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  1. for sale

    Location and pictures always help.
  2. Looks Looks like the Y job! 😬
  3. In looking at a parts book it indicates that the wagon trim is unique and the Super is different than the Roadmaster (due width of the doors I suspect). In looking at pictures it sure looks the same. So at this point I cannot help. Gary
  4. Do I assume correctly that it is a quarter trim and/or different that a sedan? I have sedan parts if they would happen to be the same. Gary
  5. I met Bill and Ann at a Good Guys car show in Del Mar, CA a few years back. They were great folks and Bill was so proud of his beautiful 53 Super Convertible. Rest In Peace my friend! Gary
  6. Might want to do search in the Buick Section, "Me and my Buick" thread entitled 1957 Buick Frame On Restoration by 1957 Buick Jim. Pretty detailed thread on his restoration that led him to a Senior Award car. Gary
  7. Will measure tomorrow, however the 1/2" and 1/8" are pretty accurate. Pretty sure these do not have the metal sleeve/bushing like the body mounts
  8. In the "for what it's worth" category, attached are pictures of the shims that were on a '52 Roadmaster that I am currently parting out. Both steel and a composition material (almost like belting). Gary
  9. This is pretty much the same conclusion that I came to. Gart
  10. PM sent.
  11. After looking at a parts book this AM it appears that the horns are the same from '36 thru '52. I have horns in as removed condition if you are still in need. Gary
  12. I certainly don't know the differences, but I have a couple from '52 Roadmasters. I have recently removed them from non running cars. PM me if any interest. Gary
  13. What a stash! That 38 is to die for! I sold one for a friend in the late 60's like it except for color. It was dark blue and went to Traverse, MI. I loved the car but being just a few years out of college, a new wife and daughter, it was not in the cards! I also owned a four door sedan hump back in the early 70's that had the "self shifting" transmission. Love those 38's What happened to your old line "If I was a little younger" or something to that effect Gary
  14. WOW! Great find and I must say that Rita is much more tolerant than my wife!
  15. Not to distract from this thread but glad to see Bob's on the forum! Pray all of is well!!! Gary