in the pictures he used a later style headlamps but that's what he wanted. Has it's small things to contend with such as the driver side door window is stubborn to roll down. Has new window channels in both doors. Driver side window is cracked. Nice clean upholstery. He installed a dual point Mallory distributor and 6 volt alternator. Top has some stains. It is what it is.. Come and look at it. I Do Not Text. Call me at 618-889-6855.
  8. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chrysler Coupe 58

    Just got through placing in the floor boards and rear spare tire.
  9. Finally got it running and just messing around with it. Solid as a rock.. No rust. Put new points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, coil, new plug wires, new plugs, other wiring, took apart vacuum tank, dropped gas tank and cleaned, rebuilt in tank gas gauge, and lubed every grease fitting. All lights work except one headlamp but I think it's just the connection. Putting the floor boards back in today.. All windows are good and function. Just a good solid original .
  10. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chry. 50 four ?

    Thanks for the input. I had earler set the plugs at 25 and the points at 18.. It hits as soon as I push the starter but will not continue to run.
  11. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chry. 50 four ?

    Need to know the correct spark plug gap and contact points setting for my 1926 Chry 50 series.. ?? I've got fire but won't continue running.
  12. Noticed that on your door the lock is below the door handle. My 1926 Chry 58 coupe the lock is above the handle?
  13. What is the correct 6 volt ignition coil used for a 1926 Chrysler 50 series.?
  14. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 4?

    Found it ! Of course it was stopped up..
  15. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 58 coil & points

    Distributor is a delco remy 638 C... I just took off my old coil , it is a delco remy 25 ....