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  1. Teens early 20's Frame wanted

    Al - email sent. David
  2. Stutz? - if so, year amd model please.

    It is a Marmon - a 4 passenger cloverleaf roadster. Note the splash aprons were riveted to the frame as can be seen in the photo and which were integral to the stiffness of the chassis. Without "louvers" in the sides of the hood, it dates from 1916 to 1920. I had one (1917) and loved it - you could go 60 mph all day long but had to remember the "45 mph" brakes may not stop you as fast as you'd like!
  3. Need Oval Gas Tank

    Thanks for both replies but my speedster is a larger framed car and the gas tank will probably need to be 35" to 36" long and round. That's why I was looking to have one made and not having much luck.
  4. I've been down the road trying to repair as well and still can't fill the tank more than half full before it starts leaking. I was hoping to retain the originality, but it looks like I'll join the rubber hose route. Thanks!
  5. That's great - it opens up the possibilities of finding a tank. Thank you! Do you know of anyone reproducing the metal "accordion" connection between the tank and the filler neck?
  6. Looking for a solid gas tank for an 1104 (Super Eight) Packard. I'm told that a gas tank for any body style will be the same as long as it's for an 1104 with a 142" wheel base. Thanks, David
  7. 1934 Packard Gas Tank

    Looking for a solid gas tank for an 1104 (Super Eight) Packard. I'm told that a gas tank for any body style will be the same as long as it's for an 1104 with a 142" wheel base. Thanks, David
  8. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Thanks for the kind words, I'll give George a call. I'm planning to bring it again next April along with the WLA. Now ... if I could only find someone that makes a maintenance free battery for the motorcycle!
  9. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Rick - That's exactly the battery I was looking for. The last one I bought from them was 12 years ago and it lasted this long in my MB...go figure! I'm not in a big hurry, just awfully frustrated that there is no response. If I don't hear from them soon, I will try one of the Jeep suppliers. Thanks
  10. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Yep, they are advertising and even have a recorded message when you call either number. But..... there is absolutely no response at all! A courtesy of message back at least saying we're closed or busy would help. I know if you or I treated our clients/customers that way we'd have none after awhile.
  11. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    Still have had no success after continued phone calls, emails, etc......must be out of business! Unfortunately they were the only ones that were making the battery i needed.
  12. Marmon 34 Parts

    Do not have the basic frame structure, but some bolt on parts. What do you need? Are you looking for a frame for a new project? If so, I do have an extra spare bare frame for a 1915 Stevens-Duryea D-6 similar to that in my other reply to your posting in the speedster forum.
  13. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Here's where we're starting. It's a 1915 Stevens-Duryea 6 cylinder, 131" WB. Bought it as a parts car with the hood, front fenders, and cowl. Just too complete to part out and thought it would make a great speedster!
  14. Marmon 34 Parts

    Most of what we have is for the Model 34 (1916 - 1923) with a few Model 74 and 75 items. There is a bucket seat, cowl, set of 5 - 23" wire wheels, Boflex front bumper, instrument panels, rear end, internal engine parts (pistons, rods, etc), etc. Have a real nice steering column (Model 74) complete with gear box and wood steering wheel. Have already sold several complete engines, wheels, spare carbs, coils and starters. We will be making a more detailed inventory and begin posting here after the first of the year. If anyone has a specific need, drop me a PM. Also, there is a run of rear brake drums being planned if we can get enough interest. If anyone has interest they should contact Lou Iaccino (518-828-5581). Thanks!
  15. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Yes, found a highly recommended guy in the tidewater area of Virginia. This is fairly close to home and will be easier to monitor progress. Will post photos when completed. Thanks for asking! David