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  1. 42 buick parts, not mine

    Thanks for posting! Unfortunately for the seller the number of folks looking for ‘42 parts could likely be counted on one hand and I am one of them! Not the best inventory for resale!
  2. Not being familiar with what you need are, you might check Restoration Specialities in PA. They have a huge selection and have an online catalog. Also would speak to them as they also have parts that are not shown in their catalog. Many parts are NOS that they have bought up. Worth a try! Gary
  3. Might place your needs down in the Buick section. Lots of Buick folks are active there. Gary
  4. 1937 Buick topeka craigslist

    OUCH!!!! On all accounts!
  5. 49 Buick, not mine

    A bit pricy but a pretty rare beast!
  6. I read about this somelace else. Maybe the HAMB. They were condensing a 20 acre yard to 5 acres. Supposedly some of the “better” stuff was to be relocated to the 5 acres. Before they took their web site down it listed a bunch of older parts cars. To bad and to far away!
  7. I’m sure other “experts”will chime in but the short answer is NO, the numbers do not match. You have located the engine number STAMPED on the pad. The shop manual says the frame number is on the top of the drivers side frame rail near the master cylinder. On several of my cars I have found them much further forward as far as the frame horn. I have found that fender removal is necessary to locate it. Also note that I am referring to non Skylark cars but suspect that information applies. Gary
  8. Rare 1951 Buick Special - the one Pete Likes?

    Just looked at the information on Hometown Buick site and it indicates that there was NO (zero) model 46 2 Dr 3 passenger (business) coupes produced.
  9. I see on the local news (South Bend, IN) that the city fathers in Shipshewana have decided to sell the Hudson collection located in the museum. Indicated that they will be sold at auction some time this summer. A sad day for sure!
  10. Rare 1951 Buick Special - the one Pete Likes?

    Don’t believe so. This looks like a Model 48D 2 Dr Special Sedan, The one that Pete and I and others like is the elusive Model 46S Special Sport Coupe! Production on this model was 2700. There was one in North Dakota 2 or 3 years ago but it was way too far gone for me! Gary

    Always did like those 38’s! 😬
  12. 1953-1956 SPARK PLUG WIRE COVERS

    They will work on a 53 however are not CORRECT for 53 as they were one year only. Gary
  13. Me too! Great time! Elvis was great too!
  14. Me either! Still drive a two wheel drive Yukon XL! When I was shopping for it here in Northern Indiana where we get bunches of lake effect snow, (usually well over 100 inches per winter) the young whipper snapper salesman said “You can’t drive around here in a two wheel drive because the snow is too bad. We can’t even order them at this dealership!” My response, “Sonny, you just lost a sale” and I came home and got on the computer and found one at another dealer and picked it up the next day! Still going strong! Like Ben, I’ve never had any problems! Just takes a little common sense and patience! I do understand there is not a lot of either around any more! Also had 69 LeSabre, 73 Centurion, 78 Park Avenue and several older Buick’s while living in snow country! You just did what you had to do! Actually I don’t ever remember being stuck in the snow! Mud yes! In a 39 Buick coupe, but that’s a whole ‘nother Story! Gary