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  1. Model 20 Fuel Leak

    My car is missing that set-up. The filter screen looks pretty coarse. Phil
  2. Importing a car?

    I've brought in several cars from France over the years. Some left from Le Havre, some from Rotterdam. One car was shipped RO/RO (roll on/roll off) even tough it didn't drive. The others went in a 24' container. I cleared U.S. Customs with them myself. It was not difficult. You need to fill out forms from the Dept. of Transportation and Dept. of Environmental Protection. If the auto if 25 years old or more, it need not meet current pollution & safety standards. You will need a freight forwarder in Europe to handle the paperwork there. Everybody who touches the paperwork or the car gets paid something. Ten years ago, I figured to spend about $5,000 per car, all told, to bring them from Europe to Baltimore. You can make it easier if you get a Customs Broker here in the U.S., but does add to the cost. You're allowed to have fluids in the car. The freight forwarder will tell you the rules. Customs may give you trouble, or not. Get Bill of Sale, Title forms and as much paperwork as you can. You'll put a lot of time into it, it can be frustrating, but stay enthusiastic and you'll succeed. Phil
  3. Model 20 Fuel Leak

    Can you post a photo of the fuel valve? My Hupp has just an on/off valve under the tank. Phil
  4. Texas Title Question

    I bought a 1909 Hupmobile in Texas in 2013. The seller, the daughter of the deceased owner, gave me a bill of sale and the 1965 Texas title to the car. All well so far, but her deceased father never transferred the title to his name, though he owned the car for many years. My state (PA) won't give me a PA title because the daughter's name isn't on the Texas title. Will it be difficult for the daughter to transfer the Texas title to her name? I'm hoping Texas might be a bit more lenient than PA. Can anyone offer some advice? Phil
  5. Model 20 Electric Starter?

    Has anyone installed an electric starter motor on a Model 20 Hupp? The front-mounted flywheel seems accessible. The current issue of the HCCA Gazette has some ideas for a starter-generator setup on a 1904 Cadillac and 1912 Buick. Phil
  6. Model 20 Electric Starter?

    Thanks, David. Yes, it's easy to crank if it starts the first or second time. The nice thing about a belt-drive starter is that it can be easily removed should the car become easy to start manually. My though is to use a 12v starter motor with no generator... if I can figure out how to attach it to the Hupp. Phil
  7. Has anyone used lacquer paint recently?

    The original spray lacquer (DUCO) was nitrocellulose lacquer. It's made from solvent and cellulose derived from cotton. The acrylic lacquer (from the '60s) uses a synthetic polymer. You can still purchase both types, but the color range is limited. Here is a nitrocellulose lacquer Finishing Schedule that you may find interesting. It's for wood, but it shows the details of application. Phil
  8. Has anyone used lacquer paint recently?

    Lacquer is probably the easiest and most forgiving finish. It's applied rather thinned-out, so it needs more coats than enamel & poly. Each coat dissolves into the previous one, so touch-ups are easier. It doesn't contain any cyanoacrylate hardeners, so is a bit less dangerous to the lungs. The body shops all use clear-coat finishes now, but you can still buy lacquer if you search.
  9. Texas Title Question

    Just to end this thread: I just got tags and title to my Hupmobile. As previously mentioned, PA refused to transfer the Texas title to me because the name on it didn't match the seller's name. After months of promises, the Texas seller then refused to help. I then hired a lawyer (AACA member Bryan Shook) who applied to a judge, and I finally got my title. My lessons here: make sure the seller's name on the bill of sale matches the name on the title. Also, get a bill of sale with the seller's name and address plus the buyer's name & address. A notary seal is nice, but not essential. Also, check the serial number on the title matches that on the car. These things can be corrected by the seller in their state. If they refuse, re-consider your purchase. Happy motoring! Phil
  10. Building Garage/ shop doors what types have you used?

    I installed a home-made sliding door on my shop in 1985, and insulated the inside with urethane insulating panels, then an inner layer of wood. I just used regular tongue & groove pine from the lumber yard, selected for the fewest knots. I weatherstripped it with brushes screwed to the vertical opening, left and right and to the door itself on the bottom. I also installed a pent-eave roof over the door to protect the paint and track. It's held up well. Phil
  11. The second CarterCar....

    Both cars have electric lights; pretty advanced for 1913 & 14. Does either have electric start?
  12. Historic vs Tesla Manufacturing

    There are some interesting YouTube videos on aluminum body panel replacement on the F150. The panels are not spot-welded, but attached with rivets and, in some places, adhesive. They actually come off pretty easily using a small belt sander and, for the glue, a heat gun. I wonder how the older aluminum body panels (like Pierce Arrow and Jaguar) were attached. Phil

    I filled out the Annual Meeting Survey, but it didn't go through. I got a message "There are some error(s). Please see each marked section." The questions so-marked had all been answered, however. Phil
  14. BROKEN TAP removal

    Here's a small EDM machine at work.
  15. Delahaye wanted - please.

    Leboncoin will not expose seller email addresses to computers outside of France (or Europe, anyway). I wrote to them, and they told me it was for security. I have written to some advertisers via the website, but have never received a reply. Some of the advertisers include their telephone numbers in the ads, however. You must be prepared to speak French, of course! Philip
  16. I'd intended to buy one, but never did. Let us know if Walt produces another run. Phil
  17. Beware

    I have no cell phone and no gun, but I still like cars.
  18. 2018 Philly General Meeting Questions!

    I agree the Sheraton is a nice hotel, and the room prices are quite reasonable considering its location in center-city Philadelphia. I also thought the banquet meal was very good, but I'm not a vegetarian. Phil
  19. Selling Classic Cars on E Bay ?

    Just to correct one error: eBay does not own PayPal (or vice versa). They split in 2015. Read about it here. Phil
  20. That thing is really geared down.
  21. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    I'm from the Philadelphia area. I don't anticipate any real rowdiness like after the game since this is a daytime event ending near the Museum of Art. Philly does a lot of big events there and they know how to handle things. Plus, everybody is in such a good mood they'll probably be holding hands (well, maybe). On another subject, the Simeone Museum has a Brass Car Event on Saturday. They're bringing out some of their oldest machines and running them. Looks like a lot of fun. Phil
  22. Who Owns A Metz?

    The only VIN on the Metz is stamped on the engine. If the engine is original to the car, you can look up the year. A few photos will probably get an I.D. on your car, Metzman. Phil
  23. Metz Memories

    Someone posted a comment on my YouTube Metz video which is interesting: "As a kid I remember a relative , Clayton Holden, telling me he remembered Metz cars being test-driven, as part of their assembly process, across Waltham. When he was a kid he'd see Metz car chassis (no bodies yet) being driven across town, including up a hill. Besides being test driven, the Metzes were on their way to have bodies added." Phil
  24. A car guy in Vajenya's Governor's Mansion!

    Virginia has the best Antique Automobile plates. I wish our state had one like it.
  25. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    There is a lot to see within 5 blocks of the hotel. I bring my thermal underwear. Phil