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  1. Where are you located? I have a couple out of a '52 Roadmaster and if I am reading my parts book correctly they will fit your '50 if after transmission E 8. Not sure exactly what that means. I would sell them as cores as the cars were non running that they came out of. PM me if interested. Would also suggest you go down further in the AACA forum menu to the BUICK section and repost as you will likely get more information. Could deliver to Milwaukee in July. Thanks, Gary South Bend, IN
  2. John Still looking for answers to my questions. You haul cars? How much to deliver to South Bend, IN?
  3. I am presently parting a 52 Roadmaster that has a very solid rot free trunk floor pan. Yes as Retirednow points out, it will not fit your car due to being wider for one thing. It might be possible to cut it down into small sections for repair panels in your trunk. Wheel well is solid but might be slightly larger. Not sure. Anyway if you could use it, I would be happy to cut it out as I will soon be scrapping the rest of the carcass. The car had been parked under a car port with water draining down on it just behind the windshield. The car was litterly rusted in half with the frame holding it together. PM me if you have any interest. I would like $125.00 for it. I prefer not to ship. I am in South Bend, IN
  4. If same as 52 I can help Gary
  5. You might check Jimsvintageautomotive.com. It is a salvage yard in Idaho and he lists a 47 Super fastback in his parts car inventory. Worth a try! Gary
  6. Don't you love it when a seller places an add and you never get a response to questions?
  7. I'm thinking '53!
  8. Thanks Roberta! Working on a couple prospects headed to nationals! Will see if can work. Gary
  9. John Where in Iowa are you located and do you have a title or will to get one? Gary
  10. I would like to find a ride for a manual 3 speed transmission that is located in the Waverly, NY area. Anybody close? Weighs about 100 pounds. I could meet along I 80 in South Bend or in Wisconsin. Appreciate any help/leads. Thanks, Gary
  11. Man you're thinking! Go for it. Free storage in SB plus plenty of room at the Gholson Inn for you and Rita!
  12. Not Mine! Originally listed at $9500 on the H.A.M.B. Currently down to $7500.
  13. What part of Georgia is this!!! I just came in from outside in NWG and I am wringing wet from sweat! Bring on some cool along with a NWG iced tea (heavily spiked with vodka!).
  14. Looks Looks like the Y job! 😬
  15. In looking at a parts book it indicates that the wagon trim is unique and the Super is different than the Roadmaster (due width of the doors I suspect). In looking at pictures it sure looks the same. So at this point I cannot help. Gary