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  1. Winston, you mean like this?
  2. I am going to say no, not without spacers. Overall height is OK, but the 63 has the larger center hubs. From what I can find, the center bore diameter on this wheel is 83.82mm, or 3 5/16". I think the larger 63 center hub is 3 3/8 or 3 7/16". You need to check. Front or rear, they are the same. The center bore of the wheel must clear the outside of the hub that sticks out past the face of the drum to seat properly. If the hub is too large, you will need a 1/4" spacer to allow the wheels to seat properly. Also don't forget lug studs on the drivers side of a 63 are left hand thread. Have to check lug nut availability or change the studs.
  3. steelman

    Purchase Advice?

    All 63s had the Dynaglide. 64 and later models were fit with the ST400. Most likely a 401. 425s were available late in the year and they didn't make many. Parting it will get your money back easy, if you are so inclined, but I have to agree, not a restoration candidate.
  4. Agree with what EmTee says above, but want to add, don't stop looking for leaks, even if you find one, until you get to the other end of the system. Start at the carb, find and fix a leak, and keep moving until you get to the gas cap. You may have more than one leak in the system. Same goes for exhaust and brakes. Check everything, even after you fixed what you think may be the problem.
  5. steelman

    New Old Stock Air

    Hindenburg was filled with hydrogen. thus the BOOM...
  6. Looks more like a Cadillac color. Wonder why the motor was changed?
  7. He must think he has something. Yesterday's price was $60,000. Today it is listed as $125,000.
  8. steelman

    1963 Speedo cable

    You can also check for a speedometer app for your phone. There are several out there. these use GPS and are very accurate.
  9. Guess I started doing that too young to be scared. Whether you consider it an investment or not, the friendships that will be made because of these cars are priceless. Happens every time.
  10. When I wanted my low and high beams on together, I installed Painless 30802 relay for 88-98 GM trucks. There may be another way to do it, but this worked for me.
  11. Not saying it is not a good idea at all. Painless makes a good product. Just trying to give Chewbacca another option to explore. What I should have said is if replacing all wiring and starting from scratch, I prefer the American Autowire products over the Painless products.
  12. I have had more luck with American Autowire. When building hot rod wiring from scratch, they are far better than Painless (and they are not painless, trust me). Try this link and see what they have to offer. I have no experience with them for a Riviera, but have used about 8 of their kits on other projects.
  13. Is this the same car that sold in Vegas at Barrett-Jackson in 2012? Total price there, including commission was $31,900. Link here.
  14. In the picture above it lists Riviera specifically, but does not list the 4700(0) series, which is Riviera, above that.
  15. Post #50. It has been removed. (censored)