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  1. 1956 Century 4 door - $900 on CL

    Add is GONE!!!
  2. 1956 Century 4 door - $900 on CL

    Agree that more pics are needed? Looks like a deal though! I even have a rebuilt '56 322 that would fit right in there!
  3. Tire size info needed.

    Just Googled it! That thing is really cool! Dale you do some amazing work!
  4. Hood ornament Mascot

    Best thing to do would be to post pictures and there will be people chime in as to what you have and value.
  5. Good Chrome Shops

    I had all of the chrome for one of my '57 Buick Specials done by Bills Chrome in Jeanette, PA. Excellent work! Guarantees his work. Small shop in that it is pretty much a one man shop as Bill does all the chrome work himself. Usually a two month lead time if I recall and all of my work was completed when he said it would be ready. He did the work on a Riddler Award car a few years back if I recall. I felt he was a great guy to work with and he was recommended by a small private museum/collector. His work is great but EXPENSIVE! Gary
  6. 1957 Buick Fenders

    Answer is yes! All Special/Century fenders will fit. Century is a four holer while Special has three. Super/Roadmaster fenders are different.

    WOW! Great story! Great Experience! Great Pictures! Great Fun! Just been enjoying the various posts and pictures from Hershey this year and wishing I could make it one time. Not sure my old legs would hold up to all that walking😡, Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Washer Pump Rebuild

    Might try soaking them in vinegar. Likely plugged due to hard water.
  9. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    Wonderful story! Happy for you that it is now "your car". Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. 53 super or roadmaster radiator.

    Core is 22" X 22" by 3". I am positive on the 22" dimensions but will recheck the 3" dimension later today. It is my belief that the core for a 52 Super/Roadmaster and a 53 (at least a Super) are the same core. The only difference is the tanks. I also need a radiator for my 53 Super and after finding that the two that I have are both junk, I have prersued options. One is Classic Radiator that advertises in the Bugle. He has a "bolt in exact replacement" on the shelf. I have also found a radiator service in Ft Wayne, IN.that can provide an exact replacement core but actually is more expensive than Classic Radiator. If anyone else has options, I am interested in hearing them. RiKi keep us updated. Thanks, Gary
  11. 1929 Nash Engine and Transmission

    Location is always helpful.
  12. 1952 Roadmaster Frame

    Wes, I sent you a PM Gary
  13. WTB: 63-64 401/425 fan shroud

    Try Dan at 313 516 1289. Has tons of early Riviera parts! Gary
  14. Power Regulator for Front Window

    PM sent Gary
  15. 1953 322 nailhead, not mine $250

    I agree! If it were closer I would pick it up also.