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    My first car (1968): 1929 Ford Standard Coupe. Now restoring 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette 161, 1913 Metz "22", 1911 Hupmobile "20".
  1. Soldering Tips Needed

    Here's a tool that might work, and a handy one if you do any electronic stuff. It has a adjustable heat soldering iron plus a tiny hot-air gun that will precisely melt solder. You can find more by searching eBay under "Hot Air solder rework tool". Phil
  2. Outstanding Artwork

    Not an easy name to search. Here's what you get:
  3. US Trip

    If you're driving, stop at the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia. They're near the Airport. It's between D.C. and NYC, right off the main highway, I-95. Also near I-95 is the Independence Seaport Museum and several interesting ships you can tour, including the last of Admiral Perry's fleet from the Spanish-American War era. Phil
  4. Dodge Bros. March

    Here's a rarity: a piano roll of the "Dodge Brothers March" by Victor Herbert (currently on eBay).
  5. Ever hear of this stuff?

    I've seen a couple similar products, but never tried them
  6. New AACA LIbrary?

    So... we bought it?
  7. New AACA LIbrary?

    I got the AACA email about our new library, but only a photo. Now I'm curious. Phil
  8. Car rescue in houston

    Nice photos. I hope your engine was above the water line.
  9. Ancient Auto Display

    Beautiful display. What year?
  10. New owner of a 1958 Citroen 2CV Van

    There are many Citroen 2cv cars & trucks still around, and parts and manuals are available. "Les Archives du Collectioneur" is a series of technical manuals for French car collectors. They publish a 2CV manual with lots of photos & information (though it is in French). There is also a Haynes 2CV manual in English which you can probably find in the US. Also search and under "Citroen 2cv". The car enjoys some popuarity in the UK, so books and forums are available there. Also, don't forget Autobooks in Los Angeles. They sell several 2cv books you might like. Finally, seek out the online 2CV forums. Don't be afraid if they are in French; you can use Google translate. Phil
  11. 1911 Hupmobile rescued from the suburbs!

    Nice looking car, David. One not enough for you? Phil
  12. Export Cost to Netherlands

    I always figure $5000 total costs from western Europe to the USA. With luck, your cost will be less, but there are a lot of expenses involved. The cheapest rate, if the car drives, is RO-RO (roll-on, roll-off) transport. Otherwise, you need a container. Phil
  13. 1909 Hupmobile

    I sell a reproduction intake manifold. Price is $250 + shipping. Email me for details. Phil
  14. METZ 22 Museum Quality 1913 for sale

    From the photos posted, this car is missing the engine bottom cover, chain covers and (maybe) the transmission cover. Also, there is no windscreen. The car is the wrong color (should be dark blue with cream-colored wheels), but then most of them are. The Metz cars have an engine very like a Model T (except with a more standard magneto), so you should be able to get it going. I think George is on-target with value, but it could go $15-19k or more if it runs and drives.
  15. 1909 Hupmobile

    They took advantage of the primer cup hole to install a whistle on your car. I've always liked those Strombergs with the glass bowl which allow you to peek inside. It's not the correct carb for the Hupmobile, however. That would be the Breeze, as mentioned above. Your intake manifold has been altered for this retrofit. Phil