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    My first car (1968): 1929 Ford Standard Coupe. Now restoring 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette 161, 1913 Metz "22", 1911 Hupmobile "20".

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  1. MochetVelo

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    I think J.P. Mascaro have a large trash-hauling business in PA. Not sure what cars they will have, but looks like high-performance and exotics. Another link is here. Phil
  2. MochetVelo

    New Olds Curved Dash Book

    It's a docx file, whatever that is. Won't open for me either.
  3. MochetVelo

    Wanted brass Maxwell radiator script.

    They sell them at Phil
  4. MochetVelo

    "Mini Ductor" Removes Stuck Bolts

    If you check eBay, you'll find various models for sale at less than Snap-On prices.
  5. MochetVelo

    Need Hupmobile 20 Manual and any literature

    There is the Hupmobile Book of Instructions (Model 20) and the Breeze carburetor manual. A couple of our regular posters have these in .pdf format. That's about it as far as literature goes. Be sure to read the posts on this Forum, also. I think the AACA LIbrary has the owner's manual. I wish someone would reprint the manual, by the way. I would do it if I could get a decent copy. Phil
  6. MochetVelo

    "Mini Ductor" Removes Stuck Bolts

    An interesting magnetic induction heater to remove stuck bolts . You can find it on eBay, etc. I need a friend to buy this so I can borrow it. Phil
  7. MochetVelo

    "Hill Holder"

    I found the device thanks to the Model T Forum. It was sold as "Perfect Drop Brakes." Here is a link to information on E.S. Youse, the manufacturer.
  8. MochetVelo

    "Hill Holder"

    Was there not also an accessory "Hill Holder" or "Drop Sprag" that mounted under the floorboards in the Brass Era? This dropped down when you were stopped on a hill to prevent drifting backward. I read about one on a 1909 Overland.
  9. MochetVelo

    New York 1911

    Nice footage, and the sound track is well-done. Phil
  10. MochetVelo

    Texas Title Question

    I've had two titles awarded to me in court, using legal help. The first was my 1905 Maxwell, which probably never had a title due to its age. My lawyer got statements from the seller and the previous seller, and the Court granted me title. My second experience was the above-mentioned Hupmobile. My cost on each case was around $700. As Matt states, the legal system is not always sympathetic, so you could say I was lucky. My next project is getting a title for a vintage car I got in France. Some people never learn. Phil
  11. MochetVelo

    Original Metz paint scheme

    The factory literature stated the body was "dark blue" and the wheels "cream". On the original cars I've seen, the axles and springs are also dark blue and all the pin-striping was cream color like the wheels. Everything that was pinstriped (except the wheels) was the blue color, and the Metz had a lot of pinstriping! I found a good match with the Ford truck dark blue fleet paint. I forget the cream color I used, but I used "ivory" One-Shot lettering paint for all the pinstripes, and matched the paint to that. I painted my chassis and mechanical parts black. I think the engine was gray. Phil
  12. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Electric Starter?

    I got my information from the informative article by Howard Hodson in the March/April 2018 issue of The Horseless Carriage Gazette. He has used this belt-to-flywheel setup successfully on his 1904 and 1914 cars. His 1904 Cadillac uses a 1.9" diam. pulley to a 20.5" flywheel via a poly v-belt. This belt is about 1/8" thick with 5 ribs on it (like a serpentine belt used on a modern car). The author states that the belt slippage is not a problem with proper belt tension. Phil
  13. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Electric Starter?

    Thanks for the math, David. The author of the recent HCCA Gazette article on starter installation calculated his 1912 4-cyl. Buick at 2000 rpm and 1904 single-cylinder Cadillac at 1100, so 1578 sounds about right for the Hupp. I filled in the numbers on this page (rounding rpm up to 1600), and came up with 2-inches as the pulley size for the starter. Phil
  14. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Electric Starter?

    The starter/generator would be connected to the flywheel by a belt, so it turns along with the engine. The goal is to keep the generator speed under 12,000 rpm. Therefore, the maximum engine speed will determine the diameter of the starter/generator pulley. Phil
  15. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Electric Starter?

    Could anyone tell me the maximum rpm of the Hupmobile 20 engine? This information will allow me to determine the starter pulley diameter. Phil