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  1. A brass car - this Pierce Arrow?

    There is an HCCA Atlanta Regional group plus another in Savannah. I'm sure they will welcome your car on their tours. Our HCCA chapter allows cars up to 1931. The HCCA National tours are for pre-1916 cars, but there are still plenty of tours you can attend with your Pierce. Phil
  2. PA Y.O.M. Plates: Condition?

    Regarding Pennsylvania Year-of-Manufacture license plates: Are there any rules regarding condition of the plate? Phil
  3. Metz 22 spark plug

    Yes, your Metz takes the Champion 32 plugs which are quite l-o-n-g. This allows a larger coolant area in the cylinder head. These plugs were also used on hit-and-miss engines. They are interchangeable with a number of other plugs from various makers, also. Unfortunately, none are available new. You can find them occasionally on eBay and flea markets, however. That's where I got mine. They are 1/2" pipe-thread plugs, like the Ford Model T plugs you have now. In fact, the Champion 32 plugs will work in the Metz engine, but are not as efficient. Phil
  4. How to Remove Paint Spilled onto Car

    The oven cleaner trick works well provided the base paint isn't lacquer. I made some videos on how I used it to removed painted pin striping:
  5. Regards from Spain

    Si, start a new topic! At the bottom of the AACA Forum page, we have French, British, Italian, German, Japanese cars, but no Spanish. What cars were made in Spain other than Hispano? Phil
  6. Regards from Spain

    Show us some photos of vintage cars in Spain, Vicente. Phil
  7. Metz Model 22 Muffler

    For wooden spoke and a lot of other advice relating to Metz cars, go to the Model T Forum. Our cars are similar i many ways. Their forum is fairly easy to search. Go to Google and enter "spoke tightening mtfca", for example. The MTFCA has a DVD on wood wheel repairs, also. Phil
  8. Metz Restoration Video

    Here is an interesting and unusually detailed video of a 1914 Metz 22 roadster re-commission... in Russia. I don't speak Russian, but you can see what's going on. A lot of car terms are like English (carburetor, magneto). "Metz" is mee-itz. The shop looks very nice. They seem to be trying to get the car driving so it can be sold. What the heck are they using on the friction wheel? Note also that eBay Motors is a handy tool everywhere! Take a look from 32:50 for an interesting sequence. Not certain how great that spoke job is... Phil
  9. Photos didn't appear for me.
  10. Sadly, word from the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain says that the driver, David Corry, has passed away.
  11. HCCA Library Access

    We're confusing the AACA LIbrary and the Horseless Carriage Foundation Research Library. The latter has internet access for their scanned documents. You have to be a member to get full access. Here is a link. I haven't been a member of the Research Library recently, so not sure of the problem. They don't list a phone number, just an email address. Phil
  12. Metz 22 Horn Dimemsions?

    Could anyone give me the basic dimensions of the Mets interior horn? Mine is missing, but there is the tell-tale hole in the floor where the tube ran. Phil
  13. I always thought the advantage of flea market sales was cash money. Internet sales usually involve PayPal or credit cards.
  14. Soldering Tips Needed

    Here's a tool that might work, and a handy one if you do any electronic stuff. It has a adjustable heat soldering iron plus a tiny hot-air gun that will precisely melt solder. You can find more by searching eBay under "Hot Air solder rework tool". Phil
  15. Outstanding Artwork

    Not an easy name to search. Here's what you get:
  16. US Trip

    If you're driving, stop at the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia. They're near the Airport. It's between D.C. and NYC, right off the main highway, I-95. Also near I-95 is the Independence Seaport Museum and several interesting ships you can tour, including the last of Admiral Perry's fleet from the Spanish-American War era. Phil
  17. Dodge Bros. March

    Here's a rarity: a piano roll of the "Dodge Brothers March" by Victor Herbert (currently on eBay).
  18. Ever hear of this stuff?

    I've seen a couple similar products, but never tried them
  19. New AACA LIbrary?

    I got the AACA email about our new library, but only a photo. Now I'm curious. Phil
  20. New AACA LIbrary?

    So... we bought it?
  21. Car rescue in houston

    Nice photos. I hope your engine was above the water line.
  22. Texas Title Question

    I bought a 1909 Hupmobile in Texas in 2013. The seller, the daughter of the deceased owner, gave me a bill of sale and the 1965 Texas title to the car. All well so far, but her deceased father never transferred the title to his name, though he owned the car for many years. My state (PA) won't give me a PA title because the daughter's name isn't on the Texas title. Will it be difficult for the daughter to transfer the Texas title to her name? I'm hoping Texas might be a bit more lenient than PA. Can anyone offer some advice? Phil
  23. Ancient Auto Display

    Beautiful display. What year?
  24. New owner of a 1958 Citroen 2CV Van

    There are many Citroen 2cv cars & trucks still around, and parts and manuals are available. "Les Archives du Collectioneur" is a series of technical manuals for French car collectors. They publish a 2CV manual with lots of photos & information (though it is in French). There is also a Haynes 2CV manual in English which you can probably find in the US. Also search and under "Citroen 2cv". The car enjoys some popuarity in the UK, so books and forums are available there. Also, don't forget Autobooks in Los Angeles. They sell several 2cv books you might like. Finally, seek out the online 2CV forums. Don't be afraid if they are in French; you can use Google translate. Phil
  25. 1911 Hupmobile rescued from the suburbs!

    Nice looking car, David. One not enough for you? Phil