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  1. Dave B.

    Car dreams

    From many years ago: In 1966, my dad bought a new Chevy Nova SS. It was a 327 4-speed and, at 16, I loved it! I even used it to take my driver’s test. I drove it regularly for almost 4 years, even taking it to college. Then, in late ’69, my dad traded it for a 1970 Nova SS, a 350 4-speed. The ’70 was a nice car but it I just didn’t have the connection with it like I had with the ’66. When I graduated in ’71, my parents gave me the ’70. All during the time after the ’66 left us, I dreamed about it often and told my parents that the first car I’d buy for myself after college would be another ’66. As luck would have it, in 1972 I got an ‘offer-I-couldn’t-refuse’ from a man who wanted to buy the ’70. I was selling cars for a living at the time and didn’t really need a car of my own, as salespeople back then were furnished ‘demos’. After being without a personal car for about six weeks, I noticed an ad in the classified section of the local newspaper for a 1966 Nova SS 327/350 hp 4-speed. I went to look at it on my lunch hour, made the deal and picked it up that evening. That was 46 years ago and I still have my ’66 SS - and the dreams stopped the day I bought it!
  2. OK, I'll post one of me with my first "car". The date is June 5, 1952 (thanks, Mom, for writing on the back...). I'm almost 3 in the photo. And yes, I still have the pedal car. Since we lived in the country, there were no sidewalks to drive on and thus it didn't get 'driven' much. Today, it looks almost exactly as it did then.
  3. While paging through BarnFinds.com, I ran across this car listed as being for sale on ebay. I searched the AACA site, but couldn't find any reference to it. Looks to be a bit pricey, but who knows? Someone might strike a deal! https://www.ebay.com/itm/253613026992?rmvSB=true
  4. Dave B.

    1964 Karmann-Ghia convertible - For Sale

    Thanks for all the replies! Judy's not in any real hurry to sell the car. In fact, if she wasn't trying to simplify her life (and I'm guessing here - sell her beautiful home), I doubt that she'd consider selling the little Ghia. She also understands that she may have to take less for the car than she's hoping for, but that's a bridge we'll cross when we get there. She and I still haven't worked out a plan to take more photographs. I'm a fairly decent photographer, but we have a mutual friend who's a pro, so I'm hoping he'll step up and volunteer his time. C Carl is correct about the rear bumper. That is a reflection of nearby trees. Judy isn't an overly computer-oriented person; so when she couldn't locate any digital files, she used her cell phone to take snapshots of 'real' paper-backed photos! That's why these images appear to be slightly distorted or curved... Also, thanks to everyone for being understanding. This was my first post to 'test the waters'. I know that the members of this forum have a deep understanding of the hobby and the diversity of the people in it. I'll be sure to replace the photos when I have more and also update the thread with details if the car sells.
  5. $39,500 or near offer I’m listing this for a friend whose late husband ‘restored’ the car a few years ago. This is probably the first car she’s ever had to sell herself, so I’m trying to give her advice without being too pushy. I’m familiar with the car, having judged it at a local show several years ago. My opinion at the time was that it was in excellent condition, probably a 2+. The other judges agreed and it took home the ‘Best Imported Car’ trophy. She had it appraised and that’s where the $39,500 price comes from. I looked at Hagerty’s pricing guide and that’s in the range for a 2+ condition car. The first thing that I told her was that she needs more and better photographs, which are coming. That said, the car was NOT put back to original specifications. Her husband built it to his taste; which, depending on the potential buyer, may detract from its worth. Among the upgrades are a 1971 1600 cc motor with dual carburetors, a 12-volt electrical system, later model seats, and a modern radio. I’ve also advised her that, in my opinion, the only way she will realize the appraised price is to sell it at a ‘national’ level auction. She understands that and is considering it, but she wanted me to try listing it on a few ‘trusted’ sites. She also stated that if someone is really interested, she would consider reasonable offers. And, she understands that a serious buyer would want to do a personal inspection and test-drive the car, which she’s willing to do by appointment. So, if you’re interested or know someone who might be, I’m temporarily serving as the initial contact. I’m NOT selling the car, nor will I receive any commission, so I have ‘no horse in this race’. You may post a comment, PM me or email me direct at daveb9749@gmail.com Please excuse the poor photography, as these are the only photos that are currently available.
  6. This ad surfaced on the Bring-a-Trailer forum. I know nothing about this car, but I thought some of our forum members might like to be aware of the sale. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/d/1936-auburn-boattail-speedster/6284527701.html
  7. Dave B.

    Buicks, Buicks Everywhere

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I did a search, but nothing showed up. I found this video on (of all places) a Chevy Nova forum! The video shows the unloading of several train cars filled with new 1928 Buicks! The video has some sort of protective device attached, so I couldn't insert it directly... but here's the link: (Just click on the "Watch on Vimeo" button)
  8. I'm not much for cross-posting other people's cars, but this LaSalle was just too beautiful not to let the folks on the AACA forum know of the sale: http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1940-lasalle-5267-special-series-52-convertible-coupe/
  9. Very, VERY nice Biscayne!! 348 car? DB
  10. I was selling new Chevys in the early '70s. We received a new Caprice coupe in "Covert Tan" with a darker vinyl top and interior. Our sales manager loved combinations like that, so he ordered the car to be detailed for showroom duty. After the clean-up guys parked it on the showroom, my fellow salesman Dennis and I noticed that it had a big dent in the passenger-side rocker panel, which we immediately reported to the sales manager. Now, this dent had absolutely no scrapes or scratches in it, which led us to believe that the panel was installed WITH the dent and then painted. While I was out to lunch, a customer came in and fell in love with the car. Dennis later told me that, not wanting to lose the sale, he did his entire spiel standing in front of the dent. The customer bought the car and later brought it back when he found the dent. Dennis, being the slick salesman that he was, feigned surprise when the customer showed him the problem but - of course - offered to have it repaired at no charge... Then there was the two-tone Nova coupe that had the Exterior Decor Package (bright window moldings, full-length body side moldings, etc.) on the driver's side but not on the passenger's. The list goes on, but yes, quality control was often spotty at best!
  11. Joe Thanks for the heads-up on this book. It's already in my basket for my next Amazon order! I knew the folks on this forum would have the input I was looking for!! That reminds me of a post I made on a GM forum (not concerning Novas and also not to be named here) a couple of years ago. There was a discussion going on about when a particular change had been made. Having worked in both the parts and new car sales departments of a Chevy dealership back in the day, I knew the answer without having to do any research. When I posted it, I was jumped on by every ‘expert’ on the site! I ended up having to dig through my archives and also those of a good friend to come up with the ‘proof’ that I was correct. Just as in your case, the thread ended without any further posts… I'll also have to say that, while we don't get a lot of high-profile attention, the Nova community has done a very good job of researching the various models and options that were available 'back when'. We're constantly trying to add to our knowledge of what is and isn't 'correct' when it comes to accurate restorations. Dave B.
  12. John (and others reading this topic) Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought about Consumer Reports since I rarely read that publication. Hind-sight being 20-20, I should have been more specific in my first post. Besides the information in the road tests, what I'm really interested in is photos of the cars as they were on Day One. The idea for my request was born from several discussions on other forums. We were lamenting the lack of photos that show things like cable and hose routing, decal placement and related bits. Survivor cars are few and far between, especially when looking at performance models, which were often modified shortly after purchase. And, you simply can't rely on showroom brochures, as they are usually put together months before the models are released and may not contain the details of items that were changed prior to introduction day. These problems are compounded by 'restorers', however well-intentioned, who rely on memory when replacing parts and decals. While most articles from the early-mid '60s were black and white, there is still a lot of knowledge to be gained from them! I'll keep looking through the stacks magazines at swap-meets, but I'll also continue to hope that I find that magazine collector with a OCD degree in organization! Best regards, Dave B.
  13. Dave B.

    Buyer's Dilemma

    The Studebaker is a nice car, but I've never liked the 'all chrome' '55 front end. If I were in your place, the Kaiser would already be in my garage!
  14. Hi all This is a real long-shot, but I thought I'd give it a try. I've owned several 1962-1967 Chevy Novas. I'd like to buy some U.S. magazines that contained Nova road tests from that period. I'm not asking to buy your issues, just for some guidance on what titles/issues to look for. I have a copy of the May, 1966 issue of Car Life (327 c.i. - 350 hp - 4-speed) and the July, 1966 issue of Motor Trend (327 c.i. - 275 hp - Powerglide) but these are the only original road tests I've been able to find. I've done a Google search, but haven't come up with any others. So, if you're looking through your collection and come up with any other examples, I'd really like to hear about them! Best regards, Dave B.
  15. Update: Bud called and wanted me to thank everyone who has responded to this thread. As of today, he has had two offers from readers who have indicated their willingness to drive hundreds of miles to pick up the brochures. He also told me that, if both these two offers don't pan out, he will let me know and I will update the thread again. Dave B.