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  1. '57 rear window quarter panels

    Are you talking about the curved corner glass? If so the 2 Dr Ht's are unique. 2 Dr, 4 Dr sedans and 4 Dr HT are the same. Same applies to Olds. The is no difference between 88's and 98's. If you need glass, I can likely help. Gary
  2. First Snow!

    Absolutely beautifu!!
  3. 58 Buick Estate Wagon

    NOT MINE! Appears to be a pretty nice 58 Buick Estate Wagon project on the Sacramento Craigslist. Maybe some one can post the link.
  4. 1936 Buick / Drivers side door / HELP

    Might be helpful to drop down to the Buick section and place your request there. A lot more Buick eyeballs! Gary
  5. 1957 Parts - Special, Century, Wagon

    Lance PM sent. Gary
  6. 42 Buick basket case, not mine

    Not much there!!!
  7. soundproofing

    Similiar situation! Buick 425, headers, duals and glass packs! A very nice rumble!!! 😎
  8. soundproofing

    Used Lizzard Skin in one of my projects. Not on the road yet so can't confirm effectiveness but really liked the way it went on. A very hard surface and served as a sealer also. Sprayed on with an undercoat gun. Actually sprayed inside of car as well as bottom side of body. Dried in a charcoal grey color.
  9. Location and pictures would be very helpful.
  10. 1948 Buick Roadmaster

    Chassis number is normally found on the top of drivers side frame rail. Manuals usually say ahead of the master cylinder but I have found them as far forward as the frame horn which required the removal of the fender to find. Gary
  11. 1953 Buick roadmaster grill extension

    Pete If originial poster is not interested, I will take it. Gary
  12. 1956 Century 4 door - $900 on CL

    Add is GONE!!!
  13. 1956 Century 4 door - $900 on CL

    Agree that more pics are needed? Looks like a deal though! I even have a rebuilt '56 322 that would fit right in there!
  14. Tire size info needed.

    Just Googled it! That thing is really cool! Dale you do some amazing work!
  15. Hood ornament Mascot

    Best thing to do would be to post pictures and there will be people chime in as to what you have and value.