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  1. Noticed that on your door the lock is below the door handle. My 1926 Chry 58 coupe the lock is above the handle?
  2. What is the correct 6 volt ignition coil used for a 1926 Chrysler 50 series.?
  3. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 4?

    Found it ! Of course it was stopped up..
  4. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 58 coil & points

    Distributor is a delco remy 638 C... I just took off my old coil , it is a delco remy 25 ....
  5. Would anyone have the correct parts number of a coil and points/rotor for my 1926 Chry. 58 four cyl.? Or a after market that would work.
  6. Frank Wilkie

    1928 Master Town Brougham

    No serious potential buyers. Buy big Master series project at a cheap price and then put a fortune into it to make it come up the grade of this one.. You will have a lot more in it then you can buy mine for..
  7. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 4?

    yep.. it splashes everywhere.. My inspection cover is on top. I reached under the car and used a ice pick to see if any hole was there but didn't seem to find anything.. I'll get a closer look... maybe I'll drill one.. The oil looking substance was very thin. Like about 10 to 20wt. oil.. Could the transmission possibly leak into this.. I know it's a heaver weight oil.. I'll check the fluid level of the trans box..
  8. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 4?

    ok , if that is it what is the procedure for repair. ?
  9. Frank Wilkie

    1926 chrysler 4?

    1926 Chrysler model 58 four cylinder .. Got this about a month ago, so I started the general prep before trying to start it after sitting about 8 years.. Cleaned oil pan, took off gas tank & vacuum tank and cleaned them. Installed new plug & coil wire. I then pushed the starter button on floor and it spun over good but of course didn't start. What I noticed was it was throwing out oil from the top of the inspection plate of the bell housing and started leaking out oil through the end plate of the starter..... What is going on? All this oil and why. Is it the rear main ?
  10. Frank Wilkie

    1936 DeSoto Rear end

    1936 DeSoto S1 complete rear end with brakes taken out of my 36 coupe.. $45 ... WILL NOT SHIP. Call me at 618-889-6855
  11. Frank Wilkie

    1928 Master Town Brougham

    Lowered price to $20,000.. call if your serious.
  12. Frank Wilkie

    1928 Buick Master

    Didn't Sell. I'll just start driving it this summer.
  13. Frank Wilkie

    1939 Ford Pickup

    more pictures as requested of right side of truck.
  14. Frank Wilkie

    1928 Buick Master

    thank you for posting Mr. Earl. .. I really hope some true Buick collector ends up with this fantastic car. It really deserves a great appreciation for it's history and original condition. The complete mechanical restoration is just a big plus. I have lots more pictures on the forum Pre War Buick.
  15. Frank Wilkie

    1928 Buick Master on Ebay