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  1. 1928 Buick Master Town Sedan Brougham "Nice"

    There seems to be an endless list of scammers. I guess trying to find an easy mark. Won't happen here. I'll play it my way.
  2. Need to identify this early Delco coil

    Layden, thank you for looking
  3. 1928 Buick Master Town Sedan Brougham "Nice"

    Changed payment mode. Cash or Certified check with a 2 week wait until it clears the bank. I did have a third way to pay by direct deposit but I canceled my bank account due to someone trying to hack into it.. Has anyone been contacted by Email to purchase your car using the name of Daniel E. B Berce ?
  4. 1928 Buick Master Town Sedan Brougham "Nice"

    The signs are not for sale in one of the pictures.
  5. 1928 Buick Master Town Sedan Brougham "Nice"

    If anyone is in doubt about it being original and details of the history, Just come and see me and the car. One on one and not a long distance phone conversation. Don't even think about a text. All text messages have and will be deleted. From a grumpy old man.
  6. 39 ford truck project

    I would like to see more details about it. Where is it located?
  7. This vehicle isn't for the person to buy and sell but for the person that is an enthusiast that knows and appreciates the rarity of a car that has the fantastic history, excellent original condition, and value of the mechanical ability like this car. Not just another 1928 Buick Master. My 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham 47s was never sold the the public until about 13 years ago. Was in the possession of three different dealerships since the original Buick Dealership. Has original 37,103 miles on it now. The original upholstery and interior is in excellent condition. No rips or tares. Has the optional print style seat material. Also optional was a dealer installed front door sun shades. The top is also original with no rips or tares. The paint is original but is thin in some areas and the black isn't as bright. The Big Six engine was completely professionally rebuilt at a cost of $5,000. The radiator was rebuilt by a professional shop in Peoria IL. area of being a well know shop for restoring antique radiators. The cost of the radiator was $1,800. I have receipts. Any and all mechanical aspects of this car was either professionally rebuilt , replaced or taken apart to be properly maintained. Has new tires but now a little stained. New complete wiring with Rhode Island Wire company. New rebuilt gas vacuum tank. Has upgrade stainless inlet water pipe and the fan hub is ball bearing. Windshield wiper motor was rebuilt. New exhaust. New rubber around windshield. Special oil filter from Bob's Automobilia. Fuel tank was taken off sectioned , cleaned and sealed. All dash instruments were rebuilt. All windows are good and function. Has the rear pull down sunshades. The only noticeable cosmetic ware on this car is the driver side running board rubber where the driver stepped in. This could be camouflaged by attaching a Buick script running board step plate. This car was mechanically rebuilt in order to have a trouble free driver. I had purchased it from the first public titled buyer which he was the one who had all these things done. I've got several receipts of work done. You won't be disappointed in owning this car if you appreciate and value the history and originality. You can find several other 28's restored but not with this one's history and complete mechanical condition. Price: $28,000 Serious buyers call me at 618-889-6855 for more information or discussion. My car is located in Southern Illinois. No Pay Pal, Cash or certified check and wait until it clears..
  8. i have a 1936 Chevrolet Pick Up title. (Historical Document) $100
  9. 1934 to 36 ? chevrolet Hood ornament

    It's ok with me.. I've just hear other's saying various years...
  10. 1934 to 36 ? chevrolet Hood ornament

    Ok chevy guy's, what year is it for sure?
  11. 1934 Gazelle Chevrolet hood ornament

    1934 Chevrolet Hood ornament. Driver quality not show quality. Nothing broken or cracked . $135.00 call 618-889-6855 Southern IL.
  12. I'm not for sure of the year but I think it is a 1933 Chevrolet hood ornament. Cast number on underside T23702.. No brakes , good for driver but not quality show. $135 ... 618-889-6855 southern Illinois
  13. This is a drum style headlight with a very good lens. This came from an old car friend of mine which had a 1917 Hudson Touring. Price $80. 618-889-6855
  14. Brake Lever for horseless carriage?

    I was told that it also could be for a truck type vehicle of the 1900 era.
  15. I have a what looks like a brake lever for a horseless carriage. I have had it for many years from a warehouse I bought out of car parts in Maine in 1974. This lever is metal with a wooden grab handle. Measures 38" length. Knurled nuts in middle and end. Would anyone have an idea what vehicle this would be off of..? If interested make offer