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  1. grey was the 6th leather color...for those who care.
  2. On my 80C I replaced the mechanical fuel pump a few weeks back which I had noticed leaking from the center section meaning the diaphragm was shot. It was a NOS or rebuilt in the box and i should have known when i put it on the car just a month or two back, but it gave me the chance to rebuild the one that was on the car before and is now back on the car. I also replaced the electric fuel pump with one recommended by Doug Seybold. I have a fairly steep hill in the neighborhood which has become my test hill as prior to today I would have trouble making it up the hill at WOT and in the heat of the day. Today while I did notice it was not perfect going up the hill I could do so multiple times without assistance of the electric fuel pump. Which ultimately was my goal. I also noticed a stumble when I depress the accelerator (no doubt fuel related and something to do with the accelerator pump in the carb) and a slight miss at idle along with difficulty starting while hot. From here I will check the points/timing/etc. but I feel like I finally took a step forward on my fuel/vapor lock issues. I didn't take it out of the neighborhood today, but one step at a time. HNR AACA has an event next weekend I may decide to take it out for, we will see.
  3. 38Buick 80C

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    but that's just it the 36-38 Club has a BOD and an editor and functions with bylaws and holds elections... show us the last time an election was held in the pre-war division. I'm just sayin...
  4. yes that was one of 6 leather colors available for 38 Roadamsters Conv.'s Black Blue Green Tan Red and I am forgetting the 6th off my head. It is not the original color per the firewall tag but the Botticelli Blue was, green leather with that didn't appeal to me and there were already 38-80Cs done with the Blue/tan and Blue/blue combo's.
  5. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/AF18/Auburn-Fall/lots/r0387-1958-buick-wells-fargo-convertible/700913
  6. Well OKC is gonna be fun, but 2021 will be closer to you and your gonna wanna come... 41 Buicks will be featured...we are gonna shoot to have one of every model attend. But 2019 first... Pete has an excellent event planned. I am very excited about this one. Everyone should really consider it as it is gonna be one you won't want to miss. If I can make sure it is reliable enough might bring the 38-87...
  7. 38Buick 80C

    Help Identifiying and Looking for a 1960 Wagon

    Just to be clear we have the one photo....that's it.
  8. 38Buick 80C

    Help Identifiying and Looking for a 1960 Wagon

    found this and this http://oldcarmanualproject.com/brochures/Buick/1960/index.htm Seems like both had 3 portholes and aside from name badge on the fender and the wheel moldings the rest was not externally visually different. I upon zooming I do NOT see wheel moldings ( just the small guard on the front of the rear opening) and maybe the slightest hint of the LeSabre emblem under the "9" on the front fender. What do y'all think?
  9. This is the 1960 Buick that paced the first World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Is it a LeSabre or an Invica? How can one tell the difference? I have a friend that is looking for one, any one have any leads?
  10. I especially like the rear quarter photo from underneath...the Buick looks almost sporty.
  11. 38Buick 80C

    Looking for a copy of Jan 1979 Bugle

    I do have a spare, PM sent.
  12. 38Buick 80C

    Looking for a copy of Jan 1979 Bugle

    I'm traveling this week. but I will check as well this weekend. I likely have spare. I definitely have one I can scan.
  13. 38Buick 80C

    Denver 2018

    50 seems a bit low but it varies by how many registrants we have. Denver was a smaller show, thus less registrants, less cars and less judges. Assume you have a team of 4 or 5 for each class and there are over 10 classes and some classes get split into 2 or 3 so assume 15+ classes,...
  14. 38Buick 80C

    Car Transport Needed - AL to NC - Completed

    Randall, if no one here is any help try McNutt Auto Transport. They are brokers but I've had 2 good experiences and they are fair on pricing for commercial open trailers hauling. google them
  15. 38Buick 80C

    A Surprise in the Mail Today...

    Well deserved Tom!!! Congrats!!!