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  1. Wanted 1951-52 Buick Hood Ornament Driver Condition

    Looked over the ones I have and they are all in about the same condition. Maybe cores for replating but not driver quality. Sorry I couldn't help.
  2. Wanted 1951-52 Buick Hood Ornament Driver Condition

    I have a couple. Will take a look and see what shape they are in. Chrome quality in '52 was pretty poor! Gary
  3. Straight 8 top speed

    Had a '39 Coupe back in the day that, according to the speedometer, would run well over 100. I can tell you that it would out run a 57 TBird top end any night of the week! Crazy? Yes but a lot of us did some crazy stuff behind the wheel back in the day. Gary
  4. 1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Well, Buick project is finally back on tract and headed towards completion!!! Today I heard the engine fire for the first time!! Literally!! A bit out of time but a little computer time should correct this! Buick Restomod engine running.mp4
  5. A Bit Off Topic Museum Closing

    As Janousek mentioned above they were wonderful people. If memory serves me correctly, Eldon Hostetler was born into an Amish family and was an inventor that designed and patented automated chicken feeders and watering equipment. Because of his successes and the required travel world wide to market his products, he turned to the Mennonite sect as they were more tolerant and allowed members to drive. Thus his interest in Hudsons. His book, "The Life and Times of Eldon "Ziggity" Hostetler" is an interesting read with stories and life as an Amish child plus details of his inventions and travels.
  6. 1942 Buick Convertible Custom Roadster

    Do I detect that maybe you found the fountain of youth? "If I were only a younger man"???? 😎
  7. 1951 Buick 46S Dash spot welded in?

    Valid point and the answer for for me is NO. The exploded view above would still believe that it was not welded.
  8. 1951 Buick 46S Dash spot welded in?

    I have recently parted a 51 Super and a 52 Roadmaster and in both cases they were bolted in place. Gary
  9. 1942 Buick Sports Custom

    Location and price?
  10. Have about completed parting a '52 Roadmaster 72R (4 DR Sedan) and if anyone is needing a rolling frame, this one is available. 130" wheelbase. $200.00. Would make a good frame for a big speedster project?? Available for pick up in South Bend, IN. Only going to keep it around for two or three more weeks. Also have two 1952 320 Cubic Inch motors. Both have the one year only 4 Barrel Carb Intake. Exhaust manifolds are cracked on both. One did run before I pulled it but one cylinder had little compression. The other one turns over by hand. No carb with either one. $650 for one that ran and $600 for one that turns over by hand. Pick up in South Bend or I can deliver to a local shipper of your choice. Also have many other 52 parts----trim, dash, seats, sheet metal, bumpers rear glass, etc. PM me for pics. Thanks, Gary
  11. Gearhead I understood that. Just reaching out to Lance as it appears that he is looking for a windshield.
  12. Lance i believe that a 57 Cadillac Coupe DeVille/Seville windshields are the same. If so, I think I have one. Would need some measurements to confirm. Gary
  13. 1952 Roadmaster Frame

    About to complete parting a 1952 Roadmaster 4 Dr Sedan. I am offering the rolling frame (130" wheel base) for $200.00. Would make a good frame for a long wheel base speedster project. Also have a couple of '52 320 cubic inch motors $625.00 each plus trim, dash parts and sheet metal. Let me know your needs! All parts plus shipping. Thanks, Gary
  14. '57 Dynaflow

    I believe I have one removed from a '57 Century. Condition unknown. Will return home this week end to confirm. Gary South Bend, IN
  15. 1950 Special Sedanette - Iowa - $600

    Talked with the owner of the 56 Wagon yesterday and he sent me a bunch of pics. Front floors are typical rot but rear clam shell could be a huge issue. Not sure whether the bottom half hinges are even still in place as some repair work is evident with a"piano" type hinge. Engine turns over by hand and is a power steering car. Overall the outer body is decent but inner rockers, rear floor/door area and rear inner window moldings would be a huge amount of work. Likely more than I would ever want to undertake! Again, can't save 'me all!