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    The feeling is mutual!

    Great thread. I had a blast (as I always do at Hershey), but it was extra special and extra fun to have Lamar there and have my 80C on the showfield. I really appreciate Lamar for trailing it and that "old Cod" Bob Coker for the "upgrade" to the truck and trailer, Bob and Lamar both prove time and again what amazing guys they are. I didn't get near the photos I normally do as I was too busy talking to everyone (that's not unusual) visiting at the car. It was really neat to chat with Mr Hayes BCA #5. I've got a visit planned next time I'm in SoCal. A HUGE thank you Mr. Earl!!! Now where did all the Oatmeal cookies go that were in that empty box on the flea market table??

    The 80C got a ride to Hershey from a friend... A story will be coming... I know the one is a photo but those are some sexy @$$es...
  4. Hershey Car Corrall 2017

    There was a 2 door Limited in the Green field in great shape. And a rather rough but mostly complete 58 in the Chocolate field. Sorry Doug, I failed to get photos of either but I bet Pete Phillips did.
  5. 55 Century Convertible project

    Good call Jim....Mikey sure are missing you. Come back and liven' up this place!! All the best, I'll be in Austin for work in a couple weeks (right before the F1 race) but I'll have my employee with me so will try and catch up with you next time.
  6. Matt, 37 radios have a square hole in the dash for the dial, 38's have a round hole...so (I think) you can and thus need to interchange the dials so you are literally not trying to put a square peg in a round hole!
  7. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    Let's get us back on track...not my garage but my rather cluttered office... Complete with mini toolbox and micro tire changer (perks of building dealerships with life size versions)
  8. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    Well this thread went way off topic quickly...
  9. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    Are you talkin' to me?
  10. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    LOL!!! Now that's funny right there...
  11. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    you do know I'm Italian right??
  12. Buicks, Mopars, and a Bimmer

    oh you wouldn't want that...wrong year...it's from '51 not '54...oh and I'm up to date on my tetanus shots thank you very much.
  13. Oil dipstick, 1939 Roadmaster

    agree.. not a factory punch
  14. Buick Club at HERSHEY ?

    Close enough to find us!!! I'll be there Friday 2-4 doing my service to the club as i have done for many years now. Come by, say hello and have a homemade cookie!!
  15. Buick Club at HERSHEY ?

    Green field. ...from memory GBK-31...maybe...someone let me know how I did.