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  1. If you buy an aftermarket aluminum radiator, try to get one that is fully welded. Most aluminum radiators are put together with an epoxy that will not last. May not have a choice IF you can find one for a Riviera, but if you have a choice, look at how they are put together. The larger aftermarket companies use an epoxy glue that does not have a good reputation for durability and service life.
  2. The question becomes did he pull out a running nailhead to install an LS motor? Nailheads have been hotrod motors since before the Riviera was introduced. I have seen several nice Riviera bodies at swap meets that someone took the nailhead out of for another project. I keep reading here that nailheads are getting rare, expensive and hard to build correctly. Been said more than once these are not small block Chevys and not just any machine shop or home builder can put one together right. So, if I bought a nice Riviera body to build without a motor and trans, I would not hesitate to drop and LS and overdrive right in. Be the same, or maybe less money than original.
  3. Here is his site, if you want to not use ebay.
  4. I got close. It was Whitewatersky. Sorry, Andrew. Here is his post with pictures.
  5. I think it was whitewaterski. Check his posts. He is down under as well.
  6. I am not tall enough for my pockets to EVER get that deep.
  7. I had read this in an old post and when I replaced my switch last week, I was prepared to remove the new spring. The spring on the new switch has almost no resistance. The old spring was strong. If I hadn't have read the old post where you said to remove it all together, I would have replaced the new spring with the old spring as the new one appears too weak. Thanks, Jim.
  8. Bag over shock, or Shockwave on the front. You have to open up the spring pocket maybe a half inch on the outside of the frame on the spring pocket. Basically, just taking out the roll on the edge. Plastic lines and a single compressor. Thought two compressors was a waste, but now I wish I had used two. May fix this someday. I have to bring mine up all the way in front to get into my driveway, as it is is uphill, and I drag if I don't. Even all the way up, it is still about a 2-3" drop. Just can't get that heavy nailhead any higher. Not sure more air would help this, as the bags are maxed out. Even with those minor drawbacks, I still love my system.
  9. You can press the old slotted base out of the old shock and press it into the new shock. I have had to do this on 55-57 Chevys for years.
  10. Texas plate in the last picture of the dash. eBay used to tell you where the add was from. Now it takes some digging.
  11. Air Ride Technologies makes a couple of kits. Depends on what you want to spend and what you want to do. As Scott says, both feature bag over shock in the front and a separate bag/shock for the rear. You can go ala carte, or buy one of several complete kits. You can get a kit with micro switches that will level the ride. All depends on what you want the car to do and how much money you are willing to spend. These kits get pricey. If you just want to drop it, and don't need/want the adjustability, lowering springs are cheaper, but you only get one height. I wanted mine really low when parked, so it has a complete air system on it. The front of these cars are heavy. Takes a lot of air to get it up to cruising altitude. Back pops right up, but front takes a few minutes if I dump the air out of the bags. Had my car this way almost 10 years, and never had an issue with the suspension.
  12. Aviailable in GREEN, RED, WHITE, and BLUE colors. Colors other than BLUE require removal of gauge lenses inside of gauge housing. This is from the mustang project website. Why would the blue be different? I have a blue car, but not sure I want blue gauges.
  13. Not so much about horsepower with these cars as it is about torque. Big heavy car to move. 383 should have enough bottom end, but you need at least as much as the 430 started life with.
  14. A quick add to Winston's post. DOT 3 and DOT 5 brake fluids do not mix. You will need to completely remove the old DOT 3 fluid from your lines and replace with the new DOT 5. You can't just add DOT 5 to the DOT 3 in there, you have to start fresh when using DOT 5.