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  1. And just for the record, you need a 401 cubic inch motor. 445 was the torque rating. Several items of the 63 motor make it unique. Several threads on this forum discuss differences. Read these before you buy something that be a nailhead, but will require other modification to work in your Riviera. And I think your springs are fine.
  2. There are two Rivieras listed in the docket for Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas for 2017. A 64 and a 65. Both of these are low entry number cars, so the will both go across the block early on Thursday, 10/19. The 65. The 64.
  3. I do not. When I had mine done, there was no "kit". From anybody. So, mine was built from scratch. That was in 08 or 09. I had to send them the old booster and pedal assembly, along with a few measurements they needed of the engine compartment and firewall. Took six weeks, but when I got it back, it fit like a glove. But as it was a one off, it was twice the price of the POL kit. I have not had a reason to go back to Master Power Brake and see if they developed a "kit" from what they did for my car. But I believe SloSteve is right, this is a Corvette booster.
  4. You don't have to do the disc conversion to do the master cylinder conversion, even with this system. I used what may be this same booster. Mine came from Master Power Brakes, but looks the same. Used the original drums and braking is a ton better than stock. I was considering a disc conversion at the time, but that moved down the to-do list when I installed this system.
  5. This is the grille I have in my 63. Below is a link to the headlights I used to complete this swap. Doesn't make it a 65. I didn't want a 65. I wanted a 63-64 with headlights behind the fender grilles.
  6. Drum to Disc Conversion

    Should be a corporate 10 bolt. See what you can find for a 74-78 Impala. Should be the same.
  7. It has been said that the early powerglides (dynaglides) were much like the early Harleys. They like to mark their territory.
  8. 63 air ride

    Late 80s Vette would be batwing. I looked into this about 10 years ago when I was thinking about using this under a pickup I was building. I was told then, by Chris at Ride Tech, they don't recommend it. Would have to use the Shockwaves, and there isn't enough room for these. Do you have coilovers on there now? Have you looked into the one piece fiberglass transverse leaf springs for these? I understand they make a world of difference on the batwing suspensions. As for ride quality, I love the air suspension on my car. Gives a different feel in the seat of the pants, but once you get used to it, I think it is great.
  9. 63 air ride

    Ride Tech (Air Ride Technologies) makes the complete kit. Several levels and options to choose from. You can add limit switches and remote controlers, or keep it pretty basic. Basic is expensive and it goes up from there. Others offer things you can make work, but you need above average fabrication skills to adapt them. You can get into these at a lower initial cost, but end up cutting, welding, and making their parts fit. Only cutting required on the Ride Tech kit is for bag clearance around the stock spring pocket. You will have to do that with any bag system you install. Chances are you will also have to reconfigure the tail pipes. The rear bags are wider than the stock coils, so they now want to take up the room where the stock configured tail pipes live. Enough room for both, but will have to remake the tail pipes around the wheel well to get them to live together.
  10. The form was a post card pre-addressed to the Buick plant. This card came along with the other paperwork on the car. I have seen the form posted here before. I still had mine with the paperwork I got with my car. The original owner never sent off for it.
  11. That site is impossible to navigate. Never found anything like this.
  12. Yes, they do. This is one of my favorite second generation cars. Wheels are a little large, but look good with all the chrome blacked out.
  13. Another wheel that has the vintage look is the Rocket Strike. This is the polished version.
  14. Did not get a picture of the wheels, or look at the tire sizes. I think these are Detroit steel wheels, but again, not sure. The Mulvane Marauders bring about 30-35 cars to this show each year. Always win the Best Club trophy. I think the owner of this car is a member, but not sure.
  15. This was Mulvane, Kansas, just south of Wichita. I have a good friend who puts on this show. I have been helping him with it for about 25 years. The owner of this car is from Derby, I think.