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  1. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Thank you Lamar. Been a long and stressful journey! No chrome on the widow dividers or trunk lid. Roadmaster model only. I tend to agree that the Olds front end is a bit less massive but after all it is a BUICK! Going to hold off in disclosing the color for a bit as I think (I hope) that it will be worthy of an unveiling in a bright sunny setting. I am hopeful that this can be accomplished before the snowfall sets in this coming winter. Hang in there with me!
  2. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Quick update! Progress being made!!! Fitment of all panels has been completed as well as repair of some of previous work as can be seed in areas showing bare metal. The shop is finishing up painting and assembly of a 60's T Bird project and have started block sanding my car as seen. Very happy that things are moving along and visible progress being made, Been a long year in coming!!! By the way looked at the paint on the T Bird and it is FANTASTIC!!!! Can't wait to get some color on this car!!
  3. g-g-g0

    Sell 2 1957 Buick’s Cudahy Wisconsin.

    I would drop down and place them in the Buick Buy and Sell Area. Need to post location and title information. No titles most likely means hard to sell! Do they run? Motors locked up? Condition of floors and trunk? Condition of rear bumpers? The more pictures and info you provide will help you find a buyer Price in mind?
  4. g-g-g0

    1953 Super conv. parts car or ambitious project

    Pete Too far away to fetch the parts car, but would be interested in the mustache bar and extensions if they are candidates for re-chrome. Gary
  5. g-g-g0

    Motor for 58 Buick Special

    Where are you located? I likely have a block with pistons and crank. Been stored inside since removed from a car. It is out of a ‘57 Century. Gary South Bend, IN
  6. g-g-g0

    Finding a car transporter company to ship a car

    Bill Squires (Bills Auto Works) from the HAMB site is excellent! Both open and closed trailer. Very busy! 216 832 8607 Gary
  7. g-g-g0

    1956 Desoto Fireflite Sportsman Hardtop

    Absolutely Beautiful!!
  8. g-g-g0

    Buick 320 Headers

    Does anyone make/sell headers for a 320 Buick motor? Wanting a set for my 52 Roadmaster. Thanks, Gary
  9. g-g-g0

    Clip identification on battery cover

    Exactly as stated. I believe that for Buick it was a one year only for V8 model 53 Super and Roadmaster. I have one that I could photograph later if interested.
  10. g-g-g0

    51 Buick rear windows

    Good plan Ben! Anxious to figure this one out!
  11. g-g-g0

    51 Buick rear windows

    Ronnie There was not a Super 2 Dr Sedan produced. I think we need to check the MODEL NUMBER on your firewall tag. A 2 Dr Super would be a model 56R and that is a 2 Dr Riviera hard top or pilliarless 2 Dr. If it is true 2 Dr then it would be a Special and a model 48D. If if you have a 56R my model 72R glass will not work for your application. Sorry I cannot help. Gary
  12. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Just an update on the project. Car was recently moved to another shop. Significant progress is being made! Needed to make s few changes to previously done metal work to prepare the project for final fitment of doors, deck lid and etc. Should be ready for block sanding, final prime and paint VERY soon! Just maybe this thing will finally be a completed project!! YIPPIE! Thanks again to those die hards that have stuck with me on this project with inquiries and kind words. Gary
  13. g-g-g0

    51 Buick rear windows

    Ronnie What body style is your car? A 2DR HT or 4 DR Sedan? The glass is different. The glass I have is for a 4 DR Sedan. Let me know. Gary
  14. g-g-g0

    51 Buick rear windows

    There was no Century in 51. Special, Super and Roadmaster. I have all three pieces out of a Super. Believe Super and Roadmaster are the same. Will confirm if interested. Gary
  15. g-g-g0

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Apparently the 50 manual reads the same as the 53 manual. Must have been easier to get to when stamping as many seem to be forward of the master cylinder.