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  1. Prairie Auto Porcelain

    Finally was able to talk with Tom, owner of Prairie, and he had been a little under the weather. They are going strong and I was impressed with his knowledge of the "art" of porcelain coating. He'll be getting the manifolds I need done. Thanks to all that weighed in on this thread. David
  2. Prairie Auto Porcelain

    Does anyone know if Prairie is still in business? I've tried calling the number listed in Hemmings for several weeks only to have to leave a message and never get a call back. Looking for a reputable place to have a couple manifolds porcelainized. Thanks, David
  3. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Thank you - a great recommendation!
  4. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Has he done any work for you and if so, can you describe his design abilities?
  5. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Thank you!
  6. Looking for a craftsman/shop that can fabricate a speedster body from the firewall back, including the seat buckets, rear fenders and the oval gas tank. Prefer someone located in the southeast US but will travel to the right person. Previous speedster experience with references a must. This was a large 131" wb car from the 1913 - 1915 era. Thanks, David
  7. Marmon 34 Parts

    Many 1916 - 1924 Marmon 34 and some D-74 parts available from drive train to body. Send your needs via PM. Thanks, David
  8. Still looking for drive train and body parts for a 1913, 1914, or 1915 short wheel base touring Stevens-Duryea - particularly need the following: rear seat cushions, robe rail and foot rest for back seat area, tail light and cowl lights (1915), engine fan mounting pedestal, carburetor, gas tank gauge and switches (pressure and on/off), rear luggage trunk, etc. Any and all leads considered. Thanks!
  9. I'd agree - with the lack of response, I'd suspect it was a fishing expedition.
  10. I would be interested in what parts you have, please send PM or reply here. Thanks
  11. Have had success finding the Rudge Wheels and a few engine parts. Still looking for body and drive train parts for a short wheel base Stevens-Duryea (1913 - 1915) known as a Model C-Six or D-Six. Leads appreciated! Thanks, David

    Steve, For those who want to enter a car for both AACA and CCCA judging, will there be a joint club banquet afterwards? It doesn't appear to be clear from the information published by each club so far and the cost per person is different for each. Not sure how the awards presentations would work either. Thanks, David
  13. Thanks for the lead - I'll give Russ a call or email.
  14. 1913 - 1915 Stevens Duryea Parts & Literature

    Still looking for drive train and body parts for a 1915 Stevens-Duryea (left hand drive) in particular: 1. Engine - fan mounting bracket, belly (oil) pan, distributor 2. Cowl lights and taillights (unique to the 1915 model) 3. Top bows 4. Robe and foot rails 5. Spare tire side mount brackets 6. Warner Auto-Meter 100mph speedometer, Bosch battery-coil switch, and air regulator (choke lever) for dash 7. Rear seat cushions Also, any literature on the 1915 D-Six model including shop manuals, advertising pieces, etc. Leads appreciated! Thanks, David 704-564-5468
  15. Still looking for the Warner Auto-Meter ...anyone have a 65 or 100 mph one like pictured? Thanks, David