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  1. RIP, Clarence Getz

    That's a shame. I always enjoyed visiting with Clarence and John (and Sally) at Hershey. Great BCA Members!!
  2. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Too late, winter came... For North Carolina this is blizzard conditions, don't think we will be able to go anywhere for weeks!!!!!
  3. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Spoke to soon. The needle on the speedo literally fell off this morning when I was taking it to the DMV
  4. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    After taking the speedo in and out a half dozen times and combining two speedo's into one I have one good looking and now fully functional speedo and odo. I also got the turn signals working again. something had come unplugged. And my gas guage is showing signs of life in that it read full briefly today during a ride. I believe it is a sending unit grounding issue. I do have to say it is SOOO much fun to get in a car that start every time and doesn't seem to have any electrical gremlins aside from the the ones I created myself. I've been happy as a clam driving it here and there. I got my "permanent" storage lined up so it goes away for the winter this weekend.
  5. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Mr. Earl you may want to move this to Me and My Buick now. I couldn't deal with the lack of fuel gauge. So I decided to attempt to get it going. Plus the wrong colors on the gauges (numbers and speedo face). So using my spare instrument panel I pieced together one out of two. I was moderately successful on fixing things not working. So aside from appearance issues before 1.gas guage didn't work 2. Water temp guage didn't work 3. Odometer didn't work Now 1. Gas guage works... But shows 1/4 tank after I filled the tank to the brim. 2. Odometer works, but speedo jumps all over the place. 3. Water temp I didn't attempt to fix. 4. Blinkers stopped working??? I'll take another shot next week I also changed out 1. The clock 2. The horn button and ring 3. The radio bezel (and cleaned up things) you will see the original wood grain I found under the radio bezel.
  6. Blower motors are on eBay ALLLLLLLL the time.

    That's it???
  8. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    You know I finally put that cover back on...after dad took it for a spin and then mentioned he had one he could go be me...it only took weeks!!
  9. Put a little dab of silcone gasket material over the c-clip to help keep it in place. Mine popped off in the trailer on the way home from Hershey.
  10. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Old enough to be concerning Older than my children too...
  11. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    I took it out on the highway today on the way home from the NC Title inspection location... It was very darty... Wondering if the knuckles, king pins and tie rods need to be replaced... Think I'm about to fall in to the trap of ..."Well while I fix this I might as well fix..."...full restoration... Engine wise she runs good... I think I have deciphered the "code" of reliable starting with that non-factory choke knob.
  12. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    The FIRST thing I added to the car
  13. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    I did spend the morning circling the car like a lion around a sick antelope...just waiting to pounce on all the things I want to fix/improve...
  14. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    I have to wash it... And it's cold!!!! Well for NC... Hopefully it will get up to the high 40s so I can get a quick wash in...
  15. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Thanks Jack, but will probably get a tire to match the 80C (might need a full set based on the age of the tires. and probably gonna paint the wheels Dante Red to match the 80C so I have 11 wheels to interchange between the 2 cars.