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  1. Thanks, Jim. I wasn't aware this was also one of the 63 running changes.
  2. This is an AC muffler. Used to quiet the air conditioner further. Yes, it is factory. All Rivieras with AC had these.
  3. steelman

    67 brake booster?

    Have you looked into this? Still uses GM parts, but designed as a direct fit to your car. This is where I would start.
  4. Charley, thanks for the update. I have been following progress every day on lat-g. Love this ride.
  5. Isn’t this the car Chris in Las Vegas built? His was an off color blue and had the combo interior.
  6. When you get the 71-2 front sheet metal, you need to get frame horns. Everything in front of the control arms. These were reconfigured on all 73 GM cars to make room for the energy absorbing front bumper shocks that attach to the frame. You no longer bolt the bumper to the frame. Bumper bolts to shocks, then the shocks bolt to the frame.
  7. Here are some more of Rick’s 63. I didn’t get his number, but I think a friend of mine has it. I will see if I can get it and follow up on wheels and tires.
  8. And although not a Riviera, this 49 took Best of Show this afternoon.
  9. Then there is this one. It is chopped 3”. Talked to the owner quite a bit today. This is a great overall car.
  10. And just like that, the price dropped 84%. What a deal!
  11. Check out the Silver Arrow Bill Mitchell built. It was stock height and chopped two inches. A lot of other things were changed, but it was stock height.
  12. These two from Dave Kindig come to mind. I have seen several others.
  13. And for others, some good, others not so, see this thread.
  14. Hard to believe I would write this, but I don't. 4" is too much and he stretched the top. These look better when you only take about 2 1/2" out and lean the C post forward. You were not here when this one was done. Belongs to a guy in Sweden, I think. Chopped 2 1/2", and top is the stock length with the C post leaned forward. This one I like.
  15. If you have found floor pans and trunk pans, that is all there is to find. There are no reproduction wheel tubs, or any other sheetmetal items for these cars.