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  1. Looks like a 1926 Stutz AA Victoria Coupe.
  2. James, I hope that this is of some help in answering your question - - - Pictured (at the GM plant in Linden, New Jersey) is a 1941 Buick during the body drop installation and the engine delivery from the Flint, Michigan, via rail. Buick painted the engines assembled with the manifolds attached. In 1941, the Buick engines were assembled in Flint, Michigan, and shipped to Linden. The carburetors were added at the Flint plant after engine painting. Other components, like the generator, fan, pulley, vibration damper, etc., were added at the Linden plant. Note that the fuel line is also painted engine color. Also note, that the chassis was painted black with the exhaust system installed. Grandpa
  3. I think that Leif got it right.
  4. Found a 1921 Marmon Model 34 photo in the AACA library.
  5. Looks like a 1921 Marmon Model 34.
  6. Looks like a 1925 Colorado license plate.
  7. Suggest you visit:
  8. If you look close, you can see the V-8 engine.
  9. Pete, My 320 front exhaust manifold casting number is 1317611 and measures about 17" long. Grandpa
  10. Here is the steering wheel for a 1941 Buick Roadmaster. The diameter of the lens is about 3-3/8 inches. If you would like to sell the lens, please send me an AACA Forums private e-mail. Thanks, Grandpa
  11. Looks like a Dodge about 1917.
  12. The bottom of the radiator shell on the unknown auto does not match the Mercedes Simplex. Also, the Mercedes Simplex images that I found have the tie rod behind the front axle.
  13. Pictured (in 1908), leaving the car, is the mayor of New York City George B. McClellan, Jr. Mayor McClellan is the son of the American Civil War General. The car does have the unusual design feature of the front wheel tie rod in front of the axle.
  14. Packard about 1940 or 1941. Grandpa
  15. The California plate (9K 31 16) on the car looks like a 1936 plate.