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  1. That visor looks familiar!! 😎 Looks great on your car?
  2. Sorry this may be off topic for Buick folks but does pertain to folks interested in cars of the past. Just saw on the local South Bend news that the Hostetler Hudson Museum in Shipshewana, IN is very possibly going to be closed and the cars auctioned off due the inability of the small community to support it. This is an outstanding collection of Hudsons. Billed as the largest collection. Shipshewana is just a few miles south of I 80 in northern Indiana. For those traveling to the NATS in Wisconsin, this would be a very desirable stop. It is in the heart of a large Amish community and I can tell you those Amish ladies do know to cook and bake and you can even take time to view over 50 Hudsons. Gary
  3. OUCH! Hope no one was seriously hurt!
  4. Might do the same with Browne' in Sunset, TX. I know he has a '57. And by the way I did not find one.
  5. Pretty nice car to be parting! Have you tried to sell it as a running vehicle. Also not a huge demand for these parts. Gary
  6. That vintage Riviera's were one of the best road cars I ever owned. A SWEET ride! One of a long list of Buick's I would like to add to the collection, especially a convertible, but would go for a nice original lower mileage car. Oh well, just another wishful thought! 😞😞
  7. Might give Frank Lyle in CO a call (He is in the Roster). He has a bunch of 57/58 parts and I do not believe he frequents this sight. Might also check with Art Wright (57 Technical Advisor) in AZ. Just a thought!
  8. I may have a complete set up. Will check if interested.
  9. for sale

    Pictures help sell!
  10. Dale I grew up south of Springfield in Virden which is about 7 miles west of 66 and will admit that I made a few top end runs on the "Mother Road". Speeds did exceed 80 by a BUNCH! No visors though! Gary
  11. Pete Just sent you an email with pics.
  12. Pete Can send you one of mine. Any particular setting that it needs to be in? Let me know and will get it you tomorrow. Gary
  13. want to buy

    I have a frame from a 53 Super 2 DR HT that has been blasted and painted with Eastwoods Chassis Black. In fact I have the complete running rear in same condition however in pieces. Rear end has been checked and new seals installed. Believe it will fit both 50 and 70 series 2DR HT's. Convertible frame has an extra body mount bracket or two on each side. Can verify what else it fits if interested. I am located in South Bend, IN. PM me if interested. Gary
  14. Man that thing is RUFF! Where would you start?
  15. Where are you located? I have a couple out of a '52 Roadmaster and if I am reading my parts book correctly they will fit your '50 if after transmission E 8. Not sure exactly what that means. I would sell them as cores as the cars were non running that they came out of. PM me if interested. Would also suggest you go down further in the AACA forum menu to the BUICK section and repost as you will likely get more information. Could deliver to Milwaukee in July. Thanks, Gary South Bend, IN