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  1. Looks like it is ready to be pushed off at Bonneville.
  2. Speakers and Radio

    Thanks, Jan. It is amazing how different these two sites are. I looked at the US version on Saturday. Didn't see much info, but I was on my phone and thought it was just the mobile site. Looked at both sites after you posted the links from home. Lots more info of the Aussie site for the same part number. Thanks, again.
  3. Both the 15x7 and 15x8 Chevy rally wheels have a step in the lip. Search for smooth lip trim rings.
  4. Speakers and Radio

    Swede, can I get some more info on your speaker? Sounds like something I want to investigate further.
  5. I thought Riviera was the 47000 series? Where is it in this illustration?
  6. At least they are the correct silver, not Buick green or red. Needs a trunk seal. No photos of the door seals. Also, one of the chrome rings is missing from the 2:00 position on the steering wheel. These are available for Impala wheels from the aftermarket, but not sure they are the same as the Riviera wheel. Pretty car. Well optioned.
  7. If you have to look for these, they are called "sex bolts". They have a male half and female half.
  8. Here are some examples of the 3" whitewall on a first gen Riviera. While not factory correct for this model, some of these look better than others. Depends on the wheel choice. I do not like these with the wire hubcap, but this is just my opinion. Thought these might help.
  9. Here is one I found a few years ago. Doesn't look too bad. I have also seen a picture of one with a 69-71 Dodge bed grafted on. Body lines lined up surprisingly well.
  10. Try CTC Auto Ranch in Texas. They have several. Not sure if they would ship internationally. Have to check with them.
  11. If you buy an aftermarket aluminum radiator, try to get one that is fully welded. Most aluminum radiators are put together with an epoxy that will not last. May not have a choice IF you can find one for a Riviera, but if you have a choice, look at how they are put together. The larger aftermarket companies use an epoxy glue that does not have a good reputation for durability and service life.
  12. The question becomes did he pull out a running nailhead to install an LS motor? Nailheads have been hotrod motors since before the Riviera was introduced. I have seen several nice Riviera bodies at swap meets that someone took the nailhead out of for another project. I keep reading here that nailheads are getting rare, expensive and hard to build correctly. Been said more than once these are not small block Chevys and not just any machine shop or home builder can put one together right. So, if I bought a nice Riviera body to build without a motor and trans, I would not hesitate to drop and LS and overdrive right in. Be the same, or maybe less money than original.
  13. Here is his site, if you want to not use ebay.