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  1. Grandpa

    Unknown small gas tank c 1950

    Not VW bug. Too small a capacity.
  2. Grandpa

    1941 Buick fender skirt emblems needed

    Pictured below, is the 1941 Buick "A" body sedan (Series 47). Looks like a Super sedan (Series 51), but note the lack of external trunk lid hinges as used on the "B" body cars.
  3. Grandpa

    1941 Buick fender skirt emblems needed

    The vintage pictures, below, are two "A" body convertibles (Series 44C). Note the lack of a rear fender ornament. Also of interest is how high the vacuum actuated antenna mast is when fully extended.
  4. Grandpa

    1941 Buick fender skirt emblems needed

    Most of the 1941 Buicks without the fender skirts used the shorted 21 inch long ornaments on the rear fenders. However, there are a couple of exceptions. Some of the early production cars used the 24 inch long ornament (pictured below). Also, the "A" body Buicks (the Buicks with the Chevy body) did not come with any ornament.
  5. Grandpa

    1941 Buick fender skirt emblems needed

    The 1941 Buick fender skirt ornament came in two lengths, i.e., 21 inches long and 24 inches long. In general, factory installed fender skirts came with the 24 inch long ornaments. Dealer installed fender skirts could have either length ornament. The attached factory pictures show a 51C (top up) and a 71C (top down). Both of these Buicks have the 24 inch long ornaments.
  6. Grandpa

    First windshield washer option 1939?

    Hi Philipj, Some more information.
  7. Grandpa

    First windshield washer option 1939?

    Hi Philipj, Here is some more information for you. The text copy is from the 1941 Buick Service Bulletins.
  8. Grandpa

    First windshield washer option 1939?

    Hi Philipj, The Chevrolet nozzles pictured in post #9 will likely fit the tapped holes in the Buick windshield wiper transmission tower housing. For 1941, not all of the wiper towers have tapped holes (I don't know how the nozzles are mounted on earlier cars) . The design of the Chevrolet nozzle is somewhat different than the Buick nozzles; I doubt that anyone would notice. I purchased new nozzles for a 1960s MG (if my failing memory is correct). After machining them to the OD of the original Buick nozzle and re-plating them, I located a second original Buick nozzle for my 1941. I am saving the machined 1960s MG washer nozzles just in case I should lose one of the originals. The pull to operate washer valve for the Buicks is a bit hard to find. These washer valves do show up occasionally on eBay. Also, I found that on my 1941, the holes for mounting the washer bottle bracket have been pre-drilled by Buick on the left side inner fender.
  9. Grandpa

    First windshield washer option 1939?

    I got a bit off track in my Post #7, above. The pumps are different between prewar and post war. However, the jar (less the pump) and the mounting bracket are the same prewar and post war. The prewar Cadillacs use the same pump, but the jar and the mounting bracket are different.
  10. Grandpa

    First windshield washer option 1939?

    Pictured are prewar and post war Buick (Trico) washer jars. The prewar Cadillac jars have a different design.
  11. The VW offered for sale is a standard VW (basic model) not a Super Beetle. Also, the 1977 engine is an FI engine; the installed engine is not FI. Having an incorrect engine could present problems if emission testing is required in your state. If you want a VW, it is best to select a 1967 or older model. Also, the 1968 through 1970 VW bugs are good cars, but a bit more complex than the older ones and the parts availability is not as good as the earlier cars. I would avoid the VW convertibles and the VW Karmann Ghias; body and trim parts could get expensive. I suggest that you attend some local VW events to meet a few VW enthusiasts.
  12. Grandpa

    1962 Lincoln convertible

    Here is the link to the YouTube Jay Leno's Garage on Continental convertible sedans -
  13. Grandpa

    Help ID Cell-O-Meter

    Per Patent Office, volume 284 - "Batteries, Indicators for showing state of charge of storage. Cellokay Manufacturing Company. No. 140,585; Mar. 29: v. 284: p. 935."
  14. Grandpa

    Electric auto sidelights

    gwells, No problem. I was just lucky on the Studebaker guess. Grandpa
  15. Grandpa

    Electric auto sidelights

    1922 Studebaker Light Six coach shown.