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  1. I'm 70 years old now and turning a little green. What's wrong with that? If the wood inner structure is solid and not weak I think it's a fair price.
  2. Looking for a nos or good used Speedometer Cable & housing for my 1936 DeSoto S1 Airstream coupe. Has the standard transmission No Overdrive unit.
  3. Is there anyone that reproduces a rubber floor mat for a 1936 DeSoto Airstream business coupe? Don't know if the Plymouth, dodge or Chrysler coupe would be the same.
  4. Is there anyone that reproduces a rubber floor mat for a 1936 Airstream business coupe and or trunk mat.?
  5. I do not text, I will delete all text. Call if your serious. Price: $10,500 maybe open to offers but that's up to my son.. This is my son's car. He just moved to Florida this week. He left the car with me in Southern Illinois. The car is a 1960 Fireflight 2dr. ht.. It was being made into a street rod or a rat type rod before he got it. They dropped a cam-ed up 348 chevy engine in it. It has a 4 bbl but previous they had 2 4's. Automatic floor shift. If it was mine I would go back to the original 361 and maybe put a little punch in it. It has headers and exhaust runs all the way to the back bumper. New Center Line Wheels with new tires., new tie rod ends inner and outer, new steering sector, Seats were reupholstered in black vinyl , new cheap carpet, Lights work, don't know all what else.. In gray primer. Needs headliner and inside trim piece. All windows are good. All roll up & down. Front window does have a small rock chip on passenger side but not bad at all. There is some bondo in areas. This could be a very sharp car.
  6. not a regular working man's hobby at these prices. I'm sure the price is right on today's market for the big time collector.
  7. I still like the car.
  8. still like it
  9. Found this for T Delco Remy 2180 :
  10. I googled this Nos Delco Remy Coil #2180 and a brochure came up that this is a coil used on Model T's. Has anyone used one of these on their T?
  11. This is a NOS Delco Remy Coil #2180 .. Can anyone identify it what it's for? vehicle or other?
  12. I appreciate this car being advertised here. I'm mostly a pure stock guy but now in my older age (70) I'm considering a antique vehicle that looks very stock from the outside but has a better upgrade of drive-ability and not being over powered. If it were closer to me I would like to look at it with the possibility of buying but I've learned over the years buying long distance is a gamble. Wish you the best in selling.
  13. I'm putting together a display board of previous title, original 1928 Buick ad's, ect.. This car needs to be in a museum due to it's originality or a large private collection of original vehicles and keep maintained. Since I've owned it I'm skeptic of driving it and loosing it's appearance.
  14. I had them but were sold to a person I think in Michigan. The last I heard he re-bodied the chassis. Don't remember his name , sorry...
  15. Good to use on your envelope or letter your sending.