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  1. dpeeler


    Wasn't this Duesenberg sold at last month's Worldwide Pacific Grove (Pebble Beach) Auction for $775,500 (w/buyers fee)?? Maybe a "quick flip".....if it sells.
  2. Thanks - I'll post there as well!
  3. Great suggestion! I would imagine it's difficult to find an original pair and will take some time. Thanks
  4. Looking for the rear top rest saddles for a Model 33 Four Passenger Touring. All that's there is a hex shaped plug. If you have a spare pair that you'd like to sell or would be willing to loan (so I can make a set), I'd appreciate knowing. I really don't have any idea of what they even look like! Thanks, David (704-564-5468)
  5. dpeeler

    Need Help ID a Buffalo Wheel

    Thanks Ivan, these hubs and wire wheels are from a Marmon Model 34 (1916 - 1923). So would you label these hubs as a #4.5?
  6. Does anyone know how to ID a Buffalo wire wheel size? Attached is a Buffalo "hub cap" for the wheels I have. I have concluded that the marking "LS" (PL MS 4.5 LS) refers to left side (it has a left hand thread) but not sure about the 4.5. It is hard to make out, but there is a decimal point between the 4 and 5. I want to say this is a Buffalo #5?? Also looking for a left rear buffalo axle hub of this same size. Thanks for any help! David
  7. dpeeler

    Tube Stem Shortage??

    Thanks Matt - I'll give the local truck tire store a call. BTW, I understood Coker and Universal were the same but is Lucas in the family too?
  8. dpeeler

    Tube Stem Shortage??

    Just bought a set of new 700 x 17 tires but not tubes! Was told that the long stems - metal or rubber are out of stock with no expected date?? Checked with both Lucas and Universal with no luck. How can this be??
  9. Thanks - I'll give them a call.
  10. Well, I thought I had found a great brass plating shop and after the first batch of parts came back, I'm on the hunt again. I sent a couple instrument housings and a pull light switch panel - simple enough I thought?? Was promised 2 weeks and took 2 months...then to come back looking the way they did just won't cut it. Problem - no prep work and them no buffing - just dipped and dried it appears. Hard to tell about color consistency which is so hard for brass plating. Does anyone have a shop they can recommend? Would appreciate any leads! Thanks, David
  11. dpeeler

    Teens early 20's Frame wanted

    Al - email sent. David
  12. dpeeler

    Stutz? - if so, year amd model please.

    It is a Marmon - a 4 passenger cloverleaf roadster. Note the splash aprons were riveted to the frame as can be seen in the photo and which were integral to the stiffness of the chassis. Without "louvers" in the sides of the hood, it dates from 1916 to 1920. I had one (1917) and loved it - you could go 60 mph all day long but had to remember the "45 mph" brakes may not stop you as fast as you'd like!
  13. dpeeler

    Need Oval Gas Tank

    Thanks for both replies but my speedster is a larger framed car and the gas tank will probably need to be 35" to 36" long and round. That's why I was looking to have one made and not having much luck.
  14. I've been down the road trying to repair as well and still can't fill the tank more than half full before it starts leaking. I was hoping to retain the originality, but it looks like I'll join the rubber hose route. Thanks!
  15. That's great - it opens up the possibilities of finding a tank. Thank you! Do you know of anyone reproducing the metal "accordion" connection between the tank and the filler neck?