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  1. nickelroadster

    Replating reflectors

    That is an interesting way of doing things. You can also get all kinds of plating supplies and equipment at Caswell (look up on the net.). I replate a lot of small items as it is less expensive and more fun than sending out to get plated.
  2. nickelroadster

    taper angle on Chrysler product rear axles

    A machinist would be able to tell you if you have one to look at.
  3. nickelroadster

    1922 Olds 43A Connecting Rod

    This car uses almost the same engine as Chevies of this age. This could widen your search.
  4. nickelroadster

    Does it even have to run?

    The museum at which I work at is not a car museum but has several very early cars (Benz Motorwagon, Ford quadricycle, steam Locomobile and a couple of highwheelers) . They do not want a speck of grease or oil to be seen anywhere. This probably accelerates the deterioration of these old cars. I always figured the reason everything British leaked oil was for corrosion protection in the humid British climate.
  5. nickelroadster

    Suchion Cup marks and Haze on New Windshield

    I have used 0000 steel wool for years on glass. Always worked just fine.
  6. nickelroadster

    Great Sunday Drive

    I too have ridden in the Yellowstone bus. It was an immense amount of fun! You can see everything really well.
  7. nickelroadster

    WTB: Marmon 34 engine parts

    Have you asked David Peeler? He has a whole bunch of 34 parts. Frank Iacino (Oldford) also has some. He is selling a whole engine.
  8. nickelroadster

    Brass T head car on HAMB. What is it?

    Could be any of the early teens Olds. Doesn't look like a Limited (tire size 42"). Probably a four cylinder defender or Autocrat as it appears too short to be a six cylinder. Radiator looks right for an Olds. Is that a steering box on the right side indicating right hand drive?
  9. nickelroadster

    Saw this going down the road today....

    I wonder if the trunk works?
  10. nickelroadster

    Early 1900's -What is it?

    It appears to have a Weston-Mott rear end.
  11. nickelroadster

    E15 Fuel

    The benefits of alcohol go mostly to those who grow corn. In some cases it probably takes more energy to make alcohol then you get out of it.
  12. nickelroadster

    1922 Marmon 34B Two Passenger Speedster

    The current paint scheme screams Tennessee which is where the previous owner went to school. That is Tennessee orange. It has nothing to do with the seventies.
  13. nickelroadster

    UPS lost 1937 Buick Special 40 Steering Gear

    My sympathy is with you. UPS has been known to loose a few things. The problem is that even with the items insured they can't always be replaced.
  14. nickelroadster

    1922 Marmon 34B Two Passenger Speedster

    This is a very nice car which I have seen a lot of. I have seen it on many tours and have never seen it break down. Marmons are just as nice a car as stutzes, Cadillacs and Packards but are usually much more reasonable in price. Awesome engineering!
  15. nickelroadster

    another V-12 or Dual ignition cap?

    It fits a Marmon double fire six in 1926 and 1927, a late twenties Stutz and and a late twenties Pierce Arrow that I know of. I believe that it will also fit a Cadillac v-12 although the threaded spark plug wire connections would not be correct for that. Why do you need two versions of this post?