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  1. g-g-g0

    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Man, do I know and understand all about that!
  2. g-g-g0

    1955 special century super and roadmaster

    Pictures and price ALWAYS help sell!
  3. g-g-g0

    Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Your man Carlos is fantastic! Better watch him closely! I may “borrow” him the next time I am in South Florida! Great work!
  4. Might be able to help you out. Where are you located? Please PM me.
  5. g-g-g0

    1941 Limited Limousine

    Matt Headers look great! Will be anxious to see them mounted on the block. Not being very knowledgeable about 41’s, I wonder how they will work with the engine mounts on the side of the block as were used on the later years? Not sure when this change was made.
  6. Nice showing! Thanks for sharing! Gary
  7. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Ben you are probably on the right track, however with all of the skills required it would be a pretty special person! Even the shop that I am at currently who has done Riddler Class projects and many others say that even thought they have the equipment, shop and knowledgeable personnel, they would out source work like frame construction and etc. Just requires so many special skills! Solution is to find a completed project as close to your dreams as possible and buy it! Elimates a lot of head aches 😖! Live and learn!
  8. g-g-g0

    1957 Buick Special Restomod Project

    Made a visit to check progress yesterday. No pictures as they would pretty much be a repeat. Body is now completely disassembled again, doors, fenders, hood and trunk lid removed and body openings covered and taped off. Plans are to prime Monday and allow primer to cure for two to three days and hopefully do one more final sand and a final coat of primer! We are getting there! Removed all of the completed parts and fabric from the upholstery source. Will be moving the remaining work (headliner, carpet and trunk area) to another shop. One has to be absolutely crazy to undertake a project of this magnitude in this day and age! Oh by the way, he lost the interior sun visors! Anyone happen to have a spare set they would part with? Hang with me! It’s gonna happen!
  9. g-g-g0

    1941 Buick heater core wanted

    Earl Classic Radiator in NJ (advertises in the Bugle) shows he has a new replacement “round heater core” available in his product list. i recently bought one of his new OEM style copper/brass radiators for my 53 Super. Do not have the installation finished yet, but it appears to be a very well made radiator and looks original. Did have a minor issue with the mounting holes for the core support. Had to open them up a bit. Might give them a call or check out their web site. Gary
  10. g-g-g0

    Rear carb 1941 Buick 60-70-90 AA-1 new or used

    Looks like there is a pair of used ones on EBay this evening.
  11. g-g-g0

    1963 Wildcat 2-dr. ht. in CT.

    Don’t think that Connecticut requires titles for vehicles over 25 years old.
  12. I see a pair with backing plates on the HAMB “parts for sale” this morning. Seem a bit pricy (but I really don’t know value) and they are on the right coast. Also check out V8 Buick as they show up there occasionally.
  13. g-g-g0


    Welcome! We love pictures along with your story! Happy 4th!
  14. g-g-g0

    56 trunk accessory?

    Buick still used these in 52/53. They have a mercury (I think) switch that turned it of and on when the trunk opened. Don’t know beyond 53.
  15. Where is it located and how about some pictures please.