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  1. Price on the web page includes the added 10% buyers commission. They also get a 10% sellers commission.
  2. You forgot "Crank" where he runs the 72 through the mall.
  3. Desert Valley would be closer for you, and you see what you get.
  4. 65 carter rebuild

    Because the back arrow on the browser puts the (*&^%$#search back in search mode for another 2 to 5 minutes! Try to right click on the link and "open in new tab" or "open in new window". Close the tab or window when you are through. Search results still there.
  5. Nothing wrong with the combo if done correctly. Stainless bolts will gall in any metal without anti-seize on the threads. Aluminum is about the worst because it is so soft. If the bolts lock up on removal, you will break the transmission case before you break the bolt. Neither is a good thing to happen. I am in the process now of putting a 56 Ford pickup together with 100% stainless fasteners. But we always add the anti-seize before installing a bolt, even one that will have to come right back out after mockup.
  6. Better have some anti-seize on the stainless bolts. These will weld themselves to the aluminum case in nothing flat.
  7. My wife says is that really a Riviera carborator? I said knowing Jay, I would bet on it.
  8. '65 Window Sticker

    Jframe, did you get an owners manual with your car? If so, on the last page, or maybe next to last, is listed the selling dealer and a code for this dealer, if it was filled out. Do a search on the forum for dealer codes. We discussed this a few years ago. But this only works if you have the original manual and the dealer filled this out properly.
  9. Yes. The change was not made until 82, I think.
  10. Keep in mind DOT 5 will not mix with any other brake fluid. Not 3 and not 4. System must be completely bled of the old fluid. If you decide to change, I would recommend a power bleed of the system. If you are going this far, I would also replace the three soft lines and all the wheel cylinders before going with this change.
  11. Try Ekler’s Corvette Parts. The Corvette uses a similar, maybe the same piece.
  12. 63 Riviera Questions

    Several running changes were made to the 63. Under the hood is the Fisher Body (FB) number. Not the VIN, but the body number out of 40,000 63s produced. Post this number, with or without (better with) pictures, and we can you more about your car. A picture of this tag would also help identify factory options.
  13. And just for the record, you need a 401 cubic inch motor. 445 was the torque rating. Several items of the 63 motor make it unique. Several threads on this forum discuss differences. Read these before you buy something that be a nailhead, but will require other modification to work in your Riviera. And I think your springs are fine.
  14. There are two Rivieras listed in the docket for Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas for 2017. A 64 and a 65. Both of these are low entry number cars, so the will both go across the block early on Thursday, 10/19. The 65. The 64.