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  1. 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham nice

    Thanks to those that contacted me with some offers, but this isn't your every day 1928 Buick Master. You need to come and look at it and not just shoot an offer from the hip with offers . Or at least have someone to come and look at it for you if you live too far away... The 36 DeSoto coupe sold to a man that came to my location and looked at it. His response after seeing it was" it was better than he expected"..
  2. Lot of Scams Right Now

    I have found on Craigslist if the seller only shows Email contact and you do Email them through Craigslist , they immediately ask you to give them your personal Email address. I have played along on some just to pass the time. I've asked them directly for their phone number , exact address the car is located so I can come and look at it.. Their reply is not what you asked for. They say sometimes their a traveling nurse and not at home or out of the country on business. Lots of reasons. I generally flag them after playing with them in order to make sure it is a scam..
  3. 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham nice

    Cleaned up my garage today and moved the Buick. I have more room now since I sold the DeSoto.
  4. buick radiator winged cap

    If you own it you can ask for the moon and then sell it for the best offer you can get if you don't want it anymore. The highest value on this would be the person needing it for their 1928 Buick.. just my opinion.
  5. 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham nice

    Still open to serious offers. I would rather sell out right then take a trade. Just message me or call.
  6. 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham nice

    I understand the distance. My son sold his 1960 DeSoto 2 dr. ht. to a person in Sweeden. Several years back I have sold some vintage car's to people in DenMark.
  7. 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham nice

    As for your tallness , you will fit in this one..
  8. Just Lowered price to $23,000 Roaring 20's vehicle. Now, my 1928 Buick Master Town Brougham has all of it's original interior material which is in very good to excellent condition. No rips or tares. Has it's original top and again no rips or tares. Original paint but is thin in areas and some dullness on parts of the fenders. NO RUST or wood rot.. The Big Six motor was completely professionally rebuilt at a cost of $5,000 have receipt. The radiator was sent to a professional restoration shop at a cost of $1,800 have receipt. Vacuum tank was rebuilt, windshield wiper was rebuilt, dash gauges were rebuilt. Every aspect of the mechanical parts of this car was either rebuilt, replaced or taken apart to be properly serviced. New tires. New Rhode Island Wiring. Can't think of everything at this time.. This car was being redone in order to have a trouble free driver but original. Has a ware spot on the driver side running board. Could be covered up by installing a Buick Step Plate. History: This car was an original Iowa Car. The history was that it was never sold new back in 1928 so the Buick Dealership owner started driving it and stored it away when he was through.. Later in time this car went to another car dealership owner in Griswold Iowa. Stayed in that family after his death until it was sold. It went through another car dealership in Wichita Kansas and then about 13 years ago it was finally sold to a private owner. I purchased it from him.. I have names and some documentation to back this up. There are several 1928 Buick's out there for sale , but none will compare to the know History, Originality and the extensive rebuild mechanical-ability of this car. I previously offered this for sale at $28K but cash talks or a trade if I like it.. Had plenty of trade-in offers but nothing caught my attention. Just call me at 618-889-6855 located in Southern IL.
  9. 1938 plymouth coupe

    I like it just the way it is with all the up dated items due to better and dependability drive-a-bility .. Now days at most of our local car shows the judge's wouldn't know a completely stock 38 it it bit them.. Majority of now days car enthusiast is only interested in street rods and rat rods at our local shows.. I would be almost interested in getting this but I would have to sell my 36 DeSoto coupe or my 28 Buick Master. The wife won't let me sell the 39 Ford Pickup.. No room left in my garage for a fourth vehicle.
  10. Just looking, wanting, wishing. Like the old Sears & Roebuck Christmas catalog.
  11. 1940 Dodge headlight rim

    1940 Dodge headlight rim. Cast pot metal. No cracks or breaks. Has pitting. Good parking light lens. Located in southern Illinois.. $80
  12. Correct headlight lens for DeSoto ?

    thanks Keiser
  13. Correct headlight lens for DeSoto ?

    The one I'm going to replace is still mounted in the headlamp. In looking at the retainer ring it doesn't have a screw holding the ring on the lamp. Do you just pry it off the headlamp body? I don't want to tare up anything.
  14. Correct headlight lens for DeSoto ?

    I guess no one knows.
  15. Correct headlight lens for DeSoto ?

    I need to know what is the correct size headlight lens for my 1936 DeSoto S1 coupe?