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  1. Thanks Barney, Great info. I had a 2013 Verano Turbo as a company car (recently had to turn it back in... got a Regal Turbo) Was always curious how rare a car it was since I was racking up a bunch of miles on it. Looks like around 2500 made per the numbers. Thanks!!
  2. typical...
  3. PM sent. I'm sure we can get you fixed up. Make sure the hinge is straight (hold it up side ways and looks to see there isn't a hump in it (some get that way in shipping). Also the hinge should slide on from the back of the hood (closest to the cowl) toward the nose of the hood so the half moon doesn't interfere. do one leaf at a time and grease the male portion of the hinge if necessary. Also try different angles (like as if the hood is partially open). But yeah they are a bit tight I know.
  4. Congrats to winners. We the members should be thrilled at the talent on the BOD. At the same time we should also be disappointed at the talent we didn't get as I know several of those who ran bring some unique work experience and other club mgmt experience that I feel the BOD and club would significantly benefit from. I know a couple folks have tried a couple times now and I'm sure they are discouraged, but hopefully they give it one more college try. Will be interested to see who the BOD chooses among themselves to be officers of the club.
  5. Barney, From my experience from the 2012 meet the hotel lost roughly 5-10% of the peak rooms reserved in the last month before the meet. i.e. if we had 280 Friday night rooms reserved in May by actual show day it was down to 250 because folks made hotel reservations early and then circumstances dictated they couldn't come so they cancelled out. So rooms will open up. The trick is getting them at the BCA rate. Typically the contracts with the hotels say something to the effect of one month before the event any unused rooms in the block go back to the hotel to be sold at rack rate. So I would advise two courses of action 1. get on a waiting list with the host hotel (it doesn't cost anything and they want to stay as full as possible) 2. watch the forum as a lot of folks will note they are gonna cancel and you can definitely get the hotel to honor the BCA rate for a transfer. All that said certainly cheaper to share a room so hopefully that works out for you.
  6. email your registration form in to Roy at the email on the registration form and then mail the check (if not paying by CC)...and just to be clear as I am now an out to pasture past pres with no capacities within the club whatsoever I don't speak on official behalf of the club or the meet I am just speculating this is a solution.
  7. yeah I definitely have suspicions that is the source
  8. A delayed thank you. I will give it a shot.
  9. I'm so glad your back doing registration this year Roy. You've got it down to a science, smooth as silk and I know everyone appreciates the updates you are giving the forum. I know I couldn't have done 2012 without you and Michelle. You know I'm just teasing about the rock...I knew I'd get me confirmation # soon....
  10. I did mine online ( was easy) I got an email confirmation...it doesn't have a number
  11. I was wondering if the forum could point me in the direction of technical experts on this trans. or quality rebuilders. I've begun disassembly of my 69 Charge towards a full restoration. in the 30 years i've owned the car my trans has leaked like a sieve and only gotten worse despite a new oil pan and several attempts to correct the leak / rebuilds locally. I'd like someone who know what they are doing to look at it and go through it to make it like new. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. LOL... Buick's are meant to be driven... besides all my money is in the car so cant afford a truck and trailer...or so my wife tells me.
  13. Well two Carolina BCA members had their Roadmasters accepted to the 2017 Pinehurst Concours. Both set off Friday separately for the roughly 100 mile drive from Charlotte to Pinehurst for the show on Saturday. My Roadmaster made it 15 miles and started discharging. A voltage regulator swap didn't help so I turned around and headed back to the house and replaced the generator. The spare generator also failed to fixed the problem and quite literally went up in smoke. At this point I didn't feel like trying generator #3 and disappointingly called it a failed attempt, making me 0-2 on actually getting to the Concours I had been accepted to. At least I don't have to repaint anything this time. Anderson Pearson did make it in his 41 Roadmaster Convertible Coupe without incident and picked up some hardware for his efforts withe a Pinehurst Class award for American Classics Pre-War. Congrats to Anderson!
  14. I believe this is a "tribute car" I am aware of one 39-80C i believe the owner told me he made it look like the pace car. All the historic pictures of the '39 pace car (that I have seen) show it with a truck back. But....
  15. This is an 80C...note the slant back. They only made 3 of these....