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  1. Frank Wilkie

    Parts Manual DeSoto S11

    502 page Parts Manual DeSoto S11. Revised addition for April 1, 1949. Price is $45.. call me at 618-889-6855. I will not respond to any text.text.
  2. This is a heavy ash tray for a Honored Member of the Chicago Motor Club. Double sided. $45 .. Located in Southern IL. . call me at 618-889-6855
  3. Frank Wilkie

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    This is Simple, just bolt it down on a running jeep frame and your off.. Rat Rod Special.
  4. Frank Wilkie

    NOS wiring harness 8 cyl.

    I have two Wiry Joe brand nos wiring harness for 8 cylinder cars. The difference is the length of the wires for components. Notice the length of the coil wire at the end of description on boxes. One is 24" and the other is 38". This would help you decide on which harness is best for you.. Price Each is $120 plus shipping.. I'm located in Southern IL. Call me at 618-889-6855 for information. I have sold about 40 of these Wiry Joe harness and have had no complaints.
  5. I have a NOS Wiry Joe brand wiring harness for a 1946 Ford. I have sold about 40 of these Wiry Joe harness and have had no complaints. They are very flexible and not falling apart. Price is $120 plus shipping. I presume it is for a car since truck is not printed on box. Some of my other harness had Truck printed on them. Located in Southern IL.
  6. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chrysler 58 Coupe

    Just got it out today for a quick drive.
  7. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chrysler 58 Coupe

    My 1926 Chrysler model 58 Coupe is very very solid .. NO Rust.. New plugs, plug wires, points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, coil, coil wire, installed other wiring instrumental to starting car, dropped oil pan to clean, dropped gas tank to clean and repair fuel gauge, rebuilt gas vacuum tank, ect.. Price is $9500. Call me for details 618 889 6855. Located in Southern IL..
  8. Frank Wilkie

    1927 Buick sedan on craigslist for $5500

    I have found in most cases that if only a mail reply is posted it's a scam.. If you reply on any posting with just return mail for any car , ask where can I come to see it and ask for a phone number. More than likely you won't get an answer.
  9. Frank Wilkie

    1931 Ford Victoria coupe

    I Do not Text. Call if your interested or need additional information. 618 889 6855 Located in Southern Illinois My 1931 Ford Vicky is an older amateur restoration. The elderly gentleman rebuilt it to be just a good looking driver. Licensed , titled and insured in my name. Price is $13,500
  10. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chrysler Coupe 58

    Just got through placing in the floor boards and rear spare tire.
  11. Finally got it running and just messing around with it. Solid as a rock.. No rust. Put new points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap, coil, new plug wires, new plugs, other wiring, took apart vacuum tank, dropped gas tank and cleaned, rebuilt in tank gas gauge, and lubed every grease fitting. All lights work except one headlamp but I think it's just the connection. Putting the floor boards back in today.. All windows are good and function. Just a good solid original .
  12. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chry. 50 four ?

    Thanks for the input. I had earler set the plugs at 25 and the points at 18.. It hits as soon as I push the starter but will not continue to run.
  13. Frank Wilkie

    1926 Chry. 50 four ?

    Need to know the correct spark plug gap and contact points setting for my 1926 Chry 50 series.. ?? I've got fire but won't continue running.
  14. Noticed that on your door the lock is below the door handle. My 1926 Chry 58 coupe the lock is above the handle?
  15. What is the correct 6 volt ignition coil used for a 1926 Chrysler 50 series.?