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    My first car (1968): 1929 Ford Standard Coupe. Now restoring 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette 161, 1913 Metz "22", 1911 Hupmobile "20".

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  1. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Steering

    Thanks, David. I was just wondering what limits the turning angle. When turning the wheel left, the rack gear is pulled into the steering box and the pinion eventually runs out of teeth and stops. Going right, the pinion either runs off the end of the rack gear or the wheel hits the spring or headlamp. Phil
  2. MochetVelo

    Model 20 Steering

    My Model 20 steers fine to the left. The wheels stop turning when the pinion gear runs out of teeth on the rack. However, when turning hard right, the pinion jumps right off the rack gear teeth and locks up. Is there something that should limit the tie rod when turning right? Phil
  3. MochetVelo

    Braking Distance

    A member of our Citroen 5HP Forum asked the question "Assume my 1923 Citroen 5HP was cruising at 60 kph and a cow was crossing the road. In what distance would the car stop using the transmission brake?" The best answer posted: "Depends on the weight of the cow." Phil
  4. MochetVelo

    Think whitewalls weren't used before the war?

    Red tires were sold in the teens & twenties. In fact, they are still made in bike sizes (see photo). Perhaps some daring tire dealer should sell them.
  5. MochetVelo

    1926 Hupmobile

    Get an owner's manual and parts list (you can contact the Hupp Club and the AACA LIbrary). You might also post on our Hupmobile Forum here. Just scroll down to see it. You should definitely open things up to check on the gears, etc. The most important things are steering and brakes. Remove wheels and check the brakes. Be sure they aren't oily. Clean & re-pack the wheel bearings and check all lubrication points. Be sure your wheels are not wobbly and the tires are OK. Have fun! Phil
  6. MochetVelo

    NEW Foods at the Fall Meet?

    Some of my favorites I never see: shave ice/ sno cones, baked goods (like from a real bakery), Asian food, Mexican food.
  7. Reading the July-Aug, 1989 issue of Antique Automobile, I saw an elaborate article on the Raymond E. Holland Automotive Art Collection. Today, almost 30 years later, I could find nothing about the collection. The building which housed the museum until 1994 is for sale, complete with the track lighting and display cases. It was mentioned that the collection was "now in California," but I couldn't find where. Anyone know what happened to this collection? Phil
  8. MochetVelo

    Metz 25 Touring For Sale

    I paid about the same money for my Metz roadster, but the missing parts added thousands to that price. I never found any Metz parts at Hershey, either. In short, it's nice to have a car that's all there!
  9. I've seen many "basket cases" for sale, but this one is the most carefully, even artistically, presented (on It's a 1929 C4 Amilcar.
  10. MochetVelo

    eBay Motors

    I go to "Motors"-"Cars & Trucks"- "Collector Cars"- "Antique & Vintage (pre-1925)" and get 75,826 results. Choosing "Oldest First" from the drop-down list, a Lotus Super Seven, a Shelby Cobra, and a Land Rover top the list. Of the 50 cars listed on that first page, 22 are hot rods. Phil
  11. Is this the same painting? Frame looks different. lexington_motor_car_company_conn.htm
  12. MochetVelo

    Metz 25 Touring For Sale

    Not my car, but I got a look at real barn-find Metz yesterday; a 1917 Model 25 touring. It's been parked for around 50 years, and has a completely oxidized patina, but no rust-through and a nice, straight body. The wood looks good, also. The car seems amazingly complete and original, including both bottom pans (engine & transmission cover), the tops bows (and dry-rotted canvas), original upholstery... even the side curtains. In fact, the only missing part I could identify was one of the hub caps. It even has a set of pretty green Splitdorf plugs. The tires hold air and the steering is not sloppy. Original linoleum floorboards with clutch instruction plate are there, Gray & Davis head lamps. As I say, it's not my car, but contact me and can give you the seller's contact info. I think it can be had for $6500. Located in se PA. Phil
  13. Items for export do not pay V.A.T. in Europe. However, you may have to pay it up front and then get a refund from the tax authority. Some countries (like France) charge an export tax, however. The auction house should have a form for you to complete. As for Customs, they can open up and inspect anything they want. I had one container inspected by U.S. Customs. They charged me to transport the container to their warehouse, then to unpack and "re-pack" it (not very carefully). Finally, they charged for "storing" the container. A Customs Broker can be a useful investment, particularly with a higher-priced item. Phil
  14. MochetVelo

    Nice Model A Photo

    A nice photo by Steven M. Falk in today's Philadelphia Inquirer. Shows Robert, Timmy and Adrian Miller's 1929 roadster.
  15. MochetVelo

    New Museum planned for Birdsboro, PA

    I think J.P. Mascaro have a large trash-hauling business in PA. Not sure what cars they will have, but looks like high-performance and exotics. Another link is here. Phil