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  1. g-g-g0

    322 Nailhead parts

    PM sent
  2. g-g-g0


    Not to divert from the intent of this great thread but car was built by Timeless Customs, Camarillo, CA. Google 1957 Buick California Dreamin to see addition pictures as it was featured in Hot Rod Magazine.
  3. g-g-g0


    Actually saw this car several years ago in Del Mar, CA! It was a very nice car! Personally I don’t care for the wheels but everything else was top self!
  4. g-g-g0

    FOR SALE: Another 1957 Roadmaster 75 !!

    To the guy in NW Indiana? 😬
  5. g-g-g0

    FOR SALE: Another 1957 Roadmaster 75 !!

    Where’s Lance? Practically in his back yard!
  6. If OP andyp3 is not interested, I will take it. Gary
  7. g-g-g0

    1941 Buick Roadmaster, not mine

    Some serious termite damage here! Too bad the manifolds are missing!
  8. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Thanks Mark for the kind words! It people like you and many other of my BUICK friends that keep me charging on! Hope the engine has not locked up from sitting so long!!! 🤠🤠🤠
  9. I am using a set of first generation bucket seats in a 57 Special project. I have a set from an unknown year that have been re-upholstered and my wonderful ex upholstery guy managed to loose the trim that goes along either side of the back rest. Question is, will the trim from any year (63, 64 or 65) fit all years? If their is a difference, what is it! Thanks
  10. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Thanks Jim and others that have offered their support throughout this difficult and stressful build! Thanks
  11. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Quick update! Project still progressing along with out me. I've been doing battle with stenosis and not getting much else done. Will not bore you with more pictures of the car in prime (Surely it has at least 50 coats of prime and has added another 400 pounds to the curb weight!) it is now in FINAL PRIME!!!! Light sanding early next week and then some color!!! Progress is slow but steady!!! Biggest problem now is finding all of the parts. After moving the car from one shop to another and now the upholstery shop guy just disappears and there is a new owner (fortunately I had removed everything from his shop but am missing some trim from the bucket seats that will likely be easy to come up with), I am trying to account for everything so that it might be reassembled as a complete car yet in my life time!!! YIPPIE!!!! A word of advise for those considering such a project. Either do the work your self OR find a large enough shop that can complete the project. Better yet, go buy a completed project that is close to your desires and tweak it to your fancy!!!!! Hopefully some COLOR pictures in the next couple of weeks!!!
  12. g-g-g0

    1941 Buick Century (model 61) parts wanted

    Nice Buick! You might want to move your add down in the “Buick” section, either pre war or wanted to buy.
  13. g-g-g0

    1959 Buick With Dual Carbs

    Jon, I disagree. I have a 1957 Cadillac Seville with factory dual quads and believe the ‘58 Cadillac Eldorado/Seville’s offered three deuces as an option.
  14. g-g-g0

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    This thread will be going away soon as I’m guessing the Auction is approaching quickly. Although I am not (unfortunately) a Duesenberg owner I have always appreciated them and viewed them when I could. I remember back in the early 60’s while a student at ISU in Ames I would see adds occasionally for a Duesenberg for sale either in the paper or the small early editions of Hemming’s for $2500/$3500. Out of my league then just as they are today! (I was buying Model A roadsters and early V8 fords for $50/$100!). So here is my question. In the early 80’s I moved to South Bend, IN. In the late 80’s Kruse Auctions sold a large collection of cars owned by Homer Fitterling. I remember that prior to the sale I had visited the ACD Museum and a major portion of the Duesenberg display was made up of cars owned buy Homer. I did not attend the Auction (did preview the cars to be sold at his farm prior to the sale) but I do not believe that any of the Duesenbergs were to be auctioned. The story that I heard back then was that most of the cars located in the ACD Museum had been sold to someone in Georgia. The next time I visited the Museum the Duesenberg exhibit was smaller. Simce this thread has generated so much input by very knowledgeable Duesenberg people, could someone shed some light on how this collection was amassed by Homer in the first place and what happened to all the cars? Just an old car guy looking for a little history! Thank you for the input on this thread! Really appreciated! Thanks, Gary